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Cemetery: Pleasant Hill
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Manning Nora Robinson 07-28-1932 12-30-2000 Pleasant Hill view
Spurlock Luzetta 10-22-1900 09-22-1982 Pleasant Hill view
Bodiford I.D. 11-22-1912 no date h/o Austeen Bodiford Pleasant Hill view
Harlow Clifford 07-14-1942 12-13-1942 in Hughes Plot Pleasant Hill view
Davis Infant 10-14-1944 10-14-1944 d/o Willie F. & Ruby Davis Pleasant Hill view
Parrish Mae 12-15-1892 11-20-1997 w/o William O. Parrish Pleasant Hill view
Polley Bonnie Pynes 11-17-1889 05-23-1960 w/o Arthur M. Polley d/o Benjamin Paul & Mildred Chumney Pynes Pleasant Hill view
Kornegay Madison 05-16-1907 06-21-1978 h/o Quilla Pynes Kornegay (two markers noted) Pleasant Hill view
McNeal I. G. 08-10-1876 05-20-1951 h/o Lizzie McNeal Pleasant Hill view
Herndon Benjamin 07-30-1852 04-20-1913 h/o Mary Ann Herndon Pleasant Hill view
Mathews Marline 04-17-1923 11-01-1999 w/o Louie Mathews Pleasant Hill view
Harmon Infant 11-08-1906 11-10-1906 s/o B.T. & Belle Harmon Pleasant Hill view
Anderson Infant not legible not legible unmarked adult adjacent Pleasant Hill view
Davis Juliet 07-04-1853 09-07-1939 Pleasant Hill view
Parrish Maggie 10-26-1888 04-11-1972 w/o A.C. Parrish Pleasant Hill view
Smith Martha Campbell 09-22-1945 12-10-2010 w/o Clarence Smith married 03-28-1964 Pleasant Hill view
Coonrod Infant (one date) 1918 s/o L.C. Coonrod Pleasant Hill view
Pool Evie Ingram no date no date w/o Harris H. Pool Pleasant Hill view
Mercer R. E. 08-24-1886 03-16-1908 c/o G.W. & E.J. Mercer Pleasant Hill view
McNeal I. G. 11-04-1912 02-24-1913 s/o I.G. & N.L. McNeal Pleasant Hill view
Vickers Guy 09-06-1909 06-17-1910 s/o G.W. & Jennie Vickers Pleasant Hill view
Mathews Louie 07-05-1925 12-18-1971 h/o Marline Mathews (ALA PVT US ARMY WW II ) Pleasant Hill view
Bodiford Lodel 11-02-1910 04-08-1911 Pleasant Hill view
Harmon Joseph 01-12-1922 05-13-1926 s/o Ira & Birdie Culbreth Harmon Pleasant Hill view
Anderson J.T. 07-20-1900 12-06-1928 Pleasant Hill view
Parrish Phrona 03-16-1904 10-13-1995 w/o Cecil Parrish Pleasant Hill view
Wood W.J. 09-30-1867 08-17-1910 h/o Sarah H. Chumney Wood Pleasant Hill view
Pool Mellissie Groom no date no date w.o Harris H. Pool Pleasant Hill view
Culbreth David 12-23-1887 10-01-1957 h/o Lessie & Elizabeth Culbreth Pleasant Hill view
Mercer Robert no date no date s/o J.W. & J.L. Mercer (archival survey marker not found) Pleasant Hill view
Smith Franklin 05-23-1933 (undated) h/o Ruby Merle Harrison Smith Pleasant Hill view
Hughes Infant 05-20-1906 05-20-1906 c/o L.W. & M.M. Hughes Pleasant Hill view
McNeal Ida Chumney 10-07-1888 02-16-1920 w/o H.H. McNeal Pleasant Hill view
Herndon Infant (no dates) s/o J.E. & Berta B. Herndon Pleasant Hill view
Rodgers Vellar Pynes 07-28-1901 08-15-1977 w/o John T. Rodgers married 12-17-1917 Pleasant Hill view
Parrish Randal 1932 1938 s/o Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Parrish Pleasant Hill view
Cemetery: Antioch
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Chandler Patsy 02-22-1915 11-29-1992 w/o Lowell Chandler Antioch view
Grice John 08-06-1863 01-12-1933 h/o Mary Jane Ducker Grice (born date missing on slab) Antioch view
Avery Lathan 03-12-1920 01-04-2005 Antioch HTML icon test3.html view
Granger Bethaney 09-30-1847 01-20-1923 w/o J.T. Granger Antioch view
Hudson Jack 10-14-1942 11-08-1962 Antioch view
Grice Lovie (no dates) (unmarked slab beside) name on slab Antioch view
Granger Sallie Harris 04-08-1871 03-01-1939 Antioch view
Grice Lizer Barrentine 02-24-1860 06-10-1936 Antioch PDF icon More Info view
West Howard 08-08-1864 08-10-1864 s/o J.M. & M.J. West Antioch view
Granger Clara Sims 02-06-1900 01-13-1995 Antioch view
Christmas Rillia Granger 10-29-1913 10-25-1989 w/o James Ruel Christmas Antioch view
Hall Algar 09-18-1904 10-15-1925 Antioch view
Adams J.L. 11-04-1922 09-26-1998 h/o Mildred Adams Antioch view
West Ramona (not legiable) 1860 w/o M.R. West Antioch view
Herring O.D. 06-15-1916 03-12-1973 h/o Lillie Mae Herring (two markers noted) Antioch PDF icon More Info view
Cemetery: Cottonwood
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
McCord Bobbie 04-04-1942 11-04-2016 Cottonwood view
Snellgrove William 08-17-1940 (undated) h/o Mary Lou Snellgrove Cottonwood view
Ray Bonnylin Adams 11-24-1905 09-21-2003 w/o Theo Ray Cottonwood view
Buntin Florence 01-11-1861 04-22-1945 w/o William D. Buntin Adult unmarked slab beside Cottonwood view
Devane Edward 03-15-1877 11-06-1956 h/o Epsy Devane Cottonwood view
Moon Bradley 10-31-1944 06-14-1971 s/o John & Betrice Moon Cottonwood view
Harrison Marvin 08-03-1896 05-18-1977 h/o Edna Lois Harrison Cottonwood view
McCord Dorothy 05-08-1957 (undated) Cottonwood view
Strickland J.B. 09-16-1900 09-25-1972 h/o Annie Bell Strickland Cottonwood view
Gilmore Carrie Paulk 02-11-1900 07-04-1982 two unmarked slabs beside Cottonwood view
