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Cemetery: Pilgrims Rest
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Commentsort descending Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Herring Willie Martin 01-30-1897 11-10-1977 w/o James Byrl Herring Pilgrims Rest view
Shiver William Henry 10-09-1902 02-03-1903 s/o S. T. & Mary Shiver Pilgrims Rest view
Martin Martha Elizabeth 02-18-1855 05-15-1939 w/o Patrick E. Martin Pilgrims Rest view
Holbert Ivan T. 06-13-1947 (undated) h/o Joyce C. Holbert Pilgrims Rest view
Crosby Evelyn Shoemaker 07-06-1914 01-12-2011 w/o Arthur Leroy Crosby Pilgrims Rest view
Cemetery: Riverside
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Commentsort descending Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Giddens Doris Estelle 05-15-1923 03-25-1936 Riverside view
Adams Albert L. 02-04-1910 03-18-1933 Riverside view
Bosland Bryan 1976 2003 Riverside view
Davis Katharine Fleming 12-27-1886 12-11-1977 Riverside view
Fite Lottie McQuagge 02-05-1920 04-10-2014 w/o John Fite Riverside view
Harrison Rosaland Wade 03-27-1929 05-31-2009 d/o Ralph & Blanche Harrison Riverside view
Johnson Martin L. 04-04-1903 11-10-1981 h/o Betty Johnson Riverside view
Lewis Norma Elaine 06-14-1922 12-29-2010 Riverside view
Medlock Larra E. 04-11-1877 09-08-1946 w/o William Medlock Riverside view
Pace Gwen B. 01-01-1942 (undated) w/o William Pace Riverside view
Reddock Jacqueline Bennett 04-01-1932 (undated) Riverside view
Traynor Velma R. Narmor 03-18-1904 10-16-1995 Riverside view
Winslett Infant 03-30-1936 03-30-1936 s/o M.Y. & Christelle Winslett Riverside view
Bevings James Allen 12-07-1870 10-03-1944 Riverside view
Carkhuff Audrey Dixon 10-28-1889 06-01-1957 Riverside view
Farley Hattie Fannie 08-24-1872 12-07-1886 d/o J.A. & E.W. Farley Riverside view
Hampton Henry Alford 06-21-1880 09-06-1928 Riverside view
Irwin Walter Kehoe 06-30-1908 10-21-1966 Riverside view
Lee Maude Terry 09-11-1882 12-02-1954 w/o Henry Lee Riverside view
McKenzie Cecile M. 1900 1975 Riverside view
Oliver Lewis A. 08-08-1886 01-27-1965 h/o Eunice Oliver Riverside view
Shumaker Infant (one date) 04-23-1943 c/o Richard & Maron Shumaker Riverside view
Sykes Bryan 11-01-1895 08-30-1987 h/o Lucile Sykes Riverside view
Williams Annie Mae 03-16-1922 (undated) w/o James Williams Riverside view
McCrea Anita M. 09-01-1966 01-09-2002 Riverside view
Baxley John Sr. T. 06-30-1902 10-25-1964 h/o Mattie Baxley Riverside view
Dudley John 06-22-1912 09-07-1964 h/o Daisy Dudley Riverside view
Gramling Charley Archie Jr. 02-09-1908 01-04-1978 Riverside view
Hook Lucile Golson 1902 1990 w/o Thomas Hook Riverside view
Mayfield Gladys M. 11-09-1906 08-13-1976 Riverside view
Mulvania Robin C. (no dates) Riverside view
Schollian Edna Mashburn 04-25-1908 01-16-1991 w/o Herold Schollian Riverside view
Werts Mary A. 05-05-1931 04-22-2002 w/o Harold Werts Riverside view
Wallace Herman 01-11-1939 12-28-2015 Riverside view
Bryant Benjamin 1847 10-03-1917 Riverside view
Beall Roy Burns Sr. 12-17-1897 05-27-1990 h/o Kitty Beall Riverside view
Butler William O. 08-29-1902 12-03-1986 h/o Elizabeth Butler Riverside view
Coulliette Dan Sr. M. 1892 1983 Riverside view
Dyer Harold E. 1953 2011 Riverside view
Gray Edna Russell 07-17-1913 09-24-2007 w/o Louie Gray Riverside view
Horrell Neal 07-12-1906 01-31-1978 Riverside view
Landrum Cora Louise 02-22-1896 01-04-1949 w/o Thomas Landrum Riverside view
Nally Margaret 1927 1964 Riverside view
Pledger Byron Chester 08-31-1896 10-14-1976 h/o Alice Pledger Riverside view
Scott Barbara Nichols 09-11-1950 08-04-2007 Riverside view
Dillon B.O. 12-29-1910 06-04-1912 Riverside view
Watson Mark Edward 10-29-1960 (undated) h/o Paulette Watson Riverside view
Baker Joseph T. 08-30-1898 01-08-1957 h/o Alys Baker Riverside view
Conrad Beverly Bowles 11-11-1932 (undated) w/o Elzie Conrad Riverside view
Dickson Marmaduke Jr. N. 11-01-1922 12-11-2012 Riverside view
Gillis James McLean 09-23-1910 04-08-1956 Riverside view
Hinson Wilmon C. 10-05-1928 01-22-1964 Riverside view
King Lue E. 04-22-1856 03-06-1928 w/o John King Riverside view
Martin Frank Henry 08-13-1883 03-13-1973 h/o Minnie Martin Riverside view
Moore Georgia S. 12-05-1846 09-07-1931 Riverside view
Pelt Lee 03-01-1898 04-09-1969 h/o Thelma Pelt Riverside view
Russ Lucy S. 07-19-1930 10-31-1997 w/o Joe Russ Riverside view
Staley Robert Francis 09-23-1907 09-17-1993 h/o Elizabeth Staley Riverside view
Amos John Ernest 08-14-1906 08-06-1981 h/o Dorothea Amos Riverside view
Brewer James Olin 12-28-1917 12-17-1996 h/o Mary Brewer Riverside view
Dekle George L. 08-14-1912 03-03-1983 Riverside view
Funderburk Malissie J. 10-09-1905 05-03-2003 w/o Ray Funderburk Riverside view
Henderson Thomas Eugene 07-13-1930 10-28-2011 Riverside view
Long Infant (no dates) s/o Mr. & Mrs. Harry Long Riverside view
Merritt Rebecca (no dates) Riverside view
