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Cemetery: Pine Crest
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Sproul Marion 12-20-1936 09-29-2008 Pine Crest
Allen Michael Wayne 05-15-1987 05-23-1987 Pine Crest
Cook Jerry W. 01-13-1948 11-19-2002 Pine Crest
Gunter Ann M. 05-05-1935 04-14-2004 w/o Jacob G. Gunter Pine Crest
Knowles Charles Dellmer 11-24-1921 12-10-1994 h/o Agnes Patterson Knowles (T. Sgt. US Army Air Corps WW II) Pine Crest
Owens Owen 01-16-1909 08-09-1996 h/o Frances P. Owens Pine Crest
Smith Troy Duval 09-09-1905 07-25-1984 h/o Ernestine B. Smith Pine Crest
Mader Sharon Cook 05-01-1947 (undated) w/o John Mader Pine Crest
Hatcher Troy Lamar 1950 11-25-2015 s/o Troy & Mishie Mae Hatcher Pine Crest
Casey Gladys 1940 (undated) w/o Early Casey Pine Crest
Gardner Richard D. 1952 1992 (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Johnson Ivy R. 1883 1967 Pine Crest
Morris Wilbur Wayne 06-08-1917 10-16-2005 h/o Helen H. Morris (US Navy) Pine Crest
Schwencke John H. (no dates) (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Williams Mary Louise 09-06-1924 06-02-1978 w/o Joe Williams Jr. Pine Crest
Parrish Hughie Bernard 09-19-1919 12-31-2012 h/o Laura Parrish US ARMY Pine Crest
Browning Carmen E. 12-11-1918 07-04-1995 (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Exum Lola B. 1910 no date w/o Grover C. Exum Pine Crest
Howard Grace E. 09-17-1922 10-17-2010 w/o Lawrence B. Howard Pine Crest
Martin Virginia Bone 03-14-1917 (undated) w/o Walter Allen Martin Pine Crest
Richardson Carolyn Foy 09-16-1936 (undated) w/o Charles E. Richardson Pine Crest
Watson Ray T. 04-01-1933 02-04-1998 (US Army & Air Force WW II Korea & Vietnam) Pine Crest
Harrison Dora L. 05-12-1933 08-26-2011 Pine Crest
Bennett Luther Maurice (Jimmy) 04-01-1943 03-20-2018 h/o Barbara Davis Bennett Pine Crest
Denham William E. 1894 1974 Pine Crest
Heath Rufus Jr. 05-06-1923 10-20-1965 (SGT Army Air Force WW II) Pine Crest
McCoy J. Darrell 12-31-1937 04-01-1976 Pine Crest
Powell A. Reid 08-08-1925 03-20-2001 h/o Catherine W . (Tina) Powell (US Navy) Pine Crest
Tidwell Frances S. 08-22-1923 no date w/o Cephas Love Wilson Tidwell Pine Crest
Singletary Emory Jr. R. 03-30-1935 07-07-2012 Pine Crest
Peacock Adam Ladone 04-15-1939 04-30-2017 h/o Dorothy A. Peacock Pine Crest
Bard Craig Donald 03-05-1983 10-23-2016 s/o Donald & Cindy Bard Pine Crest
Standland Nedra B. 1940 1995 w/o James M. Standland Pine Crest
Andrews Sarah R. 1922 2001 w/o Robert U. Andrews Pine Crest
Corbett Edward M. Sr. 07-29-1910 11-12-1997 h/o Annie Louise Corbett (SGT US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Hagan Marcus (Shorty) Jr. 08-01-1923 08-12-2003 (BM1 US Coast Guard WW II & Korea) Pine Crest
Langston Lele B. 1898 1983 w/o John C. Langston Sr. Pine Crest
Parks John Glenn 05-14-1917 08-13-2013 h/o Ruth Neely Parks Pine Crest
Spencer Genevieve R. 1912 2004 w/o L. A. Spencer Pine Crest
Imel Virginia Faye 10-24-1930 (undated) w/o Robert L. Imel Pine Crest
Chase Marion L. 1912 1994 w/o Claude W. Chase Pine Crest
Gee Juanita E. 1932 2003 w/o John G. Gee Pine Crest
Jones Dorothy P. 05-31-1917 12-01-2009 Pine Crest
Myers Arthur E. 1911 1997 h/o Mary A. Myers Pine Crest
Shelton Verlet L. 08-28-1924 (undated) w/o Charles Shelton Jr. Pine Crest
Worthington Sadie Flynt 03-13-1922 07-07-1982 (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Bufkin Irma Nell 09-21-1922 12-08-1985 Pine Crest
Fleming Dolly M. 1910 1995 w/o Harold W. Fleming Pine Crest
Hughes Sonny 1937 (undated) h/o June M. Hughes Pine Crest
Matthews Robert F. 04-07-1929 12-06-2003 h/o Edna L. Matthews Pine Crest
Roberts Charlie Edward 06-25-1913 09-04-1968 Pine Crest
West Ora S. 09-26-1927 02-26-1991 w/o Curtis D. West Pine Crest
Mock Mary 1961 2011 Pine Crest
Mayo Linda Carolyn 04-20-1942 12-08-2016 (two markers noted) Pine Crest
Blair Leithal O. 1911 2009 w/o G. Harold Blair Pine Crest
Dolan Carlton E. 09-11-1912 12-28-1972 (PFC US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Hewett Mary A. 10-16-1929 (undated) w/o Aubrey Jerome Hewett Pine Crest
McDowell Roy 04-03-1930 03-06-2010 h/o Jean McDowell (CPL US Army Korea) Pine Crest
Price Leslie E. (Pop) 05-23-1912 12-16-1980 Pine Crest
Torbett Etta Naomi 01-25-1909 09-16-1979 w/o eugene Browder Torbett Pine Crest
Holmes Julia V. 07-15-1923 04-25-2014 (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Mayo Linda Carolyn 04-20-1942 12-08-2016 (two markers noted) Pine Crest
Avriett Charles G. 01-12-1933 02-23-2016 h/o Frances L. Avriett Pine Crest
Atwood Max B. 1950 (undated) Pine Crest
Craft Ruth 10-23-1919 03-04-1995 w/o James Jesse Craft Jr. Pine Crest
Hallock Ramond N. 12-19-1941 01-11-2001 Pine Crest
Lawson Martha Ann 09-17-1928 06-02-2009 h/o John Sr. Lawson Pine Crest
Peacock J. Troy 10-25-1906 02-14-1996 h/o Frances M. Peacock Pine Crest
Stokes Angel Lynn (one date) 2004 Pine Crest
