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Cemetery: Mt Olive Baptist
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Kirkland Hosea 05-20-1904 05-14-1970 h/o Jewell E. Kirkland Mt Olive Baptist
Turner W.E. 12-11-1848 07-13-1923 h/o C.D. Turner Mt Olive Baptist
Robinson Addis 1893 1960 (two markers noted) Mt Olive Baptist
Brooks Myrtle Helms 03-30-1912 11-25-1985 w/o James S. Brooks Identical adult slab below Mt Olive Baptist
Kirkland J. W. 09-09-1889 12-21-1965 h/o Cora Kirkland Mt Olive Baptist
Watford Fauline 02-23-1923 08-03-1998 (two markers noted) (PVT US Army WW II) Mt Olive Baptist
Hartzog Infant 03-17-1997 03-17-1997 c/o Jessie Hartzog archival survey (marker unfound) Mt Olive Baptist
Chandler L. E. 07-12-1900 01-18-1980 h/o Maye Chandler Mt Olive Baptist
Eddins Gladys Parmer 07-10-1920 03-29-2002 w/o Henry Haise Eddins married 12-24-1947 Mt Olive Baptist
Phillips Bertha 07-12-1899 11-07-1976 w/o Charlie Phillips Mt Olive Baptist
Strickland Patsy 12-04-1941 10-12-2004 Mt Olive Baptist
Hartzog Infant (one date) 09-17-1925 archival survey (marker unfound) Mt Olive Baptist
Kirkland Bobbie 07-13-1940 06-08-1959 d/o Ezzie & Earline Kirkland Mt Olive Baptist
Ross R.R. 1914 1963 h/o Evelyne Ross (three markers noted) Mt Olive Baptist
Ross Thomas 12-07-1894 04-26-1991 h/o Pinkie R. Ross Mt Olive Baptist
Cozart Roy 10-08-1936 10-22-1936 s/o Charles & rosolie Cozar Mt Olive Baptist
Phillips Bud (no dates) Mt Olive Baptist
McKelvain Infants (no dates) i/o Henry & Bertie McKelvain Mt Olive Baptist
Jenkins Grace (no dates) Mt Olive Baptist
Hartzog F. M. 01-17-1883 11-27-1957 h/o Lila Hartzog Mt Olive Baptist
Hartzog George L. 04-04-1905 06-12-1905 archival survey (marker unfound) Mt Olive Baptist
Exum Earl (no dates) s/o Grover & Lola Exum 1957 survey (marker unfound) Mt Olive Baptist
Shiver Brown 08-05-1921 12-21-1949 h/o Katie Nell Robinson Shiver Mt Olive Baptist
Cemetery: Campbellton Baptist
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Hinson Ammie 12-13-1869 09-15-1890 d/o W.H. & Dr. W.R. Hinson (archival survey marker unfound) Campbellton Baptist
Carlisle Elizabeth Gibson 09-04-1849 02-27-1937 w/o Lafayett Carlisle Campbellton Baptist
Denard J.H. 10-01-1856 02-06-1904 h/o Mollie Denard Campbellton Baptist
Anema Marie 1913 (undated) w/o Ralph Anema Campbellton Baptist
Dekle Lena 10-08-1862 12-12-1874 d/o George & Rossey Dekle Campbellton Baptist
Langford Ottis 07-22-1877 08-16-1949 h/o Addie Langford Campbellton Baptist
Denard Grace Boone 1877 1897 w/o Thomas Denard Campbellton Baptist
Hinson Allie 12-09-1867 11-03-1888 Campbellton Baptist
Peacock Norma Talmadge 11-25-1918 03-04-2013 w/o William Peacock Campbellton Baptist
Hinson Bulah 07-24-1888 07-24-1891 Campbellton Baptist
Clarke Sallye Tillinghast 1837 1917 w/o Thomas Clarke Campbellton Baptist
Hinson Sallie 05-11-1869 02-05-1920 w/o Charles Hinson (WOW) Campbellton Baptist
Langford Nellie 09-29-1885 06-07-1981 Campbellton Baptist
Farrior Vesta 12-09-1883 09-17-1884 d/o Dr. J.P. & Greshion Farrior Campbellton Baptist
Foy Adrian 04-21-1893 09-28-1976 h/o Gladys Foy Campbellton Baptist
Wynn Helen 03-09-1893 03-30-1894 (archival survey info) Campbellton Baptist
Hanson Margaret Pierson 05-13-1917 02-07-1981 Campbellton Baptist
Allen Clevester (Jay) 1926 1988 h/o Gertrude Allen Campbellton Baptist
Canaday Jeanette Calloway 08-25-1951 10-17-2003 w/o Michael Canaday Campbellton Baptist
Hinson Bobby 08-08-1876 01-20-1880 Campbellton Baptist
Clark Harry 06-25-1911 12-14-1915 s/o J.C. & Evrie Clark Campbellton Baptist
Cemetery: Riverside
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Crowe Lois Crane 05-26-1928 06-01-2008 Riverside
Edwards Jacklyn 01-05-1946 07-14-2015 Riverside
Nichols Louise 01-29-1929 (undated) w/o Earl Nichols Riverside
McCrary Eleanor Daffin 10-15-1894 03-08-1970 w/o Michael McCrary Riverside
Pomer Raleigh 1905 1977 Riverside
Sexton Gid 10-08-1903 01-01-1952 Riverside
Hawthorn Frank 06-05-1917 12-06-1943 Riverside
Disibio Domenicia 06-20-1926 11-30-1990 Riverside
Golson Ursula Baker 02-14-1889 07-17-1937 w/o Frank Golson Sr. Riverside
Morgan Sallie Garner 01-02-1888 04-02-1930 Riverside
Sally W.B. (no dates) CSA (CSA died 1861 to 1895) Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Steed Theola 12-15-1871 03-09-1946 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Batchelor Ronald 07-07-1952 08-28-2015 Riverside
Pumphrey R.A. 01-05-1902 09-01-1962 (US Navy WW II) (two markers noted) Riverside
Cozart Sarah Fortner 09-08-1936 (undated) w/o Simeon Cozart married 11-06-1959 Riverside
Apostle Anglinio 06-11-1861 01-05-1943 Riverside
Brown C.C. 1900 1937 h/o Callie Brown Riverside
Milton Infant (one date) 04-02-1984 s/o Albert & Kathy Milton Riverside
Robinson Theodore (Bill) 01-15-1907 03-03-1983 h/o Louise Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Sims Paul 11-25-1919 12-24-2010 (two markers noted) (LT COL USAF WW II) Riverside
Bowles Mildred Williams 08-02-1901 04-07-1981 w/o Thomas Bowles Riverside
Rhyne Eugene 07-22-1874 08-05-1945 Riverside