Patrick Mesia Louise Kirkpatrick 04-10-1902 02-07-1989 w/o Pickalo Patrick Riverside view
Smith William Paul 08-25-1916 04-19-1997 h/o Jewel Smith Riverside view
Yager Tammy 01-10-1962 02-23-2003 Riverside view
Giddens Frank Morgan 08-02-1887 09-18-1934 Riverside view
Adams Anna A. Anneke 06-16-1919 03-23-2002 w/o Gerald Adams Riverside view
Boucher Ella Mae 04-15-1919 03-23-1987 w/o Fred Boucher Riverside view
Cary Steven E. 01-15-1945 07-31-2002 Riverside view
Harshbarger Geneva M. 02-01-1875 05-14-1955 w/o Mahlon Harshbarger Riverside view
Johnson Nellie 04-14-1892 04-06-1976 w/o Simmon Johnson Riverside view
Lewis Richard 08-24-1849 10-12-1920 h/o Bettie McNealy Lewis Riverside view
Medlock Lois Earnestine 02-24-1924 06-21-1924 Riverside view
Pace Susie B. (one date) 12-31-1970 Riverside view
Reddock William Byran 11-11-1914 01-05-2005 Riverside view
Slaughler ? Dannally Perry 09-30-1907 10-07-1907 s/o D.P. & M.L. Riverside view
Trotter Rosby 1909 1964 Riverside view
Winslett Martha Augusta 10-09-1906 07-20-1940 d/o G.N. & Margaret Winslett Riverside view
Nelson Asa Jr. 10-18-1913 05-27-1982 Riverside view
Bevings Sarah E. 03-12-1877 10-28-1946 Riverside view
Carkhuff Doris Bryan 03-16-1923 06-28-2014 w/o Edwin Carkhuff Riverside view
Daffin Robert Dale 09-16-1853 08-14-1935 h/o Carrie Daffin Riverside view
Hampton Myrtle Jannie 08-29-1909 08-05-1911 Riverside view
Irwin Norman Carrol 09-15-1913 09-06-1997 h/o Doris Irwin Riverside view
McKinney James Wilmer Jr. 01-28-1951 02-19-1951 s/o James & Shirley McKinney Riverside view
Oliver Mary C. 01-05-1917 07-08-2005 w/o William Oliver Riverside view
Sykes Lucile Folsom 11-22-1903 02-11-1990 w/o Brian Sykes Riverside view
Miller Willie Christine 01-30-1929 10-25-2015 Riverside view
Arrington Aggie (one date) 12-18-1944 Riverside view
Baxley Mattie Lee 05-24-1907 05-13-1995 w/o John Baxley Sr. Riverside view
Bush George Daniel 03-25-1901 01-26-1967 h/o Elizabeth Bush Riverside view
Cornley Timothy E. 11-13-1959 10-24-1994 Riverside view
Dudley John T. 10-28-1892 08-05-1977 h/o Claudie Dudley Riverside view
Hook Thomas James 1893 1955 h/o Lucile Hook Riverside view
Land Ed 09-16-1928 04-05-2015 h/o Annett Land Riverside view
Mayfield Roy L. 03-18-1921 09-11-2006 Riverside view
Murphy Florence W. 05-08-1916 09-28-1984 w/o Lowell Murphy Riverside view
Pittman McKinley 12-25-1900 01-18-1935 h/o Evie Pittman Riverside view
Schollian Herold Felton 07-16-1904 11-23-1982 h/o Edna Schollian Riverside view
Stewart Baby Boy (one date) 09-22-1956 Riverside view
West Cecelia S. 10-19-1909 09-01-1997 Riverside view
Ward Roma Sue 04-27-1947 05-03-2015 Riverside view
Beall William Wallace II 10-26-1924 12-10-1954 Riverside view
Byrd Bennie Rodell 03-16-1898 05-02-1979 h/o Clara Byrd Riverside view
Coulliette Katie L. 1905 1986 Riverside view
Dykes Alice Pelt 03-03-1896 04-15-1952 w/o Joe Dykes Riverside view
Horting Pamala Jane 07-25-1945 04-24-1950 Riverside view
Landrum Gary Wayne 04-15-1945 04-15-1945 Riverside view
Nearing Archibald I. 11-18-1887 03-07-1972 h/o Varah Nearing Riverside view
Pledger Charles S. 11-04-1890 05-20-1936 Riverside view
Scott Blanche C. 1893 1985 w/o Joseph Scott Riverside view
Cemetery: Pine Crest
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Commentsort descending Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Harris Jeanette W. 08-26-1937 (undated) w/o James E. Harris Pine Crest view
Atwood Allene C. 01-31-1918 12-14-2005 w/o Max Burton Atwood Pine Crest view
Burk W. D. 1914 1987 Pine Crest view
Craycraft Barbara Banks 03-24-1951 (undated) w/o Claude Windell Craycraft Pine Crest view
Foran Christine M. 1925 1993 w/o Edward L. (Bill) Foran Pine Crest view
Lind C. G. (Jerry) 1901 1970 h/o Sadie Ann Lind Pine Crest view
Messer Annie Irene 06-13-1916 05-18-1974 Pine Crest view
Peterson Jeanette P. 08-17-1929 03-05-2002 w/o Carl L. Peterson Pine Crest view
Rotolo Phil 09-09-1935 02-13-2003 h/o Junelle E. Rotolo Pine Crest view
Stewart Carroll Wayne 03-06-1940 02-09-2002 h/o Frankie Linton Stewart Pine Crest view
Wester Kenith R. 05-08-1932 10-12-1990 h/o Betty J. Wester Pine Crest view
Johnson Milton H. 12-14-1928 02-13-1909 h/o Laura Evelyn Johnson Pine Crest PDF icon More Info view
Basford Burnice O'Connor 04-26-1913 11-16-2011 w/o Olen Basford Pine Crest view
Brooks Mary Jane 1928 1998 Pine Crest view
Everitt Larry 1943 1960 Pine Crest view
Land Haywood C. 12-27-1919 04-01-1992 h/o Frances E. Land Pine Crest view
Mathis James Calvin 1921 2003 Pine Crest view
Parks Ruth Neely 01-21-1915 11-08-2005 w/o John Glenn Parks Pine Crest view
Spivey Harold 11-13-1927 11-23-2004 h/o Mildred Spivey Pine Crest view
Warren E. Wayne (undated) h/o Julia M. (Judy) Warren Pine Crest view
Barris Gloria Arno 1926 2014 w/o Ralph Burris Pine Crest view
White Enetda R. 06-08-1919 04-17-2007 w/o Aubrey White Pine Crest view