Kirkland Cleola 11-07-1880 06-27-1905 d/o Jason J. & K. Lula Kirkland Cottonwood view
Devane Epsy 10-04-1877 12-28-1967 w/o Edward Devane Cottonwood view
Hollon T.J. 10-29-1922 11-24-1964 (SM SGT US Air Force WW II & Korea Cottonwood view
Moon John 11-02-1909 11-11-1992 h/o Betrice Moon Cottonwood view
Sellers Bob 12--26-1891 02-04-1976 Cottonwood view
Harrison Molly Lightener 12-14-1858 09-19-1935 w/o Rev. George W. Harrison Cottonwood view
Watford Infant Son (one date) 03-17-1933 s/o Mr. & Mrs. B.B. Watford Cottonwood view
Beall Catharine Ford 07-02-1910 06-20-0994 w/oJoseph ScCageor Beall Cottonwood view
Kirkland Clinton 08-15-1900 07-30-1969 h/o Lettie Pearl Kirkland Cottonwood view
Good Marina 03-12-1919 01-24-1957 Cottonwood view
Sellers Rev. R.D. 04-08-1823 04-23-1891 h/o Vinettie T. Sellers 68 yr. 16 mo. Cottonwood view
Sellers Bonnie 12-07-1904 01-29-1985 w/o Emmett E. Sellers Cottonwood view
Whitehead Luther 05-30-1917 07-20-1976 Cottonwood view
Harrison R.T. 07-22-1828 17-22-1895 Cottonwood view
Ray Theo 02-10-1904 11-07-1941 h/o Bonny Lin Adams Ray Cottonwood view
Kirkland Mrs. Clyde 04-08-1884 09-05-1913 w/o J. Marion Kirkland Cottonwood view
Smith Lillian Kennedy 03-31-1887 11-24-1937 w/o Sidney O. Smith Cottonwood view
Cemetery: Riverside
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Reddock Jacqueline Bennett 04-01-1932 (undated) Riverside view
Winslett Infant 03-30-1936 03-30-1936 s/o M.Y. & Christelle Winslett Riverside view
Basford Reuben 1911 1980 US Army WW II (two markers noted) Riverside view
Carkhuff Audrey Dixon 10-28-1889 06-01-1957 Riverside view
Daffin Roberta 12-29-1910 06-04-1912 d/o J.M. & B.D. Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside view
Lee Maude Terry 09-11-1882 12-02-1954 w/o Henry Lee Riverside view
Dudley John 06-22-1912 09-07-1964 h/o Daisy Dudley Riverside view
Hook Lucile Golson 1902 1990 w/o Thomas Hook Riverside view
Shumaker Infant (one date) 04-23-1943 c/o Richard & Maron Shumaker Riverside view
Sykes Bryan 11-01-1895 08-30-1987 h/o Lucile Sykes Riverside view
Whitehead Lester 12-03-1891 01-21-1967 (two markers noted) US Army WW I Riverside view
Liviston Sholert (no birth) 03-06-1930 (age 68) Riverside view
Peaden Bartlett 05-27-1898 03-13-1945 (two markers noted) Riverside view
Liviston Lenette 04-28-1880 09-16-1910 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside view
Gray Edna Russell 07-17-1913 09-24-2007 w/o Louie Gray Riverside view
Horrell Neal 07-12-1906 01-31-1978 Riverside view
Mayo Eulac 09-17-1922 03-28-1984 (US Army WW II) Riverside view
Conrad Beverly Bowles 11-11-1932 (undated) w/o Elzie Conrad Riverside view
Nally Margaret 1927 1964 Riverside view
Scott Barbara Nichols 09-11-1950 08-04-2007 Riverside view
Wallace Herman 01-11-1939 12-28-2015 Riverside view
Bryant Benjamin 1847 10-03-1917 Riverside view
Pelt Lee 03-01-1898 04-09-1969 h/o Thelma Pelt Riverside view
Watson O.M. (no dates) CSA CSA (died 1861 to 1865) Riverside view
Dillon B.O. 12-29-1910 06-04-1912 Riverside view
Clark John 1835 10-18-1840 s/o Wylie & Amanda (age 5) Riverside view
Junkin Joseph 1824 04-03-1849 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside view
Long Infant (no dates) s/o Mr. & Mrs. Harry Long Riverside view
Merritt Rebecca (no dates) Riverside view
Yager Tammy 01-10-1962 02-23-2003 Riverside view
Unnamed Soldiers Commemorative Battle of Marianna Riverside view
Bosland Bryan 1976 2003 Riverside view
Davis Katharine Fleming 12-27-1886 12-11-1977 Riverside view
Fite Lottie McQuagge 02-05-1920 04-10-2014 w/o John Fite Riverside view
Harrison Rosaland Wade 03-27-1929 05-31-2009 d/o Ralph & Blanche Harrison Riverside view
Trotter Rosby 1909 1964 Riverside view
Bruner Jacob 01-27-1916 06-23-1998 US Army WW II (two markers noted) Riverside view
Carkhuff Doris Bryan 03-16-1923 06-28-2014 w/o Edwin Carkhuff Riverside view
Farmer Ruth (Nana) Miller 09-10-1925 10-18-2015 w/o Snowden Farmer married 06-25-1946 Riverside view
Land Ed 09-16-1928 04-05-2015 h/o Annett Land Riverside view
Pumphrey R.A. 01-05-1902 09-01-1962 h/o Helen Pumphrey (two markers noted) Riverside view
Sykes Lucile Folsom 11-22-1903 02-11-1990 w/o Brian Sykes Riverside view
Nelson Asa Jr. 10-18-1913 05-27-1982 Riverside view
Pittman McKinley 12-25-1900 01-18-1935 h/o Evie Pittman Riverside view
Stewart Baby Boy (one date) 09-22-1956 Riverside view
Arrington Aggie (one date) 12-18-1944 Riverside view
Liviston Mary (no birth) 04-27-1908 w/o John Liviston Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside view
Dykes Alice Pelt 03-03-1896 04-15-1952 w/o Joe Dykes Riverside view
Kingry Ada Bruner 03-25-1872 12-05-1962 Riverside view
Habin Charles 09-02-1916 11-09-1919 s/o C.A. & M.A. Habin Riverside view
Anderson George Jr. 11-07-1961 12-03-2003 Riverside view
Farrion Laura Dekle 11-05-1857 01-13-1911 w/o J.D. Farrior Riverside view