Smith Irma 1872 1956 w/o Lucius Smith Riverside
Connor Samantha 03-12-1861 10-01-1938 Riverside
Crews Roy (Baby) 1969 1969 (two markers noted) Riverside
Ormond Ellie Moore 11-09-1885 10-31-1971 w/o James Ormond Riverside
Sims Paul 11-25-1919 12-24-2010 (two markers noted) (Lt Col USAF) Riverside
Thomas Robert Jr. 10-27-1920 01-26-1961 (Lt JG US Navy WW II) Riverside
Spires Rhebard (no birth) 02-01-1918 Riverside
Green Mamie Ayers 03-03-1933 (undated) w/o Doyle Green Riverside
Stone Ann 10-25-1934 10-26-1934 Riverside
Pumphrey Louise 01-27-1933 04-09-2018 w/o Charles Pumphrey Jr. (Obituaries) Riverside
Dudley Isaac (no dates) US Navy (WW I) Riverside
Bell Louise Snellgrove 08-25-1921 07-15-2011 w/o Perry Bell married 09-14-1940 Riverside
Crutchfield Eddmon (no dates) Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Hughes Charles 1937 2003 Riverside
Pons Lee 04-11-1937 01-17-1994 Riverside
Sexton Madge Kent 10-03-1911 11-23-2003 Riverside
Whitehead Infant (one date) 09-25-1946 d/o Mr. & Mrs. I.C. Whitehead Riverside
Haywood Emily (birth illegible) 12-31-1935 Riverside
Goodwin Lucile Evans 09-13-1903 07-28-1984 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Pierce Elizabeth Lewis 08-16-1909 09-05-1998 w/o Dr. James Pierce Riverside
Salyer James 1938 2002 Riverside
Stephens Gail Davis 08-18-1935 11-09-2006 Riverside
Welch Sarah Justiss 06-07-1907 11-02-1993 w/o Charles Welch Riverside
Burks Sylvester 1930 2015 Riverside
Ganey Albert 1878 1943 h/o Alma Ganey Riverside
Keen Mildred Hooten 08-21-1912 09-30-1980 w/o Charlton Keen Riverside
Peacock Joseph 1940 1988 Riverside
Mabry Talmadge 09-20-1937 08-12-2000 Riverside
Robinson Theodore (Bill) Jr. 08-11-1942 01-21-2010 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Wandeck F. Holmes 10-12-1900 05-12-1979 w/o Johnnie L. Wandeck (US Navy WW I) Riverside
Adkins Pearl Blount 10-14-1904 09-25-1986 Riverside
Unnamed Soldiers (Civil War) (no birth) 09-27-1864 (died in raid on Marianna) Riverside
Skipper Frankey 07-25-1947 06-04-2017 h/o Nieves Skipper Riverside
Davis Asa 12-22-1867 12-28-1929 Riverside
Jenkins Cecil 1904 1978 Riverside
Quinn Kimberly 03-26-1958 12-11-2008 Riverside
Thomas Virginia Adams 10-15-1934 (undated) w/o Leland Charles Thomas Riverside
Cahoon Ruth Hardin 05-25-1904 06-06-1968 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Green William 1926 1996 Riverside
McAnulty Fannie King 07-10-1888 08-18-1941 Riverside
Kirkpatrick Alyce 11-22-1898 11-26-1969 Riverside
Granberry Cleve (no birth) 06-05-1939 US Army (550 Engrs. WW I) Riverside
Crutchfield Nancy (no dates) Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Hutto Ira 10-09-1924 12-17-1989 Riverside
Porter B.L. 07-07-1864 01-15-1929 Riverside
Sexton O.D. 10-08-1903 01-01-1952 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Hearn Isaac (no birth) 01-01-1930 Riverside
Burke Mildred Crane 12-23-1901 01-22-1982 w/o Henry Burke Sr. Riverside
Kirkus Mildred Floyd 09-23-1916 08-12-1951 w/o Austin Kirkus Riverside
Pierce Ella Mae Lewis 10-21-1878 11-02-1975 w/o Dr. Robert Pierce Riverside
Massengill Wy-Nell Justiss 03-16-1931 11-05-1991 w/o Wilton Massengill Riverside
Jones Edward 08-23-1916 07-26-1973 Riverside
Peacock Juanita Smith 07-14-1917 10-08-2001 Riverside
Milton Lucille Truempt 10-27-1921 08-07-1997 w/o Robert Milton (Capt US Army WW II) Riverside
Rodney Frances Harris 11-12-1918 10-04-1995 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Solomon Nell Smith 11-21-1913 01-15-1980 Benjamin Solomon Riverside
Davis Viola Matthews 02-23-1921 10-25-1962 w/o George Davis Riverside
Folsom Anges Allen 09-03-1915 08-29-1996 Riverside
Hathcock M.L. 06-26-1862 02-18-1941 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Parker B.F. (no dates) CSA (died 1861 to 1865) Riverside
Liddon Louise Poston 10-26-1868 02-05-1953 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Melzer Nell Sims 07-30-1922 06-19-2016 w/o George Melzer Riverside
Smith Jewell Weston 01-04-1922 05-17-1995 w/o William Smith married 11-27-1937 Riverside
Womble Juanita 01-20-1920 03-23-1988 Riverside
Davis Brown Wilson (no birth) (abt 1880) w/o Henry B. Davis Riverside
Lewis Bettie McNealy 04-29-1858 12-01-1947 w/o Richard Lewis Riverside
Rabb Bertha Dickson 04-24-1903 05-14-1978 w/o Robert Rabb Riverside
Porter Ada Croft 04-07-1928 10-25-2005 Riverside
Tillinghast Capt. Harrison 09-01-1840 09-17-1862 (died in battle of Antietam MD) Riverside
Calhoun Alleen 1914 1987 Riverside
Early Francis 10-01-1845 05-05-1940 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Greer Ada Sasser 06-05-1904 03-17-1992 w/o Allie Greer (two markers noted) Riverside
Howard Walker 07-22-1908 11-01-1948 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Seay Revaline Revels 05-06-1915 01-16-1991 w/o Linwood Seay Riverside
Norman M. 06-04-1897 12-22-1986 Riverside
Green Emma 01-10-1875 04-14-1937 Riverside
Griggers Ruth Shelley 08-07-1895 11-24-1979 w/o Samuel Griggers Riverside
Sexton M.A. (no birth) 01-02-1929 Riverside