Glisson John Andrew (Andy) 12-29-1974 12-18-2012 Pine Crest view
Cobb James E. 10-07-1930 06-08-2008 h/o Vivian M. Cobb Pine Crest view
Dykes Jacqueline ( Jackie) Tiller 03-05-1937 02-22-2008 w/o William Albert Dykes Pine Crest view
Green Alton B. 1910 1992 h/o Jessie B. Green Pine Crest view
Kerr Von D. Lee 1936 1958 d/o Van Della Capps Pine Crest view
Maddox John W. (Walter) 05-10-1916 03-26-2000 h/o Mary N. Maddox Pine Crest view
Reese Doris Eva 07-24-1924 05-11-1988 Pine Crest view
Smith Lillian J. 03-11-1922 03-12-1999 Pine Crest view
Wierman Michael R. 07-26-1961 (undated) h/o Tracy L. Wierman Pine Crest view
Bennett George A. 1909 1999 h/o Freda E. Bennett Pine Crest view
Henderson Marlene Hurst 08-25-1940 07-18-2003 Pine Crest view
McDowell Sallie E. 1892 1977 Pine Crest view
Neal O. C. Johnny 10-14-1936 07-07-1995 Pine Crest view
Propps Eunice 07-26-1907 03-12-1999 Pine Crest view
Simpson Clyde 1921 1974 Pine Crest view
Throssell Wilber I. 1906 2007 h/o Beverly N. Throssell Pine Crest view
Williams Rosa B. 1914 2003 w/o N. Ryals Williams Pine Crest view
Howard Patrica S. 1936 (undated) w/o Charles G. Howard Pine Crest view
Neal Helen M. 07-06-1914 04-19-2014 w/o Oliver Neal Pine Crest view
Berry Spurgeon 01-14-1943 11-29-1997 Pine Crest view
Chase Claude W. 1903 1973 h/o Marion L. Chase Pine Crest view
Lynch Ernestine Difan 04-21-1901 09-22-1991 Pine Crest view
Jones Virginia D. 1923 1995 Pine Crest view
McGehee Sue Brewer 10-13-1922 12-26-2004 w/o Fred Symond McGehee Pine Crest view
Nesmith William M. 07-04-1914 01-20-1992 h/o Lurine b. Nesmith Pine Crest view
Pumpherey Rena V. 1898 1992 w/o Charles w. Pumpherey Pine Crest view
Sims June 1928 1974 h/o Jimmie Sue Sims Pine Crest view
Timmons Buford L. Jr. 08-18-1926 04-11-2007 h/o Bonnie M. Timmons Pine Crest view
Barris Ralph Howard 1924 1992 h/o Gloria Arno Barris Pine Crest view
Daniels Graig Goyt 08-21-1936 06-27-2007 h/o Norma Faye Harris Daniels Pine Crest view
Freni Albert 1920 1989 h/o Tina Freni Pine Crest view
Hatcher Clarice H. 1906 1997 w/o Woodrow W. Hatcher Pine Crest view
Morgan Mildred Fellows 03-13-1910 03-19-1996 w/o Arvel Lewis Morgan Pine Crest view
Pittman Thelma M. 1910 1999 w/o James C. Pittman Pine Crest view
Schwab Dorothy L. 09-12-1933 05-26-2015 Pine Crest view
Sweeney Statira Rawls 07-15-1910 10-10-2002 Pine Crest view
Wilde Pamela 1953 2009 Pine Crest view
Hogan Estelle E. 11-28-1912 12-06-2001 w/o W. Cecil Hogan Pine Crest view
Dalafave Joan R. 1930 2013 w/o James Dalafave Pine Crest view
Miller Hoovie Nowell 11-08-1928 (undated) Pine Crest view
Atwood Max B. 1950 (undated) Pine Crest view
Burke Gussie H. 02-12-1905 11-07-1989 w/o James L. Burke Pine Crest view
Craycraft Clara 05-19-1912 02-04-1999 w/o Cliff Craycraft Pine Crest view
Lind Charles G. 02-14-1905 10-29-1985 h/o Irene J. Lind Pine Crest view
Messer Nora Marcella 09-26-1953 06-12-1971 Pine Crest view
Pettis Betty J. 10-20-1936 (undated) w/o Kenneth Pettis Pine Crest view
Rudd Infant (one date) 12-05-1972 Pine Crest view
Stewart Frankie Linton 1940 (undated) w/o Carroll Wayne Stewart Pine Crest view
Westmoreland Carrie A. 12-13-1917 15-19-2004 w/o John V. Westmoreland Pine Crest view
Hightower Jerry E. (Shots) 1933 1996 Pine Crest view
McMillian Patricia Ann 09-18-1934 01-04-1935 d/o Fillmore & Earnestine McMillian Pine Crest PDF icon More Info view
Jarmon Theresa Coleman 04-03-1930 12-11-2013 Pine Crest view
Jeter Ethel Jean 05-17-1939 01-22-2004 Pine Crest view
Howard Phillip (Curly) E. 08-27-1944 02-23-2011 h/o Launa Howard Pine Crest view
Luckie Rosemary Therrien 06-27-1952 (undated) w/o Dr. Arthur Lee Luckie Pine Crest view
Brown A. C. 03-11-1908 07-25-1988 Pine Crest view
Cook Jerry W. 01-13-1948 11-19-2002 Pine Crest view
Exum Della M. 05-18-1922 01-17-2009 w/o Robert Lee Exum Jr. Pine Crest view
Guy Daniel (Rev.) N. 03-30-1899 12-11-1983 h/o Grady Bell Guy Pine Crest view
Mathis Jamsey 1912 1974 h/o Lola Mae Mathis Pine Crest view
Parmer Rev. Shelby R. 11-21-1917 01-19-1980 h/o Thelma J. Parmer Pine Crest view
Roberts Charlie Edward 06-25-1913 09-04-1968 Pine Crest view
Warren Julia M. (Judy) 03-19-1947 06-24-1982 w/o E. Wayne Warren Pine Crest view
Earle Andrew F. 01-11-1947 08-17-2016 h/o Dolores Earle Pine Crest view
Jones Emma G. Turner 12-07-1928 03-07-2012 w'o James Flemon Pine Crest view
Wright Tressa Carol 02-09-1966 (undated) w/o Robert Lawrence Wright Pine Crest view
Cemetery: Cottonwood
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Commentsort descending Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Snellgrove William 08-17-1940 (undated) h/o Mary Lou Snellgrove Cottonwood view
Bentley Sallie W.. 04-26-1923 (undated) w/o Mack M. Bentley Cottonwood view
Goff Mildred R. 10-11-1919 03-30-1960 w/o Jack Goff Cottonwood view
Kirkland Larry C. 10-30-1941 02-09-1990 Cottonwood view
