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Cemetery: Friendship Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maidensort descending DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Paulk Carol Ann 08-26-1962 12-25-1972 d/o willie & Ruby Paulk (see Willie E.) Friendship Baptist Microsoft Office document icon Carol Ann Paulk.doc
Waters Sara E. 04-18-1870 04-17-1958 Friendship Baptist
Mathis Bonnie L. 12-05-1905 08-26-1983 Friendship Baptist
Anderson Clayton 01-29-1913 10-09-1964 h/o Estelle Anderson Friendship Baptist
Dekle Shirley L. 02-11-1907 10-25-1992 h/o Bessie N. Dekle Friendship Baptist
Hatcher James 10-16-1826 05-28-1901 h/o Amanda J. Hatcher Friendship Baptist
Taylor Peter 08-16-1809 03-02-1895 h/o Eliza Taylor Friendship Baptist
Lockart Wayne 01-23-1938 05-01-2007 Friendship Baptist
Anderson Mae Carol 05-05-1940 04-07-1959 Daughter Friendship Baptist
Sexton Seth R. 1836 1901 Fla Inf CSA (two markers noted) Friendship Baptist
Coker James 05-20-1865 06-06-1904 Friendship Baptist
Hall Srerling 1905 1973 Friendship Baptist
King Eugene 01-13-1879 02-05-1959 h/o Maggie Smith King Friendship Baptist
Manning Gary T. 1954 (marker)2030 ???? s/o Raymond & Montez Manning Friendship Baptist
Callaway J. D. 08-24-1858 04-29-1955 h/o A. V. Callaway Friendship Baptist
Griffin Luther Arrin 06-30-1867 03-08-1951 h/o Mollie P. Griffin Friendship Baptist
Russ Julian E. (Jule) 06-06-1906 03-30-1976 h/o Vera Mae Russ Friendship Baptist
Oliver Robin E. 05-13-1963 05-11-1991 s/o Ben & Betty Oliver (died in auto accident) Friendship Baptist
Bell Jimmy Marvin 03-10-1854 12-24-1930 Friendship Baptist
Floyd James Lee 01-12-1944 09-22-1995 Friendship Baptist
Brookins C. Duane 12-07-1930 03-25-1986 h/o Vernell Brookins Friendship Baptist
Ford Infant 09-11-1928 09-11-1928 s/o George & Verna Ford Friendship Baptist
Conrad Luther Paul 09-20-1930 09-22-2012 h/o Elizabeth Friendship Baptist
Miller J. E. 02-15-1909 06-26-1945 h/o Victoria West Miller Friendship Baptist
Lawrence Baby Jimmy 03-21-1954 05-19-1954 Friendship Baptist
Baxter Carolyn 05-24-1948 (undated) w/o Lynwood Baxter Friendship Baptist
Everett Henry C. 11-14-1843 08-18-1915 h/o Sallie E. Everett Friendship Baptist
Herring Henry King 06-10-1867 02-28-1953 h/o Lena Elizabeth Friendship Baptist
Twomey Verna Lee 12-10-1923 11-20-1997 w/o Joseph D. Twomey Friendship Baptist
Paulk Clemey 02-09-1908 04-22-1908 d/o S.D. & M.D. Paulk Friendship Baptist
Webb Blanchie L. 08-22-1899 09-23-1960 w/o Hosie Webb Friendship Baptist
Mathis Infant (one date) 05-18-1928 s/o J.A. & Lilla Mathis Friendship Baptist
Anderson Dorsey 1887 1949 h/o Betty Anderson Friendship Baptist
Hatcher Johnny 08-05-1893 12-06-1971 h/o Martha Hatcher Friendship Baptist
Taylor Robert Hubert 04-11-1926 08-02-2007 h/o Emma Ruth Peeler Taylor (US Army WW II) Friendship Baptist
Lockart Wilmer 02-03-1933 06-06-2000 h/o Cornelia Nordan Lockart Friendship Baptist
Arnold Harmon Ellis 11-29-1927 11-06-2015 h/o Joyce Friendship Baptist
Standland Pauline 03-14-1921 11-02-1994 h/o Myrtle Standland SGT US Army WW II (two markers noted) Friendship Baptist
Cemetery: Gordon
Last Name First Name MI Maidensort descending DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Eubanks Daisy B. 01-10-1910 12-27-1993 Gordon
Williams Lewis Canady 01-14-1902 04-07-1936 Gordon
Long Katie J. 11-02-1875 12-17-1951 Gordon
Rathel Homer H. 06-09-1895 09-25-1969 h/o Fannie Mae Rathel Gordon
Jordan Henry Collis 11-06-1892 06-23-1970 h/o Mary Kate Jordan (two markers noted) Gordon
Ogletree J. Edward 01-19-1858 03-12-1912 h/o Fronie Smith Ogletree Gordon
Bowdon Charlie Webb 12-29-1895 12-04-1896 s/o Charles & Fannie Bowdon Gordon
Jeffcoat Devata 08-01-1921 10-24-2016 w/o Roy Paul Jeffcoat married 04-10-1938 Gordon
Moates D. M. (no birth) 05-13-1929 Gordon
Anderson Thelma 01-13-1906 03-22-1982 w/o Atwood H. Anderson Gordon
Thurman Infant 1879 1879 s/o D.L. & Lucy Thurman (archival survey info) Gordon
Cook Infant 10-10-1922 10-11-1922 s/o M. & M. Harvey & Thelma Cook Gordon
Hall Florence Lela 11-01-1875 09-25-1878 d/o S.J. & Martha Hall Gordon
Bowdon Samuel 1835 1917 h/o Charlotte Russ Bowdon Gordon PDF icon More Info
McNeil J. L. 1879 1961 (Mason Symbol) Gordon
Shelley Henrietta F. 11-19-1933 (undated) w/o Billy Shelley married 01-05-1959 Gordon
Espy Henry B. 10-18-1894 01-22-1984 Gordon
Eubanks Grady S. 01-17-1909 06-07-1952 Gordon
Long N. B. 1848 1928 Gordon
Rathel Houston 09-04-1911 02-18-2000 h/o Oddie W. Rathel Gordon
Cawthan C.C. (marker unfound) (archival survey marker not found) Broken headstone (previous survey) Gordon
Cemetery: Pine Crest
Last Name First Name MI Maidensort descending DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Blighton Gordon R. 11-03-1920 12-21-1983 h/o Ethel V. Blighton (SSgt US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Cina Ignazio 11-01-1896 03-01-1971 (Cicily PFC SVC BTRY 6 FL DARTY WW I) Pine Crest
Dozier W. O. (Bill) 1916 1975 h/o Hazel B. Dozier Pine Crest
Glisson Myra Ansley 05-23-2007 01-04-2008 Pine Crest