Nelson Rev. Edwin L. 10-10-1941 11-08-2015 Pine Crest
Lundgren Margaret Smith 05-14-1944 05-28-2015 w/o Richard Lundgren Pine Crest
Clarke Jessie M. 05-22-1922 (undated) w/o Edwin L. Clarke Pine Crest
Glisson Lillie Bell 09-30-1920 10-15-2004 w/o Noah Glisson Jr. Pine Crest
Jordan Floyd D. 03-16-1902 10-21-1980 h/o Lillian T. Jordan Pine Crest
Nesmith Lurine B. 12-25-1914 03-09-2009 w/o William M. Nesmith married 02-20-1948 Pine Crest
Simpson Connie (Con Con) 03-07-1924 11-03-2009 Pine Crest
Young John Preston 1972 1992 Pine Crest
Burnett Henry James 05-24-1907 09-29-1986 h/o Glenna Creswell Burnett (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Foran Hazel Jeanette 03-03-1931 04-09-1987 w/o George P. Foran Sr. Pine Crest
Hutto Margaret Elizabeth 01-02-1942 (undated) w/o Harold Roy Hutto married 07-15-1962 Pine Crest
Melvin Shirley Hill 08-21-1935 (undated) w/o James Edward Melvin Pine Crest
Rodgers Mary A. 01-01-1922 03-27-1980 w/o Edwin M. Rodgers Pine Crest
White Aubrey D. 1913 1999 h/o Enetda R. White Pine Crest
Davis Mary T. 01-01-1923 08-28-2012 w/o Marion (Doc) Davis married 12-16-1944 Pine Crest
Booth Ronald L. 1935 2011 h/o Linda M. Booth Pine Crest
Dryden Ruth M. 04-30-1914 10-07-2007 Pine Crest
Hill J. D. 09-08-1918 01-24-1998 h/o Hazel Hill (US Army WW II) Pine Crest
McKee Kathleen N. 01-09-1919 12-22-1980 Pine Crest
Pumphrey Carol Owen 07-01-1935 08-21-1935 (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Tyler James Durward 03-09-1923 no date h/o Mary Segars Tyler Pine Crest
West Rudolph Sr. 10-09-1922 02-05-2014 h/o Dorothy West Pine Crest
Uptagrafft L. Catherine 1945 2013 w/o Robert Uptagrafft (two markers noted) Pine Crest
Baldwin Armond G. 1906 1961 h/o Marie H. Baldwin Pine Crest
Crowell Franciene Jones 08-06-1926 01-11-2006 Pine Crest
Hardy Vera Mae 1923 (undated) w/o John F. Hardy Pine Crest
Lincoln Emily 01-02-1914 09-06-1983 Pine Crest
Pelt Sheryl L. 1945 2005 Pine Crest
Strickland Frank 11-03-1906 12-04-2002 h/o Eula V. Strickland Pine Crest
Childs Robert (Bobby) Eugene 09-29-1926 06-29-1999 w/o Jeanette (Jenny) Childs (two markers noted) Pine Crest
Cobb Vivian M. 12-02-1928 12-02-1928 w.o James E. Cobb married 11-22-1947 Pine Crest
Grant William A. 1934 2006 Pine Crest
Kendall Thomas 02-06-1992 11-01-1992 (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Nix Connie Lee 08-07-1922 04-27-2002 (PFC US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Slack Lynn 07-21-1941 08-11-2006 w/o Steve Slack Pine Crest
Cochrane Delia "Dee" Ophelia 12-21-1955 07-30-2016 Pine Crest
Cemetery: Clayton
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Cooley Wallace George 5-1-1943 7-19-2012 LT. US ARMY Clayton
Love Virginia Wheelus 10-10-1878 11-09-1958 w/o Yuthon L. Love Clayton
Trawick J. Earl 04-08-1879 11-31-1926 h/o Mandy E. Wheelus Trawick Clayton
Guy James W. 02-26-1913 04-07-1938 (archival survey marker not found) perhaps in this unmarked grave Clayton
Mercer Joe Wesley 06-05-1894 12-02-1971 Clayton
Miller Infant (one date) 12-24-1934 d/o J.R.& V.A. Miller Clayton
Wheelus Earnest D. 02-24-1909 11-12-1925 s/o E.W.& M.M. Wheelus Clayton
Hall Daniel Cornelius 07-1900 12-1941 h/o Minnie Mae Hall Clayton
Pinkney W.D. 04-22-1882 09-13-1949 h/o Anna Pinkney Clayton
Hart Jack 07-12-1869 05-12-1930 h/o Alice Mercer 06-1896---Lena Grice 10-1904 (s/o Joshua & Susan Hughes Hart) Clayton
Hall Willie G. 04-19-1903 10-22-1905 c/o D.F.& M.L. Hall Clayton
Cemetery: New Harmony
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Adams Jenny 11-02-1940 09-25-2003 New Harmony
Robinson Gussie C. 11-12-1908 10-24-2003 w/o Arthur W. Robinson New Harmony
Condrey J.L. 01-07-1925 12-27-1954 New Harmony
Tindell Linnie 10-05-1876 01-11-1949 New Harmony
Fears Harmon 05-20-1891 05-24-1972 h/o Annie Fears New Harmony
Hall Collier 05-03-1883 03-28-1970 New Harmony
Cemetery: Bascom Methodist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Pritchett Lessie Luvanna 03-25-1912 05-26-1913 d/o T.H. & O.E. Pritchett Bascom Methodist
Carter J.W. 05-19-1845 08-02-1917 Bascom Methodist
Hand Charlie S. 10-31-1915 05-23-1972 Cpl Army Air Force WW II) Bascom Methodist
Bevis W.A. 10-20-1861 06-08-1916 h/o Julia C. Bevis WOW Bascom Methodist
McDaniel John P. 06-08-1916 12-15-1980 h/o Helen D. McDaniel Bascom Methodist
Willoughby James Sidney 11-27-1905 10-14-1999 Bascom Methodist
Rogers Bryant Edward 01-01-1908 12-16-1974 h/o Beulah Rogers Bascom Methodist
Ingram Allie Willis Kimbell 10-14-1916 09-17-1995 Bascom Methodist
Conrad Amon Hill 12-29-1896 02-24-1970 h/o Marquerite Conrad Bascom Methodist
Schaub Doris C. 06-04-1921 11-08-2007 w/o George Schaub married 07-04-1941 Bascom Methodist
McKnight Lester Wiley 09-12-1902 11-22-1965 (one name on double upright) Bascom Methodist
Davis Rembert P. 08-14-1907 07-14-1951 (Pvt 30 Engr Tran BN WW II) Bascom Methodist
Arnold Chesley 03-15-1838 03-13-1897 h/o Maggie J. Arnold Bascom Methodist