Peacock Violet Mae 10-20-1905 02-23-1978 w/o Luther G. Peacock Cottonwood view
Terry John Marshall 08-07-1920 08-06-2003 Cottonwood view
Exum Mickey W. 01-26-1955 09-02-1977 h/o Reba A. Exum Cottonwood view
Jones Mary Will 10-22-1925 11-13-1927 Cottonwood view
O'Hara Grace Louise 06-05-1913 05-06-1981 Cottonwood view
Smith James (J.B.) B. 06-01-1898 11-12-1991 h/o Violet Sellers Smith Cottonwood view
Dickerson Bobbie T. 1937 (undated) w/o Hayward F. Dickerson Cottonwood view
Devane Edward 03-15-1877 11-06-1956 h/o Epsy Devane Cottonwood view
Hollon Stephen S. 11-15-1880 04-21-1949 h/o Lucy Balkcom Hollon Cottonwood view
Moon Bradley 10-31-1944 06-14-1971 s/o John & Betrice Moon Cottonwood view
Sellers Otis A. 06-05-1885 11-13-1957 h/o Ruby L. Sellers Cottonwood view
Marshall John W. 10-11-1865 02-17-1944 h/o Nancy J. Marshall Cottonwood PDF icon More Info view
Carpenter Clyde M. Kirkland 03-22-1895 03-02-1978 Cottonwood view
Harrison Rev. George W. 12-23-1855 01-06-1916 h/o Molly Lightener Harrison Cottonwood view
McCord Bobbie 04-04-1942 11-04-2016 Cottonwood view
Sellers Bessie M. Mitchell 07-01-1902 no date w/o Juster Durrell Sellers Cottonwood view
Whitehead John L. 05-26-1921 10-08-2002 h/o Elizabeth W. Lizzy Whitehead Cottonwood view
Granger Trudie W. 02-12-1889 04-20-1902 d/o W.C.& Mattie Granger Cottonwood view
Lewis William Marvin Jr. 10-25-1901 04-17-1980 Cottonwood view
Ray Bonnylin Adams 11-24-1905 09-21-2003 w/o Theo Ray Cottonwood view
Ward Guy D. 08-19-1922 11-06-1984 h/o Myra Ward Cottonwood view
Gillis Lt. John T. 05-19-1941 (undated) Cottonwood view
Kirkland April Lynn 04-04-1981 05-14-1997 Cottonwood view
Peacock Leslie Quincey 07-03-1896 12-18-1974 h/o Erie Etta Peacock Cottonwood view
Strickland Annie Bell 06-08-1902 09-02-1978 w/o J.B. Strickland Cottonwood view
Snellgrove Mary Lou 09-23-1938 (undated) w/o William Snellgrove Cottonwood view
Goff Thomas Glenn 12-28-1911 11-28-2007 Cottonwood view
Kirkland Lettie Pearl 07-26-1904 05-01-1997 w/o Clinton Kirkland Cottonwood view
Peacock Wesley Palestine 02-19-1898 04-30-1969 h/o Becky Ann Ninnnie Peacock Cottonwood view
Thomas Walter D. 1870 1905 h/o Ml Peacock Thomas Cottonwood view
Exum Minnie Pearl 03-07-1902 03-09-1987 w'o Tom Espy Exum Cottonwood view
Olive Audrey Woodrow 06-09-1916 07-19-1916 s/o H.D. & L.M. Olive Cottonwood view
Smith James B. (Uncle Buck) 04-11-1857 12-27-1947 h/o Mollie Wynn Smith Cottonwood view
Devane Epsy 10-04-1877 12-28-1967 w/o Edward Devane Cottonwood view
Moon John 11-02-1909 11-11-1992 h/o Betrice Moon Cottonwood view
Sellers Phillip Leon 01-22-1903 01-21-1967 Cottonwood view
Cemetery: Antioch
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Commentsort descending Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Chandler Patsy 02-22-1915 11-29-1992 w/o Lowell Chandler Antioch view
Stanfill Aubrey H. 12-08-1949 07-24-1982 h/o Sarah E. Stanfill Antioch view
Mumford J. W. (Bud) 1885 1928 h/o Bessie Mumford Antioch view
Granger Russell Dean 1930 1931 Antioch view
Granger Bethaney 09-30-1847 01-20-1923 w/o J.T. Granger Antioch view
Hinson James Truman 08-24-1945 03-26-2012 h/o Sallie Mae Jackson Antioch view
Hudson Jack 10-14-1942 11-08-1962 Antioch view
Avery Lathan 03-12-1920 01-04-2005 Antioch HTML icon test3.html view
Chandler Ruby Lee 08-22-1915 11-08-2009 Antioch view
Mumford Lettie V. 04-26-1920 11-15-2013 w/o Robert B. Mumford Antioch view
Granger Sallie Harris 04-08-1871 03-01-1939 Antioch view
Cemetery: Mt Olive Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Commentsort descending Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Hartzog Curtis M. 10-05-1905 02-03-1978 h/o Codie Hartzog Mt Olive Baptist view
Williams Spessard L. 10-24-1922 04-12-1972 h/o Edna R. Williams Mt Olive Baptist view
McKeller Daniel A. 10-19-1871 02-17-1951 h/o Mary Francis Williams McKeller Mt Olive Baptist view
Kimrey Scott Linwood 03-02-1963 06-26-2001 f/o Kayla Josie Kimrey Mt Olive Baptist view
Turner W.E. 12-11-1848 07-13-1923 h/o C.D. Turner Mt Olive Baptist view
Kirkland Hosea 05-20-1904 05-14-1970 h/o Jewell E. Kirkland Mt Olive Baptist view
Averett Edna Earle 03-20-1921 03-29-1921 d/o Ed & Susie Averett Mt Olive Baptist view
Helms Roy Hubert 03-01-1926 07-11-1926 s/o Hurbert & Louise Helms Mt Olive Baptist view
Strickland Harmon H. 03-03-1909 09-29-1963 h/o Mary E. Strickland Mt Olive Baptist view
Hasty Sherman E. 10-23-1939 09-21-1991 s/o Thadeaus R. Hasty Mt Olive Baptist view
Ross Resen L. 10-09-1891 12-12-1909 s/o J. A. & M. J. Ross Mt Olive Baptist view
Hartzog Docia E. 12-30-1889 10-04-1988 w/o Coley P. Hartzog Mt Olive Baptist view
Phillips Bertha 07-12-1899 11-07-1976 w/o Charlie Phillips Mt Olive Baptist view
Wilson Alcia p. Brown 09-30-1922 11-17-2014 w/o James Curtis Wilson Mt Olive Baptist view
McKeller Mary Frances Williams 01-15-1871 01-05-1951 w/o Daniel A. McKeller Mt Olive Baptist view