Holloway Theo Barnard Sr. 02-23-1886 11-28-1970 h/o Bama L. Holloway Pine Crest
Kirkland Hazel F. 09-05-1929 08-14-2008 Pine Crest
Mann Bobby H. 11-09-1931 08-29-1994 h/o Ruby D. Mann Pine Crest
Owens Frances P. 08-05-1913 02-17-1980 w/o Owen Owens Pine Crest
Rhyne Amy Lou 06-11-1923 03-17-2010 w/o Jeff Smith Rhyne Pine Crest
Snipes Barney 06-21-1925 01-25-2003 h/o Vivian L. Snipes Pine Crest
Vincent Donald W. 09-08-1922 10-02-1995 (Sgt US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Snipes Thomas K. 1909 1985 h/o Evelyn R. Snipes Pine Crest PDF icon More Info
Jordan Virginia C. 01-10-1926 01-20-2014 w/o James Jordan Pine Crest
Wilson Don 04-08-1948 03-01-2017 h/o Brenda Wilson Pine Crest
Chafin Elizabeth Jane 08-09-1944 (undated) w/o James R. Chafin Pine Crest
Baxley Trevor Dewayne (one date) 04-27-1994 Pine Crest
Carlton Charles D. 09-05-1908 08-03-1997 h/o Pauline W. Carlton Pine Crest
Davison Russell L. 03-11-1931 07-10-1993 h/o Louvina M. Davison Pine Crest
Galloway Thomas E. Jr. 1913 1970 h/o Mattie Sue Galloway Pine Crest
Head Ruth S. 1913 1985 Pine Crest
Jordan Floyd D. 03-16-1902 10-21-1980 h/o Lillian T. Jordan Pine Crest
McIntosh Rev. Fred 09-25-1918 09-01-1991 h/o Rev. Pearlie E. McIntosh Pine Crest
Nicholas Billy Joe 07-04-1953 03-11-1999 (US Army) Pine Crest
Pumphrey William F. 1922 (undated) (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Skinner Hosea D. 1899 1968 h/o Lola Basford Skinner Pine Crest
Tipton Fred Lee 10-30-1955 11-18-1955 s/o English & Marjorie Tipton Pine Crest
Wright Douglas A. 09-15-1959 06-15-1989 (perhaps previous survey or obit, marker not found) Pine Crest
Holmes Julia V. 07-15-1923 04-25-2014 (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Hill J. D. 09-08-1918 01-24-1998 h/o Hazel Hill (US Army WW II) Pine Crest
McLeod Billy Hamilton 1942 1976 h/o Linda McBride McLeod Pine Crest
Nidietch Sadye Brown 1897 1975 Pine Crest
Rahal Catherine 08-13-1897 07-18-1991 Pine Crest
Smith Annie L. 07-16-1921 06-19-1990 w/o Leonard Smith Pine Crest
Townsend Beverly McCoy 09-24-1911 01-05-1983 h/o Annie H. Townsend (SSgt US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Wyckoff Helene V. 02-21-1917 no date w/o Charles F. Wyckoff Pine Crest
Fuder Paul Edward 04-22-1919 04-22-2012 h/o Mary Fuder USAF Pine Crest
Pittman Elvia P. 04-07-1937 01-22-2017 Pine Crest
Baker Hartie W. 01-07-1921 (no date) Pine Crest
Butler James David 12-17-1937 02-25-1996 h/o Carla S. Butler (US Navy Vietnam) Pine Crest
Crumpler Gayle 08-09-1948 12-14-2006 Pine Crest
Fowler Earlie B. 11-03-1934 03-24-1976 Pine Crest
Harris Claudie 1921 1998 (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Johnson Ivy R. 1883 1967 Pine Crest
McCoy Huey J. 01-27-1917 08-16-1979 Pine Crest
Morton C. Finch 1908 1981 h/o Estelle A. Morton Pine Crest
Powell M. Dorothy 08-07-1925 06-18-2013 w/o Yealous H. Powell Pine Crest
Taylor Harry S. 12-04-1912 11-01-1980 (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Williams Cora R. (Jack) 06-30-1903 12-07-1997 h/o Liseher Williams Pine Crest
Ward Owen Wesley 09-06-2010 03-16-2011 Pine Crest
Manning Lovey L. 08-10-1924 09-02-2014 w/o Thomas Manning Pine Crest
Curby Arthur H. 07-08-1926 09-29-1992 h/o Mary Curby (CMSgt USAF Korea & Vietnam) Pine Crest
Anderson Geraldine W. 03-02-1945 (undated) w/o Charles Anderson Pine Crest
Broxton Miles R. 10-06-1911 01-10-1983 h/o Ruby R. Broxton Pine Crest
Cooney Robert Gray 03-29-1918 11-11-2002 (AVN Cadet US Army Air Force WW II) Pine Crest
Finch C. 1908 1981 h/o Estelle A. Finch (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Hall Cleo M. 04-21-1940 (undated) w/o Ben D. Hall Pine Crest
Jackson Murray Jr. 10-09-1948 04-28-1969 (two markers noted) (PFC HHB II Force ARTY Vietnam) Pine Crest
Lipford Daniel A. 09-08-1919 09-18-2005 (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Mistrot Randall 1947 2001 (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Pickenpaugh Margaret J. 03-10-1902 02-05-1989 w/o Harry E. Pickenpaugh Pine Crest
Saumier Rosie V. 06-27-1926 01-03-1997 w/o Clarence L. Saumier Sr. Pine Crest
Stoner Dale S. 05-13-1924 07-25-2001 h/o Dorothy Florence Stoner (US Navy) Pine Crest
White Donald 07-26-1942 08-02-2003 Pine Crest
Martin Fred Chris 08-10-1929 03-26-2013 h/o Hoovie Martin US ARMY Pine Crest
Davis David Todd 02-18-1985 05-30-2016 Pine Crest
Tillman David Wallace 09-09-1943 02-22-2015 (two markers noted) (SP5 US Army Vietnam) Pine Crest
Lowery Bobbie Joyce 07-11-1930 04-23-2017 w/o James Lowery Pine Crest
Griffin Dean Bowen 07-08-1954 09-27-2010 (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Fears Aza P. 01-10-1920 02-21-1999 w/o Amos J. Fears Pine Crest PDF icon More Info
Branning Margaret A. 10-16-1936 (undated) w/o Roland W. Branning Pine Crest
Compton Jerreldea 08-27-1923 05-30-2006 w/o William M. Compton Pine Crest
Elmore Clyde Shyron 05-12-1938 01-28-1986 h/o Joan P. Elmore (Senior Chief US Navy) Pine Crest
Griffin Hubert L. 01-27-1905 02-03-1971 h/o Essie G. Griffin Pine Crest