Streetman Laura Price 10-16-1902 10-20-1974 w/o James Streetman Riverside
Hearn W.E. Walter (no birth) 09-12-1941 Riverside
Barrentine Lucy Bragg 07-31-1935 09-26-2016 w/o R.B. Barrentine married 10-24-1951 Riverside
Burke Susan 12-05-1946 03-03-2012 Riverside
Dixon Eva 06-19-1894 04-11-1984 Riverside
Gordy Byron 1899 1937 Riverside
Massey Bobby 09-22-1959 11-17-2007 Riverside
Carter Charles 07-27-1929 12-22-2004 Riverside
Garcia Daniel Sr. 11-28-1909 11-13-1997 Riverside
Hill Delores 09-1927 01-1950 Riverside
Carroll Ola Solomon 06-12-1888 10-23-1918 w/o J.L. Carroll Riverside
Cemetery: Hays Cemetery
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Bell Fannie 1893 1897 Hays Cemetery
Wakefield Lula Hays 04-30-1859 11-05-1941 w/o C.W. Wakefield Hays Cemetery
Hays Amos 10-27-1822 03-19-1885 h/o Mary M. Hays age 62 years 4 mo 22 days Hays Cemetery
Bell Frank 1883 1883 Hays Cemetery
Bell Rosine 1916 1916 Hays Cemetery
Knowles Marion 1824 1824 (archival survey info) Hays Cemetery
Hays Florence 01-26-1862 10-26-1863 d/o Amos and Mary m. Hays Hays Cemetery
Lewis C.W. 01-07-1861 03-12-1903 (archival survey marker unfound) Hays Cemetery
Cemetery: Gunn Methodist
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Anderson Emma 12-08-1852 11-13-1932 w/o J.M. Anderson Gunn Methodist
Simmons Bethany 01-20-1830 04-11-1904 Gunn Methodist
Lovett J.T. 05-02-1903 06-08-1919 s/o R.T. & C.L. Lovett Gunn Methodist
Jordan Lonnie Pool 08-25-1892 08-31-1920 w/o Jessie Bryant Jordan Gunn Methodist
Granger R. Tullis 1900 1960 Gunn Methodist
Conrad Zorah 11-10-1870 11-09-1933 w/o William D. Conrad Gunn Methodist
Wiley Leura Ethridge 06-07-1893 07-07-1924 w/o Arthur V. Wiley married 05-13-1917 Gunn Methodist
Pittman Margaret Evans 02-08-1805 08-07-1887 w/o Timothy Pittman married 08-14-1826 Gunn Methodist
Culbreth Fannie 11-19-1879 12-23-1881 d/o D.Y. & Laura Culbreth Gunn Methodist
Wiley Martha (no dates) w/o James Kilry Wiley Gunn Methodist
Adams Infant 07-07-1913 07-07-1913 c/o W.C. & Ruth Adams Gunn Methodist
Jordan Mollie 07-21-1908 03-14-1918 d/o J.D. Jr. & Valeria Jordan (two markers noted) Gunn Methodist
Granger W.R. (Uncle Bud) (no birth) 12-12-1931 Gunn Methodist
Culbreth D.J. 12-13-1860 10-08-1886 s/o M.W. & E.M. Culbreth Archival survey (marker unfound) Gunn Methodist
Askew Thomas 01-18-1842 11-03-1894 (two headstones noted) Gunn Methodist
Blackwell Bonie (no dates) Gunn Methodist
Jordan Valeria 01-27-1875 06-26-1925 w/o John David Jordan Jr. Gunn Methodist
Cemetery: Greenwood Baptist
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Unknown No markings left (does not appear on archival surveys) Greenwood Baptist
Bevis M.J. 11-25-1844 10-31-1930 w/o Andrew Bevis Greenwood Baptist
Hatton Allie Boone 09-24-1888 02-15-1958 w/o Robert Hatton Greenwood Baptist
Price Roberta Bryan 07-17-1927 05-10-2014 (two markers noted) Greenwood Baptist
Cherry Mrs. S.A. 12-13-1827 09-23-1886 Greenwood Baptist
Price Roberta Bryan 1927 2014 Greenwood Baptist
Bryan G.L. 01-10-1838 11-20-1889 Greenwood Baptist
Bevis Thomas 07-11-1880 08-07-1881 Greenwood Baptist
Thompson Syble Pittman 01-02-1936 (undated) w/o Howard Thompson married 08-08-1967 Greenwood Baptist
Andreasen W. Hazel Applewhite 02-27-1908 09-15-1992 d/o Thomas & Hattie Andreasen Greenwood Baptist
Smith L.H. 06-12-1838 11-28-1908 h/o Emily Smith (from Warren Co. N.C.) Greenwood Baptist
Clark Ashley 02-18-1826 01-12-1857 Greenwood Baptist
Page Harriet Erwin 04-17-1896 04-30-1988 Greenwood Baptist
Richards Polly 1932 2014 Greenwood Baptist
Jordan Molly 1822 01-31-1907 m/o John C. Jordan born in Appling Co. Ga. Greenwood Baptist
Blackburn Franklin 02-20-1933 09-15-2009 h/o Sarah Blackburn Greenwood Baptist
Applewhite Allison 10-24-1875 09-16-1929 Greenwood Baptist
Kendall Osceola Jr. 07-05-1909 10-03-1911 s/o Ola and Jessie T. Kendall Greenwood Baptist
Harvey Neal and James (no dates) Greenwood Baptist
Applewhite Christine Stone 07-04-1922 10-11-2014 Greenwood Baptist
Franklin B.S. 08-12-1899 06-18-1928 Greenwood Baptist
Cemetery: Gordon
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Cook Infant 10-10-1922 10-11-1922 s/o M. & M. Harvey & Thelma Cook Gordon
Cartier Margaret Snead 12-20-1880 04-07-1959 Gordon
Moates D. M. (no birth) 05-13-1929 Gordon
Thurman Infant 1879 1879 s/o D.L. & Lucy Thurman (archival survey info) Gordon
Bowdon Samuel 1835 1917 h/o Charlotte Russ Bowdon Gordon PDF icon More Info
Anderson Thelma 01-13-1906 03-22-1982 w/o Atwood H. Anderson Gordon
Jeffcoat Devata 08-01-1921 10-24-2016 w/o Roy Paul Jeffcoat married 04-10-1938 Gordon
Pynes Mary Pynes 1814 1858 w/o Alexander Johnson (married 09-23-1833) d/o Daniel & Rutha Pynes Gordon
McNeil J. L. 1879 1961 (Mason Symbol) Gordon
Cawthan C.C. (marker unfound) (archival survey marker not found) Broken headstone (previous survey) Gordon
Moat Elzey no date 1934 (archival survey info) (unmarkded grave adjacent to) Gordon
Long N. B. 1848 1928 Gordon
Thurman Lucy 07-17-1855 10-16-1879 (archival survey info) Gordon