Stephens Henry Otis 01-22-1909 11-05-1919 Bascom Methodist
Olive C.N. 11-14-1864 07-23-1918 h/o Bettie Olive WOW Bascom Methodist
Rogers Patricia Lee 11-29-1938 12-01-1938 d/o perhaps Eugene & Marjorie Rogers (in plot with) Bascom Methodist
Cemetery: Bascom Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Lowery Millie Christine Pynes 12-10-1933 07-14-1987 Bascom Baptist
Golden Alice D. 07-19-1914 03-01-2008 Bascom Baptist
Cannady Sallie Frances 06-17-1912 08-05-1981 w/o George Cannady married 09-23-1933 Bascom Baptist
Waller Nellie H. Reeder 04-29-1906 02-22-1993 w/o Lloyd Waller Bascom Baptist
Nichols Bamma Tipton 02-07-1885 10-12-1960 w/o Alfred Nichols Bascom Baptist
Harrison Little Jewel 01-12-1906 01-14-1906 d/o M and M William Harrison Bascom Baptist
Corder Ernest William 06-22-1913 04-28-1999 (two markers noted) PFC US Army WW II) Bascom Baptist
Coulliette Houston Waymer 09-08-1944 01-29-2003 Bascom Baptist
Driskell James Daniel 12-02-1935 03-21-1975 (archival survey marker unfound) Bascom Baptist
Annis Muriel Boone 02-01-1924 04-11-2005 w/o Isadore M. Annis married 06-01-1943 Bascom Baptist
Oswald J.H. 08-15-1877 02-21-1960 h/o Ida B. Oswald Bascom Baptist
Hogan Willie Rose 08-29-1881 08-29-1964 w/o William F. Hogan Bascom Baptist
Dickson W.F. 07-28-1841 02-07-1929 (two markers noted) Bascom Baptist
Culver Robert J. 11-13-1915 02-13-1978 h/o Madge Culver married 05-15-1939 Bascom Baptist
Waller Hattie E. (no dates (archival survey marker unfound) Bascom Baptist
Bevis James Thomas (Tommy) 08-18-1944 09-22-2005 Bascom Baptist
Rogers Dortha Brick 06-24-1932 09-20-1998 w/o James Rogers Bascom Baptist
Johnson Infant 12-13-1913 02-07-1915 s/o D.J. and S.C. Johnson Bascom Baptist
Cemetery: Greenwood Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Hamilton Estelle Dickens 03-07-1913 09-09-1980 w/o Leon Hamilton Greenwood Baptist
Dickenson Edward H. Jr. 06-17-1916 01-11-1918 Greenwood Baptist
Weaver Shirley Dixon 09-07-1961 10-12-2015 Greenwood Baptist
Boone Aurora Inez Vivian 12-31-1882 10-01-1884 d/o N.F. and Fannie Boone (2nd daughter of N.F. & F.E.) Greenwood Baptist
Smith Anita Dekle 05-15-1908 03-11-2000 Greenwood Baptist
Hearn Frank Bryan 07-02-1855 10-11-1856 s/o J.E. and H.M. Hearn Greenwood Baptist
Chambliss James Mozelle 06-20-1874 09-16-1901 w/o W.F. Chambliss Greenwood Baptist
Dixson Marvin Eugene 04-24-1933 11-02-2010 US ARMY Greenwood Baptist
Bryan Adelia Pender 12-17-1884 12-23-1984 w/o Frank Bryan (two markers noted) Greenwood Baptist
Alford Charlie A. 01-30-1879 08-12-1880 s/o P.G. and Lucy Alford Greenwood Baptist
Steed John R. 11-27-1834 01-23-1891 h/o Mary Steed Greenwood Baptist
Jenson Arthur M. 06-08-1911 03-17-2005 Greenwood Baptist
Erwin Georgia Bryan 03-10-1837 06-23-1909 2nd w/o John M.F. Erwin Greenwood Baptist
Bryan H.G. 02-04-1866 12-08-1930 Greenwood Baptist
Anderson Walter Bryan Jr. 03-22-1899 11-20-1962 h/o Gladys Anderson Greenwood Baptist
Taylor Mary Lucille 12-18-1882 10-31-1889 d/o W.H. and M.E. Taylor Greenwood Baptist
Long Felix (age 7 years) s/o N.B. and Annie Long Greenwood Baptist
Frank John Harry 09-09-1929 03-14-1999 Greenwood Baptist
Cemetery: Greenwood Methodist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Nairn Archibald A. 04-20-1902 09-16-1982 h/o Gladys Nairn Greenwood Methodist
Sorey Mary B. 10-06-1880 12-17-1945 Greenwood Methodist
Harkins May Pierce 05-11-1897 02-25-1959 Greenwood Methodist
Anderson Jo anne Bevis 06-19-1933 07-20-2010 Greenwood Methodist
Willis Lee E. 09-25-1922 11-09-1987 Greenwood Methodist
Shoaff Ray L. 1903 1985 h/o Kathryn Shoaff Greenwood Methodist
Peacock Harriet 07-16-1846 05-21-1922 w/o S.F. Peacock Greenwood Methodist
Henderson Alma Sue Leeper 02-15-1901 09-12-1981 Greenwood Methodist
Broome Edna P. 11-04-1909 08-23-2006 w/o Thomas Broome Greenwood Methodist
Swait Mrs. E.J. 02-22-1812 07-20-1872 (age 60 years, 5 mos & 6 dys) Greenwood Methodist
Pender Hilda Rish 1912 1982 Greenwood Methodist
Kasper Herman Robert 1904 1968 Greenwood Methodist
Chambliss James William 01-21-1936 08-20-1982 Greenwood Methodist
Turner Mary Erin 04-30-1913 12-06-1998 Greenwood Methodist
Pender Nicholas Long 09-20-1856 07-17-1933 h/o Talullah Pender Greenwood Methodist
Kunde Ivan E. 10-13-1918 11-04-1989 h/o Harriett Kunde (two markers noted) Greenwood Methodist
Cemetery: Collins Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Forrester James P. 09-17-1912 01-26-1991 h/o El Lena C. Forrester Collins Baptist
Coley Rhonda L. 1963 1986 Collins Baptist
Murdock Thomas Wayne 02-26-1952 08-31-1952 s/o Frank & Voncile Collins Baptist
Lockstead Merle (no dates) (in Lockstead plot) Collins Baptist
Baxter Charles Lee 10-08-1883 02-22-1941 h/o Malissie Baxter Collins Baptist
Mathews Dicie 01-19-1880 06-22-1915 d/o C.C. & M.P. Mathews Collins Baptist
Jones Robert Raymond 1915 1982 h/o Nina C. Murdock Jones (ENCM US NAVY WW II & kOREA) Collins Baptist