Hughes Sonny 1937 (undated) h/o June M. Hughes Pine Crest
Lawhorn Sim C. 1899 1985 (PFC US Army) Pine Crest
Mayo Kathryn M. 07-20-1929 (undated) Pine Crest
Peacock S. J. Jr. 12-31-1906 04-25-1984 h/o Willie Mae Peacock Pine Crest
Roberts Syble W. 08-30-1931 09-13-2016 Pine Crest
Stafford Lovie Lamb 06-05-1897 09-01-1985 w/o William H. Stafford Pine Crest
Waugh Verna M. 1911 1993 w/o Wilber Waugh Pine Crest
Streetman Regine R. 1923 2012 w/o James Streetman Pine Crest
Fowler William Ray 11-27-1920 07-23-2010 (two markers noted) (CTC US Navy WW II) Pine Crest
Bishop Ralph Willard 08-16-1917 10-01-2002 h/o Marie Bondellene Bishop Pine Crest
Chatwood Thomas Broward 12-20-1941 09-23-2002 h/o Ann Chatwood Pine Crest
Dougherty Dorothy J. 06-20-1920 no date w/o Dale Allen Dougherty Pine Crest
Gilbert Virgil L. 02-06-1923 05-30-1992 h/o Mattie Gilbert (PVT US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Hilburn Stanley Brian 02-09-1965 06-18-2002 h/o Marie Brown Hilburn Pine Crest
Blighton Lillian W. 07-07-1953 (undated) w/o Roy Calvin Blighton Pine Crest
Clark Bernzella 05-04-1912 09-06-2001 Pine Crest
Driskell James Daniel 12-02-1935 03-21-1975 Pine Crest
Glisson Noah Jr. 04-10-1915 05-08-2001 h/o Lillie Bell Glisson Pine Crest
Holloway Theo B. Jr. 06-15-1918 07-01-1999 h/o Bazzie L. Holloway (Tech 4 US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Kirkland Jacquelyn B. 02-13-1930 (undated) w/o John C. Kirkland Pine Crest
Mann Ruby D. 12-15-1934 11-10-1990 w/o Bobby H. Mann married 09-06-1952 Pine Crest
Owens John Leroy 01-10-1925 09-12-2002 (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Rhyne Jeff Smith 04-14-1916 01-03-1997 h/o Amy Lou Rhyne (MAJ US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Snipes Evelyn R. 1909 2000 w/o Thomas K Snipes Pine Crest
Joiner Troy C. 01-18-1929 09-03-1963 h/o Betty H. Joiner Pine Crest PDF icon More Info
Reid Robert Duane 05-09-1933 09-28-2011 h/o Anita Reid (CPL US Army Korea) Pine Crest
Ellis Edgar 03-27-1925 03-21-1965 (two markers noted) (SM3 USCG Res WW II) Pine Crest
Baxley Johnny 11-30-1937 04-25-2003 h/o Marie Baxley Pine Crest
Carlton Clifford Wesley (Big Daddy) 12-05-1889 01-15-1960 h/o Laura Carlton Pine Crest
Daws Germany 10-06-1905 02-12-1976 Pine Crest
Galloway Virginia Sue 1946 1947 Pine Crest
Head Eula Mae 1897 1971 (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Jordan Lillian T. 09-05-1908 08-30-1995 w/o Floyd D. Jordan Pine Crest
McIntosh Rev. Pearlie E. 09-15-1917 02-08-2004 w/o Rev. Fred McIntosh married 03-09-1935 Pine Crest
Nicholas Gilbert Lee (Nick) 06-12-1957 11-19-1991 (two markers noted) (PV2 US Army) Pine Crest
Purdy Anna T. 07-17-1924 (undated) w/o Robert R. Purdy Pine Crest
Tipton Joseph E. (Joe) 05-24-1914 03-10-2002 h/o Dorothy Myrtle Tipton Pine Crest
Wright Jack 03-21-1919 05-04-2000 h/o Martease Wright (US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Grainger Levi 05-30-1954 03-14-2012 h/o Lisha Ann Jones Grainger (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Hill Jewell M. 1921 1999 w/o Vernon Hill Pine Crest
Keith J. William 1926 1996 h/o Margaret S. Keith Pine Crest
Niemetz Wayne Robert 01-15-1941 04-02-1986 (TSgt US Air force Vietnam) Pine Crest
Rahal Quen 08-17-1939 10-16-2008 w/o Ann Rahal Pine Crest
Smith Anthony Ray (Tony) 06-19-1972 04-20-1987 (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Traylor Harold Leon 01-24-1952 10-19-1982 (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Yance Beulah Van 1888 1975 (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Barnes Daniel 1967 2014 Pine Crest
Cemetery: Cottonwood
Last Name First Name MI Maidensort descending DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Granberry L.B. 11-26-1906 07-02-1934 h/o Ethel Guy Granberry Cottonwood
Skinner Jacob M. 02-11-1885 07-15-1894 s/o Jay & Mary Skinner Cottonwood
Fears N.A. 04-05-1819 01-02-1914 w/o J. B. Fears Cottonwood
Kennedy Margie 10-20-1875 11-26-1958 Cottonwood
Parker Gayle H. 10-11-1949 no date w/o Jerry C. Parker (perhaps previous survey or obit, no marker found) Cottonwood
Quattlebaum Vickie D. 06-24-1962 11-03-2010 Cottonwood
Sellers Emmett E. 10-18-1897 04-13-1998 h/o Bonnie Sellers Cottonwood
Whitehead Wonda J. 03-13-1937 (undated) w/o Winfred H. Whitehead Married 08-15-1953 Cottonwood
Dykes Bernadine G. 06-12-1926 05-10-1995 Cottonwood
Hughes Mary B. 1895 1986 Cottonwood
Morris Myrtle S. 1920 1929 d/o G.H. & Lillie Morris Cottonwood
Beverett Perry Pascal 07-02-1929 03-27-1991 h/o Betty Jo Napier Beverett PFC US Army Korea Cottonwood
Monk Janis W. 12-31-1937 05-28-2014 w/o Bobby G. Monk (married 11-09-1956) Cottonwood
Rich Katherine A. 05-09-1917 03-23-1989 w/o Willie Rich Married 08-30-1935 Cottonwood
Wells Rufus O. 11-16-1907 07-08-1994 h/o Mary C. Wells Cottonwood
Cook Irma Nathalie 02-05-1900 06-21-1955 w/o Robert Erie Cook Cottonwood
Hicks Dr. Dorman Marvin 09-26-1879 07-07-1969 h/o Madie L.Ward Hicks Cottonwood
Merritt Lilla V. 09-04-1875 04-08-1950 w/o W. H. Merritt Cottonwood