Chandler L. E. 07-12-1900 01-18-1980 h/o Maye Chandler Mt Olive Baptist view
Turner Lula Bell (Big Mamma) 04-18-1905 09-13-1975 w/o Cecil Clyde Turner Mt Olive Baptist view
Turner William Cullen 09-08-1925 07-19-1964 Mt Olive Baptist view
Cook Pauline S. 11-21-1921 11-03-2017 w/o Cecil E. Cook Mt Olive Baptist view
Kirkland J. W. 09-09-1889 12-21-1965 h/o Cora Kirkland Mt Olive Baptist view
Cemetery: Dellwood Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Commentsort descending Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Allen Velma J. 04-05-1917 09-25-1995 w/o Leo C. Allen Dellwood Baptist view
Harrison Vera Lee 07-09-1934 06-08-2005 w/o Melvin Harrison Dellwood Baptist view
Cloud Betty L. 07-16-1932 (undated) w/o James Cloud Dellwood Baptist view
Messer Ida Viola Rodgers 06-16-1860 04-06-1932 w/o John Messer Dellwood Baptist view
Grimsley Wayne 06-30-1941 01-19-2011 h/o Linda Grimsley Dellwood Baptist view
Messer Jeffery E. 03-11-1902 12-16-1972 Dellwood Baptist view
Whiddon Nellie W. 10-11-1918 02-08-2013 Dellwood Baptist view
Croft Melvin 12-25-1901 02-25-1976 (two markers noted) Dellwood Baptist view
Allen Rufus Nelson 08-08-1947 (undated) h/o Carolyn Ann Allen Dellwood Baptist view
Chumley Willie Mae 05-29-1883 06-15-1951 w/o John Chumley Dellwood Baptist view
Mercer Cora L. 08-29-1912 12-24-1996 w/o Marion Mercer Dellwood Baptist view
Cemetery: Campbellton Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Commentsort descending Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Odom Noncy Katherine 12-08-1951 (undated) Campbellton Baptist view
Dominey Donnell 05-16-1939 07-10-1992 h/o Catherine Dominey Campbellton Baptist view
Poyner Bill (Son) (no dates) Campbellton Baptist view
Gilbert William Pat 09-30-1897 03-24-1955 h/o Sallie Gilbert Campbellton Baptist view
Saunders Betty Carter 05-05-1932 (undated) w/o Ralph Saunders Campbellton Baptist view
Hinson Elizabeth 02-05-1817 06-16-1889 w/o Hadley Hinson Campbellton Baptist view
Barron Cecil Eugene 04-12-1910 09-09-1935 Campbellton Baptist view
Taylor Henry H. 08-21-1868 12-29-1937 h/o Lilla Taylor Campbellton Baptist view
Tucker Frances 01-24-1917 02-14-1921 Campbellton Baptist view
Mayo Merritt 12-23-1907 12-15-1934 Campbellton Baptist view
Daniel Willie Juleyann (no dates) c/o E.C. & J.A. Daniel Campbellton Baptist view
Odom James Donnie 07-23-1951 (undated) Campbellton Baptist view
Dominey Catherine T. 11-27-1950 05-07-2017 w/o Donnell Dominey Campbellton Baptist view
Gilbert Sallie Peacock 04-18-1893 03-04-1980 w/o William Gilbert Campbellton Baptist view
Beall Preston Wayne 12-10-1949 08-01-1955 Campbellton Baptist view
Roberson Nettie Foy 05-06-1878 03-26-1951 w/o John Roberson Campbellton Baptist view
Hinson Edgar A. 12-24-1875 10-15-1949 h/o Mell Vina Hinson Campbellton Baptist view
Barron Calvin Keith 12-23-1903 10-30-1915 Campbellton Baptist view
Cemetery: Gunn Methodist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Commentsort descending Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Granger John A. 11-11-1872 05-12-1887 s/o J.W & M.M. Granger Gunn Methodist view
Jernigan Mary McCrae 12-24-1852 12-25-1902 d/o C.M. & Abagail Jernigan Gunn Methodist view
Blanchard Fannie L. Kirksery 10-31-1871 04-02-1947 Gunn Methodist view
Strickland Mary M. 05-23-1856 03-15-1921 w/o Alex Strickland Gunn Methodist view
McDaniel Morris W. 01-20-1948 06-23-1993 s/o Judge McDaniel Gunn Methodist view
Oswald Elva Elmina 10-27-1901 10-27-1901 d/o S.H. & M.C. Oswald Gunn Methodist view
Granger Gloria L. Syring 12-20-1944 (undated) w/o Wyatt Granger Jr. Gunn Methodist view
Lockhart Oscar 09-02-1872 09-02-1898 s/o J.R. & Mary Lockhart Gunn Methodist view
Irwin Sarah Hamilton 03-30-1844 04-28-1884 w/o Joseph Irwin Gunn Methodist view
Granger John T. 07-17-1866 03-28-1934 Gunn Methodist view
Bland C. Clarence 10-04-1907 11-22-1936 Gunn Methodist view
McDaniel Sadie D. Watford 03-26-1879 08-23-1941 w/o J.H. McDaniel Gunn Methodist view
Oswald Ethel Inez 04-29-1896 07-26-1896 d/o S.H. & M.C. Oswald Gunn Methodist view
Cemetery: Bascom Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Commentsort descending Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Poyner Mabel Bevis 03-02-1898 10-08-1985 Bascom Baptist view
Boone Jackson Daniel 03-20-1920 11-02-2004 h/o Maude Boone Bascom Baptist view
Johnson Robert Earl 09-04-1941 (undated) h/o Janice Johnson Bascom Baptist view
Hatcher Thomas Wesley 05-05-1872 08-23-1941 h/o Idella Hatcher Bascom Baptist view
Bevis Albert Nicholas 04-06-1866 02-03-1950 h/o Gertrude Bevis Bascom Baptist view
Hogan Walter D. Sr. 08-01-1891 08-21-1915 h/o Caroline L. Hogan Bascom Baptist view
Edwards Robert G. 01-31-1927 07-07-2000 Bascom Baptist view
Tipton Clemmie Nichols 10-08-1878 01-19-1962 w/o Gilbert Tipton Bascom Baptist view
Dickson Daisy B. 12-09-1880 11-01-1910 w/o E.B. Dickson Bascom Baptist view