Shelley Ruth Eubanks 02-03-1905 02-02-1993 w/o Bill E. Shelley Gordon
Jeffcoat Eurice 12-14-1914 03-01-1919 d/o Charles F. & Roxie Jeffcoat Gordon
Rathel Houston 09-04-1911 02-18-2000 h/o Oddie W. Rathel Gordon
Williams Mildred Pool 08-08-1912 07-11-1946 Gordon
Smith Lilla 02-19-1858 01-11-1907 w/o William B. Alford d/o W.H. & Caroline "Pynes" Smith Gordon
Overton Fred 11-02-1902 03-19-1987 (Pvt US Army WW I) Gordon
Williams Edward Blake 1860 01-14-1936 h/o Queen Victoria Lee Williams Gordon
Cawthan Eldorado 05-13-1858 03-30-1882 w/o C.C. Cawthan (24 yrs, 2mos & 13 days) Gordon
Jeffcoat Lillian (Lynn) Carpenter 03-16-1949 (undated) (only one marker) married 08-20-1967 Gordon
Tomlinson Betty Bennett 09-19-1922 01-01-2002 w/o Holk Smith Tomlinson married 06-15-1947 Gordon
Arnold Doris 10-23-1910 08-12-1999 (in Godfrey plot) Gordon
Rathel Idus 05-26-1902 07-03-1986 Gordon
Pynes Virginia Leslie 1846 1902 w/o William P. Leslie d/o James & Winifred Pynes Gordon
Hall Martha 05-16-1846 10-22-1908 w/o Samuel J. Hall married 01-08-1867 Gordon
Childree Infant (one date) 1925 d/o Linnie & Lettie Childree Gordon
Fields Idela 05-25-1869 04-16-1915 (unmarked adult adjacent) (archival survey info) Gordon
Moates L. C. 11-05-1941 12-17-1943 (archival survey info) Gordon
Bowdon Emma 1846 1919 w/o Samuel Bowdon Gordon
Cemetery: Rocky Grove
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Wright Albert 04-21-1894 10-21-1945 h/o Minnie Baxter Wright married 12-02-1917 Rocky Grove
Robinson Hugh Jr. 03-17-1837 03-17-1892 h/o Unity Baxter Robinson married 04-18-1850 Rocky Grove PDF icon More Info
Mercer Infant 04-15-1898 04-15-1898 s/o M.J. & S.S. Mercer Rocky Grove
Evans Florence Dugger 11-19-1856 03-15-1939 w/o Thomas Z. Evans Rocky Grove
Wright Minnie Baxter 10-01-1894 05-17-1956 w/o Albert Wright married 12-02-1917 Rocky Grove
Robinson Infant 08-08-1900 08-08-1900 s/o Charlie & Georgia Ducker Robinson Rocky Grove
Murdock Baby 1934 1934 Rocky Grove
Evens Infant 01-08-1914 01-09-1914 s/o Thomas & Maudie Evans (correct spelling Evens) Rocky Grove
Robinson Seab 07-25-1917 06-26-1994 h/o Alice Robinson Rocky Grove
Murdock Jordon 1935 1941 Rocky Grove
Chumney Nancy Baxter 1833 1900 w/o James C. Chumney married 06-12-1855 Rocky Grove
Adkins Frank 02-09-1919 04-16-1965 h/o Sarah Robinson married 08-08-1945 Rocky Grove
Robinson Seaburn 03-22-1851 01-16-1919 h/o Caroline Emma Anderson Robinson married 11-12-1871 Rocky Grove PDF icon More Info
Cemetery: Clayton
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Hart Susan Hughes 03--17-1853 02-17-1897 w/o Joshua Hart Married 07-02-1868 Clayton
West Infant (no dates) d/o Bennie & Texas West Clayton
Granger Addie 01-05-1886 03-30-1926 w/o Josh V. Granger Clayton
Miller M.C. 03-22-1925 04-18-1993 (two markers noted) Clayton
Jordon Rudolph 04-03-1937 04-09-1939 s/o Bufford & Bulah Nae Jordon Clayton
Hart Infants (no dates) (infants of Mr. & Mrs. C.L. Hart) (four infant slabs) Clayton
Trawick Durword 10-20-1903 10-06-1921 Clayton
West Infant (no dates) s/o Bennie & Texas West Clayton
Hart Ida 03-12-1880 09-15-1901 Clayton
Brown J.A. 01-15-1846 03-25-1901 h/o Nancy Brown Clayton
Trawick J. Earl 04-08-1879 11-31-1926 h/o Mandy E. Wheelus Trawick Clayton
West Infant 06-16-1910 06-16-1910 s/o J.J.& S.E. West Clayton
Guy Viola Pearce 08-11-1882 02-29-1952 w/o B.D. Guy Clayton
West J.J. 06-12-1863 05-18-1928 h/o S.E. West Clayton
Cemetery: Pilgrims Rest
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Herring Willie Martin 01-30-1897 11-10-1977 w/o James Byrl Herring Pilgrims Rest
Jordan E. Bailey 1871 1957 (two markers noted) Pilgrims Rest
Crosby Evelyn Shoemaker 07-06-1914 01-12-2011 w/o Arthur Leroy Crosby Pilgrims Rest
McNeill Infant (one date) 09-08-1899 d/o A. L. & A. C. McNeill Pilgrims Rest
Martin Dwiot 1891 1918 (two markers noted) (US Army Ga Co 13 New Receiving Camp WW I) Pilgrims Rest
Cemetery: Greenwood Methodist
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Anderson Jo anne Bevis 06-19-1933 07-20-2010 Greenwood Methodist
Wilkin Elizabeth (Lib) 03-03-1915 10-20-2006 Greenwood Methodist
Stapleton Sallie Scott 03-31-1871 11-10-1944 Greenwood Methodist
Pender Nell Howard 02-14-1881 03-22-1949 (R.N.) Greenwood Methodist
Hill Dr. Amon S. 06-17-1861 12-09-1942 h/o Annie Hill Greenwood Methodist
Childers Marguritte Rogers 11-07-1923 03-01-1954 Greenwood Methodist
Olive B.G. 05-17-1896 11-24-1978 (two markers noted) (PVT US Army WW I) Greenwood Methodist
Anderson Mrs M.L. 03-19-1838 02-03-1920 Greenwood Methodist
Peacock Harriet 07-16-1846 05-21-1922 w/o S.F. Peacock Greenwood Methodist
Willis Thomas 12-14-1903 10-02-1904 s/o B.H. and Mable Willis Greenwood Methodist
Swait Mrs. E.J. 02-22-1812 07-20-1872 (age 60 years, 5 mos & 6 dys) Greenwood Methodist
Parmer J.C. 11-17-1924 04-01-1990 h/o Evelyn Parmer Greenwood Methodist
Garrett Emma Metts 04-10-1866 08-28-1934 Greenwood Methodist
Rodgers Infant (no dates) d/o Edwin and Gladys Rodgers Greenwood Methodist
Clarke Julia 02-13-1913 04-24-2005 w/o William clarke Greenwood Methodist