Grice Diane B. 05-16-1950 no date w/o Dannis J. Grice married 12-26-1969 Collins Baptist
Standland Robert Lee 01-23-1902 12-04-1979 h/o Ruby Lee Standland Collins Baptist
Smith Lorene A. 03-14-1938 11-21-2018 w/o Frank A. Smith (Obituaries) Collins Baptist
Colluiette Martha 1889 1988 Collins Baptist
Richards Marlin M. 09-01-1923 10-11-1988 h/o Mary Alma Richards Collins Baptist
Baxter James Edward 06-13-1923 10-26-1924 Collins Baptist
Mathews Oza Kirkland 01-10-1899 12-17-1989 w/o John Carson Mathews Collins Baptist
Lockstead Child 05-07-1904 10-07-1906 s/o B.C. & H.A. Collins Baptist
Hart Alex P. 1888 1954 h/o Sallie & Simmie Hart Collins Baptist
Ward Costella Hughes 12-28-1875 08-15-1965 w/o John Owen Ward Collins Baptist
Hart Robert (no dates) s/o B.J. & Ida Hart Collins Baptist
Dekle Eva A. 01-19-1888 10-09-1981 w/o E.L. Dekle Collins Baptist
Rogers Mazie 04-09-1916 08-23-1944 Collins Baptist
Bentley Wayne Douglas 09-02-1948 02-16-2017 h/o Lora Lyn Harrison Bentley (married 07-25-1987) Collins Baptist
Baxter Margaret Fears 08-28-1910 10-15-2001 w/o George Wesley Baxter Collins Baptist
Mears Broward 01-29-1916 07-23-1952 Collins Baptist
McAnulty Addie Lee 01-31-1914 08-06-1914 Collins Baptist
Herring Etta Mae 04-01-1917 11-25-1987 w/o Leroy M. Herring Collins Baptist
Williams J. R. 08-23-1877 10-25-1889 Collins Baptist
Elmore Estelle Baxter 02-14-1909 12-06-1988 w/o Luther E. Elmore married 08-17-1939 Collins Baptist
Sellers Jimmy E. 05-16-1936 06-01-2002 h/o Berry L. Sellers (US Marine Corp.) Collins Baptist
Baxter Winson P. 12-02-1913 01-19-1988 h/o Ida L. Baxter Collins Baptist
Merritt Annie Lou Sims 08-03-1925 02-08-1999 w/o C.L. Merritt married 05-16-1945 Collins Baptist
Cemetery: Pleasant Hill
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Harper Robert Daniel 08-16-1934 04-18-1955 s/o Archie & Smithie Harper Pleasant Hill
Steed Lilla Mae no date no date d/o L.L. Steed Pleasant Hill
Cook Vivian M. 01-31-1910 07-14-1994 w/o W. Lester Cook married 05-15-1932 Pleasant Hill
Parrish J.W. 11-06-1881 06-22-1951 Unmarded adult grave adjacent to Pleasant Hill
Brindle Nancy V. 03-04-1904 07-17-1979 m/o Zula Mae Brunson Pleasant Hill
McIntyre (perhaps) unmarked grave in plot Pleasant Hill
Ditty Betty Lue 03-18-1937 02-26-1938 d/o Mr. & Mrs. Jeffie Ditty (archival survey info) Pleasant Hill
Wofford Sarah A. 04-14-1832 06-24-1914 w/o Josiah J.Wofford Pleasant Hill
Hatcher Jessie L. 09-06-1895 11-11-1975 w/o John H. Hatcher Pleasant Hill
Summerford Infant (one date) 08-15-1883 s/o W.H. & E.L. Summerford Pleasant Hill
Culbreth Eliza Irene 10-23-1917 08-03-1919 Pleasant Hill
Pynes Mildred (Millie) Amelia Chumney 12-11-1852 05-08-1935 w/o Benjamin Paul Pynes (married 11-03-1884) d/o James C.& Nancy Baxter Chumney Pleasant Hill
Bruner Daughter 05-30-1888 09-22-1905 d/o Daniel L. & Nancie Ann Bruner (archival survey marker not found) Pleasant Hill
McNeal Eldridge 11-07-1879 12-08-1930 Pleasant Hill
Fortune Virgil Scott 09-02-1941 06-23-2006 h/o Wanda Fortune (archival survey marker not found) Pleasant Hill
Ingram C.R. (Ross) 02-18-1893 07-28-1964 h/o Eula Mae Ingram Pleasant Hill
Hoelscher Bobbie Culbreth 09-23-1930 03-29-1997 Pleasant Hill
Vickers Katie Mae 1917 1925 Pleasant Hill
Brown Ruben W. 02-07-1928 02-09-2010 Pleasant Hill
Culbreth Sarah Ann 1823 08-18-1903 (aged unmarked slab adjacent to ) Pleasant Hill
Pynes Sarah Gilmore Lewis 1812 1871 w/o White Pynes married 08-26-1836 Pleasant Hill
Hughes June Howard 06-25-1934 (undated) w/o James V. Hughes Pleasant Hill
Bullock Bozie G. 07-11-1889 01-31-1965 h/o Lena Bullock Pleasant Hill
McNeal Victoria 10-12-1885 06-25-1950 Pleasant Hill
Adams James 04-12-1861 11-22-1922 h/o Mack Adams s/o Goalson & Martha J. Adams Pleasant Hill
Jeffcoat Emogene Holland 01-09-1918 01-09-2007 w/o Hugh Jeffcoat (archival survey marker not found) Pleasant Hill
Howard Willie Mae 11-05-1894 03-19-1964 w/o Sam Howard Pleasant Hill
Herndon Infant #3 (no dates) Infants of Benjamin & Mary Ann Herndon Pleasant Hill
Godfrey Peter J. 01-10-1844 10-01-1914 (two markers noted) (Co A 61 AL INF CSA) Pleasant Hill
Sanders George 03-09-1887 10-14-1918 h/o Clodine Bodiford Sanders Pleasant Hill
Cemetery: Cottonwood
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Harrison Grover L. 02-06-1937 (undated) (perhaps previous survey or obit, no marker found) Cottonwood
Scott Infant (no dates) c/o O.M. & Maggie Scott Cottonwood
Forehand Annie M. 03-18-1928 11-08-1992 w/o Lonnie Forehand Cottonwood
Parker R.B. (Bart) 11-02-1885 07-21-1958 h/o Josie P. Parker Cottonwood
Chapman Willie White 06-10-1919 02-18-2009 Cottonwood
McCord Dorothy 05-08-1957 (undated) Cottonwood
Whitehead Edna Lutha 09-19-1917 06-22-1932 Cottonwood
Davis William C. 03-22-1896 03-10-1980 (US Army WW I) (two markers noted) Cottonwood
Barnes Ruby R. 08-03-1904 07-12-1998 w/o Daniel L. Barnes Cottonwood
Kingry Evelyn C. 1896 1972 w/o Allen Curtis Kingry Cottonwood