Rogers Maude Oswald 10-05-1912 01-08-1971 w/o John Rogers Bascom Baptist view
Conrad Mary Pellie 09-15-1906 03-15-1961 w/o Clarence Conrad Bascom Baptist view
Rogers Robert Rhett 03-03-1938 (undated) Bascom Baptist view
Boone Maude Ellen Clark 11-23-1922 05-12-2003 w/o Jackson Boone Bascom Baptist view
Johnson Samuel J. 05-16-1945 03-19-2011 h/o Martha Johnson Bascom Baptist view
Hatcher Thomas Willie 02-08-1900 10-02-1900 s/o M and M T.W. Hatcher Bascom Baptist view
Bevis C. A. 1860 1910 h/o Jennie Bevis Bascom Baptist view
Hogan Willie Rose 08-29-1881 08-29-1964 w/o William F. Hogan Bascom Baptist view
Everson Edna Coulliette Guilford 04-23-1925 11-08-1970 Bascom Baptist view
Tipton Gilbert 10-26-1878 12-11-1965 h/o Clemmie Tipton Bascom Baptist view
Cemetery: Friendship Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Commentsort descending Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
McMillan Daniel D. 02-13-1852 11-07-1867 Friendship Baptist view
Standland Mary F. Stallings 09-06-1927 04-25-1969 Friendship Baptist view
Bedsole Myrtle Smith 09-26-1911 12-11-1935 Friendship Baptist view
Ferguson J.H. Jr. 12-20-1883 10-28-1915 h/o Mattie Helms Ferguson Friendship Baptist view
Avery Willie no date no date Friendship Baptist view
Ellzey Dorothy Anne 1926 2010 Friendship Baptist view
Henderson Eola F. 1904 1980 Friendship Baptist view
Robison William Earl 04-08-1918 05-10-1996 h/o Mamie Paulk Robinson Friendship Baptist Microsoft Office document icon William Earl Robison.doc view
Culbreth Mary Ann 09-16-1876 10-10-1876 d/o L. & E.A. Culbreth Friendship Baptist view
Hand Arlon Wesley 09-03-1912 08-26-1985 Friendship Baptist view
Peeler Infant (one date) 04-16-1943 s/o Nick & Cleorice Peeler Friendship Baptist view
Wilson Crystal Lynn 04-30-1984 11-26-2001 Friendship Baptist view
Taylor Infant (one date) 12-30-1932 c/o Mr. & Mrs. C.A. Taylor Friendship Baptist view
Conrad Infant (no dates) i/o Mr. & Mrs. A.B. Conrad Friendship Baptist view
Newton Charlie C. 11-06-1888 01-22-1962 h/o Maude Newton Friendship Baptist view
Tidwell Lucile Baxter 02-17-1922 09-30-1972 h/o Troy E. Tidwell Friendship Baptist view
Chambliss Minnie Myrle 09-04-1913 06-17-2000 w/o Luther A. Chambliss Friendship Baptist view
Hall Jessie L. 10-10-1899 01-02-1986 Friendship Baptist view
Irwin Homer Willard 02-25-1935 08-17-1955 Friendship Baptist view
Nordan Curtis R. 04-12-1904 02-09-1988 h/o Inez N. Nordan Friendship Baptist view
Tipton Causey Ham 09-15-1924 02-07-2008 Friendship Baptist view
Matthews Flossie H. 03-09-1922 11-09-2016 w/o Randolph (Dock) Matthews Friendship Baptist view
Sullivan Ruby Kathern 01-25-1935 09-14-2003 Friendship Baptist view
Burroughs Baby (no dates) Friendship Baptist view
Granger John F. 10-29-1901 09-09-1984 Friendship Baptist view
Rogers Dicie Jeanitte (Nettie) 12-28-1914 1-8-2013 w/o Woodrow Rogers Friendship Baptist view
Bazemore Amanda 04-10-1831 08-24-1902 w/o G.F. Bazemore Friendship Baptist view
Fears Lanet H. 08-12-1947 (undated) w/o Alex Fears Jr. Friendship Baptist view
Howell Benny Paul 01-18-1956 01-27-1956 s/o Tillmon & Ressie M. Howell Friendship Baptist view
Standland Clara Lillian Fergerson 03-17-1876 10-02-1946 w/o Peter Pierce Standland Friendship Baptist view
Bedsole Roswell 01-13-1887 02-15-1931 h/o Josie O. Bedsole Friendship Baptist view
Barrentine Bertha Virginia 05-30-1939 05-31-1939 d/o R.L. & Annie Mae Jones Barrentine Friendship Baptist view
Herring Bertha Martin 07-28-1889 09-14-1980 w/o Howard Leroy Herring Friendship Baptist view
Livingston Lionel P. 12-27-1924 11-27-1984 Friendship Baptist view
Rodgers Jewell Hall 07-31-1920 01-27-1941 Friendship Baptist view
Hand Ella Harrell 10-17-1869 04-25-1929 w/o William C. Hand Friendship Baptist view
Wilson James Nesbit 01-04-1863 03-06-1949 h/o Josie Sewell Wilson Friendship Baptist view
Cemetery: New Harmony
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Commentsort descending Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Granger Mattie Guy 11-06-1898 01-08-1970 w/o G. Dewey Granger New Harmony view
Brown Causey C. 1893 1959 New Harmony view
Tindell Mary 07-26-1896 05-16-1963 w/o Vester Tindell New Harmony view
Draughon Roger Dale (one date) 08-02-1952 New Harmony view
Tindell Infant 07-10-1941 07-10-1941 s/o Albert & Bessie New Harmony view
Herring E.A.G. 01-12-1883 04-07-1961 h/o Elizabeth Virginia Herring New Harmony view
Granger Ruby (Brandy) Askew 03-27-1906 08-20-1992 w/o John Granger New Harmony view
Granger Mary Ida 05-26-1875 01-19-1956 w/o Andrew J. Granger New Harmony view
Cemetery: Clayton
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Commentsort descending Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Brown Annie L. 05-27-1882 07-08-1975 w/o John S. Brown Clayton view
Granger Addie 01-05-1886 03-30-1926 w/o Josh V. Granger Clayton view