Peacock Mary Hart 02-14-1884 08-04-1943 w/o Amos Peacock Greenwood Methodist
Cemetery: Cowpen Pond
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Stephens Carlmore 01-04-1911 10-15-1919 Cowpen Pond
Dawson Sanford 11-25-1910 03-09-1948 Cowpen Pond
Tyus Gladis 03-30-1909 07-01-1942 Cowpen Pond
Muller Ted 06-09-1913 02-10-1993 Cowpen Pond
Moneyham Susie 10-05-1903 09-25-1906 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Celia 08-01-1845 08-19-1881 w/o Zack Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Paul 1922 2002 Cowpen Pond
Hewett Lank 1897 1985 Cowpen Pond
Neel Othel 01-17-1941 12-20-1997 h/o Bobbie Neel Cowpen Pond
Hatcher W.C. 03-28-1870 10-20-1941 h/o Clara Hatcher Cowpen Pond
Coulliette Amanda 10-09-1843 02-08-1903 w/o H.W. Coulliette Cowpen Pond
Stephens Carl 09-02-1910 08-26-1912 Cowpen Pond
Jones Jane 08-18-1826 03-02-1907 w/o J.P. Jones Cowpen Pond
Dawson John 07-15-1878 04-14-1941 h/o Annie Dawson Cowpen Pond
Tyus Everett 01-20-1894 09-26-1974 h/o Thanie Tyus Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Clarence 07-12-1909 03-19-1983 h/o Mae Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Taylor Rossie 12-24-1915 09-23-1988 w/o Otis Taylor Cowpen Pond
Moneyham Perry 05-16-1885 04-03-1938 h/o Mattie Moneyham Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Celia 03-09-1886 07-29-1972 Cowpen Pond
Weeks H.D. 12-25-1861 06-28-1932 h/o Margaret Weeks Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Nancy Lonie 05-06-1882 01-31-1958 w/o Elijah Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Cloud Lillian Neel 06-06-1919 10-13-1976 Cowpen Pond
Cochren Stella 02-14-1908 07-13-1982 Cowpen Pond
Stephens Billie 03-25-1889 11-29-1961 Cowpen Pond
Dawson Howard 07-08-1911 12-18-1913 (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Tyus Elizabeth 09-01-1837 10-21-1918 Cowpen Pond
Mooneyham Mattie 08-18-1889 04-30-1933 w/o Perry Moneyham Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Caroline Owens 11-06-1862 09-01-1916 w/o John Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Weeks Hazel 03-09-1927 09-02-1932 Cowpen Pond
Basford Infant (no dates) c/o M.J. and Jessie Basford Cowpen Pond
Smith J.S. (no dates) (beside Adrian) Cowpen Pond
Hatcher Mirdic 02-02-1913 10-22-1916 s/o H.L. and N.J. Hatcher Cowpen Pond
Basford W.F. 07-04-1876 11-18-1954 Cowpen Pond
Owens C.J. 03-27-1912 11-14-1912 Cowpen Pond
Cloud Selie 10-06-1887 09-26-1919 w/o R.K. Cloud Cowpen Pond
Dawson Angles 09-11-1923 07-07-1924 (two markers noted) (same as Angles) Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Clifton (Buddy) 09-22-1925 11-02-2005 h/o Miwes Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Brady 04-08-1898 07-06-1976 Cowpen Pond
Cemetery: Pleasant Ridge
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Peacock Infant 10-24-1873 10-24-1873 s/o Frank and Hattie Peacock Pleasant Ridge
West J.L. 01-11-1889 08-10-1934 Pleasant Ridge
Askew Lena Wright 08-16-1880 10-14-1943 Pleasant Ridge
West George 07-04-1900 12-11-1973 Pleasant Ridge
Moss Beatie 04-12-1893 01-22-1936 Pleasant Ridge
West Marquerite 07-20-1918 05-06-1920 d/o David & Lona West Pleasant Ridge
Cemetery: Hickory Grove
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Long G.V. (Jan V. Sr.) 08-25-1899 01-22-1963 h/o Estell Long Hickory Grove
Robinson Eddie B. 12-09-1922 07-06-2002 h/o Evelyn Robinson (two markers noted) Hickory Grove
Stephens Lillian Jordan 07-05-1884 09-09-1961 w/o J.W.D. Stephens Hickory Grove
Wiley Baby (no dates) Hickory Grove
Tidwell (Illegible) 01-14-1923 11-16-1927 s/o M & M W.D. Tidwell Hickory Grove
Baxter Walter 06-18-1894 02-16-1971 h/o Tlitha Baxter married 01-15-1912 Hickory Grove
Wiley Baby (no dates) Hickory Grove
Helms Holly 03-20-1973 05-16-1973 Hickory Grove
Long Estell Simmons 07-11-1902 08-11-1940 w/o J.V. Sr. Long Hickory Grove
Stephens J.W.D. 02-23-1878 08-22-1974 h/o Lillian Stephens Hickory Grove
Hatcher Eulee 05-10-1905 11-06-1988 h/o Essie Hatcher married 12-26-1926 Hickory Grove
Helms Heather 02-06-1979 02-20-1979 Hickory Grove
Stinson Gertrude 1889 1969 (two markers noted) Hickory Grove
Conrad Ebbie 03-23-1921 11-09-1978 Hickory Grove
Parmer Elsie McAllister 07-20-1929 11-25-1989 Hickory Grove
Cemetery: Dellwood Baptist
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Baxter Jinnie 1874 1961 w/o Richard Baxter Dellwood Baptist
Messer Alice 09-26-1893 04-13-1902 d/o G.W. & Georgia Messer Dellwood Baptist
Franklin Dorothy Braggs 10-12-1934 10-29-2014 Dellwood Baptist
Lee Myrtice Basford 07-05-1917 01-31-1984 (two markers noted) Dellwood Baptist
Mercer Tennie Moneyham 12-01-1898 04-16-1992 w/o Hubert Mercer Dellwood Baptist
Mooneyham Louise Rowan 02-14-1919 10-12-1980 w/o Rodis Mooneyham married 02-14-1945 Dellwood Baptist
Daniel L.H. 10-13-1872 01-26-1925 Dellwood Baptist
Cemetery: Pine Crest
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Snipes Barney 06-21-1925 01-25-2003 h/o Vivian L. Snipes Pine Crest
Harris Claudie 1921 1998 (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Crumpler Gayle 08-09-1948 12-14-2006 Pine Crest