Sellers Patricia E. 12-30-1931 03-04-2010 w/o David Sellers Cottonwood
Tice Willie P. 12-13-1931 06-11-1994 w/o J.L. Tice Cottonwood
Adams Lula Elizabeth 12-12-1884 06-12-1922 w/o John E. Adams Cottonwood
Porter Nina Jean 08-26-1926 01-12-1989 Cottonwood
Trawick Nell R. 10-30-1937 (undated) w/o Eugene Pete Trawick Married 04-28-1955 Cottonwood
Guy Grover C. 11-01-1909 06-16-1988 h/o Ollie Mae Guy Cottonwood
Marshall Lona B. 12-18-1905 02-17-1987 w/o Dan C. Marshall Cottonwood
Smith Sidney Robert 09-03-1906 09-13-1906 s/o Robert W. & Nettie Smith Cottonwood
Lawrence Mary L. 1900 1982 w/o Perry L. Lawrence Cottonwood
Pittman Infant (one date) 10-29-1911 d/o J.E.& M.A. Pittman Cottonwood
Bradberry Billy Wayne 01-13-1939 04-29-1999 1st Sgt US Army Vienam Bronze Star Cottonwood
Granger A.J. 12-21-1912 03-18-1990 h/o Sarah Waller Granger Cottonwood
Skinner Johney A.C. 09-18-1881 02-11-1886 s/o Zay & Mary Skinner Cottonwood
Floyd Ander F. 12-26-1914 01-06-1996 h/o Meda G. Floyd (two markers noted) Cottonwood
Kennedy Pearl D. 08-19-1911 09-05-1975 d/o Margie Kennedy Cottonwood
Parker Jerry C. 12-31-1942 no date h/o Gayle H. Parker (perhaps previous survey or obit, marker not found) Cottonwood
Vickery Robert David 09-20-1943 06-18-1997 (US Navy Vietnam) (two markers noted) Cottonwood
Sellers Essie V. 04-28-1920 (undated) w/o Samuel Wright Sellers Cottonwood
Cemetery: Collins Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maidensort descending DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
King William B. 07-29-1900 12-30-1971 h/o Zennie Lee King Collins Baptist PDF icon More Info
Pippins Infant (no dates) s/o Sam & Lillie Mae "Hand" Pippins Collins Baptist
Conrad Infant 07-11-1917 07-11-1917 d/o B.E. & Exie Conrad Collins Baptist
Hart Baby Son (no dates) s/o B.J. & Ida Hart Collins Baptist
Newman Infant #1 (no dates) i/o Mr. & Mrs. O.B. Newman Collins Baptist
Metcalf Emma L. 10-17-1900 02-04-1912 Collins Baptist
Baxter W. C. 09-01-1921 03-05-1958 Collins Baptist
Wistrom Julia M. 06-21-1887 05-15-1964 w/o Carl H. Wistrom Collins Baptist
Hollingsworth Bessie M. 08-09-1934 (undated) w/o James C. Hollingsworth Collins Baptist
Baxter James Bryant 07-04-1905 09-21-1973 h/o Aileen Baxter Collins Baptist
Todd Herman F. 03-08-1934 06-28-2009 h/o Tharon K. Todd Collins Baptist
Hall G. C. Jr. 09-23-1915 01-04-1972 Collins Baptist
McMillan Sophey E. 12-15-1834 01-15-1902 Collins Baptist
Banks Dorothy M. 09-08-1909 02-09-1981 w/o Vinson S. Banks Collins Baptist
Smith James Frank 11-1934 12-1934 Collins Baptist PDF icon More Info.pdf
Ford Ada 05-29-1874 07-07-1953 w/o G. W. Ford Sr. Collins Baptist
McAnulty Angela Socorro 08-19-1915 01-18-2007 w/o Maxwell McAnulty married 03-10-1953 Collins Baptist PDF icon More Info
Rountree Lillie Gertrude 08-15-1892 02-07-1968 Collins Baptist
Dekle Mary E. 06-14-1849 01-24-1923 w/o Littleton Dekle Collins Baptist
Mozley William Jr. (Andy) A. 09-15-1957 10-07-2015 Collins Baptist
Oswald Maude Elizabeth 04-06-1872 12-04-1951 Collins Baptist
Coker William M. 09-16-1896 08-17-1972 h/o Ada J. Coker Collins Baptist
Jones Jimmy (Jim) 02-08-1851 02-06-1924 h/o Nance McMillian Jones Collins Baptist PDF icon More Info
King Zennie Lee 08-01-1892 08-31-1971 w/o William B. King Collins Baptist
Pippins Sam 08-30-1895 12-17-1934 Collins Baptist
Conrad Infant (one date) 03-14-1901 s/o B.E. & Exie Conrad Collins Baptist
Hart Byrd Jackson (no dates) s/o B.J. & Anna Hart Collins Baptist
Newman Infant (no dates) i/o Mr. & Mrs. O.B. Newman Collins Baptist
Baxter Lois Jean 12-12-1936 03-01-2017 w/o Preston Baxter Collins Baptist
Metcalf Eva 04-10-1905 04-10-1905 (archival survey dates) Collins Baptist
Baxter Winson Lamar 07-31-1938 (undated) Collins Baptist
Yarborough Alma Anah 03-22-1869 10-12-1891 Collins Baptist
Hollingsworth James C. 02-22-1929 12-25-1992 h/o Bessie M. Hollingsworth Collins Baptist
Cemetery: Mt Olive Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maidensort descending DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
McKeller Daniel A. 10-19-1871 02-17-1951 h/o Mary Francis Williams McKeller Mt Olive Baptist
Hartzog Curtis M. 10-05-1905 02-03-1978 h/o Codie Hartzog Mt Olive Baptist
Turner W.E. 12-11-1848 07-13-1923 h/o C.D. Turner Mt Olive Baptist
Kirkland Hosea 05-20-1904 05-14-1970 h/o Jewell E. Kirkland Mt Olive Baptist
Dozier John Pryor 01-22-1828 11-13-1912 CSA 1st Lieut (Co G 60 Ala Inf) Mt Olive Baptist
Strickland Harmon H. 03-03-1909 09-29-1963 h/o Mary E. Strickland Mt Olive Baptist
Kimrey Scott Linwood 03-02-1963 06-26-2001 f/o Kayla Josie Kimrey Mt Olive Baptist
Cook Frances Lynn 09-19-1915 09-15-1997 (two markers noted) Mt Olive Baptist
Cook Baby Charles Truett 02-21-1940 03-08-1940 s/o Mr. & Mrs C.E. Cook (two markers noted) Mt Olive Baptist
Ross Resen L. 10-09-1891 12-12-1909 s/o J. A. & M. J. Ross Mt Olive Baptist
Helms Roy Hubert 03-01-1926 07-11-1926 s/o Hurbert & Louise Helms Mt Olive Baptist
Pitts Woodrow Wilson 04-30-1925 05-31-2003 (two markers noted) (S1 US Navy WW II) Mt Olive Baptist