Funderburk Ray 11-12-1903 11-14-1986 h/o Malissie Funderburk Riverside view
Herrert Dorothy 1938 2013 Riverside view
Patrick M.V. Sr. 1868 1946 Riverside view
Davis Leroy 03-02-1918 01-10-1975 (US Army) Riverside view
Johnson Nellie 04-14-1892 04-06-1976 w/o Simmon Johnson Riverside view
Lewis Richard 08-24-1849 10-12-1920 h/o Bettie McNealy Lewis Riverside view
Truempt Anna Suter 01-08-1891 12-13-1982 w/o Fred Truempt Riverside view
Winslett Merrill Young 05-28-1908 06-25-1975 Riverside view
Melton Ryals "Junior" 01-09-1940 09-01-2017 h/o Jeanette Melton (obituary info) Riverside view
Bevis Annie O'Neal 07-20-1871 10-15-1959 w/o Elbert Bevis Riverside view
Ivey Allie Henderson 09-19-1889 01-03-1970 w/o Henry Ivey Riverside view
Lee Stella Newsome 05-12-1914 12-14-2012 Riverside view
Beall Jean Nichols 09-14-1924 10-06-1997 w/o Roy Beall Jr. Riverside view
Corrine Scruggs 1905 1977 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside view
Nelson Asa Sr. 01-10-1877 12-25-1922 Riverside view
Schoenhals Infant 02-28-1928 02-28-1928 s/o Mr. & Mrs. R.M. Schoenhals Riverside view
Stewart Infant 09-06-1972 09-06-1972 d/o John & Sue Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside view
Baker Christaner 07-10-1906 06-04-1937 Riverside view
Page Walter 1879 12-23-1910 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside view
Beard Dorothy Dekle 07-01-1906 01-13-1994 w/o James Beard Riverside view
Byrd Clara Thompson 05-15-1902 01-25-1991 w/o Bennie Byrd Riverside view
Cox Pocahontas 1870 1946 Riverside view
Green A.J. 01-08-1925 07-19-2014 (US Army Broz Star WW II) Riverside view
Dickson Mary Gammon 09-03-1892 04-03-1985 w/o Marmaduke Dickson Sr. Riverside view
Pelt Thelma Metcalf 11=07-1904 09-27-1933 w/o Lee Pelt Riverside view
Watson Susie Cobb 09-06-1869 01-24-1940 d/o H.J. & Lucy Watson Riverside view
Gaal Harry 05-10-1931 05-28-1994 Riverside view
Hersey Jean Mayhall Campbell 07-27-1921 07-11-2007 Riverside view
Long Lois Stanley 08-21-1913 05-26-2006 w/o Harry Long Riverside view
Patrick M.V. Jr. 09-19-1907 02-22-1953 Riverside view
Roberts Essie Taylor 07-06-1893 10-12-1980 w/o Jackson Roberts Riverside view
Adams Clifton 1918 1976 Riverside view
Boucher Fred 12-02-1910 01-01-1984 h/o Ella Mae Boucher Riverside view
Fiveash I. Sweitzer 03-12-1888 09-26-1963 h/o Mary Emma Fiveash (Mason) Riverside view
Johnson Pauline Ryals 08-01-1942 02-22-2012 Riverside view
Lewis Rosa Knapp - Stevens 07-18-1888 11-29-1975 w/o Arthur Lewis Riverside view
Truempt Fred 08-03-1891 03-08-1948 h/o Anna Truempt Riverside view
Winston Jackie (no birth) 1981 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside view
Harris M. Laura Hinson & Fellows 01-28-1896 12-05-1981 Riverside view
Haney Louise Patrick 07-19-1930 12-23-1993 Riverside view
Ivey Dorothy Spencer 11-08-1921 10-06-1962 Riverside view
Lee Warren 02-06-1932 09-12-1932 Riverside view
Beall Kitty Howard 05-10-1898 02-28-1976 w/o Roy Beall Sr. Riverside view
Bush Janice 10-24-1944 (undated) w/o David Bush Riverside view
Costello Joseph 1958 1980 Riverside view
Purgin Willard 04-01-1927 03-04-2005 Riverside view
Symonds Idalia Jones 1870 1947 w/o Frederick Symonds Riverside view
Williams Evelyn Sandusky 1911 1934 Riverside view
Nelson Hariett 02-18-1879 06-07-1905 Riverside view
Stewart J.C. 08-20-1927 09-02-1986 Riverside view
Ricciardi Marc 08-08-1952 07-13-2006 Riverside view
Baker Richard 12-01-1906 06-20-1941 Riverside view
Byrd June 06-13-1928 04-18-2010 Riverside view
Howard Harriet 03-02-1950 10-20-2009 Riverside view
Lane Daniel 01-13-1917 06-19-1982 (US Army) Riverside view
Mayo W.H. 08-12-1881 12-05-1956 h/o Lucy Mayo Riverside view
Cemetery: Gunn Methodist
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Jernigan Mary McCrae 12-24-1852 12-25-1902 d/o C.M. & Abagail Jernigan Gunn Methodist view
Lockhart Oscar 09-02-1872 09-02-1898 s/o J.R. & Mary Lockhart Gunn Methodist view
Irwin Sarah Hamilton 03-30-1844 04-28-1884 w/o Joseph Irwin Gunn Methodist view
Bland C. Clarence 10-04-1907 11-22-1936 Gunn Methodist view
Lockhart Samuel 09-09-1879 01-12-1914 s/o J.R. & Mary Lockhart Gunn Methodist view
Oswald Hiram 03-06-1836 04-19-1919 h/o Ann Victoria Oswald Gunn Methodist view
Askew T.J. (dates illedgeable) (Askew Plot) (missed on archival surveys) Gunn Methodist view
Hicks Carrie Watford 08-21-1893 11-11-1986 w/o Benjamin Hicks Gunn Methodist view
Cemetery: Bascom Baptist
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Poyner Mabel Bevis 03-02-1898 10-08-1985 Bascom Baptist view
Rogers Maude Oswald 10-05-1912 01-08-1971 w/o John Rogers Bascom Baptist view
Conrad Mary Pellie 09-15-1906 03-15-1961 w/o Clarence Conrad Bascom Baptist view
Tipton Clemmie Nichols 10-08-1878 01-19-1962 w/o Gilbert Tipton Bascom Baptist view
Annis Muriel Boone 02-01-1924 04-11-2005 w/o Isadore M. Annis married 06-01-1943 Bascom Baptist view
Bevis C. A. 1860 1910 h/o Jennie Bevis Bascom Baptist view
