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Cemetery: Cowpen Pond
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemeterysort descending Attachment Headstone
Stephens Ethel Grace 10-04-1919 09-27-1924 Cowpen Pond
Stephens Cornelius 11-05-1847 06-11-1922 (two markers noted) CSA (Robinson's Cavalry) Cowpen Pond
Stephens Carlmore 01-04-1911 10-15-1919 Cowpen Pond
Stephens Carl 09-02-1910 08-26-1912 Cowpen Pond
Stephens Billie 03-25-1889 11-29-1961 Cowpen Pond
Stanley Willie Wilber 03-28-1908 09-02-1930 (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Stanley Van O. 02-29-1932 (only one date) (US Army Pvt base hospital) Cowpen Pond
Stanley Maggie A. 08-03-1895 05-22-1897 d/o Henry and Catherine Stanley Cowpen Pond
Stanley Henry 12-12-1868 10-08-1935 h/o Catherine Stanley (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Stanley Catherine Jane Basford 11-08-1868 04-08-1947 w/o Henry Stanley (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Spurlock Susan Rebecca Boyett 11-23-1848 09-18-1919 w/o Samuel Henry Spurlock (married 1879) Cowpen Pond
Spurlock Samuel Henry 11-03-1846 1912 h/o Susan Rebecca Spurlock Civil War (Co A.1st Fla Cav) Cowpen Pond
Smith Willie Thomas 11-25-1918 02-05-1939 Cowpen Pond
Smith Adrian Lee 08-08-1961 08-10-1961 Cowpen Pond
Simpson Roy Earl 08-21-1924 10-20-1924 s/o Reetha Simpson Cowpen Pond
Simpson Jim Henry 06-07-1910 12-19-1912 s/o G.R. and L.E. Simpson (archival survey info) Cowpen Pond
Simpson Jace Seth 03-24-2008 07-17-2010 Cowpen Pond
Simpson Eliza 08-20-1899 10-06-1908 d/o G.R. and L.E. Simpson Cowpen Pond
Shackleford Edward D. (no dates) Liet. US Soldier (Indian Wars) Cowpen Pond
Rowan Steve Richard 02-24-1889 05-15-1943 Cowpen Pond
Roundtree Kent 1944 2014 Cowpen Pond
Richardson Jim L. 06-01-1942 (undated) h/o Ann Richardson Cowpen Pond
Richardson Ann Basford 01-16-1945 09-15-2009 w/o Jim Richardson married 05-09-1970 Cowpen Pond
Reiser Mary 1822 03-19-1856 w/o C. Reiser Cowpen Pond
Reiser John D. 1852 1853 s/o C.Reiser Cowpen Pond
Reiser Infant 1854 1854 d/o C. Reiser Cowpen Pond
Reiser C. 1816 09-1856 h/o Mary Reiser Cowpen Pond
Reiney Elizabeth Hamilton 07-30-1943 10-31-2006 Cowpen Pond
Ray Lydia Jane Basford 04-09-1878 01-15-1967 Cowpen Pond
Powell Thomas J. 11-23-1932 05-07-1990 (US Army Cpl Korea) Cowpen Pond
Powell Mandy Rilla 1897 1976 Cowpen Pond
Patrick Rev. William (Tom) T. 08-20-1893 03-21-1972 h/o Alice Patrick (US Army Pvt WW I) Cowpen Pond
Patrick Vera Lee 03-04-1923 09-13-2006 w/o James Sr. Patrick Cowpen Pond
Patrick James Walker Sr. 09-03-1921 11-18-2009 h/o Vera Lee Patrick (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Patrick Jack S. 03-20-1923 11-26-1940 s/o William and Alice Patrick Cowpen Pond
Patrick Alice Ann Stanley 07-30-1893 02-25-1964 w/o William Patrick Cowpen Pond
Owens C.J. 03-27-1912 11-14-1912 Cowpen Pond
Nobles Rosa Ruth 11-14-1893 08-01-1971 w/o Moses Nobles Cowpen Pond
Nobles Moses Harrison 06-16-1890 08-05-1972 h/o Rosa Nobles Cowpen Pond
Nobles L.M. (Sweet) 04-23-1892 07-18-1962 h/o Annie Nobles Cowpen Pond
Nobles J.H. 09-14-1859 11-22-1933 h/o Ellen Nobles Cowpen Pond
Nobles Isabella 04-10-1899 07-17-1968 Cowpen Pond
Nobles Homer Harrison 03-02-1917 04-26-1941 Cowpen Pond
Nobles Ellen 01-12-1863 03-10-1920 w/o J.H. Nobles Cowpen Pond
Nobles Annie Neel 03-22-1892 12-07-1976 w/o L.M. Nobles Cowpen Pond
Nichols Wylie Ford 02-08-1891 05-23-1957 (US Army Fla Cpl Btry F 2 Regt WW I) Cowpen Pond
Nichols Wiley Columbus 10-24-1922 04-01-1924 Cowpen Pond
Nichols Lilla Lewis 08-1861 01-18-1924 Cowpen Pond
Nichols Laura J. 09-24-1894 06-08-1923 w/o D.L. Nichols Cowpen Pond
Nichols Jim (no dates) Cowpen Pond
Nichols Irena E. 02-09-1824 12-18-1900 (From Monroe Co. Ga.) Cowpen Pond
Nichols Ellor F. 12-12-1864 01-31-1901 Cowpen Pond
Nichols Columbus F. 09-1857 08-10-1922 Cowpen Pond