McIntosh Rev. Fred 09-25-1918 09-01-1991 h/o Rev. Pearlie E. McIntosh Pine Crest
Hill J. D. 09-08-1918 01-24-1998 h/o Hazel Hill (US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Rahal Catherine 08-13-1897 07-18-1991 Pine Crest
Finch C. 1908 1981 h/o Estelle A. Finch (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
White Donald 07-26-1942 08-02-2003 Pine Crest
Wilson Don 04-08-1948 03-01-2017 h/o Brenda Wilson Pine Crest
Sheffield Sylvia Haun 01-24-1935 (undated) w/o James S. Sheffield Pine Crest
Compton Jerreldea 08-27-1923 05-30-2006 w/o William M. Compton Pine Crest
Jackson Murray Jr. 10-09-1948 04-28-1969 (two markers noted) (PFC HHB II Force ARTY Vietnam) Pine Crest
Mistrot Randall 1947 2001 (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Cina Ignazio 11-01-1896 03-01-1971 (Cicily PFC SVC BTRY 6 FL DARTY WW I) Pine Crest
Hughes Sonny 1937 (undated) h/o June M. Hughes Pine Crest
Gortemoller Rita Ullmen 1914 1995 w/o John A. Gortemoller Pine Crest
Barnes Daniel 1967 2014 Pine Crest
Fowler John 10-13-1980 03-14-2008 Pine Crest
Williams Gunter 1906 2006 Pine Crest
Bartnick Olga 06-23-1926 06-14-2013 w/o Henry J. Bartnick Pine Crest
Skinner Lola Basford 1902 1993 w/o Hosea D. Skinner Pine Crest
McLeod Linda McBride 1946 1976 w/o Billy Hamilton McLeod Pine Crest
Rahal Quen 08-17-1939 10-16-2008 w/o Ann Rahal Pine Crest
White Edythe 1904 1999 w/o Joe L. White Pine Crest
Stephens Grace 10-11-1928 06-08-2012 w/o Wilburn Stephens Pine Crest
Ellis Edgar 03-27-1925 03-21-1965 (two markers noted) (SM3 USCG Res WW II) Pine Crest
Waugh Wilber 1906 1991 h/o Verna A. Waugh Pine Crest
Gilley Ethel Brogdon 10-09-1917 11-14-2001 Pine Crest
Glisson Noah Jr. 04-10-1915 05-08-2001 h/o Lillie Bell Glisson Pine Crest
Clark Bernzella 05-04-1912 09-06-2001 Pine Crest
Curby Mary 12-04-1944 (undated) w/o Arthur H. Curby (married 06-06-1981) Pine Crest
Lawrence Juanita 09-12-1922 10-06-1988 Pine Crest
Baxley Johnny 11-30-1937 04-25-2003 h/o Marie Baxley Pine Crest
Daws Germany 10-06-1905 02-12-1976 Pine Crest
Wright Jack 03-21-1919 05-04-2000 h/o Martease Wright (US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Grainger Levi 05-30-1954 03-14-2012 h/o Lisha Ann Jones Grainger (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Mathis Patricia Bedsole 04-15-1936 (undated) w/o Fauline Mathis Pine Crest
Bess Bertha 08-28-1905 06-06-1966 Pine Crest
Owens Owen 01-16-1909 08-09-1996 h/o Frances P. Owens Pine Crest
Fowler Lizzie Daniels 01-03-1910 09-13-1972 w/o William Green Fowler married 08-25-1926 Pine Crest
Nichols Alva 02-26-1932 (undated) w/o J. W. Nichols Pine Crest
Bruegel Art 05-12-1928 06-21-2000 (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Finch Katherine Booth 01-07-1930 (undated) (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Griffin Lila 1915 1994 w/o Marvin Griffin Pine Crest
Mitchell Hubert 1926 2014 h/o Gwendolyn Mitchell Pine Crest
James Hampton 1907 1986 Pine Crest
Hill Amos 1913 2000 h/o Myrtle S. Hill Pine Crest
Baxley Lucy Martin 04-02-1927 10-08-1998 Pine Crest
Chason Dorothy Browning 05-19-1935 (undated) (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Earle Dolores 10-27-1948 (undated) w/o Andrew Earle Pine Crest
Harrison Betty 10-28-1936 06-07-2013 w/o Bill Harrison Pine Crest
Morris Shirley 1944 2017 Pine Crest
Quigley Barbara Dunn 1929 1992 w/o Edward John Quigley Pine Crest
Hall J.T. Jr. 1912 2007 h/o Louise Hall Pine Crest
Bruner Jo Ann 07-21-1938 05-07-2005 w/o Ralph B. Bruner Pine Crest
Cemetery: Friendship Baptist
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Standland Nora Hatcher 12-17-1873 03-03-1943 Friendship Baptist
Lawrence Baby Jimmy 03-21-1954 05-19-1954 Friendship Baptist
Ford Infant 09-11-1928 09-11-1928 s/o George & Verna Ford Friendship Baptist
Baxter Carolyn 05-24-1948 (undated) w/o Lynwood Baxter Friendship Baptist
Lockart Wayne 01-23-1938 05-01-2007 Friendship Baptist
Anderson Clayton 01-29-1913 10-09-1964 h/o Estelle Anderson Friendship Baptist
Hatcher James 10-16-1826 05-28-1901 h/o Amanda J. Hatcher Friendship Baptist
King Eugene 01-13-1879 02-05-1959 h/o Maggie Smith King Friendship Baptist
Coker James 05-20-1865 06-06-1904 Friendship Baptist
Hall Srerling 1905 1973 Friendship Baptist
Miller J. E. 02-15-1909 06-26-1945 h/o Victoria West Miller Friendship Baptist
Taylor Peter 08-16-1809 03-02-1895 h/o Eliza Taylor Friendship Baptist
Callaway J. D. 08-24-1858 04-29-1955 h/o A. V. Callaway Friendship Baptist
Mathis Infant (one date) 05-18-1928 s/o J.A. & Lilla Mathis Friendship Baptist
Standland Pauline 03-14-1921 11-02-1994 h/o Myrtle Standland (SGT US Army WW II) Friendship Baptist
McDaniel Infant (no dates) s/o E.V. & S.A. McDaniel Friendship Baptist
Brookins Sibyl 12-05-1906 04-10-1908 d/o M.L. & M.J. Brookins Friendship Baptist
Ford John 1861 1945 Friendship Baptist
Baxter Cleo 07-09-1921 12-10-1982 h/o Frances Ham Baxter married 04-11-1942 Friendship Baptist
Everett Infant 08-14-1910 08-14-1910 s/o M.C. & L.D. Everett Friendship Baptist