Tipton Gilbert 10-26-1878 12-11-1965 h/o Clemmie Tipton Bascom Baptist view
Russell Betty Anderson 05-10-1939 09-02-2014 w/o John Russell Bascom Baptist view
Hatcher Whitfield 06-11-1913 06-23-1913 s/o M and M T.W. Hatcher Bascom Baptist view
Everson W.F. (Frank) Sr. 08-14-1922 01-09-1998 Bascom Baptist view
Rogers Sarah Hickman 04-16-1935 (undated) Bascom Baptist view
Cook M.E. 1825 1904 Bascom Baptist view
Cemetery: Cowpen Pond
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Moneyham Louis 12-11-1828 03-09-1875 (two markers noted) Civil War (Co F 2nd US Vol Inf) Cowpen Pond view
Hewett Julia 12-20-1841 03-02-1926 w/o E.W. Hewett Cowpen Pond view
Fears Linda Neel 01-02-1949 (undated) w/o James Fears Cowpen Pond view
Baker Christian 02-20-1789 10-12-1856 w/o John Baker (marker not found) 2000 survey next to Reiser plot Cowpen Pond view
Jackson G. Marion 03-10-1897 01-21-1926 Cowpen Pond view
Allen Emma 08-26-1868 10-21-1920 w/o R.V. Allen Cowpen Pond view
Stephens Leon 07-16-1893 10-11-1962 Cowpen Pond view
Hamilton Henry 01-24-1888 07-21-1952 h/o Lydia Hamilton Cowpen Pond view
Brogdon Henry 02-20-1897 02-21-1936 h/o Nan Brogdon Cowpen Pond view
Neel Argenia 09-29-1852 08-02-1895 w/o Bennett Neel Cowpen Pond view
Weeks J.C. (no dates) (limestone) archival survey info Cowpen Pond view
Moneyham Infant 12-04-1922 12-04-1922 i/o John & E.E. Moneyham Cowpen Pond view
Hewett Joseph 04-19-1879 09-11-1930 Cowpen Pond view
Atwell Lovie 08-10-1897 01-02-1988 Cowpen Pond view
Richardson Ann Basford 01-16-1945 09-15-2009 w/o Jim Richardson married 05-09-1970 Cowpen Pond view
Hamilton Edna Neel 01-07-1925 04-19-2007 Cowpen Pond view
Allen Charlton 04-18-1892 12-23-1912 s/o R.V. and M.E. Allen Cowpen Pond view
Hamilton Henry 08-09-1881 09-09-1881 s/o Zack and Celia Hamilton Cowpen Pond view
Moneyham Tinnie McDaniel 09-17-1869 07-23-1948 w/o Charlie Moneyham Cowpen Pond view
Bradley Cecil 09-01-1917 11-05-1928 Cowpen Pond view
Weeks M. (no dates) (limestone) archival survey info Cowpen Pond view
Hamilton Infant (no dates) I/o Z. & Mamie Cowpen Pond view
Weeks Mrs. M.F. (limestone no dates) (archival survey info) Cowpen Pond view
Hand Falena 11-14-1908 05-27-1909 Cowpen Pond view
Moneyham Albert 11-01-1924 02-22-1936 Cowpen Pond view
Hewett John 10-07-1865 07-14-1943 h/o Ada Hewett Cowpen Pond view
Reiser Mary 1822 03-19-1856 w/o C. Reiser Cowpen Pond view
Hamilton Edgar (Edd) 08-22-1896 04-28-1977 h/o Alice Hamilton (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond view
Alford Viola 05-20-1903 01-17-1928 Cowpen Pond view
Basford Lydia Sellers 05-07-1817 06-20-1899 w/o John Basford Cowpen Pond view
Stephens Infant Twins 04-12-1940 04-12-1940 d's/o Emmett and Eunice Stephens Cowpen Pond view
Tyus Vergelina 06-26-1928 09-08-2012 w/o Troy Sr. Tyus Cowpen Pond view
Neel C.A. 06-20-1886 04-19-1939 h/o Mallissie Neel Cowpen Pond view
Hamilton Frank 09-11-1889 (no death stamped) Cowpen Pond view
Moneyhan J.D. 01-29-1859 03-24-1934 Cowpen Pond view
Bennett Roy 01-14-1892 09-21-1912 Cowpen Pond view
Weeks Myriam (one date) 11-25-1888 Cowpen Pond view
Weeks Miller 03-26-1898 08-02-1948 h/o Mary L. Weeks Cowpen Pond view
Neel John 10-02-1880 06-27-1915 Cowpen Pond view
Hand Fransinna Basford 02-06-1883 06-28-1956 w/o George Hand Cowpen Pond view
Hewett J.M. 11-04-1837 12-30-1912 Cowpen Pond view
Dykes Martha 08-31-1892 07-22-1954 w/o Joe Dykes Cowpen Pond view
Hamilton Eddie 10-02-1944 10-02-1944 Cowpen Pond view
Aldermon Infant 03-01-1934 03-01-1934 c/o Mr. and Mrs. Lee Aldermon Cowpen Pond view
Basford Lousia Bassett 06-19-1845 09-09-1918 2nd w/o Chesterfield Basford Cowpen Pond view
Cemetery: Gordon
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Anderson Thelma 01-13-1906 03-22-1982 w/o Atwood H. Anderson Gordon view
Jeffcoat Amanda 02-27-1851 05-12-1912 w/o Joshua Jeffcoat Gordon view
Granger Zelma Jones 07-04-1902 10-07-1969 Gordon view
McLendon L. B. 02-09-1880 10-17-1956 (Mason Symbol) Gordon view
Moates A.J. (no birth) 04-10-1917 Gordon view
Espy Louise 01-05-1898 01-07-1898 d/o W.M.& B.G.Espy Gordon view
Long Bedie 09-15-1882 02-20-1904 s/o N.B. & Annie Long Gordon view
Shehane Ludie Ludlum 08-01-1916 12-15-1986 Gordon view
Ogletree Edd 11-01-1903 11-22-1922 s/o Edward & Fronie Ogletree Gordon view
Anderson Baby (no dates) Gordon view
Espy Agnes 10-29-1896 07-12-1938 w/o Leo Espy Gordon view
Moates Bobby (no birth) 08-20-1919 Gordon view
Cartier Margaret Snead 12-20-1880 04-07-1959 Gordon view
Long C.W. Sr. 02-17-1861 03-08-1927 Gordon view
Arnold Doris 10-23-1910 08-12-1999 (in Godfrey plot) Gordon view
Ogletree Fronie Smith 03-06-1880 05-13-1962 w/o Edward Ogletree Gordon view
White Eva Bruce 1881 1966 w/o Barney B. White unmarked grave (family bible) Gordon view
Moates Baby (no birth) 1909 Gordon view
Hall Dixie Vaughn 06-21-1889 11-09-1928 w/o Sam J. Hall Gordon view
Espy Grace Hagins 10-16-1907 05-14-1997 Gordon view