Snell Corbitt C. 08-06-1917 02-16-1994 h/o Mary L. Snell Cottonwood
Hicks Madie L. Ward 08-17-1896 04-19-1987 w/o Dr. Dorman Marvin Hicks Cottonwood
Sellers David D. 04-28-1929 09-30-2016 h/o Patricia E. Sellers Cottonwood
Goff John Lee 04-19-1871 10-05-1936 Cottonwood
Peacock Luther G. 09-31-1902 12-31-1967 h/o Violet Mae Peacock Cottonwood
Danford Rosemary G. 03-18-1949 (undated) w/o Louie Danford Cottonwood
Metcalf Hiram H. 09-14-1854 03-24-1909 h/o Sarah V. Metcalf Cottonwood
Whitehead Winfred H. 07-06-1933 02-06-1983 h/o Wonda J. Whitehead (two markers noted) Cottonwood
Floyd Ander Frank 12-26-1914 01-06-1996 (US Army WW II) (two markers noted) Cottonwood
Blackman Alice Lewis 09-23-1881 09-09-1985 w/o Malcom Lee Blackman Cottonwood
Kirkland Lettie Pearl 07-26-1904 05-01-1997 w/o Clinton Kirkland Cottonwood
Strickland Mancil Mack 03-29-1903 12-16-1967 h/I Sallie Jane Strickland Cottonwood
Hollon R.J. 09-19-1923 10-01-1991 (EN 2 US Navy WW II & Korea) Cottonwood
Sellers Martha J. 10-26-1854 03-13-1937 w/o Ashely B. Sellers Cottonwood
Granger Annie C. 08-13-1862 07-20-1902 w/o Willis Calvin Granger Cottonwood
Ponder Josephine Beall 04-07-1932 (undated) w/o Daniet Evans Sr. Ponder Cottonwood
Driggers Sue Sellers 09-24-1885 04-10-1981 Cottonwood
Moon John 11-02-1909 11-11-1992 h/o Betrice Moon Cottonwood
Anderson Frances Jean Smith 12-29-1950 (undated) w/o Robert Steve Anderson Cottonwood
Brown Maple L. 09-13-1922 10-21-1963 Cottonwood
Lewis Ernestine Hughes 01-22-1921 03-04-2007 w/o John Franklim Lewis Cottonwood
Todd Kenneth Leonard 09-11-1898 09-22-1963 h/o Kate Wood Todd Cottonwood
Sellers Patricia E. 12-30-1931 03-04-2010 w/o David Sellers Cottonwood
Hutto Plot with 2 adult/unmarded graves Cottonwood
Sellers Vinettie T. 04-19-1838 11-24-1918 w/o Rev. R. D. Sellers Cottonwood
Kennedy Patsy L. 11-15-1954 04-24-2013 w/o Franklin Kennedy Cottonwood
Granger Stella G. 03-24-1880 04-14-1939 Cottonwood
Pynes Hattie M. 08-15-1903 08-29-1992 w/o Joshua L. Pynes Married 10-10-1920 Cottonwood
Cemetery: Friendship Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Calloway Inez 09-14-1940 05-17-2018 w/o Johnnie N. Calloway married 09-07-1956 Friendship Baptist
Lockart Wayne 01-23-1938 05-01-2007 Friendship Baptist
Bass Charlie Washington 07-05-1884 02-21-1944 h/o Annie Velna Maddox Bass Friendship Baptist
Tidwell Lee Edgar Sr. 02-01-1897 10-05-1967 h/o Beulah Lucille Tidwell Friendship Baptist
Ham Eula Mae Howard 08-19-1916 12-06-2000 w/o Gus Louis Ham Friendship Baptist
Russ Vera Mae 1905 1992 w/o Julian E. (Jule) Russ Friendship Baptist
Taylor Rozell Charles 04-29-1920 11-23-2004 h/o Jeanette Taylor US Navy WW II (two markers noted) Friendship Baptist
Floyd James Lee 01-12-1944 09-22-1995 Friendship Baptist
Nordan Brunice W. 09-05-1902 07-17-1982 w/o Herschel J. Nordan Friendship Baptist
Conrad Luther Paul 09-20-1930 09-22-2012 h/o Elizabeth Friendship Baptist
Chambliss Z. M. 10-25-1872 08-11-1940 h/o Minnie Lee Chambliss Friendship Baptist
McDaniel Infant no date no date s/o E.V. & S. A. McDaniel Friendship Baptist
Jones Glendora Faye Kent 11-19-1931 (undated) w/o Charles H. Jones Friendship Baptist
Vickers Eunice Chambliss 10-1906 06-1958 Friendship Baptist
Hart Annie Mae 09-09-1905 02-07-1998 Friendship Baptist
Smith James Elton 04-18-1939 04-18-1939 Friendship Baptist
Forrester Lawson 03-14-1909 07-25-1924 Friendship Baptist
Paulk Clarence F. no date no date s/o Isaac & Viola Paulk Friendship Baptist
Dekle Shirley L. 02-11-1907 10-25-1992 h/o Bessie N. Dekle Friendship Baptist
McMillan Nancy E. Whitaker 07-11-1850 02-17-1926 w/o H.C. McMillan Friendship Baptist
Conrad Infant (one date) 1918 s/o Mr. & Mr. C.D. Conrad Friendship Baptist
Bell Charlie F. 09-26-1906 01-08-1978 Friendship Baptist
Jones Peter Marvin Sr. 01-30-1888 11-27-1970 h/o Willie Estelle Jones Friendship Baptist
Williams Charles Warren Jr. 07-11-1919 10-18-1928 (as per classmate Bill Murdock) (died of ruptured appendix in third grade) Friendship Baptist
Hatcher T.Tylitha A. 03-27-1860 07-08-1913 w/o Robert Hatcher Friendship Baptist
Standland Peter Pierce 04-28-1869 05-06-1937 h/o Clara L. Ferguson Standland Friendship Baptist
Grice Mildred A. 12-24-1923 08-17-1977 w/o W.J. Grice Friendship Baptist
Peeler Hubert J. 07-04-1901 10-05-1994 h/o Ollie B. Peeler married 12-19-1926 Friendship Baptist
Earnest Craig Randall 03-26-1986 06-19-2004 Friendship Baptist
Culpepper Jimmy Frank 12-13-1926 03-27-2006 h/o Agnes M. Conrad Culpepper Friendship Baptist
Rogers Woodrow Wilson 1943 (undated) h/o Janice Rogers Friendship Baptist
Brookins Mary Lula 12-21-1896 12-23-1964 w/o Willie Dalton Brookins Friendship Baptist
King Eugene 01-13-1879 02-05-1959 h/o Maggie Smith King Friendship Baptist
Young Thomas Jefferson 08-08-1892 09-24-1924 h/o Ellen Jane Stewart Young archival survey (marker not found) Friendship Baptist
Cemetery: Hickory Grove