Pettis William W. 03-24-1845 06-03-1928 h/o Rebecker Pettis Civil War (Co C II Fla Reg) Mt Olive Baptist
Hasty Sherman E. 10-23-1939 09-21-1991 s/o Thadeaus R. Hasty Mt Olive Baptist
Harrison Mariam Ruth 03-27-1905 06-15-1905 archival survey (marker unfound) Mt Olive Baptist
Robinson Addis 1893 1960 (two markers noted) Mt Olive Baptist
Williams Spessard L. 10-24-1922 04-12-1972 h/o Edna R. Williams Mt Olive Baptist
Averett Edna Earle 03-20-1921 03-29-1921 d/o Ed & Susie Averett Mt Olive Baptist
Hartzog Docia E. 12-30-1889 10-04-1988 w/o Coley P. Hartzog Mt Olive Baptist
Turner William Cullen 09-08-1925 07-19-1964 Mt Olive Baptist
Kirkland J. W. 09-09-1889 12-21-1965 h/o Cora Kirkland Mt Olive Baptist
Cemetery: Bascom Methodist
Last Name First Name MI Maidensort descending DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Pelt Jackson Edward 10-19-1902 01-02-1967 Bascom Methodist
McKnight James Milton 09-23-1905 08-02-1908 s/o J.W. & S.F. McKnight Bascom Methodist
Anderson Louis A. 10-09-1885 04-04-1965 h/o Pearl Anderson Bascom Methodist
Nichols Genie Lou (one date) 1929 d/o Agnes & Boonie Nichols Bascom Methodist
Grant Ann Marie 09-08-1930 03-04-2015 Bascom Methodist
Hall Sloan Evelyn 11-15-1967 11-16-1967 Bascom Methodist
Williams Grover Cleveland 01-10-1886 08-05-1941 h/o Nellie Williams Bascom Methodist
Edwards Annie Laura 04-14-1876 10-20-1958 Bascom Methodist
Conrad George Grady 11-13-1911 10-18-1982 (two markers noted) (T Sgt US Army WW II) Bascom Methodist
Rogers W.F. (TUT) 02-10-1922 01-05-1976 (one name on double upright) Bascom Methodist
Bevis Martha E. 04-09-1823 04-13-1910 w/o William Bevis Bascom Methodist
Pelt Margaret Inez 02-14-1908 08-02-1985 Bascom Methodist
McKnight James Wiley 08-05-1871 02-11-1952 h/o Sula Frances McKnight Bascom Methodist
Anderson Pearl S. 02-03-1885 03-02-1961 w/o Louis Anderson Bascom Methodist
Nichols Maggie E. 08-17-1904 12-16-1997 (two markers noted) Bascom Methodist
Grant Benjamin A. 06-16-1815 07-12-1893 h/o Sarah R. Grant Bascom Methodist
Cemetery: Pleasant Hill
Last Name First Name MI Maidensort descending DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Bodiford Octavie 06-03-1882 09-02-1970 w/o Ivey A. Bodiford Pleasant Hill
Harrison B.S 11-05-1865 12-30-1933 h/o Elizabeth E. Harrison (archival survey info) Pleasant Hill
Godfrey Kirman R. 08-31-1921 08-09-2002 (two markers noted) (PM2 US Navy WW II) Pleasant Hill
McIntyre (perhaps) unmarked grave in plot Pleasant Hill
Suggs Mary (no birth) 12-1915 Pleasant Hill
Anderson Ola 09-28-1905 04-28-1928 Pleasant Hill
Godfrey Wyatt J. 01-14-1877 02-04-1961 h/o Rosa L. Godfrey Pleasant Hill
Culbreth A.Z. 06-10-1870 05-31-1949 h/o Willie Jane Colbreth Pleasant Hill
Wood W.J. 09-30-1867 08-17-1910 h/o Sarah H. Chumney Wood Pleasant Hill
Jones James Lee 12-07-1947 01-07-1949 Pleasant Hill
Evans James T. 01-14-1893 07-28-1962 h/o Mattie P. Evans Pleasant Hill
Culbreth Ellis M. 01-25-1893 05-08-1970 h/o Dixie C. Culbreth Pleasant Hill
Wells Harry O. "HO" Jr. 12-02-1936 05-18-2006 (US Army Vietnam) Pleasant Hill
Ingram C.R. (Ross) 02-18-1893 07-28-1964 h/o Eula Mae Ingram Pleasant Hill
Pynes Early May 05-01-1907 05-08-1920 d/o White & Sara Jane Pynes Pleasant Hill
Odom (perhaps) grave in Odom plot,no head or marking Pleasant Hill
Brunson Minnie L. 06-18-1892 10-13-1980 w/o John S. Brunson Pleasant Hill
Holland Lester 10-28-1918 01-07-1994 (Pvt US Army WW II) Pleasant Hill
Dozier Nathan Lamar 03-15-1936 11-08-2007 h/o Gwendolyn Pilcher Dozier Pleasant Hill
McNeal Victoria 10-12-1885 06-25-1950 Pleasant Hill
Vickers Tolbert 05-18-1895 09-01-1976 (two markers noted) (PVT US Army WW I) Pleasant Hill
Dixon Tony 12-02-1957 12-02-1957 Pleasant Hill
Bodiford Robert David Sr. 11-22-1922 03-22-1997 h/o Lola Delores Bodiford (US Navy WW II) Pleasant Hill
Harrison Benjamin F. 03-12-1898 03-28-1972 h/o Lennie M. Harrison Pleasant Hill
Croom Samuel O. 02-07-1891 05-24-1965 h/o Posie B. Croom Pleasant Hill
McIntyre R. L. 11-1873 11-1916 Pleasant Hill
Anderson Searcy 11-06-1925 03-11-1926 s/o Mr. & Mrs. C.R. Anderson (archival survey info) Pleasant Hill
Goodin C.M. (Syd) 10-10-1904 06-20-1975 h/o Polly N. Goodin Pleasant Hill
Cemetery: Riverside
Last Name First Name MI Maidensort descending DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Clikas Carrie M. 04-01-1916 12-14-1969 Riverside
Dernon Loretta Lorraine 07-10-1940 06-11-1960 Riverside
Gammon William Lamar 05-25-1890 01-10-1947 h/o Wilhelmina Gammon Riverside
Hightower Robert B. 04-17-1947 04-19-1947 Riverside
Mabry Moss N. 1918 2006 Riverside
Milton Infant (one date) 04-02-1984 s/o Albert & Kathy Milton Riverside
Peacock James Levi 12-14-1895 09-11-1964 h/o Nena Peacock (US Army WW I) Riverside
Robinson Theodore (Bill) 01-15-1907 03-03-1983 h/o Louise Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Solomon Marie Patterson 03-24-1902 11-30-1992 w/o John Solomon Riverside
Wandeck Evelyn Katherine 12-17-1902 07-13-1904 d/o Charles & Cammie Wandeck Riverside