Nichols Albert H. 03-19-1886 01-12-1910 Cowpen Pond
Newman James E. 02-09-1928 08-19-2002 h/o Evelyn Newman Cowpen Pond
Newman Evelyn J. 10-09-1933 (undated) w/o James Newman married 06-20-1950 Cowpen Pond
Newman Dannie J. 08-28-1905 01-11-2001 Cowpen Pond
Neel William Isia 04-21-1899 11-01-1963 h/o Dollie E. Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel William Angus 06-25-1919 02-10-1981 (US Army WW II) Cowpen Pond
Neel Wesley R. 09-01-1916 02-02-1984 h/o Mary V. Neel married 09-17-1939 Cowpen Pond
Neel Wesley Dexter 09-09-1953 06-10-2012 h/o Michele Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Thomas J. 03-11-1855 08-10-1912 h/o Sarah Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Susan A. 09-18-1854 08-01-1930 w/o Daniel Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Sarah W. 10-09-1862 11-01-1901 w/o Thomas J. Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Sallie 01-20-1856 08-22-1933 w/o Harrison W. Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel R.L. 03-29-1909 02-26-1993 h/o Lorene Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Othel 01-17-1941 12-20-1997 h/o Bobbie Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Nita Ursula 01-02-1941 01-01-1946 Cowpen Pond
Neel Nancy A. 10-10-1865 04-07-1904 w/o G.W. Neel (born in Liberty Co. Fla.) Cowpen Pond
Neel Nadine McKinnie 04-28-1920 12-08-1992 w/o Houston Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Michele Lynn 10-04-1963 (undated) w/o Wesley Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel M.C. 02-02-1925 01-12-1997 h/o Lucy Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Maud 01-15-1900 11-20-1929 w/o W.I. Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Mary V. 06-25-1918 12-29-2003 w/o Wesley R. Neel married 09-17-1939 Cowpen Pond
Neel Mary Elizabeth 03-04-1872 06-01-1953 Cowpen Pond
Neel Mary E. 02-14-1893 07-02-1942 w/o D.L.C. (Lum) Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Margie Nell 10-12-1937 11-04-1943 Cowpen Pond
Neel Mantha Cances 09-15-1861 01-30-1921 w/o Jas. M. Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Mallissie 09-06-1891 09-20-1930 w/o C.A. Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel M. Eva J. 04-26-1883 02-14-1898 Cowpen Pond
Neel Lorene 12-22-1912 01-21-1998 w/o R.L. Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Linny V. 07-11-1948 07-06-2002 Cowpen Pond
Neel Lucy Moss 04-03-1928 03-14-2019 w/o M.C. Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel J. Walter 03-20-1884 08-12-1947 h/o Hattie Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Junior Earl 08-20-1937 08-21-1937 Cowpen Pond
Neel John P. 05-22-1897 03-26-1927 Cowpen Pond
Neel J. Albert 08-16-1906 06-11-1966 (two markers noted) (Johnny A.) Cowpen Pond
Neel John 10-02-1880 06-27-1915 Cowpen Pond
Neel J.N. (Boss) 02-02-1886 10-22-1968 h/o Ella Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Jas. M. 05-11-1859 01-29-1929 h/o Mantha Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Infant (no dates) c/o R.M. and Eva Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Infant (no dates) I/o D.B. & S.A. Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Infant (one date) 09-13-1897 d/o D.B. and S.A. Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Infant 08-23-1916 08-27-1917 s/o J.W. and H.L. Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Infant 07-23-1901 07-23-1901 c/o J.M. and M.C. Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Infant 06-11-1906 06-11-1906 c/o J.M. and M.C. Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Infant 09-18-1928 09-18-1928 c/o J.W. and Hattie Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Hubert Chester 12-13-1912 09-09-1917 s/o J.N. and E.F. Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Houston E. 01-02-1918 02-01-1984 h/o Nadine Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Hinton Earl 09-27-1936 05-16-2008 US Navy Cowpen Pond