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Long G.V. (Jan V. Sr.) 08-25-1899 01-22-1963 h/o Estell Long Hickory Grove
Robinson Sarah Sylvesta 09-05-1857 05-25-1926 w/o J.M. Robinson Hickory Grove
Ditty Lavada D. 09-30-1907 10-16-1993 w/o Leroy Ditty married 08-20-1933 Hickory Grove
Jordan Laura Conrad 04-17-1904 06-17-1995 w/o Oscar Jordan Hickory Grove
Robinson Edward Winfield 11-13-1938 09-08-1995 h/o Virginia Robinson Hickory Grove
Ditty Dottie E. 07-07-1912 04-19-1991 2nd w/o Carson Ditty Hickory Grove
Yarborough Ruth 02-16-1933 11-13-1933 d/o Claud and Myrtle Yorborough Hickory Grove
Helms Iris Irene 10-16-1905 02-06-1999 w/o Alvin Helms Hickory Grove
Conrad James Henry 05-05-1872 07-18-1947 h/o Martha Conrad Hickory Grove
Wilkinson Sammy Lee 10-01-1931 10-12-1931 s/o Carlus & Annie Wilkinson Hickory Grove
Hatcher Nathaniel 02-02-1918 11-22-1922 s/o James & Mahanna Hatcher Hickory Grove
McDonald Larry I. 02-23-1942 12-30-2016 (two markers noted) Hickory Grove
Perkins Margie F. 10-26-1939 01-24-2001 w/o Roy Perkins married 04-04-1964 Hickory Grove
Cemetery: Antioch
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Christmas James Ruel 02-17-1916 03-04-1985 h/o Rillia "Granger" Christmas Antioch
Sellers Nancy Jane 05-1882 1918 Antioch
West Mrs. Annie 08-26-1882 05-31-1926 w/o James Marion West Antioch
Granger Martha Elizabeth 08-31-1887 08-13-1958 w/o Ferwin Granger Antioch
Hinson J.C. 08-29-1914 04-26-1959 h/o Sally M. Hinson Antioch
Williams Kenneth 08-29-1956 04-22-2008 Antioch
Hall George H. 06-07-1863 12-10-1935 h/o Marry Hall Antioch
Lawrance Martha Ellen 03-19-1934 11-22-1968 Antioch
Williams Onus 07-03-1914 09-07-1989 h/o Netta Bell "West" Williams (married 01-08-1933) (s/o John T. & Mattie J. "Tindell" Williams) Antioch
Herring Elton (Crumeth) 07-11-1909 04-29-1954 Antioch
Mumford Bessie 1890 1953 w/o J. W. (Bud) Mumford Antioch
Cemetery: Pilgrims Rest
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Shiver William Henry 10-09-1902 02-03-1903 s/o S. T. & Mary Shiver Pilgrims Rest
Chumney Ruby (no dates) w/o Clarence Chumney Pilgrims Rest
Barksdale Teressa P. 08-30-1895 03-04-1963 w/o Charlie C. Barksdale Pilgrims Rest
Herring Willie Martin 01-30-1897 11-10-1977 w/o James Byrl Herring Pilgrims Rest
Crosby Arthur Leroy (A. L.) 07-20-1914 04-03-2000 h/o Evelyn Shoemaker Crosby (two markers noted) Pilgrims Rest
Jordan Infant (one date) 12-11-1910 d/o W. A. & Eula Jordan Pilgrims Rest
Jordan James R. 06-26-1855 04-29-1934 h/o Marich L. Jordan s/o John & Catherine Jordan Pilgrims Rest
Martin Martha Elizabeth 02-18-1855 05-15-1939 w/o Patrick E. Martin Pilgrims Rest
Cemetery: Riverside
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Butler Charles Joseph Sr. 05-09-1906 09-22-1978 Riverside
Bryan David H. (no dates) (memorial by heirs) Riverside
Dickson Harris Nicholas 03-08-1899 01-19-1940 Riverside
Hill Carl A. 1907 1943 Riverside
Lyford William T. 09-21-1905 01-17-1975 h/o Evelyn Lyford Riverside
Patrick Pickalo Roy 03-09-1901 04-02-1981 h/o Mesia Patrick Riverside
Smith Samuel Hinton Jr. 12-20-1918 10-04-2000 h/o Betty Smith Riverside
Wright Roy 07-28-1904 08-11-1952 h/o Lucille Wright Riverside
Leleszi Steven 03-27-1911 11-29-1999 (two markers noted) (US Army WW II) Riverside
Bill Charles R. 08-11-1873 02-28-1953 h/o Elinor Bill Riverside
Daniel Natina Hays 03-17-1885 05-30-1967 w/o Dekle Daniel Riverside
Hamlin Ralph L. 05-13-1954 01-08-1994 Riverside
Lee Allen Whitman 12-20-1943 03-26-1944 Riverside
Norton Pearl 04-17-1915 12-18-1996 Riverside
Sexton Gid 10-08-1903 01-01-1952 Riverside
Whitall Lewis Walker 06-17-1878 03-09-1948 s/o Brig Gen Samuel Whitall Riverside
Spires Rhebard (no birth) 02-01-1918 Riverside
Barnes Ed 10-01-1881 07-04-1948 (Father) Riverside
Conrad Dannie 04-08-1914 12-01-2007 Riverside
Gibson Jennifer 06-16-1979 07-03-1979 Riverside
Kennedy Robert H. 06-28-1890 06-30-1947 (US Army WW I) Riverside
Minchew Irene P. 08-07-1921 07-27-2016 w/o Jack Minchew Riverside
Robinson George 12-19-1891 05-01-1948 (Sgt US Army WW I) Riverside
Wamble Clyde M. 10-26-1910 05-15-1983 h/o Geneva Wamble (two markers noted) Riverside
West Annie Louise 10-29-1876 06-19-1953 d/o James & Leila Slade Riverside
Carter Francis B. 08-12-1861 01-09-1937 h/o Margaret Dickson Riverside
Feathers Garland (Red) H. 11-12-1912 05-21-2002 Riverside
Jackson Desmond Keen 10-10-1902 07-23-1991 Survey--- (marker not found) Riverside
McKinney James Wilmer Jr. 01-28-1951 02-19-1951 s/o James & Shirley McKinney Riverside
Powers Frances Mayfield (no dates) Riverside
Strickland Emma 08-14-1925 05-19-2000 Riverside
Williams Velma (no birth) 05-18-1982 w/o Walter Williams Riverside
Burch Ollie N. 07-16-1909 03-10-2002 w/o John Burch married 12-31-1938 Riverside
Dickson Thomas G. 06-28-1847 11-27-1927 Riverside
Hinson Rudolph Sr. M. 05-17-1906 01-20-1970 Riverside
Malloy Vernon Clearence 08-26-1915 04-12-1967 h/o Frances Malloy Riverside