Herrington Infant 07-12-1907 07-12-1907 s/o J.D. & Ida Herrington Friendship Baptist
Lockart Wilmer 02-03-1933 06-06-2000 h/o Cornelia Nordan Lockart Friendship Baptist
Anderson Dorsey 1887 1949 h/o Betty Anderson Friendship Baptist
Hatcher Johnny 08-05-1893 12-06-1971 h/o Martha Hatcher Friendship Baptist
Standland Pauline 03-14-1921 11-02-1994 h/o Myrtle Standland SGT US Army WW II (two markers noted) Friendship Baptist
Our Earnest 6 month 10 days Friendship Baptist
Tyler Argusta 02-21-1870 07-31-1925 w/o D.L. Tyler Friendship Baptist
Coker J.C. 12-03-1912 02-25-1917 s/o C.C. & Gennie Coker Friendship Baptist
Hall Vermell J. 03-30-1928 12-03-2013 w/o Leathan W. Hall Friendship Baptist
Jones Idomer 02-21-1912 03-03-1984 Friendship Baptist
Paulk Clemey 02-09-1908 04-22-1908 d/o S.D. & M.D. Paulk Friendship Baptist
Forrester Montez 1931 (undated) g/d of Barney & Ada Forrester Friendship Baptist
Bell Ozelda 02-17-1917 04-20-1997 Friendship Baptist
Mathis Infant (one date) 03-29-1941 s/o J.A. & Lilla Mathis twin brother of Ronald David Friendship Baptist
Brookins Elmedin 01-13-1888 08-30-1906 d/o M.I. & M.J. Brookins Friendship Baptist
Ford Verna Anderson 10-12-1900 04-07-1996 w/o George Milton Ford married 12-25-1921 Friendship Baptist
Everett J.W. 08-12-1914 09-07-1914 s/o C.M. & F.M. Everett Friendship Baptist
Lockart J.H. 02-26-1868 07-31-1937 h/o Weltha Lockhart Friendship Baptist
Anderson Estelle 01-29-1915 07-25-2001 w/o Clayton Anderson Friendship Baptist
Dial Jacquelyn Burroughs 09-14-1924 04-19-2003 w/o John Jr. Friendship Baptist
Hatcher J. R. 03-01-1861 04-07-1909 Friendship Baptist
Vickers Eunice Chambliss 10-1906 06-1958 Friendship Baptist
Hall Villar 04-08-1872 10-23-1901 w/o Green Hall Friendship Baptist
Jones Infant 1917 1917 d/o Willie & Bertha Wadell Jones Friendship Baptist
Webb Hosie 02-11-1895 12-10-1967 h/o Blanchie L. Webb Friendship Baptist
Miller Victoria West 03-02-1904 06-26-1945 w/o J. E. Miller Friendship Baptist
Calloway Aron 01-26-1908 06-10-1968 h/o Ollie B. Calloway Friendship Baptist
Mathis Infant (one date) 05-08-1945 s/o J.A. & Lilla Mathis Friendship Baptist
Standland Alva 02-16-1927 (undated) h/o Jean Standland Friendship Baptist
Brookins Jane 10-06-1863 06-1937 w/o Marcus Brookins Friendship Baptist
Forrester Ada 08-21-1886 05-04-1974 w/o Barney A. Forrester Friendship Baptist
Lockart Weltha 09-15-1867 03-02-1934 w/o J.H. Lockart Friendship Baptist
Cemetery: Collins Baptist
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Mathews Sarah Metcalf 01-01-1889 03-13-1970 Collins Baptist
Conrad Infant 07-11-1917 07-11-1917 d/o B.E. & Exie Conrad Collins Baptist
Hart Baby Son (no dates) s/o B.J. & Ida Hart Collins Baptist
Newman Infant #1 (no dates) i/o Mr. & Mrs. O.B. Newman Collins Baptist
Hall G. C. Jr. 09-23-1915 01-04-1972 Collins Baptist
Ford Ada 05-29-1874 07-07-1953 w/o G. W. Ford Sr. Collins Baptist
Pippins Infant (no dates) s/o Sam & Lillie Mae "Hand" Pippins Collins Baptist
Baxter W. C. 09-01-1921 03-05-1958 Collins Baptist
Ducker Ados Baxter 1926 02-12-2016 w/o Howard Ducker (d/o John & Leobie Baxter Collins Baptist PDF icon More Info.pdf
Mathews Thelmer 12-16-1912 03-13-1914 Collins Baptist
Conrad Infant (one date) 03-14-1901 s/o B.E. & Exie Conrad Collins Baptist
McMillan Stallie 02-15-1898 03-15-1928 Collins Baptist
Smith Jerry 05-30-1925 08-13-1996 h/o Martha Gertrude Smith Collins Baptist
Newman Infant (no dates) i/o Mr. & Mrs. O.B. Newman Collins Baptist
McAnulty Brannon 08-18-1895 04-09-1918 s/o Francis G. & Lou Ellen "Granger" McAnulty Collins Baptist
Ford Bartow 10-16-1917 03-02-1989 h/o Effie Mae Ford Collins Baptist
Pippins Sam 08-30-1895 12-17-1934 Collins Baptist
Metcalf Eva 04-10-1905 04-10-1905 (archival survey dates) Collins Baptist
Jones Lizzie 05-16-1851 05-12-1931 Collins Baptist
Conrad Julia 08-04-1895 12-12-1935 Collins Baptist
McMillan W. D. 10-15-1864 05-16-1937 Collins Baptist
Hart Infant Twin (no dates) c/o B.J. & Anna Hart Collins Baptist
Lockhart J.W. 08-05-1867 09-15-1868 (1 year-1 month-10 days) Collins Baptist
Metcalf Monroe 08-22-1860 02-23-1942 Collins Baptist
Yarborough G.B. 08-05-1832 09-01-1900 h/o Nancy Collins Baptist
Jones Nancy McMillian 02-12-1859 05-03-1932 w/o Jimmy (Jim) Jones married 01-10-1878 Collins Baptist
Walding Margaret Hart 10-21-1844 06-01-1942 Collins Baptist
Conrad Mary 09-10-1858 11-04-1924 Collins Baptist
Holloway Angess 04-28-1862 01-28-1889 w/o R.J. Holloway Collins Baptist
Barefield Infant Twins 08-08-1936 08-08-1936 t/o W.L. (Fate) & Elma Lee Barefield Collins Baptist
Hart Noma (no dates) d/o B.J. & Ida Hart Collins Baptist
Collins (alleged) Susan 1811 (census) 1860 (after census) w/o David Collins Perhaps first cemerery interment Collins Baptist
Cemetery: Pleasant Hill
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Dixon Tony 12-02-1957 12-02-1957 Pleasant Hill
Holland Lester 10-28-1918 01-07-1994 (Pvt US Army WW II) Pleasant Hill
McNeal Victoria 10-12-1885 06-25-1950 Pleasant Hill