Neel Hattie D. 04-16-1891 10-06-1967 w/o J. Walter Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel G.W. L. 02-22-1861 08-08-1918 h/o Nancy Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Gilley C. 03-08-1823 08-25-1910 (born in Butts Co Ga.) Cowpen Pond
Neel Georgia Ann 05-15-1886 12-17-1936 w/o Charles Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Cenevia 09-15-1921 06-11-1923 d/o J.N. and Ellia Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Gene 11-17-1935 08-16-2014 Cowpen Pond
Neel Franklin W. 03-29-1880 09-05-1885 s/o D.B. and S.A. Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Eva 07-22-1880 11-19-1937 Cowpen Pond
Neel Esther H. 10-02-1923 01-09-2005 w/o Charles Ryals Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Ella F. 01-05-1894 05-18-1946 w/o J.N. Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Dollie Elizabeth 09-12-1903 08-06-1963 w/o William I. Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel D.L.C. (Lum) 07-28-1894 05-04-1963 h/o Mary E. Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Denora J. 11-16-1896 04-21-1899 d/o G.W. and N.A. Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Daniel B. 02-19-1853 12-11-1929 h/o Susan A. Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel D. Alice M. 05-01-1886 05-04-1900 Cowpen Pond
Neel Charles Ryals 04-02-1928 05-11-1993 h/o Esther H. Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Charles Rufus 02-09-1883 04-02-1971 h/o Georgia Ann Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Charles R. 02-24-1950 04-30-2014 Cowpen Pond
Neel Carlin H. 10-23-1947 (undated) w/o Albert Neel married 12-22-1966 Cowpen Pond
Neel C.A. 06-20-1886 04-19-1939 h/o Mallissie Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Bobbie 01-16-1942 (undated) w/o Othel Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Bernard Lamar 03-01-1915 10-19-1932 s/o J.N. and E.F. Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Bennett F. 11-10-1851 10-16-1931 h/o Argenia Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Benjamin Wiley 09-18-1876 08-21-1886 s/o Bennett and Argenia Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Benjamin N. 08-05-1817 10-14-1895 Cowpen Pond
Neel Argenia 09-29-1852 08-02-1895 w/o Bennett Neel Cowpen Pond
Neel Annie Mable 09-16-1935 07-03-1942 Cowpen Pond
Neel Albert A. 11-23-1945 01-04-2006 h/o Carlin Neel (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Neel Addis J. 08-14-1907 06-03-1940 Cowpen Pond
Neel Ada H. 05-28-1891 05-27-1892 Cowpen Pond
Muller Ted 06-09-1913 02-10-1993 Cowpen Pond
Moss Annie S. 09-16-1889 03-16-1975 Cowpen Pond
Moody Tharnton R. 07-08-1910 03-28-1946 Cowpen Pond
Moody Mendler P. 04-17-1875 01-07-1952 w/o Charles Moody Cowpen Pond
Moody Martha Ann 03-28-1846 04-02-1920 w/o Irvin Moody Cowpen Pond
Moody Irvin Ellis 02-22-1834 10-18-1907 h/o Martha Moody Cowpen Pond
Moody Charles L. 07-18-1877 11-19-1955 h/o Mendler P. Moody Cowpen Pond
Mooneyham Wallace Lloyd Jr. (one date) 09-03-1957 Cowpen Pond
Moneyham Susie 10-05-1903 09-25-1906 Cowpen Pond
Moneyham Perry 05-16-1885 04-03-1938 h/o Mattie Moneyham Cowpen Pond
Mooneyham Mattie 08-18-1889 04-30-1933 w/o Perry Moneyham Cowpen Pond
Mooneyham Mable Earline 03-21-1933 10-28-1934 Cowpen Pond
Mooneyham Lydia B. 1823 08-13-1909 (born in S.C.) Cowpen Pond
Moneyham Lorise 02-16-1920 06-22-1925 Cowpen Pond
Messer Ola L. 11-24-1885 04-02-1956 w/o William Messer Cowpen Pond
Mercer Josie 05-16-1913 01-28-1994 Cowpen Pond
McDowell William Ace Sr. 01-05-1877 12-13-1963 h/o Nancy McDowell Cowpen Pond
McDowell Nancy D. Neel 08-30-1887 09-23-1949 w/o William Sr. McDowell Cowpen Pond
McDowell John W. 08-01-1917 05-14-2003 (US Army PFC WW II) Cowpen Pond
McDaniel Julia H. 11-17-1894 06-15-1968 w/o Isaach McDaniel Cowpen Pond