Peacock Ocie Young 07-29-1917 02-24-1951 Riverside
Solomon Marie Patterson 03-24-1902 11-30-1992 w/o John Solomon Riverside
Zimmerle Pete 09-11-1944 (undated) h/o Janice Zimmerly Riverside
Batchelor Ronald 07-07-1952 08-28-2015 Riverside
Jordan William N. 03-05-1926 05-16-2014 (US Navy WW II) (two markers noted) Riverside
Bludworth Ralph 09-03-1925 06-01-1989 (US Army WW II) Riverside
Davis Ellis Sr. F. 11-17-1871 10-29-1918 h/o Amanda Davis Riverside
Harrington Martha Marie 03-05-1945 (undated) w/o Frank Harrington II married 11-12-1962 Riverside
Leleszi Richard M. 01-16-1954 09-28-1996 h/o Dawn Leleszi Riverside
Oliver William Mobley 08-11-1879 11-24-1952 w/o Bessie Oliver Riverside
Shippers Velma A. 08-30-1925 04-29-1988 w/o Paul Shippers married 04-21-1946 Riverside
Wiercinski Jessie Hutchinson 09-04-1890 01-31-1959 Riverside
Dudley Willa Jean Pace (no birth) 05-07-2016 w/o Bennie Joe Dudley Riverside
Basford Reuben 1911 1980 US Army WW II (two markers noted) Riverside
Basford Reuben 09-11-1911 09-01-1980 h/o Hattie Basford (two markers noted) Riverside
Cook Joseph (Joe) Daniel 04-06-1897 05-07-1989 h/o Eva Cook Riverside
Golson Ursula Baker 02-14-1889 07-17-1937 w/o Frank Golson Sr. Riverside
Kirkland Laura D. 12-05-1911 06-23-2007 w/o Joseph (Ted) Kirkland Riverside
Moore Gladys Irene 09-01-1910 12-09-1991 w/o Herman Moore (see Herman Moore) Riverside
Russ Amon H. 04-17-1902 04-20-1974 Riverside
Watson Amelia Elizabeth 06-06-1871 09-10-1959 d/o H.J. & Lucy Watson Riverside
Maultsby Henry McBride 06-23-1908 03-14-1931 Riverside
Adams Myrtle H. (dates missing) Riverside
Chalker Ellis L. 10-28-1918 04-28-1986 Riverside
Finlayson W.H. 1886 1933 Riverside
Johnson Addie Sue 02-10-1925 01-20-2013 w/o Charles Johnson married 12-05-1947 Riverside
McQuagge Dr. Albert Eugene 05-11-1918 02-19-1982 Riverside
Quick Eva Weeks 07-15-1895 12-28-1968 Riverside
Teeter Jayson Anthony (Andy) 12-25-1965 06-06-2006 Riverside
Powell Virginia T. Shaver 07-31-1861 01-07-1930 w/o Dr. James L. Powell Riverside
Bush Dakota R. 12-15-1919 03-01-1992 w/o Willie Bush married 02-08-1936 Riverside
Donofro Joan Marie 05-21-1931 04-26-1994 Riverside
Holland Joseph O. 06-01-1895 04-23-1968 Riverside
Mashburn Thomas Lee 05-15-1878 12-26-1948 Riverside
Pelt Wilbur M. 09-27-1892 08-28-1983 h/o Sarah Pelt Riverside
Staley Martha A. 08-03-1903 09-02-1985 Riverside
McCrea Anita M. 09-01-1966 01-09-2002 Riverside
Bowles Lena Mae 01-15-1912 05-20-1972 w/o Will Bowles Riverside
Davis Mary Elizabeth 12-26-1912 03-20-2007 Riverside
Harrison Robbie 10-01-1940 09-25-1941 d/o Ralph & Blanche Harrison Riverside
Lewis James 05-27-1926 10-02-2009 Riverside
Ostrander Grace P. 06-24-1891 03-05-1967 w/o Albert Ostrander Riverside
Sims Paul 11-25-1919 12-24-2010 (two markers noted) (Lt Col USAF) Riverside
Williams James Herbert 02-21-1923 08-29-1987 h/o Annie Riverside
Beall Kitty Howard 05-10-1898 02-28-1976 w/o Roy Beall Sr. Riverside
Cooper Walter Thomas 04-25-1869 03-22-1948 h/o Alice Cooper Riverside
Gortemoller Royal Neva 1886 1959 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Kober George C. 08-07-1939 09-14-1991 Riverside
Morgan Laura J. 1861 1922 Riverside
Ruth Virginia Dickson 01-13-1922 11-30-1974 Riverside
Watson Mary (no dates) (84 years old) Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Crews Roy (Baby) 1969 1969 (two markers noted) Riverside
Bryant Benjamin 1847 10-03-1917 Riverside
Allen C.W. 1879 1937 Riverside
Chesteen Rickey Ellic 11-03-1959 (undated) h/o Cheryl Chesteen Riverside
Flynt Clarence D. 10-05-1898 12-10-1974 h/o Hassie Flynt Riverside
Joiner Emma J. 05-14-1935 08-27-2000 w/o Curtis Joiner Riverside
Medlock Lois Earnestine 02-24-1924 06-21-1924 Riverside
Rawls Pearl E. 08-23-1883 11-28-1979 w/o William Rawls Riverside
Tidwell Hubert Earl 02-02-1937 07-23-2009 Riverside
Mayhall Clyde E. 04-29-1899 01-28-1970 h/o Cornelia Mayhall (two markers noted) Riverside
Byrd June 06-13-1928 04-18-2010 Riverside
Dunkle W.F. (Bill) III 05-01-1942 10-19-2001 Riverside
Holton Carrie Frances 06-04-1977 06-06-1977 d/o Larry & Rececca Holton Riverside
Maultsby Joseph McDuffey 09-10-1879 05-03-1922 h/o Etta Maultsby Riverside
Pilcher Bessie Clements 1900 1958 w/o Woodfin Pilcher Sr. Riverside
Steed Theola 12-15-1871 03-09-1946 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Hazell Arthur Jr. C. 03-16-1906 07-09-1998 Sgt. US Army WW II (two markers noted) Riverside
Brandon William Scott Jr. 08-29-1924 02-07-1965 Riverside
Davis William Clyde 11-22-1909 12-20-1979 (US Navy WW II) Riverside
Hathcock M.L. 06-26-1862 02-18-1941 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Lewis William Augustus 06-29-1892 04-29-1894 s/o Richard & Bettie Lewis Riverside
Padgett Clarence Albert 10-15-1894 09-24-1943 Riverside
Skipper Juanita V. 10-01-1923 12-06-2001 w/o Jeff Skipper Riverside
Wilson Lucille T. 07-12-1913 01-26-1976 Riverside