McLendon T. R. Dr. 12-24-1854 09-11-1933 Gordon view
Moates Curtis (no birth) 1931 Gordon view
Peterson R.S. (no dates) CSA (Co I 63 ALA INF) Gordon view
Cawthan C.C. dates missing date missing (archival survey marker now missing) Broken headstone Gordon view
Long Kate 11-12-1917 11-12-1917 (located next to N.B. Long) Gordon view
Shelley Billy 09-17-1928 10-11-1995 h/o Henrietta F. Shelley Gordon view
Jones Emily Blocker 01-06-1831 01-25-1916 unmarked adult adjacent Gordon view
Askew H.J. 06-07-1838 10-05-1898 h/o Sallie S. Askew Gordon view
Jeffcoat Devata 08-01-1921 10-24-2016 w/o Roy Paul Jeffcoat married 04-10-1938 Gordon view
Pynes Rutha Knotts 1780 1856 w/o Daniel Pynes Gordon PDF icon More Info view
McNeil J. L. 1879 1961 (Mason Symbol) Gordon view
Moates D. M. (no birth) 05-13-1929 Gordon view
Cemetery: Friendship Baptist
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Hall L.D. Jr. 11-20-1921 05-27-1987 h/o Gladys Hall US Navy WW II (two markers noted) Friendship Baptist view
Burroughs Baby (no dates) Friendship Baptist view
Peeler Infant (one date) 04-16-1943 s/o Nick & Cleorice Peeler Friendship Baptist view
Bazemore Amanda 04-10-1831 08-24-1902 w/o G.F. Bazemore Friendship Baptist view
Tidwell Lucile Baxter 02-17-1922 09-30-1972 h/o Troy E. Tidwell Friendship Baptist view
Bedsole Myrtle Smith 09-26-1911 12-11-1935 Friendship Baptist view
Ferguson J.H. Jr. 12-20-1883 10-28-1915 h/o Mattie Helms Ferguson Friendship Baptist view
Tipton Causey Ham 09-15-1924 02-07-2008 Friendship Baptist view
Avery Willie no date no date Friendship Baptist view
Taylor Infant (one date) 12-30-1932 c/o Mr. & Mrs. C.A. Taylor Friendship Baptist view
Conrad Infant (no dates) i/o Mr. & Mrs. A.B. Conrad Friendship Baptist view
Peeler Jean 07-19-1936 no date w/o Robert Allen Peeler married 05-06-1955 Friendship Baptist view
Bazemore Charlie 03-27-1873 08-06-1884 s/o C.F. & Amamda Bazemore Friendship Baptist view
Newton Maude 01-20-1990 08-21-1951 w/o Charlie C. Newton Friendship Baptist view
Bedsole Roswell 01-13-1887 02-15-1931 h/o Josie O. Bedsole Friendship Baptist view
Turner Belle McDaniel 02-05-1862 02-05-1920 Friendship Baptist view
Herring Bertha Martin 07-28-1889 09-14-1980 w/o Howard Leroy Herring Friendship Baptist view
Surber Infant (one date) 10-19-1940 s/o Mr. & Mrs. L.M. Surber Friendship Baptist view
Conrad Infant (no dates) s/o Mr. & Mrs. A.B. Conrad Friendship Baptist view
Hand Ella Harrell 10-17-1869 04-25-1929 w/o William C. Hand Friendship Baptist view
Chambliss Q. T. 08-08-1913 02-27-1991 h/o Millie Rodger Chambliss Friendship Baptist view
Hall Lamar 01-02-1923 10-28-1942 Friendship Baptist view
Rodgers Jewell Hall 07-31-1920 01-27-1941 Friendship Baptist view
Wilson Josie Sewell 11-08-1878 12-30-1964 w/o James Nesbit Wilson Friendship Baptist view
Bazemore Josephine 1853 1934 Friendship Baptist view
Fears Merita 08-24-1944 03-04-1965 Friendship Baptist view
Newton Nadine 05-10-1919 11-29-1999 Friendship Baptist view
Tidwell Sarah Anderson 06-13-1844 04-08-1925 w/o William J. Tidwell Friendship Baptist view
Barrentine Callie Grice 10-11-1889 10-02-1983 w/o Cleave Barrentine Friendship Baptist view
Evans Tyler 1865 1940 archival survey (marker not found) Friendship Baptist view
Standland Cyntha N. 09-25-1886 11-16-1890 Friendship Baptist view
Hall L.D. Jr. 11-20-1921 05-27-1987 h/o Gladys A. Hall (RHMI US NAVY WW II ) Friendship Baptist view
Granger Theresa 10-14-1896 01-27-1968 d/o Pridgeon & Edna Granger Friendship Baptist view
Jones Troy 07-04-1900 01-15-1948 Friendship Baptist view
Bazemore Robert 02-23-1868 08-25-1884 s/o C.F. & Amanda Bazemore Friendship Baptist view
Fears Otis 01-24-1919 07-19-1936 s/o R.B. & Docia Fears Friendship Baptist view
Tidwell Thomas M. 1864 1945 h/o Margeret E. Tidwell Friendship Baptist view
Floyd B.S. 03-06-1847 06-03-1922 h/o Catherin J. Floyd (PVT CO C 1 FL Reserves CSA) Friendship Baptist view
Barrentine Cleave 09-16-1889 11-04-1972 h/o Callie Grice Barrentine Friendship Baptist Microsoft Office document icon More Info.doc view
Matthews Thomas 02-04-1872 09-21-1937 h/o Corinna Matthews Friendship Baptist view
Cemetery: Pine Crest
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Goodson Tim 10-07-1935 10-13-2017 h/o Myrlene Goodson (obituary info) Pine Crest view
Berry Spurgeon 01-14-1943 11-29-1997 Pine Crest view
Lynch Ernestine Difan 04-21-1901 09-22-1991 Pine Crest view
Gibson Richard 06-10-1922 02-18-1979 h/o Mavis Byrd Gibson (SOM 2 US Navy WW II) Pine Crest view
McGehee Sue Brewer 10-13-1922 12-26-2004 w/o Fred Symond McGehee Pine Crest view
Sims June 1928 1974 h/o Jimmie Sue Sims Pine Crest view
Campbell Jeannett Morris 05-19-1926 06-17-2017 (Mausoleum) Pine Crest view
Freni Albert 1920 1989 h/o Tina Freni Pine Crest view
Morgan Mildred Fellows 03-13-1910 03-19-1996 w/o Arvel Lewis Morgan Pine Crest view
Sweeney Statira Rawls 07-15-1910 10-10-2002 Pine Crest view