McDaniel Isaach 11-11-1885 06-06-1923 h/o Julia H. McDaniel Cowpen Pond
McCorkel William J. (no dates) (name scribed on slab) Cowpen Pond
McCorkel Robert Henry (no dates) (name scribed on slab) Cowpen Pond
McCorkel Madison Jefferson (no dates) (name scribed on slab) Cowpen Pond
McCorkel J.C. (no dates) (name scribed on slab) Cowpen Pond
McCorkel James W. (no dates) (name scribed on slab) Cowpen Pond
Mathis Sam B. 06-28-1885 07-27-1941 h/o Hettie Mathis Cowpen Pond
Mathis Hettie Irene 09-12-1882 12-02-1918 w/o Sam B. Mathis Cowpen Pond
Maloy Susie Frances 10-19-1902 11-06-1916 Cowpen Pond
Malloy Stephen N. 07-25-1884 08-24-1961 h/o Jalia Ann Malloy Cowpen Pond
Maloy Robert N. 10-05-1878 11-22-1918 Cowpen Pond
Maloy Nancy Cloud 09-20-1882 08-19-1920 Cowpen Pond
Maloy Lillian Lucille 12-15-1914 11-25-1918 Cowpen Pond
Malloy Julia Ann Croft 10-26-1913 04-06-2000 w/o Stephen H. Malloy Cowpen Pond
Maloy E.J. (no dates) Child Cowpen Pond
Maloy Daisy Lee 03-02-1917 11-26-1918 Cowpen Pond
Malloy Matilda Moody 04-18-1890 01-21-1959 Cowpen Pond
Lewis Sallie 05-01-1848 06-14-1932 Cowpen Pond
Lewis James Davis 09-01-1855 10-29-1907 Cowpen Pond
Lewis Eligahel 04-28-1861 07-08-1889 Cowpen Pond
Jordan Thaedra Lee 04-14-1975 07-31-2012 Cowpen Pond
Jones Jane 08-18-1826 03-02-1907 w/o J.P. Jones Cowpen Pond
Johnson Wilbur G. 07-09-1873 08-11-1940 h/o Judith Johnson Cowpen Pond
Johnson Judith S. 06-14-1880 01-03-1972 w/o Wilbur Johnson Cowpen Pond
Johnson Infant (no dates) s/o H.M. and Alice Johnson Cowpen Pond
Johnson Carlis Raymond Sr. 01-20-1940 02-03-1972 Cowpen Pond
Johnson Alice 05-23-1904 04-04-1923 w/o H.M. Johnson Cowpen Pond
Jeter Wayne Thomas 08-04-1951 10-06-1955 Cowpen Pond
Jeter S.F. (Tommy) 04-18-1909 06-05-1976 Cowpen Pond
Jeter Ruby Ellen 02-04-1936 08-22-1991 Cowpen Pond
Jeter Johnnie Mae 10-11-1923 06-12-2004 Cowpen Pond
Jackson Viola Mercer 01-30-1903 09-25-1931 w/o Ranie Jackson Cowpen Pond
Jackson Samantha 11-02-1878 05-16-1929 Cowpen Pond
Jackson Ryals H. 01-24-1914 07-02-1976 Cowpen Pond
Jackson Robert S. 01-19-1888 09-05-1955 h/o Lilla Jackson Cowpen Pond
Jackson Ranie B. 01-12-1903 12-29-1967 h/o Viola Jackson Cowpen Pond
Jackson Pearl Neel 09-08-1890 06-23-1974 w/o Jimmie M. Jackson Cowpen Pond
Jackson Nancy Jane 05-31-1858 07-09-1898 Cowpen Pond
Jackson Mary E. 05-11-1909 12-12-2014 Cowpen Pond
Jackson G. Marion 03-10-1897 01-21-1926 Cowpen Pond
Jackson Maranda J. 04-06-1875 11-27-1943 Cowpen Pond
Jackson Linda Mae 07-05-1936 06-04-2017 w/o Charles Jackson married 07-31-1954 Cowpen Pond
Jackson Lilla Prissilla 09-10-1888 05-27-1929 w/o Robert S. Jackson Cowpen Pond
Jackson John O. 03-20-1934 03-28-1994 (two markers noted) (US Army S1-C Korea & Vietnam) Cowpen Pond
Jackson John H. 11-14-1917 11-28-1917 s/o J.M. and P.M. Jackson Cowpen Pond
Jackson John B. 05-12-1853 06-02-1937 Cowpen Pond
Jackson Jimmie M. 04-22-1894 08-30-1979 h/o Pearl Jackson Cowpen Pond
Jackson Infant (one date) 08-21-1918 s/o J.M. and P.M. Jackson Cowpen Pond
Jackson Infant (one date) 10-01-1920 s/o R.S. and L.P. Jackson Cowpen Pond
Jackson Infant (one date) 11-09-23 s/o R.S. and L.P. Jackson Cowpen Pond
Jackson Herbert Willis 04-22-1924 12-23-1925 Cowpen Pond
Jackson Elizabeth 08-03-1886 02-12-1890 Cowpen Pond
Jackson Della V. 12-29-1893 11-20-1975 Cowpen Pond
Jackson Daniel O. 10-07-1870 02-28-1921 Cowpen Pond
Jackson Charles Ervin 01-05-1936 05-08-2014 h/o Linda Jackson Cowpen Pond
Jackson Alice 11-15-1870 06-05-1904 Cowpen Pond
Huddleston Rolland C. 04-21-1930 04-22-2013 h/o Lola Huddleston Cowpen Pond
Huddleston Lola F. Windham 11-30-1940 (undated) w/o Rolland Huddleston Cowpen Pond
Hobbs Willis Howell 07-02-1915 02-14-1995 (two markers noted) (US Navy S-2 WW II) Cowpen Pond
Hobbs Theo Sr. 02-20-1947 (undated) h/o Brenda Hobbs Cowpen Pond
Hobbs Meanery N. 05-03-1921 12-15-1997 w/o Willis H. Hobbs Cowpen Pond