Cemetery: Cowpen Pond
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Tyus James F. 11-20-1940 06-04-2018 (Obit info) Cowpen Pond
Neel Dollie Elizabeth 09-12-1903 08-06-1963 w/o William I. Neel Cowpen Pond
Basford Hershel D. 08-13-1927 03-31-2013 h/o Nada Basford (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Hatcher Drewziea Williams 1845 1925 w/o J.H. Hatcher Cowpen Pond
Whatley W.R. (no dates) Indian Wars (US Soldier Fla War) Cowpen Pond
Powell Mandy Rilla 1897 1976 Cowpen Pond
Cook Liller E. 11-22-1886 12-07-1966 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Henry 08-09-1881 09-09-1881 s/o Zack and Celia Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Huddleston Rolland C. 04-21-1930 04-22-2013 h/o Lola Huddleston Cowpen Pond
Neel Annie Mable 09-16-1935 07-03-1942 Cowpen Pond
Arnold Lottie B. 03-07-1924 02-11-2010 w/o William Arnold married 07-07-1972 Cowpen Pond
Hare W.E. 03-1846 01-23-1934 h/o Eliza Hare Cowpen Pond
Weeks John 10-03-1853 12-14-1918 h/o Ann Weeks Cowpen Pond
Nichols Wiley Columbus 10-24-1922 04-01-1924 Cowpen Pond
Cloud Lisa Kaye 1970 (twin) 1970 (interned in grave with Lecia) Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Christine 10-02-1944 10-02-1944 Cowpen Pond
Hewett Joseph 04-19-1879 09-11-1930 Cowpen Pond
Mooneyham Lydia B. 1823 08-13-1909 (born in S.C.) Cowpen Pond
Weeks Colton Wayne (one date) 04-21-2013 Cowpen Pond
Neel Susan A. 09-18-1854 08-01-1930 w/o Daniel Neel Cowpen Pond
Bennett R.D. 02-23-1857 04-07-1931 h/o Minervia Bennett Cowpen Pond
Stephens Thad 01-06-1874 08-01-1942 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Artis 07-13-1914 01-23-1917 s/o Mr. and Mrs. S.J. Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Hatcher Henry L. 07-23-1870 01-07-1950 h/o Nancy Hatcher Cowpen Pond
Maloy Susie Frances 10-19-1902 11-06-1916 Cowpen Pond
Tyus Norman 11-23-1914 04-05-1925 s/o Everett and Thanie Tyus Cowpen Pond
Neel Mallissie 09-06-1891 09-20-1930 w/o C.A. Neel Cowpen Pond
Basford Thelma 09-06-1909 06-26-1914 c/o C.D. and Pollie Basford Cowpen Pond
Basford Glenda L. 06-03-1938 06-07-2013 w/o Kenneth Basford Cowpen Pond
Cemetery: Campbellton Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Talley Wesley L. 07-25-1907 03-17-1984 h/o Mattie Talley Campbellton Baptist
Fleming Rev. Julian C. 10-21-1915 06-21-2000 h/o Juanita Fleming Campbellton Baptist
Hinson Sallie 05-11-1869 02-05-1920 w/o Charles Hinson (WOW) Campbellton Baptist
Buie James 09-24-1832 01-08-1897 (two markers noted) (CSA Serg 4 Co A 5 Fla Cav) Campbellton Baptist
Outlaw Lurie 12-12-1918 05-10-1934 Campbellton Baptist
Skipper Rex Allen 12-05-1951 10-25-1970 s/o Arthur & Burnice Skipper Campbellton Baptist
Campbell Effie B. 12-31-1889 06-19-1973 Campbellton Baptist
Dominey Catherine T. 11-27-1950 05-07-2017 w/o Donnell Dominey Campbellton Baptist
Hinson James William 07-12-1872 11-10-1949 Campbellton Baptist
Toole Cleatus Chafford 01-27-1924 07-03-2006 (two markers noted) (Pvt US Army WW II) Campbellton Baptist
Middleton Nellie Ruth 02-18-1911 10-19-2002 Campbellton Baptist
Roberson Robbie V. 01-20-1910 01-30-1968 w/o Roy Roberson Campbellton Baptist
Beall Preston Wayne 12-10-1949 08-01-1955 Campbellton Baptist
White Wavie Mae 01-19-1910 07-16-1965 w/o Rorie V. White Campbellton Baptist
Dekle Infant 08-21-1866 09-03-1866 s/o George & Rossey Dekle Campbellton Baptist
Hinson Edgar A. 12-24-1875 10-15-1949 h/o Mell Vina Hinson Campbellton Baptist
Michaux Barnett A. 1911 1980 (two markers noted) (CWO US Navy WW II) Campbellton Baptist
McDonal Mrs. (no dates) Campbellton Baptist
Register Mary Jane 03-30-1871 06-21-1910 w/o J.D. Register (married 01-14-1891) Campbellton Baptist
Allen Mary E. 07-04-1931 (undated) w/o Edward Allen Campbellton Baptist
Toole Cleatus 01-27-1924 07-03-2006 h/o Ruth Cleatus (two markers noted) Campbellton Baptist
Daniel William Joseph 12-03-1844 01-21-1906 h/o Sallie Daniel (two markers noted) Campbellton Baptist
Cemetery: Mt Olive Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Benton C.C. 03-21-1876 09-22-1965 h/o Mary & Elsie Mt Olive Baptist
Tidwell Quiney A. 07-23-1889 12-19-1971 w/o M.L. Tidwell Mt Olive Baptist
Pettis Elijah W. 10-22-1868 08-27-1925 (two markers noted) Mt Olive Baptist
Jones Infant 10-02-1909 10-02-1909 s/o Arnold & Mae Jones Mt Olive Baptist
Ditty Loyce E. 09-14-1927 03-01-2002 (two markers noted) (US Army) Mt Olive Baptist
Hartzog Infant 05-09-1935 05-09-1935 s/o V.W. & Virgie Hartzog Mt Olive Baptist
Conner James Clifford 04-27-1937 09-18-1972 (two markers noted) Mt Olive Baptist
Turner Leaner Dell 09-27-1905 10-02-1912 d/o U.T. & A.F. Turner Mt Olive Baptist
Robinson Curtis H. 03-11-1905 09-03-1934 h/o Rosie M. Adkins Robinson Mt Olive Baptist
Kirkland Earline 03-23-1923 04-30-1981 w/o Ezzie Kirkland Mt Olive Baptist
Hartzog William Dolon 08-12-1921 09-10-1978 s/o Ambers & Katie Hartzog (two markers noted) Mt Olive Baptist