Sims Paul 11-25-1919 12-24-2010 (two markers noted) (LT COL USAF WW II) Riverside
Apostle Anglinio 06-11-1861 01-05-1943 Riverside
Brown C.C. 1900 1937 h/o Callie Brown Riverside
Davis Sanders Lawson 11-07-1869 01-25-1952 h/o Viola Sanders Riverside
Flynt Clarence D. 10-05-1898 12-10-1974 h/o Hassie Flynt Riverside
Hatton Laura Janice 06-24-1947 06-25-1947 d/o R.W. & Jamie Hatton Riverside
Jones Charles Dennis Sr. 10-04-1946 06-04-2004 h/o Patricia Jones Riverside
Liddon James McClellan 01-05-1892 11-06-1909 s/o B.S. & V.H. Liddon Riverside
Melvin Michael Delaney 11-17-1949 12-07-1967 Riverside
Pardon Philip Victor 09-30-1867 09-17-1943 h/o Minerva Pardon Riverside
Rhyne Eugene 07-22-1874 08-05-1945 Riverside
Smith Irma 1872 1956 w/o Lucius Smith Riverside
Tyus William Dustin 08-30-1987 08-30-1987 s/o Kelly Riverside
Womac Mora D. 06-27-1887 02-13-1973 h/o Bettie Womac Riverside
Connor Samantha 03-12-1861 10-01-1938 Riverside
Crews Roy (Baby) 1969 1969 (two markers noted) Riverside
Adkins Michael Graig 10-23-1974 04-06-1991 Riverside
Chase Lauren Ann 06-06-1948 12-24-1974 Riverside
Davis Amanda N. 10-10-1874 01-07-1961 w/o Ellis L. Davis Riverside
Feathers Garland (Red) H. 11-12-1912 05-21-2002 Riverside
Harrell Henry Willis 1884 1926 Riverside
Jarmon Walter (Butch) Buford Sr. 09-29-1929 08-25-1998 Riverside
Lewis Adam M. 09-13-1882 08-28-1935 Riverside
McMahan Wanda Sue (one date) 06-01-1943 d/o Joseph & Pauline McMahan Riverside
Sims Paul 11-25-1919 12-24-2010 (two markers noted) (Lt Col USAF) Riverside
Thomas Robert Jr. 10-27-1920 01-26-1961 (Lt JG US Navy WW II) Riverside
Willis Alma A. 06-01-1888 04-06-1959 w/o W.M. Willis Riverside
Peacock Ruel B. 04-01-1915 12-05-1961 (two markers noted) (1st LT US Army WW II) Riverside
Spires Rhebard (no birth) 02-01-1918 Riverside
Billingslea Arthur (Bill) Clement 12-15-1902 01-05-1981 h/o Eula Billingslea Riverside
Carr Pauline D. 02-09-1911 07-04-1959 w/o John Pat Carr Riverside
Howard John Gus 03-05-1923 03-12-1960 Riverside
Langford Richard Earl 05-04-1960 2003 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
McAliley Charles Wesley 1881 1932 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Neel Frank L. 10-02-1942 (undated) h/o Linda Riverside
Pledger Hartie Laramore 09-15-1893 09-01-1985 Riverside
Scott Sallie L. 06-12-1908 12-02-1993 w/o Elonzo Scott Riverside
Stone Ann 10-25-1934 10-26-1934 Riverside
Whitaker Courtland Daniel 12-22-1900 01-14-1965 h/o Thelma Whitaker Riverside
Hazell Arthur Jr. C. 03-16-1906 07-09-1998 Sgt. US Army WW II (two markers noted) Riverside
Dudley Isaac (no dates) US Navy (WW I) Riverside
Beasley Donald M. 02-07-1944 03-07-1980 (missing in Caribbean Sea) Riverside
Cahoon Charles E. 04-21-1891 01-28-1937 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Pumphrey Louise 01-27-1933 04-09-2018 w/o Charles Pumphrey Jr. (Obituaries) Riverside
Edwards Jacklyn 01-05-1946 07-14-2015 Riverside
Griffin Lucy Elizabeth 04-10-1898 (undated) w/o Oscar Griffin Riverside
Hudnall Malinda J. 05-19-1950 (undated) Riverside
Lavoy Bill Hanson 05-04-1931 04-02-2011 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Nichols Louise 01-29-1929 (undated) w/o Earl Nichols Riverside
Pomer Raleigh 1905 1977 Riverside
Sexton Gid 10-08-1903 01-01-1952 Riverside
Streetman James Edward 1927 1928 s/o J.F. & L.P. Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Whitehead Charles E. 06-27-1930 11-27-1991 h/o Yvonne Whitehead (two markers noted) Riverside
Bush Louie John 08-08-1926 10-12-2004 Riverside
Hawthorn Frank 06-05-1917 12-06-1943 Riverside
Bell Hugh E. 11-15-1910 08-05-1974 h/o Elizabeth Bell Riverside
Calhoun Marion P. 09-01-1878 04-29-1933 Riverside
Disibio Domenicia 06-20-1926 11-30-1990 Riverside
Holcomb Joseph J. 04-04-1922 09-09-2006 Riverside
Kirkus Ira A. 1878 1932 h/o Minnie Kirkus Riverside
Massengill Wilton R. 02-02-1926 03-26-1991 h/o Wy-Nell Massengill (Maj US Army WW II Korea & Vietnam) Riverside
Phillips Mary D. 08-29-1883 08-26-1987 w/o James Phillips Riverside
Sally W.B. (no dates) CSA (CSA died 1861 to 1895) Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Steed Theola 12-15-1871 03-09-1946 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Welch Samuel B. 11-15-1846 05-10-1887 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Batchelor Ronald 07-07-1952 08-28-2015 Riverside
Floyd Ira Gene 08-27-1940 09-16-2015 Riverside
Pumphrey R.A. 01-05-1902 09-01-1962 (US Navy WW II) (two markers noted) Riverside
Barnes William S. 07-09-1916 01-22-2006 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Burke Henry Bernard Sr. 07-20-1900 09-07-1983 h/o Mildred Burke Riverside
Clikas Mark M. 02-10-1911 04-17-1990 Riverside
Dernon William Ewart Jr. 04-24-1916 02-21-1964 h/o Addie Dernan Riverside
Ganey Albert 1878 1943 h/o Alma Ganey Riverside
Hill Audrey L. 01-19-1919 10-30-1985 w/o William Burl Hill married 12-13-1939 Riverside
Mabry Talmadge 09-20-1937 08-12-2000 Riverside
Milton John Dekle 09-17-1911 06-14-1978 h/o Gladys Milton Riverside
Peacock Joseph 1940 1988 Riverside