Jordon Rudolph 04-03-1937 04-09-1939 s/o Bufford & Bulah Nae Jordon Clayton view
West Infant (no dates) d/o Bennie & Texas West Clayton view
Guy Nancy A. 08-10-1873 10-30-1912 w/o D.B. Guy Clayton view
Tice Alma Lois 10-09-1928 05-05-1930 d/o A.E.& Gladys Tice Clayton view
Brown Frank T. 11-17-1901 06-19-1969 Clayton view
Granger Alice F. 10-30-1873 05-24-1904 w/o J.V. Granger Clayton view
Miller Stella Lee 12-14-1895 04-20-1906 d/o W.A. Miller Clayton view
Kingry Arthur B. 10-06-1860 06-08-1979 s/o B.C. & E.J. Kingry Clayton view
West Infant (no dates) s/o Bennie & Texas West Clayton view
Cemetery: Pleasant Hill
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Commentsort descending Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Elmore Clarence L. 11-19-1904 09-19-1905 s/o John & Emma Elmore Pleasant Hill view
Culbreth Charity Ann 12-29-1846 09-23-1903 Pleasant Hill view
Wood Ressie Lee Harrison 08-19-1908 12-31-1946 w/o William Wood Pleasant Hill view
Hughes H. B. 10-28-1909 09-1913 Pleasant Hill view
Dempsey W. E. 12-24-1884 12-31-1961 w/o Annie C. Dempsey Pleasant Hill view
McIntyre Donie A. 1875 1909 w/o A.C. Davis Pleasant Hill view
Herndon Benjamin 07-30-1852 04-20-1913 h/o Mary Ann Herndon Pleasant Hill view
McNeal I. G. 08-10-1876 05-20-1951 h/o Lizzie McNeal Pleasant Hill view
Vickers Eddie Ray 07-26-1962 03-28-2003 Pleasant Hill view
Bodiford I.D. 11-22-1912 no date h/o Austeen Bodiford Pleasant Hill view
Manning Nora Robinson 07-28-1932 12-30-2000 Pleasant Hill view
Spurlock Luzetta 10-22-1900 09-22-1982 Pleasant Hill view
Anderson Emory W. 04-04-1886 08-18-1955 h/o Georgia Lee Anderson Pleasant Hill view
Davis Infant 10-14-1944 10-14-1944 d/o Willie F. & Ruby Davis Pleasant Hill view
Johnson Walter L. 03-05-1851 06-02-1897 Pleasant Hill view
Rodgers John T. 08-17-1895 10-01-1973 h/o Vellar P. Rodgers Pleasant Hill view
Coonrod Gregory Joe 05-31-1961 05-03-1995 Pleasant Hill view
Wofford Josiah J. 10-26-1824 12-30-1900 h/o Sarah A. Wofford Pleasant Hill view
Parrish Mae 12-15-1892 11-20-1997 w/o William O. Parrish Pleasant Hill view
Elmore John W. 02-28-1872 11-12-1940 h/o Emma Chumney Elmore Pleasant Hill view
Culbreth Christian E. 02-01-1863 02-12-1895 w/o John T. Culbreth Pleasant Hill view
Wood Sarah H. Chumney 12-25-1870 12-28-1911 w/o W.J. Wood Pleasant Hill view
Pool Evie Ingram no date no date w/o Harris H. Pool Pleasant Hill view
Hughes Hattie B. 12-13-1881 05-03-1996 w/o Dallas Hughes Pleasant Hill view
Mercer R. E. 08-24-1886 03-16-1908 c/o G.W. & E.J. Mercer Pleasant Hill view
Dismuke Jessie Hudson 03-28-1893 11-03-1987 m/o Eileen Dismuke Roberts Pleasant Hill view
Brunson Ila L. Glass 04-01-1922 12-01-2009 w/o Drew H. Brunson Pleasant Hill view
Herndon Berta B. 01-10-1884 12-31-1973 w/o J.E. (Ed) Herndon Pleasant Hill view
McNeal I. G. 11-04-1912 02-24-1913 s/o I.G. & N.L. McNeal Pleasant Hill view
Vickers Guy 09-06-1909 06-17-1910 s/o G.W. & Jennie Vickers Pleasant Hill view
Cemetery: Gordon
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Commentsort descending Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Granger Zelma Jones 07-04-1902 10-07-1969 Gordon view
Cohron Norma Kate Leslie 10-25-1869 12-10-1900 w/o B.L.Cohron Gordon PDF icon More Info view
Whitaker Jennie R. 05-11-1876 08-28-1956 w/o James D. Whitaker Gordon view
Talley Sarah Williams Dean 06-16-1934 (undated) w/o Charles Daffin Talley Gordon view
Espy Louise 01-05-1898 01-07-1898 d/o W.M.& B.G.Espy Gordon view
Moates A.J. (no birth) 04-10-1917 Gordon view
Williams Herman Lamar (Hamp) 07-15-1924 01-02-1988 h/o Dorothy M. Davis Williams Gordon view
Carson Ruby B. 12-08-1918 01-07-2001 Gordon view
Long Bedie 09-15-1882 02-20-1904 s/o N.B. & Annie Long Gordon view
Temple Richard D. 06-30-1890 04-27-1983 Gordon view
Moates Susen B. 01-16-1901 06-30-1976 Gordon view
Bowdon Charles P. 06-28-1864 07-15-1936 h/o Fannie G. Bowdon Gordon view
Shehane Ludie Ludlum 08-01-1916 12-15-1986 Gordon view
Anderson Thelma 01-13-1906 03-22-1982 w/o Atwood H. Anderson Gordon view
Jeffcoat Amanda 02-27-1851 05-12-1912 w/o Joshua Jeffcoat Gordon view
Rand Trixie Temple 04-09-1924 09-04-1996 Gordon view
Ogletree Edd 11-01-1903 11-22-1922 s/o Edward & Fronie Ogletree Gordon view
Espy Agnes 10-29-1896 07-12-1938 w/o Leo Espy Gordon view
McLendon Margaret Caldonia 11-10-1860 11-14-1947 Gordon view
Anderson Baby (no dates) Gordon view
Espy Roberta Lee 12-09-1864 06-04-1952 w/o John R. Espy Gordon view
Moates Bobby (no birth) 08-20-1919 Gordon view
Williams James Alton Sr. 10-01-1909 03-14-1998 h/o Ozie Dell Jeffcoat Williams Gordon view
Cartier Margaret Snead 12-20-1880 04-07-1959 Gordon view
Long C.W. Sr. 02-17-1861 03-08-1927 Gordon view
Odom Daniel F. 08-07-1883 01-22-1952 h/o Clara Snead Odom Gordon view