Craycraft Barbara Banks 03-24-1951 (undated) w/o Claude Windell Craycraft Pine Crest view
Burk W. D. 1914 1987 Pine Crest view
Hand Arland 01-29-1907 06-18-1993 h/o Audrey McLeod Hand (see Audrey McLeod Hand) Pine Crest view
Rotolo Phil 09-09-1935 02-13-2003 h/o Junelle E. Rotolo Pine Crest view
Basford Burnice O'Connor 04-26-1913 11-16-2011 w/o Olen Basford Pine Crest view
Everitt Larry 1943 1960 Pine Crest view
Parks Ruth Neely 01-21-1915 11-08-2005 w/o John Glenn Parks Pine Crest view
Roberts Al 06-09-1917 04-25-1996 h/o Frances L. Roberts (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest view
Spivey Harold 11-13-1927 11-23-2004 h/o Mildred Spivey Pine Crest view
Houyoux Eleanor 1920 (undated) w/o John Houyoux Married 03-29-1941 Pine Crest view
Wilde Pamela 1953 2009 Pine Crest view
Tillman David 09-09-1943 02-22-2015 (two markers noted) Pine Crest view
Barris Gloria Arno 1926 2014 w/o Ralph Burris Pine Crest view
Henderson Marlene Hurst 08-25-1940 07-18-2003 Pine Crest view
Propps Eunice 07-26-1907 03-12-1999 Pine Crest view
Simpson Clyde 1921 1974 Pine Crest view
Miller Hoovie Nowell 11-08-1928 (undated) Pine Crest view
Newton Frances 03-27-1944 no date w/o Jimmie Doyle Newton (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest view
Luckie Rosemary Therrien 06-27-1952 (undated) w/o Dr. Arthur Lee Luckie Pine Crest view
Uptagrafft Robert 1953 2003 h/o L. Catherine Uptagrafft (two markers noted) Pine Crest view
Craycraft Clara 05-19-1912 02-04-1999 w/o Cliff Craycraft Pine Crest view
Rudd Infant (one date) 12-05-1972 Pine Crest view
Stewart Frankie Linton 1940 (undated) w/o Carroll Wayne Stewart Pine Crest view
Gone Home (no dates) Geradine Neale (died Sept. 2010) Pine Crest view
Jarmon Theresa Coleman 04-03-1930 12-11-2013 Pine Crest view
Williams Ryals Jr. 08-12-1932 05-03-1973 (SFC US Army Korea & Vietnam) Pine Crest view
French H.A. 1920 2013 (Mausoleum) Pine Crest view
Brown A. C. 03-11-1908 07-25-1988 Pine Crest view
Mathis Jamsey 1912 1974 h/o Lola Mae Mathis Pine Crest view
Spivey Mildred 08-21-1928 10-26-2009 w/o Harold Spivey married 03-27-1946 Pine Crest view
Timmons Drew 08-23-1959 09-16-2000 (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest view
Wiley Edwina Fiveash 01-15-1922 12-13-2009 w/o Fred Gayle Wiley (married 07-31-1945) Pine Crest view
Bowen Belinda 01-22-1952 07-11-1963 Pine Crest view
Maddox Leona Wills 09-18-1875 08-18-1959 w/o William Taylor Maddox Pine Crest view
Smith Louise Dodd 06-03-1950 (undated) w/o Dale M. Smith Pine Crest view
Gay Frances Hill 01-11-1926 02-12-1976 Pine Crest view
Chason Dorothy Browning 05-19-1935 2014 w/o Eugene Chason Pine Crest view
Dinisman Max 01-24-1908 09-18-1996 (T Sgt US Army WW II) Pine Crest view
Jeter Jimmy F. Sr. 06-19-1927 02-27-1979 (S SGT US Army Korea & Vietnam) Pine Crest view
Lynch Burt 1896 1967 h/o Sullie A. Lynch Pine Crest view
Mader Sharon Cook 05-01-1947 (undated) w/o John Mader Pine Crest view
Uptagrafft L. Catherine 1945 2013 w/o Robert Uptagrafft (two markers noted) Pine Crest view
Hand Herman 06-16-1928 06-23-2006 h/o Liddie H. Hand (US Army Korea) Pine Crest view
Indingaro Karen Drummond 02-17-1951 no date w/o Michael Gerard Indingaro married 01-15-1976 Pine Crest view
Pettis Cecil 07-30-1936 05-18-2003 h/o Charlene Pettis Pine Crest view
Stewart Sandra Odom 10-19-1952 02-08-1995 Pine Crest view
Land Nell (no dates) (Mausoleum) Pine Crest view
Tipton C.B. Jr. 1919 1995 h/o Tennie Louise Tipton (US Navy WW II, Korea & Vietnam) Pine Crest view
Vlieg Bernard 03-14-1927 09-06-2011 (Mausoleum) Pine Crest view
McCrary Timothy (Tim) 04-05-1950 06-26-2017 h/o Connie McCrary Pine Crest view
Cesar M.D. Landelino 09-25-1923 no date (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest view
Tibitts Nadine Crumpler 04-29-1936 08-12-1979 Pine Crest view
Weston Erin 07-05-1912 01-18-2000 w/o Lawrence Weston Pine Crest view
Chason Eugene 09-14-1932 01-05-2003 h/o Dorothy Browning Chason (SM SGT USAF) Bronze Star Medal Pine Crest view
McGill Leila 08-20-1894 07-06-1982 Pine Crest view
Pumphrey Jean Hamaker 1923 1996 (Mausoleum) Pine Crest view
Tate Herman 07-10-1911 10-20-1989 Pine Crest view
Craycraft Cliff 10-11-1907 03-26-1984 h/o Clara Craycraft Pine Crest view
Pettis Charlene 06-15-1937 (undated) w/o Cecil Pettis married 11-04-1955 Pine Crest view
Cemetery: Rocky Grove
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Evans Florence Dugger 11-19-1856 03-15-1939 w/o Thomas Z. Evans Rocky Grove view
Wright Albert 04-21-1894 10-21-1945 h/o Minnie Baxter Wright married 12-02-1917 Rocky Grove view
Robinson Hugh Jr. 03-17-1837 03-17-1892 h/o Unity Baxter Robinson married 04-18-1850 Rocky Grove PDF icon More Info view
Mercer Infant 04-15-1898 04-15-1898 s/o M.J. & S.S. Mercer Rocky Grove view
Evens Infant 01-08-1914 01-09-1914 s/o Thomas & Maudie Evans (correct spelling Evens) Rocky Grove view
Wright Minnie Baxter 10-01-1894 05-17-1956 w/o Albert Wright married 12-02-1917 Rocky Grove view