Robinson Theodore (Bill) Jr. 08-11-1942 01-21-2010 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Solomon Mary E. 05-08-1854 08-05-1921 Riverside
Wandeck F. Holmes 10-12-1900 05-12-1979 w/o Johnnie L. Wandeck (US Navy WW I) Riverside
Smith Samuel Hinton 10-26-1889 12-11-1947 Riverside
Applewhite Christopher H. 1969 1969 Riverside
Brown Clarence C. 08-23-1898 11-21-1977 h/o Gladys Brown Riverside
Davis Sandra S. 07-01-1942 01-22-2009 w/o Walter Davis III Riverside
Flynt Hassie W. 09-20-1906 04-20-2007 w/o Clarence Flynt Riverside
Hatton Robert Wayne 08-03-1912 04-03-1995 h/o Jamie Lee Hatton Riverside
Jones Frances P. 04-26-1912 06-06-2006 w/o Carl Jones Sr. Riverside
Liddon John Howard 07-17-1901 06-05-1902 Riverside
Melzer George Warren 03-02-1921 01-10-2006 h/o Nell Melzer Riverside
Parker Blondell C. 03-13-1921 12-06-1991 w/o Roy Parker Riverside
Rhyne Walter Alexander 01-25-1919 01-10-1976 h/o Margaret Rhyne (Com US Navy WW II) Riverside
Smith James Sidney (no dates) CSA (CSA (Co F 29 Ga Inf) died 1861 to 1865 Riverside
Unnamed Soldiers (Civil War) (no birth) 09-27-1864 (died in raid on Marianna) Riverside
Womble Ernest C. 10-07-1904 04-22-1977 Riverside
Davis Orion Sr. W. 09-12-1896 10-16-1965 h/o Mary Davis (two markers noted) Riverside
Crews Roy Eugene 1969 1969 (two markers noted) Riverside
Skipper Frankey 07-25-1947 06-04-2017 h/o Nieves Skipper Riverside
Cemetery: Bascom Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maidensort descending DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Howard H.S. (no dates) (archival survey marker unfound) Bascom Baptist
Bevis Essie M. 04-15-1914 06-08-1946 w/o W. Frank Bevis Bascom Baptist
James Betty S. 12-29-1946 (undated) w/o Billy James Bascom Baptist
Bevis Joseph W. 08-26-1914 08-16-1977 Bascom Baptist
Oswald Marion O. 01-11-1833 03-07-1909 h/o Elmina Oswald (two markers noted) Bascom Baptist
Lyons Maggie C. 12-07-1909 04-04-2001 Bascom Baptist
Dickson Samuel B. 04-24-1895 05-20-1919 WOW ---- US ARMY Bascom Baptist
Johnson Daniel W. 07-29-1907 03-26-1983 h/o Mildred Johnson Bascom Baptist
Coulliette Johnnie A. 1860 1943 Bascom Baptist
Welch Evie Lee 12-14-1904 12-01-1982 w/o James Welch married 09-19-1926 Bascom Baptist
Bush John Howard 12-07-1912 12-24-1976 h/o Dorothy Bush Bascom Baptist
Joiner Carrie 09-16-1898 08-25-1994 (archival survey) (moved to Pinecrest) Bascom Baptist
Standland Infant 05-22-1947 05-23-1947 d/o John and Doris Standland Bascom Baptist
Bevis Flafus J. 11-25-1889 12-29-1971 Bascom Baptist
James Billy R. Sr. 05-01-1944 (undated) h/o Betty James Bascom Baptist
Bevis Lena M. 07-21-1890 02-23-1925 Bascom Baptist
Oswald Minnie Lee 05-10-1875 08-26-1909 Bascom Baptist
Cemetery: Antioch
Last Name First Name MI Maidensort descending DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
McComb Charles Bernard 12-14-1925 08-18-1993 (SFC US Army WW II) (two markers noted) Antioch
Avery Lathan 03-12-1920 01-04-2005 Antioch
Granger Russell Dean 1930 1931 Antioch
Stanfill Aubrey H. 12-08-1949 07-24-1982 h/o Sarah E. Stanfill Antioch
Granger Bethaney 09-30-1847 01-20-1923 w/o J.T. Granger Antioch
Mumford J. W. (Bud) 1885 1928 h/o Bessie Mumford Antioch
Hudson Jack 10-14-1942 11-08-1962 Antioch
Grice John 08-06-1863 01-12-1933 h/o Mary Jane "Ducker" Grice (born date missing on slab) Antioch
Chandler Patsy 02-22-1915 11-29-1992 w/o Lowell Chandler Antioch
Noblin Curtis Wesley 09-02-1910 07-11-1995 (S1 US Navy WW II) (two markers noted) Antioch
Cemetery: Greenwood Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maidensort descending DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Cherry Mrs. S.A. 12-13-1827 09-23-1886 Greenwood Baptist
Olive Hosea D. 01-20-1887 02-20-1965 h/o Annie B. Olive Greenwood Baptist
Bryan G.L. 01-10-1838 11-20-1889 Greenwood Baptist
Jordan John Calhoun 10-12-1863 08-18-1905 (Masonic Emblem) Greenwood Baptist
Bevis M.J. 11-25-1844 10-31-1930 w/o Andrew Bevis Greenwood Baptist
Anderson William W. 02-08-1905 07-27-1923 Greenwood Baptist
Evans Alva D. 01-10-1926 08-14-2000 h/o Mary Evans USAF Greenwood Baptist
Thompson Howard (Tommy) H. 01-11-1925 02-09-2011 h/o Syble Thompson Greenwood Baptist
Unknown No markings left (does not appear on archival surveys) Greenwood Baptist
Andreasen Vernon E. 07-29-1910 12-05-1996 h/o Myrle Andreasen Greenwood Baptist
Frank Marquerite F. 07-30-1929 05-24-1992 Greenwood Baptist
Welch James A. 1900 1977 Greenwood Baptist
Dickson Esther A. 03-14-1928 01-30-2002 w/o Charles Dickson Greenwood Baptist
Smith John Allen 01-26-1908 11-20-1989 Greenwood Baptist
Clark Ashley 02-18-1826 01-12-1857 Greenwood Baptist
Bryan George Ward 12-25-1899 03-08-1986 Greenwood Baptist
Jordan Molly 1822 01-31-1907 m/o John C. Jordan born in Appling Co. Ga. Greenwood Baptist
Cemetery: Greenwood Methodist
Last Name First Name MI Maidensort descending DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Gammon Johnnie Eugene 03-22-1903 08-22-1910 Greenwood Methodist
Rodgers Edwin A. 06-19-1888 09-13-1925 h/o Gladys Rodgers Greenwood Methodist