Hobbs Hurbert Charles 04-19-1934 09-28-1936 Cowpen Pond
Hobbs Henry Junior 07-15-1941 04-29-2004 (two markers noted) (US Army SP-4 Vietnam) Cowpen Pond
Hobbs Christopher Brandon 07-30-1996 09-06-2012 Cowpen Pond
Hobbs Brenda L. 07-26-1951 (undated) w/o Theo Sr. Hobbs Cowpen Pond
Hightower Larry I. 02-04-1923 07-24-2005 (US Army 1st Lt WW II) Cowpen Pond
Hightower A.B. 1889 1965 (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Hewett Verna 12-01-1913 10-01-1916 Cowpen Pond
Hewett Thomas B. 07-05-1873 12-03-1908 Cowpen Pond
Hewett Rosie Mae 08-06-1943 1943 Cowpen Pond
Hewett Katie May 04-28-1902 12-16-1914 d/o John and Ada Hewett Cowpen Pond
Hewett Julia 12-20-1841 03-02-1926 w/o E.W. Hewett Cowpen Pond
Hewett Joseph 04-19-1879 09-11-1930 Cowpen Pond
Hewett John 10-07-1865 07-14-1943 h/o Ada Hewett Cowpen Pond
Hewett J.M. 11-04-1837 12-30-1912 Cowpen Pond
Hewett Infant (one date) 06-31-1908 c/o C.B. and J.M. Hewett Cowpen Pond
Hewett Infant (no dates) c/o John and Ada Hewett Cowpen Pond
Hewett Infant (no dates) c/o John and Ada Hewett Cowpen Pond
Hewett Herbert (one date) 08-25-1930 Cowpen Pond
Hewett E.W. 1846 02-20-1926 h/o Julie Hewett CSA (Co E 8 Fla Inf) Cowpen Pond
Hewett Dennis Melvin 07-22-1837 01-31-1890 s/o Jacob and Ester Hewett (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Hewett Cristeen 06-06-1917 02-08-1919 Cowpen Pond
Hewett Ada H. 02-15-1879 04-03-1965 w/o John Hewett Cowpen Pond
Hatcher W.M. 12-24-1847 08-14-1925 Cowpen Pond
Hatcher W.C. 03-28-1870 10-20-1941 h/o Clara Hatcher Cowpen Pond
Hatcher Nancy J. 11-10-1879 09-13-1925 w/o Henry Hatcher Cowpen Pond
Hatcher Mirdic 02-02-1913 10-22-1916 s/o H.L. and N.J. Hatcher Cowpen Pond
Hatcher Martha Basford 04-1886 01-1943 w/o H.L. Hatcher Cowpen Pond
Hatcher Henry L. 07-23-1870 01-07-1950 h/o Nancy Hatcher Cowpen Pond
Hatcher Elizabeth 04-11-1848 12-29-1921 Cowpen Pond
Hatcher Clara 04-10-1885 05-09-1959 w/o W.C. Hatcher Cowpen Pond
Hatcher Buriell 08-20-1909 09-21-1926 Cowpen Pond
Hatcher Arkadie 02-02-1911 01-06-1912 d/o H.L. and N.J. Hatcher Cowpen Pond
Hart Mary Etta 06-24-1922 04-06-2009 w/o George Hart married 07-17-1946 Cowpen Pond
Hart George Felix 08-12-1921 01-15-1953 h/o Mary Etta Hart (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Harrison Linda R. 07-17-1947 03-04-2010 Cowpen Pond
Harrell Marlin L. 10-20-1928 08-11-2001 h/o Bronnie Harrell Cowpen Pond
Harrell Kristopher Shaun 04-29-1998 09-24-2002 Cowpen Pond
Harrell Bronnie Neel 12-26-1929 11-04-2013 w/o Marlin Harrell married 06-26-1948 Cowpen Pond
Harris Infant (one date) 12-16-1946 c/o Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Harris Cowpen Pond
Hare Eliza 01-31-1849 09-28-1927 w/o William E. Hare Cowpen Pond
Hand Lee S. 03-16-1911 10-29-1913 Cowpen Pond
Hand Irane 11-20-1920 11-20-1920 Cowpen Pond
Hand George Henry 01-04-1883 03-28-1926 h/o Fransinna Hand Cowpen Pond
Hand Falena 11-14-1908 05-27-1909 Cowpen Pond
Hand Fransinna Basford 02-06-1883 06-28-1956 w/o George Hand Cowpen Pond
Hand Frank S. 01-20-1906 07-24-1931 Cowpen Pond
Hand Elise 03-09-1942 09-12-1943 s/o Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hand Cowpen Pond
Hand Della 07-03-1908 07-14-1986 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Zader Elizabeth Hatcher 09-09-1895 12-08-1985 w/o Zack Hamilton married 03-31-1912 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Zack John 10-15-1889 05-03-1972 h/o Zader Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Zack 07-11-1840 06-20-1920 h/o Celia Hamilton (born in S.C.) Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Willie R. 03-11-1912 12-12-1929 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Robert Hase 04-11-1938 05-02-1985 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Prandy Hare 01-09-1867 08-29-1945 w/o A.R. Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Phoebe 09-15-1921 09-16-2006 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Paul 1922 2002 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Nancy Lonie 05-06-1882 01-31-1958 w/o Elijah Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Miwes Elizabeth 11-09-1925 01-26-2004 w/o Clifton Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Miller 04-29-1866 08-17-1881 s/o Zack and Celia Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Mrs. Martha Rebecca 12-31-1871 10-04-1950 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Mae 07-03-1908 09-19-2005 w/o Clarence Hamilton married 07-25-1930 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Lydia 07-22-1885 06-20-1974 w/o Henry Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Luzetta Z. 04-07-1869 05-10-1870 d/o Zack and Celia Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Leon Howard 01-20-1926 01-29-1987 (US Army SSgt Korea) Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Leon 03-05-1897 10-22-1906 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Julia 10-24-1904 02-01-1908 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton John H. 12-25-1868 11-27-1935 h/o Caroline Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Children (no dates) (infants of Edna N. Hamilton) Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Infant 11-21-1907 (one date) c/o H.H. and L.H. Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Infant 09-01-1889 10-02-1890 c/o John and Caroline Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Infant 10-08-(no year) c/o H.H. and L.H. Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Infant (one date) 09-16-1899 c/o E.H. and N.L. Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Holman 10-12-1929 05-22-1993 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Herman 11-22-1914 10-23-1937 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Henry 01-24-1888 07-21-1952 h/o Lydia Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Henry 08-09-1881 09-09-1881 s/o Zack and Celia Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Frank 09-11-1889 (no death stamped) Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Even 11-07-1894 01-10-1915 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Eula 01-28-1883 03-29-1884 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Elizabeth (Lizzie) 04-04-1903 09-02-1991 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Eliza Elizabeth 09-29-1905 03-25-1937 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Elijah 08-25-1873 05-20-1968 h/o Nancy Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Edward R. 04-22-1918 04-30-1982 (Sgt US Army WW II) Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Edna Neel 01-07-1925 04-19-2007 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Edgar (Edd) 08-22-1896 04-28-1977 h/o Alice Hamilton (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Eddie 10-02-1944 10-02-1944 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Dewey 07-27-1911 12-18-1921 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton David Maxwell 09-18-1948 08-22-1976 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Clarence 07-12-1909 03-19-1983 h/o Mae Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Clara E. 02-28-1926 04-08-1991 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Clifton (Buddy) 09-22-1925 11-02-2005 h/o Miwes Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Christine 10-02-1944 10-02-1944 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Charlie H. 05-29-1919 11-26-1971 (US Army Fla PFC WW II) Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Charles W. 12-24-1944 06-01-1980 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Chairty 03-14-1913 03-27-1939 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Celia 08-01-1845 08-19-1881 w/o Zack Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Celia 03-09-1886 07-29-1972 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Caroline Owens 11-06-1862 09-01-1916 w/o John Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Brady 04-08-1898 07-06-1976 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Bernice 10-02-1944 10-12-1944 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Becky Hewett 1878 02-18-1940 w/o Lewis Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Artis 07-13-1914 01-23-1917 s/o Mr. and Mrs. S.J. Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Archting 10-23-1934 07-19-1936 d/o Mr. and Mrs. S.J. Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Hamilton A.R. 11-12-1861 09-08-1950 h/o Prandy Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Hamilton A.R. Sr. 10-06-1842 03-28-1890 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Alice Stephens 11-13-1891 05-19-1981 w/o Edgar Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Godwin Patricia L. 05-19-1951 02-14-2010 w/o George Godwin Cowpen Pond
Godwin George W. 12-26-1947 (undated) h/o Patricia Godwin (US Army E5 Vietnam) Cowpen Pond
Godwin George Grant 08-02-1970 07-05-1992 Cowpen Pond
Glover (McCorkel) Lizzie Neel 02-16-1886 04-14-1967 Cowpen Pond
Gilley Hettie 03-11-1891 10-12-1926 w/o Ashley Gilley Cowpen Pond
Gilley Infant (no dates) c/o I.G. & Della Gilley Cowpen Pond
Gilley Della 03-06-1905 09-15-1926 Cowpen Pond
Franklin Henry Joshua 10-17-1910 12-25-1910 Cowpen Pond
Fears Linda Neel 01-02-1949 (undated) w/o James Fears Cowpen Pond
Fears James (Tiny) E. 05-04-1946 06-30-2001 h/o Linda Fears Cowpen Pond
Edwards James Clarence 04-04-1886 09-12-1923 Cowpen Pond
Dykes Martha 08-31-1892 07-22-1954 w/o Joe Dykes Cowpen Pond
Dykes L.C. 10-22-1916 05-11-1979 Cowpen Pond
Dykes Larry Charles 06-10-1956 11-02-1982 Cowpen Pond
Dykes Joe 01-30-1894 10-12-1961 h/o Martha Dykes Cowpen Pond
Dykes James E. 07-26-1948 10-09-1970 Cowpen Pond
Dykes H.C. 11-21-1936 02-18-2000 h/o Agnes Dykes Cowpen Pond
Dykes Hattie Hamilton 06-22-1916 04-08-2008 Cowpen Pond
Dykes Dearrell G. 02-22-1954 11-28-2014 Cowpen Pond
Dykes Agnes Hargrove 10-24-1938 11-25-2015 w/o H.C. Dyles married 01-28-1958 Cowpen Pond
Dozier Timothy 1970 2014 Cowpen Pond
Dawson Sanford 11-25-1910 03-09-1948 Cowpen Pond
Dawson John 07-15-1878 04-14-1941 h/o Annie Dawson Cowpen Pond
Dawson Howard 07-08-1911 12-18-1913 (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Dawson Angles 09-11-1923 07-07-1924 (two markers noted) (same as Angles) Cowpen Pond
Dawson Annie 01-10-1872 07-05-1976 w/o John Dawson Cowpen Pond
Dawsell Infant (no dates) c/o T.H. and Floise Dawsell Cowpen Pond
Dawsell Thomas Henry 05-01-1908 10-10-1953 Cowpen Pond
Daniels Mesia Elaine 01-01-1937 06-02-1937 Cowpen Pond
Daniels Matthew Jefferson 03-17-1930 10-16-1931 Cowpen Pond
Daniels Maston C. 12-27-1908 11-11-1963 h/o Mary M. Daniels Cowpen Pond
Daniels Mary M. 12-25-1904 11-11-1963 w/o Maston C. Daniels Cowpen Pond
Daniel Mollie Neel 11-26-1887 05-13-1966 w/o Mathew Daniels Cowpen Pond
Daniel Mathew Franklin 07-27-1884 05-11-1927 h/o Mollie Daniels Cowpen Pond
Daniel Lucindy 12-27-1827 08-29-1893 Cowpen Pond
Daniel James Ottis 08-04-1923 03-08-1927 s/o M.F. and Mollie Daniels Cowpen Pond
Daniels Dora Alice 09-17-1910 02-12-1911 Cowpen Pond
Daniels Bernice 09-15-1918 12-14-1919 Cowpen Pond
Daniel Ausia Earl 01-06-1917 05-07-1927 s/o M.F. and Mollie Daniel Cowpen Pond
Cushen Mark Wood 11-09-1882 02-14-1944 Cowpen Pond
Croft Ruby May 04-09-1917 05-18-1917 d/o T.J. and J.N. Croft Cowpen Pond
Cox Joseph B. 1825 1896 CSA (Co C 1st Fla Res) Cowpen Pond
Cook Sarah R. 09-08-1856 06-30-1938 w/o Green Cook Cowpen Pond
Cook Liller E. 11-22-1886 12-07-1966 Cowpen Pond
Cook Green B. 05-15-1856 03-13-1942 h/o Sarah Cook Cowpen Pond