Cemetery: Collins Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Commentsort descending Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Dekle Reaber 10-07-1912 05-29-1913 d/o Mr. & Mrs. E.L. Dekle Collins Baptist view
McAnulty Addie Lee 01-31-1914 08-06-1914 Collins Baptist view
Joiner Kitty E. 1871 1940 Collins Baptist view
Murdock Thomas Wayne 02-26-1952 08-31-1952 s/o Frank & Voncile Collins Baptist view
Conrad Benjamin Edgar 06-16-1875 08-30-1964 h/o Exie Collins Baptist view
Pear Lena Scammell 1875 1952 w/o William H. Pear Collins Baptist view
Baxter Solomon 11-03-1827 02-16-1892 Collins Baptist view
Wilson Daughter 01-03-1910 03-09-1913 d/o JWT. & ENA. Collins Baptist view
Lockstead Merle (no dates) (in Lockstead plot) Collins Baptist view
Baxter Homer Lee 11-11-1918 07-20-1966 Collins Baptist view
Mathews Oza Kirkland 01-10-1899 12-17-1989 w/o John Carson Mathews Collins Baptist view
Stoutamire Will no date no date h/o Jenny Jacobs Collins Baptist view
Arnold Leonard Allen 03-18-1929 01-11-1936 s/o Harmon & Mary Collins Baptist view
McMillan Dougald James 04-30-1864 07-07-1874 Collins Baptist view
Smith Donnie Earl 07-21-1946 02-26-2002 Collins Baptist Microsoft Office document icon Donnie Earl Smith.doc view
Pear William Hugh 09-1870 abt 1934 h/o Lena Scammell Pear Collins Baptist view
Dekle E.L. (Edd) 04-02-1880 01-23-1956 h/o Eva A. Dekle Collins Baptist view
McAnulty Alaxander 09-1839 01-16-1889 Collins Baptist PDF icon More Info view
Rountree Elisha M. 01-10-1860 09-11-1945 h/o Ida Rountree Collins Baptist view
Joiner S. H. 06-22-1872 10-15-1917 Collins Baptist view
Conrad C. M. 11-06-1862 12-29-1919 Collins Baptist view
Kingry Arthur 04-18-1901 01-30-1991 h/o Ruby M. Kingry Collins Baptist view
Peeler Katie Burnhan 07-31-1905 09-12-1977 Collins Baptist view
Baxter Stela V. 10-28-1903 01-28-1904 Collins Baptist view
Hewett Chuckie Leon 08-25-1971 01-11-2002 s/o Aaron & Minnie Mae Hewett Collins Baptist view
Merritt C.L. 08-24-1922 03-04-2004 Collins Baptist view
Winget Andra A. 06-09-1945 07-27-1948 Collins Baptist view
Cemetery: Bascom Methodist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Commentsort descending Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Olive Infant 12-19-1903 12-20-1903 d/o C.N. & N.E. Olive Bascom Methodist view
Evans Mary (Beth) E. 08-13-1918 06-05-2004 w/o Myron (Bud) Evans Bascom Methodist view
Bevis Herbert U. 12-27-1902 06-05-2001 h/o Jennie Bevis Bascom Methodist view
Kimbell Benjamin Jackson 11-30-1909 09-06-1988 Bascom Methodist view
McArthur Robert 03-09-1944 12-17-1994 Bascom Methodist view
Grant Ada Frances 04-16-1883 12-14-1960 w/o Emmett Grant Bascom Methodist view
Stephens Henry Gillis 03-31-1875 01-03-1953 Bascom Methodist view
Dickson Dorothy Dean 06-21-1929 02-18-1930 Bascom Methodist view
Bevis Gertrude Winifred 02-04-1919 08-18-1934 Bascom Methodist view
Newton Virginia Carolyn 07-04-1923 10-27-1994 Bascom Methodist view
Rogers Beulah Bird 11-29-1914 07-18-1995 w/o Bryant Rogers Bascom Methodist view
Bennett Gladys M. 03-29-1915 01-15-2009 w/o Robert T. Bennett Bascom Methodist view
Olive Infant (one date) 1922 s/o O.L. & E.L. Olive Bascom Methodist view
Wahlstrom Brenda E. 01-30-1964 06-15-2003 Bascom Methodist view
Bevis J. Boyd 1892 1934 Bascom Methodist view
Kimbell Georgia Elizabeth 12-16-1907 07-30-1995 Bascom Methodist view
McArthur Verna Calloway 07-15-1923 11-04-2012 Bascom Methodist view
Cemetery: Greenwood Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Commentsort descending Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Baxter Arhea L. 06-06-1997 12-09-2000 Greenwood Baptist view
Godwin J.W. 05-16-1840 12-13-1904 h/o Jennie Godwin Greenwood Baptist view
Williams Thomas W. 03-15-1878 07-02-1907 s/o D.W. and Fannie Williams Greenwood Baptist view
Anderson Edward Harris 07-12-1862 01-17-1925 h/o Mary Lee Anderson Greenwood Baptist view
Edwards Pattie 12-27-1847 12-26-1917 Greenwood Baptist view
Stewart James S. 11-06-1899 08-31-1958 Greenwood Baptist view
Anderson Robert Allen 11-18-1907 06-16-1966 Greenwood Baptist view
Erwin John M.F. 09-10-1829 11-05-1879 h/o Georgia Erwin Greenwood Baptist view
Taylor Malcolm W. 07-25-1888 09-01-1892 s/o W.H. and M.E. Taylor Greenwood Baptist view
Rawls Katherine D. 10-01-1918 10-15-2001 w/o Hugh Rawls Greenwood Baptist view
Williams Claude Harold 05-11-1924 02-22-1998 Greenwood Baptist view
Butler Mrs. Sarah 05-01-1814 08-11-1875 Greenwood Baptist view
Boone Piety P. 11-22-1852 07-21-1935 Greenwood Baptist view
Hunt Edward (Edd) Ferguson 07-15-1910 09-03-1980 Greenwood Baptist view
Baxter Ernest E. 08-09-1928 (undated) h/o Lillie Baxter Greenwood Baptist view
Wombwell Rev. J.H. 09-27-1822 07-13-1959 Greenwood Baptist view
Anderson Gladys Welch 03-16-1903 03-04-1992 w/o Walter Bryan Jr. Greenwood Baptist view
Erwin Elijah Bryan 12-22-1860 12-10-1914 h/o Harriet Erwin Greenwood Baptist view
Stewart Martha 11-21-1858 09-13-1928 w/o Harmon Stewart Greenwood Baptist