Chambliss James William 01-21-1936 08-20-1982 Greenwood Methodist
Peacock Amos Louis 07-13-1921 08-06-1929 s/o Amos and Mary Peacock Greenwood Methodist
Willis Robert Allen 12-06-1968 12-24-1968 Greenwood Methodist
McNeal Toss J. 06-20-1924 02-10-2015 w/o Robert McNeal Greenwood Methodist
Kunde Ivan E. 10-13-1918 11-04-1989 h/o Harriett Kunde (two markers noted) Greenwood Methodist
White Dicy P. (no birth) 09-19-1987 w/o Marshal White Greenwood Methodist
Leeper Guy Moore 11-13-1902 09-07-1930 Greenwood Methodist
Wilkin Elizabeth (Lib) 03-03-1915 10-20-2006 Greenwood Methodist
Lowery Billy Joe 02-21-1918 04-25-2007 (two markers noted) (Tec 5 US ARMY WW II) Greenwood Methodist
Gammon William P. 12-02-1866 01-17-1912 Greenwood Methodist
Rodgers Gladys G. 08-19-1895 11-24-1987 w/o Edwin Rodgers Greenwood Methodist
Pender Nicholas A. 1900 1988 Greenwood Methodist
Cemetery: Coonrod / Conrad
Last Name First Name MI Maidensort descending DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Conrad Charlie Dave 07-23-1868 11-20-1934 s/o John and Elizabeth Coonrod h/o Martha Lou Stanley (married 12-21-1884) Coonrod / Conrad
Edge Roosevelt 02-23-1922 11-10-2000 h/o Freddie Edge US Army Coonrod / Conrad
Edge Martha Juliette 07-23-1951 08-16-2000 Coonrod / Conrad
Cemetery: Cowpen Pond
Last Name First Name MI Maidensort descending DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Neel Othel 01-17-1941 12-20-1997 h/o Bobbie Neel Cowpen Pond
Hatcher W.C. 03-28-1870 10-20-1941 h/o Clara Hatcher Cowpen Pond
Beachem Captaia May 03-27-1916 04-18-1916 Cowpen Pond
Hewett Lank 1897 1985 Cowpen Pond
Patrick Jack S. 03-20-1923 11-26-1940 s/o William and Alice Patrick Cowpen Pond
Jackson Della V. 12-29-1893 11-20-1975 Cowpen Pond
Coulliette Amanda 10-09-1843 02-08-1903 w/o H.W. Coulliette Cowpen Pond
Neel Johnny Albert 1906 1966 (two markers noted) (Johnny Albert) Cowpen Pond
Hightower Callie M. 1932 2012 (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Stephens Carlmore 01-04-1911 10-15-1919 Cowpen Pond
Jordan Thaedra Lee 04-14-1975 07-31-2012 Cowpen Pond
Dawson Sanford 11-25-1910 03-09-1948 Cowpen Pond
Tyus Gladis 03-30-1909 07-01-1942 Cowpen Pond
Muller Ted 06-09-1913 02-10-1993 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton David Maxwell 09-18-1948 08-22-1976 Cowpen Pond
Thomas Logan Jeanette 12-09-1989 01-22-2000 Cowpen Pond
Moneyham Susie 10-05-1903 09-25-1906 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Celia 08-01-1845 08-19-1881 w/o Zack Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Weeks Henry Douglas 12-05-1910 08-17-1911 Cowpen Pond
Neel Houston E. 01-02-1918 02-01-1984 h/o Nadine Neel Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Paul 1922 2002 Cowpen Pond
Basford Janice N. 11-30-1931 04-05-2016 w/o Walter Basford married 08-30-1947 Cowpen Pond
Neel Nita Ursula 01-02-1941 01-01-1946 Cowpen Pond
Hatcher Nancy J. 11-10-1879 09-13-1925 w/o Henry Hatcher Cowpen Pond
Basford William R. 08-18-1905 06-12-1944 (US Army PFC 22 Inf 4 Div WW II) Cowpen Pond
Hobbs Henry Junior 07-15-1941 04-29-2004 (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Jackson Daniel O. 10-07-1870 02-28-1921 Cowpen Pond
Cochren Stella 02-14-1908 07-13-1982 Cowpen Pond
Cemetery: Hickory Grove
Last Name First Name MI Maidensort descending DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Wiley Baby (no dates) Hickory Grove
Hatcher George W. 02-22-1907 07-05-1992 h/o Mildred Hatcher Hickory Grove
Helms Iris Irene 10-16-1905 02-06-1999 w/o Alvin Helms Hickory Grove
Tidwell (Illegible) 01-14-1923 11-16-1927 s/o M & M W.D. Tidwell Hickory Grove
Long G.V. (Jan V. Sr.) 08-25-1899 01-22-1963 h/o Estell Long Hickory Grove
Robinson Eddie B. 12-09-1922 07-06-2002 h/o Evelyn Robinson (two markers noted) Hickory Grove
Conrad James Henry 05-05-1872 07-18-1947 h/o Martha Conrad Hickory Grove
Perkins Margie F. 10-26-1939 01-24-2001 w/o Roy Perkins married 04-04-1964 Hickory Grove
Baxter Walter Earl 05-09-1917 11-25-1925 Hickory Grove
Ditty Lavada D. 09-30-1907 10-16-1993 w/o Leroy Ditty married 08-20-1933 Hickory Grove
Wiley Baby (no dates) Hickory Grove
Hatcher Fannie B. 11-05-1888 02-06-1969 w/o Willie Hatcher Hickory Grove
Helms Holly 03-20-1973 05-16-1973 Hickory Grove
Cemetery: Campbellton Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maidensort descending DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Thompson Roger W. 06-25-1922 03-25-1998 (two markers noted) (Masonic Emblem) Campbellton Baptist
Langford Robbie Kate 09-06-1918 03-13-2012 w/o James Langford married 11-15-1972 Campbellton Baptist
Collier Jane E. 08-06-1821 07-04-1885 Campbellton Baptist
Denard Thomas Alex 1872 1929 h/o Grace Denard Campbellton Baptist
Young Angeline N. 08-09-1923 11-30-1989 Campbellton Baptist
Miles James E. 07-17-1937 07-12-2016 h/o Peggy Miles married 06-26-1955 Campbellton Baptist
Denard J.H. 10-01-1856 02-06-1904 h/o Mollie Denard Campbellton Baptist
Peacock Randall McKinley Sr. 12-25-1955 08-28-2013 Campbellton Baptist