Vickers Tolbert 05-18-1895 09-01-1976 (two markers noted) (PVT US Army WW I) Pleasant Hill
Bodiford Octavie 06-03-1882 09-02-1970 w/o Ivey A. Bodiford Pleasant Hill
Harrison B.S 11-05-1865 12-30-1933 h/o Elizabeth E. Harrison (archival survey info) Pleasant Hill
McIntyre (perhaps) unmarked grave in plot Pleasant Hill
Suggs Mary (no birth) 12-1915 Pleasant Hill
Anderson Ola 09-28-1905 04-28-1928 Pleasant Hill
Culbreth A.Z. 06-10-1870 05-31-1949 h/o Willie Jane Colbreth Pleasant Hill
Wood W.J. 09-30-1867 08-17-1910 h/o Sarah H. Chumney Wood Pleasant Hill
Ingram C.R. (Ross) 02-18-1893 07-28-1964 h/o Eula Mae Ingram Pleasant Hill
Wells Harry O. "HO" Jr. 12-02-1936 05-18-2006 (US Army Vietnam) Pleasant Hill
Odom (perhaps) grave in Odom plot,no head or marking Pleasant Hill
Etheridge Edwina Hall 09-23-1940 07-30-2012 Pleasant Hill
Holland (Perhaps) 4 Adult slabs in Holland plot no names Pleasant Hill
McNeal W. H. 05-06-1848 02-14-1904 Pleasant Hill
McIntyre R. L. 11-1873 11-1916 Pleasant Hill
Anderson Searcy 11-06-1925 03-11-1926 s/o Mr. & Mrs. C.R. Anderson (archival survey info) Pleasant Hill
Jones (Perhaps) 1 unmartked grave in plot Pleasant Hill
Wood William 04-27-1906 01-16-1966 h/o Ressie Lee Harrison Wood (archival survey info) Pleasant Hill
Pynes B. P. (Benjamin Paul) 06-10-1861 03-1940 h/o Mildred Chumney Pynes s/o Benjamin & Louise Pynes Pleasant Hill
Evans (perhaps) unmarked grave in Evans plot (perhaps two) Pleasant Hill
Ingram Emma Parish 08-17-1865 11-27-1939 w/o J.M. Ingram Pleasant Hill
Cherry Lorell 09-18-1924 08-31-2007 h/o Dorothy Mae Singletary Cherry (two markers noted) Pleasant Hill
Mercer Carl 12-17-1921 06-15-1923 s/o Marion & Willie Mae Mercer (two markers noted) Pleasant Hill
Etheridge Jimmy 03-17-1940 (undated) Pleasant Hill
Holland Wessie Burkett 02-09-1901 03-07-1955 w/o William E. Holland Pleasant Hill
Bodiford Thelma 02-07-1920 11-28-1933 Pleasant Hill
Suggs Sam (no birth) 08-1928 Pleasant Hill
Hughes Myrtle 01-20-1888 01-12-1936 w/o Columbus Gilbert Hughes Pleasant Hill
Pynes W.K. (Wheaton) 07-14-1891 05-28-1914 s/o Benjamin Paul & Mildred Chumney Pynes Pleasant Hill
Everett Sam 09-11-1898 07-27-1935 h/o Sarah Everett Pleasant Hill
Pynes Edgar Jr. 07-22-1921 05-12-1993 h/o Ruth H. Pynes Pleasant Hill
Chesnut Effie 03-16-1898 03-14-1972 w/o Walter B. Chesnut married 12-14-1914 Pleasant Hill
Parrish A.C. 02-09-1886 07-14-1968 h/o Maggie Parrish Pleasant Hill
Vickers Patricia Harrell 04-18-1934 07-18-2015 (double marker-one name) Pleasant Hill
Etheridge Steve 06-09-1961 (undated) Pleasant Hill
Jackson Infant (no dates) i/o Mary H. Jackson ( gg granddaughter to James & Mary Ida Fears) Pleasant Hill
Cemetery: Cottonwood
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Granberry L.B. 11-26-1906 07-02-1934 h/o Ethel Guy Granberry Cottonwood
Kennedy Margie 10-20-1875 11-26-1958 Cottonwood
Cain Juanita Arnold 12-02-1908 02-05-2007 w/o Lester F. Cain Cottonwood
Grace Catherine Mixon 03-27-1917 03-28-1944 w/o Earl Grace Cottonwood
Bradberry Alma Sellers 09-13-1893 12-05-1958 w/o Joe Bradberry Cottonwood
Fears N.A. 04-05-1819 01-02-1914 w/o J. B. Fears Cottonwood
Pittman Infant (one date) 10-29-1911 d/o J.E.& M.A. Pittman Cottonwood
Granger A.J. 12-21-1912 03-18-1990 h/o Sarah Waller Granger Cottonwood
Lewis Bernice Howell 01-10-1903 07-13-1991 Cottonwood
Porter Pearl Pumphrey 11-05-1905 09-21-1978 w/o F.N. Porter Cottonwood
Dykes Eula 03-04-1891 07-02-1975 w/o Grady Dykes Cottonwood
Rhodes Juanita 02-11-1930 04-28-2012 w/o James Rhodes Cottonwood
Morris Nell Traylor 02-20-1935 09-12-2013 w/o Hubert Q. Morris Cottonwood
Moss J.B. 11-30-1924 12-30-1965 (two markers noted) (PFC USMC WW II) Cottonwood
Guy Infant 04-02-1900 04-29-1900 s/o D.H.& M.V. Guy Cottonwood
Marshall Mary Sellers 12-23-1911 11-09-2001 w/o John T. Marshall Cottonwood
Dykes Grady 01-09-1892 08-05-1973 h/o Eula Dykes Cottonwood
Ketcham Annie 09-08-1870 10-30-1928 Cottonwood
Smith Violet Sellers 03-05-1899 08-31-1977 w/o James B. Smith Cottonwood
Hutto Plot with 2 adult/unmarded graves Cottonwood
Cain Lucy Marshall 02-13-1878 03-28-1956 w/o William Gordon Cain Cottonwood
Winsor Marylee Blackman 12-24-1906 08-23-2004 w/o Arthur Benson Winsor Cottonwood
Blackman Alice Lewis 09-23-1881 09-09-1985 w/o Malcom Lee Blackman Cottonwood
Peacock J.C. 08-23-1916 04-23-1988 (PFC US Army WW II) (two markers noted) Cottonwood
Bradberry Buford 01-05-1918 10-27-1987 h/o Adell Bradberry Cottonwood
Guy Inicella 12-18-1919 09-19-1926 d/o Mr.& Mrs. R.D. Guy Cottonwood
West Georgie Williams 11-20-1910 03-14-2003 w/o Rev. Brannon B.W. West Cottonwood
Lewis Della Parker 05-16-1881 12-15-1927 w/o Charles Edgar Lewis Cottonwood
Ketcham B.W. 08-24-1824 08-31-1904 Cottonwood
Parker Mattie 03-10-1914 10-16-2004 w/o F.M. (Alto) Parker Cottonwood
Cemetery: Antioch
Last Name First Name MIsort descending Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Grice John 08-06-1863 01-12-1933 h/o Mary Jane "Ducker" Grice (born date missing on slab) Antioch
Granger Bethaney 09-30-1847 01-20-1923 w/o J.T. Granger