Robinson Infant 08-08-1900 08-08-1900 s/o Charlie & Georgia Ducker Robinson Rocky Grove view
Murdock Baby 1934 1934 Rocky Grove view
Chumney Nancy Baxter 1833 1900 w/o James C. Chumney married 06-12-1855 Rocky Grove view
Robinson Seab 07-25-1917 06-26-1994 h/o Alice Robinson Rocky Grove view
Robinson Alice Burke 11-21-1909 10-13-1996 w/o Marvin Robinson married 10-30-1927 Rocky Grove view
Murdock Jordon 1935 1941 Rocky Grove view
Coleman Aaron 1939 1945 s/o Gordon & Thelma Ritcherson Coleman Rocky Grove view
Cemetery: New Harmony
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Granger Mattie Guy 11-06-1898 01-08-1970 w/o G. Dewey Granger New Harmony view
Tindell Infant 07-10-1941 07-10-1941 s/o Albert & Bessie New Harmony view
Tindell Mary 07-26-1896 05-16-1963 w/o Vester Tindell New Harmony view
Herring E.A.G. 01-12-1883 04-07-1961 h/o Elizabeth Virginia Herring New Harmony view
Granger Ruby (Brandy) Askew 03-27-1906 08-20-1992 w/o John Granger New Harmony view
Tindell James Jr. 09-12-1930 02-11-1952 s/o James & Mary New Harmony view
Burkett Victora 07-10-1900 10-23-1961 w/o Grover Burkett New Harmony view
Cemetery: Greenwood Baptist
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Butler Mrs. Sarah 05-01-1814 08-11-1875 Greenwood Baptist view
Mickel Kathryn Speigner 02-12-1941 10-31-2016 w/o John Wesley Mickel married 12-20-1958 Greenwood Baptist view
Godwin J.W. 05-16-1840 12-13-1904 h/o Jennie Godwin Greenwood Baptist view
Edwards Pattie 12-27-1847 12-26-1917 Greenwood Baptist view
Corder Infant 08-01-1894 08-21-1894 s/o A.B. and Yullee Corder (aged 20 days) Greenwood Baptist view
Wombwell Rev. J.H. 09-27-1822 07-13-1959 Greenwood Baptist view
Anderson Gladys Welch 03-16-1903 03-04-1992 w/o Walter Bryan Jr. Greenwood Baptist view
Stewart Martha 11-21-1858 09-13-1928 w/o Harmon Stewart Greenwood Baptist view
Anderson Ruby Conrad 10-30-1903 05-31-1980 w/o Jacob Anderson Greenwood Baptist view
Erwin Lucy Whithall 10-16-1902 04-07-1992 Greenwood Baptist view
Teague Alden 04-01-1903 10-02-1982 h/o Venie Teague Greenwood Baptist view
Sasser Jewel Evan 11-13-1922 04-18-2007 w/o Thomas Sasser Greenwood Baptist view
Butler William 1803 1885 Greenwood Baptist view
Anderson Infant 07-21-1933 07-24-1933 d/o Jake and Ruby Anderson Greenwood Baptist view
Bryan Adelia Pender 12-17-1884 12-23-1984 w/o Frank Bryan (two markers noted) Greenwood Baptist view
Cemetery: Collins Baptist
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Dekle Reaber 10-07-1912 05-29-1913 d/o Mr. & Mrs. E.L. Dekle Collins Baptist view
Hewett Aaron 01-08-1926 05-11-1993 h/o Minnie Mae Smith Hewett US Army WW II Collins Baptist view
Baxter Solomon 11-03-1827 02-16-1892 Collins Baptist view
Pear Lena Scammell 1875 1952 w/o William H. Pear Collins Baptist view
Lockstead Merle (no dates) (in Lockstead plot) Collins Baptist view
Wilson Daughter 01-03-1910 03-09-1913 d/o JWT. & ENA. Collins Baptist view
Baxter Chester 11-25-1918 08-23-1974 h/o Dorothy Baxter US Army WW II (two markers noted) Collins Baptist view
Mathews Oza Kirkland 01-10-1899 12-17-1989 w/o John Carson Mathews Collins Baptist view
Stoutamire Will no date no date h/o Jenny Jacobs Collins Baptist view
Smith Drew 07-10-1908 06-18-1956 h/o Barnie Lee King Smith married 02-21-1941 Collins Baptist view
Dekle E.L. (Edd) 04-02-1880 01-23-1956 h/o Eva A. Dekle Collins Baptist view
Joiner S. H. 06-22-1872 10-15-1917 Collins Baptist view
McAnulty Alaxander 09-1839 01-16-1889 Collins Baptist PDF icon More Info view
Murdock Voncile Martin 06-24-1930 02-22-1996 w/o Frank Madison Murdock married 09-15-1946 Collins Baptist view
Conrad C. M. 11-06-1862 12-29-1919 Collins Baptist view
Kingry Arthur 04-18-1901 01-30-1991 h/o Ruby M. Kingry Collins Baptist view
Peeler Katie Burnhan 07-31-1905 09-12-1977 Collins Baptist view
Merritt C.L. 08-24-1922 03-04-2004 Collins Baptist view
Fears Ruby 04-30-1921 11-19-1957 Collins Baptist view
Arnold Mary 05-19-1886 12-15-1977 w/o Harmon A. Arnold Collins Baptist view
Smith Hiawatha 03-29-1931 09-14-1942 Collins Baptist view
Joiner Vera 11-13-1903 11-29-1918 Collins Baptist view
Clark Elerjane 12-20-1870 04-13-1941 Collins Baptist view
McAnulty Alba 03-20-1881 05-07-1883 s/o F.A. & Amanda Collins Baptist view
Conrad Exie 03-18-1882 07-22-1917 w/o Benjamin E. Conrad Collins Baptist view
Peeler Infant (no dates) d/o Mr. & Mrs. H.L. Peeler Collins Baptist view
Winget Infant no date no date Collins Baptist view
Baxter Infant (one date) 09-27-1947 d/o Grady & Loudean Baxter Collins Baptist view
Mathews Sally Baxter 07-18-1858 12-12-1912 Collins Baptist view
Suggs Wanda 01-11-1941 no date w/o Dan William Suggs married 0-2-16-1957 Collins Baptist view
Fears Seabron 08-20-1886 12-26-1970 h/o Laura Bell Fears Collins Baptist HTML icon Winson Jacobs Linage.html view
Smith Infant 1939 1939 s/o Arthur Lee & Lola Mae Smith Collins Baptist view
Joiner W.C.C. 1869 1947 h/o Belle M. Joiner Collins Baptist view
McAnulty Amanda 03-11-1842 05-28-1915 w/o F.A. McAnulty Collins Baptist view
Conrad Howard 05-30-1909 12-12-1911 s/o F.M. & Eliza Collins Baptist view
Hodges Baby Boy (one date) 17-18-1959 Collins Baptist view
Cemetery: Campbellton Baptist
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Poyner Bill (Son) (no dates) Campbellton Baptist view
Saunders Betty Carter 05-05-1932 (undated) w/o Ralph Saunders Campbellton Baptist view
Booth Dr. W.R. 10-03-1865 1933 h/o Ammie Booth (Mason) Campbellton Baptist view
Clark Anita Dillard 11-28-1955 (undated) w/o John Michael Clark (married 10-25-1974 Campbellton Baptist view
Roberson Olan 11-30-1927 04-03-2007 h/o Mary Roberson (US Army WW II Philippines) Campbellton Baptist view
Hinson Elizabeth 02-05-1817 06-16-1889 w/o Hadley Hinson Campbellton Baptist view
Carter R. Lorenza 09-17-1928 03-21-1994 h/o Sybyl Carter (two markers noted) Campbellton Baptist view
Wilkes Elson 05-25-1925 11-12-1974 (two markers noted) (US ARMY) Campbellton Baptist view
Tucker Frances 01-24-1917 02-14-1921 Campbellton Baptist view
Mayo Merritt 12-23-1907 12-15-1934 Campbellton Baptist view
Dominey Donnell 05-16-1939 07-10-1992 h/o Catherine Dominey Campbellton Baptist view
Gilbert Sallie Peacock 04-18-1893 03-04-1980 w/o William Gilbert Campbellton Baptist view
Hinson Infant 09-07-1880 11-07-1881 s/o James & Annie Hinson (archival survey info) Campbellton Baptist view
Roberson Nettie Foy 05-06-1878 03-26-1951 w/o John Roberson Campbellton Baptist view
Johnson Daisy 02-27-1882 08-07-1888 (age 6years 5months) Campbellton Baptist view
Zelmhardy Judy 1957 2007 (two markers noted) Campbellton Baptist view
McKinna A.T. 09-20-1863 05-15-1905 Campbellton Baptist view
Illedgeable (marker cut out of Limestone) Campbellton Baptist view
Ross Barbara Walker 1919 1987 w/o John Ross Sr. (Home Missionary S.B.C.) Campbellton Baptist view
Hinson H.H. 07-21-1859 11-15-1918 Campbellton Baptist view
Hinson Doris Tucker 05-03-1921 02-05-2015 w/o John Max Hinson Campbellton Baptist view
Baldwin Hattie 1861 1948 Campbellton Baptist view
Taylor Hazel Pate 02-17-1921 10-25-2003 w/o Tom Taylor Campbellton Baptist view
Parrish Emma Hughes 04-07-1880 04-13-1913 w/o Dr. W.A. Perrish Campbellton Baptist view
Carter J.W. 05-19-1845 08-02-1917 h/o Sallie Carter (two markers noted) Campbellton Baptist view
Tarver Sallie Grant 07-03-1844 10-25-1878 w/o M.C. Tarver Campbellton Baptist view
Thornell Susie 08-24-1888 11-04-1919 w/o J.H. Thornell (WOW) Campbellton Baptist view
Daniel Sallie 01-08-1846 12-17-1885 w/o W.J. Daniel d/o C.A. & Roqusey Dekle Campbellton Baptist view
Unknown (know only to God) (one of many forgotten ancestors) Campbellton Baptist view
Greenwood Rhet 01-08-1873 08-28-1952 Campbellton Baptist view
Hinson Hallie 08-07-1905 09-08-1906 d/o A.B. & M.P. Hinson Campbellton Baptist view
Roberson Fletcher 03-27-1920 05-14-2000 h/o Elsie Roberson (two markers noted) Campbellton Baptist view
Hinson Dick 08-17-1917 12-1918 Campbellton Baptist view
Avery Clarence 09-24-1907 02-12-1989 Campbellton Baptist view
Cemetery: Hickory Grove
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Ditty Carson 11-08-1910 11-01-1965 h/o Ruth & Dottie Ditty Hickory Grove view
Ditty Father & Mother (no dates) (double headstone) married 03-05-1957 Hickory Grove view
Conrad Noah 03-30-1918 08-24-1973 (Pvt US Army WW II) Hickory Grove view
Glass M. Jeannette 06-07-1932 11-29-2000 Hickory Grove view
Hatcher Mahanna 02-20-1888 02-28-1938 w/o James Jesse Hatcher Hickory Grove view
Tidwell G.D. 10-05-1911 06-13-1991 h/o Mattie Tidwell Hickory Grove view
Yarborough Ellie Eston 09-16-1902 12-24-1932 Hickory Grove view
Long Ollie 12-12-1903 08-09-1924 Hickory Grove view
Ditty Infant (one date) 01-03-1934 s/o Winson & Malvie Ditty Hickory Grove view
Robinson Mavis Williams 11-12-1916 12-29-2004 w/o Johnny Robinson Hickory Grove view
Conrad Martha Clark 03-21-1880 11-01-1935 w/o James Conrad Hickory Grove view
Tidwell Eunice 10-19-1884 07-21-1920 w/o M.D. Tidwell Hickory Grove view
Jackson Maggie 10-11-1887 10-30-1927 Hickory Grove view
Conrad W.A. 03-15-1869 09-01-1940 h/o S.A. Conrad Hickory Grove view
Illegible illegible 11-04-1891 06-13-1913 Hickory Grove view
Drawdy Elaine 12-12-1952 10-24-2010 Hickory Grove view
Cemetery: Clayton
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone More Info
Hart Infants (no dates) (infants of Mr. & Mrs. C.L. Hart) (four infant slabs) Clayton view
Hart Susan Hughes 03--17-1853 02-17-1897 w/o Joshua Hart Married 07-02-1868 Clayton PDF icon More Info view
Granger Addie 01-05-1886 03-30-1926 w/o Josh V. Granger Clayton view
Miller M.C. 03-22-1925 04-18-1993 (two markers noted) Clayton view
West Infant (no dates) d/o Bennie & Texas West Clayton view
Jordon Rudolph 04-03-1937 04-09-1939 s/o Bufford & Bulah Nae Jordon Clayton view
Hart Ida 03-12-1880 09-15-1901 Clayton <