Cook Francis M. 03-18-1881 01-16-1950 Cowpen Pond
Cook Francis Howell 11-08-1921 09-13-1927 Cowpen Pond
Conner Zetika 04-21-1910 04-20-2001 h/o Beatrice Conner Cowpen Pond
Conner Rubert Glen 01-31-1940 (undated) h/o Gloria Conner Cowpen Pond
Conner Gloria Gwen 01-21-1943 (undated) w/o Rubert Conner Cowpen Pond
Conner Franklin Glenell 01-17-1937 (undated) h/o Eudora Conner Cowpen Pond
Conner Eudora M.D. 12-14-1940 (undated) w/o Franklin Conner Cowpen Pond
Conner Beatrice 03-11-1912 01-27-1998 w/o Zetika Conner married 10-07-1933 Cowpen Pond
Coulliette Amanda 10-09-1843 02-08-1903 w/o H.W. Coulliette Cowpen Pond
Cochren Stella 02-14-1908 07-13-1982 Cowpen Pond
Cloud Selie 10-06-1887 09-26-1919 w/o R.K. Cloud Cowpen Pond
Cloud Rev. Grover C. 10-01-1892 01-21-1967 h/o Francis J. Cloud Cowpen Pond
Cloud Mazina 05-05-1856 03-26-1895 w/o Henry Cloud Cowpen Pond
Cloud Maleatha S. 04-09-1881 02-25-1953 Cowpen Pond
Cloud Lisa Kaye 1970 (twin) 1970 (interned in grave with Lecia) Cowpen Pond
Cloud Lecia Faye 1970 (twin) 1970 (interned in grave with Lisa) Cowpen Pond
Cloud Jim Cleveland 04-04-1924 05-11-1970 Cowpen Pond
Cloud James (Rube) R. 11-06-1912 11-19-1974 Cowpen Pond
Cloud Infant (no dates) s/o G.C. and F.J. Cloud Cowpen Pond
Cloud Henry 05-05-1855 05-08-1938 h/o Mazina Cloud Cowpen Pond
Cloud Francis J. Hamilton 01-20-1889 04-19-1980 w/o Rev. Grover Cloud married 12-29-1912 Cowpen Pond
Cloud Bryant Erwin 02-19-1914 12-09-1998 Cowpen Pond
Clark Georgia Messer 1902 1968 Cowpen Pond
Byrd S.J. (no dates) Civil War (Sgt Co A 1st Fla Cav) Cowpen Pond
Burke Mrs. Ellen (no dates) Cowpen Pond
Brogdon Nan Neel 07-03-1903 11-18-1927 w/o Henry Brogdon Cowpen Pond
Brogdon Mildred 1930 1936 Cowpen Pond
Brogdon Henry 02-20-1897 02-21-1936 h/o Nan Brogdon Cowpen Pond
Bradley Cecil 09-01-1917 11-05-1928 Cowpen Pond
Bennett Roy 01-14-1892 09-21-1912 Cowpen Pond
Bennett R.D. 02-23-1857 04-07-1931 h/o Minervia Bennett Cowpen Pond
Bennett Mary Natina 08-05-1906 09-28-1911 Cowpen Pond
Bennett Minervia E. 09-14-1862 01-20-1912 w/o R.D. Bennett Cowpen Pond
Bennett Jim Jr. 04-18-1932 05-18-1934 Cowpen Pond
Bennett Frances Mitchell 04-18-1850 1920 Cowpen Pond
Bennett Alice G. 08-13-1894 03-09-1917 d/o R.D. and Minerva Bennett Cowpen Pond
Beachem Sim (one date) 10-11-1908 s/o E.L. Beachem Cowpen Pond
Beachem Olievett 07-27-1908 07-14-1909 Cowpen Pond
Beauchamp Mary 12-13-1887 07-24-1930 w/o Eligah Beauchamp married 01-04-1905 Cowpen Pond
Beauchamp Eligah 12-29-1878 12-28-1928 h/o Mary Beauchamp Cowpen Pond
Beachem Captaia May 03-27-1916 04-18-1916 Cowpen Pond
Basford William R. 08-18-1905 06-12-1944 (US Army PFC 22 Inf 4 Div WW II) Cowpen Pond
Basford Walter F. 09-02-1922 10-26-2004 h/o Janice Basford (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Basford Villar 11-18-1891 11-20-1918 Cowpen Pond
Basford Una Pope 04-05-1928 03-13-2017 w/o Broward Basford married 10-25-1947 Cowpen Pond
Basford Thomas Jeff 07-29-1907 09-09-1979 h/o Gertrude Basford Cowpen Pond
Basford Thelma 09-06-1909 06-26-1914 c/o C.D. and Pollie Basford Cowpen Pond
Basford Susie Lee 08-18-1905 06-01-1908 Cowpen Pond
Basford Susie J. Daniels 07-05-1907 06-05-1988 w/o L.D. Basford married 12-23-1925 Cowpen Pond
Basford S.M. (Max) 02-14-1934 (undated) h/o Annette Basford Cowpen Pond
Basford S.S. 1843 04-07-1911 h/o Missouria Basford (born in Brunwick N.C.) Cowpen Pond
Basford Sophronia 07-08-1844 08-03-1877 1st w/o Chesterfield Basford Cowpen Pond
Basford Ressi (Nano) L. 03-21-1920 11-20-2001 w/o Clyde Basford Cowpen Pond
Basford O.D. 12-24-1887 02-03-1928 h/o Cordellia Basford Cowpen Pond
Basford Nellie 02-09-1916 04-21-1916 Cowpen Pond
Basford Nada Merle 06-06-1931 02-03-2007 w/o Hershel Basford married 08-30-1947 Cowpen Pond
Basford Missouri 03-08-1849 03-23-1924 w/o S.S. Basford (born in Carroll Co. Ga.) Cowpen Pond
Basford Mary J. Mooneyham 11-05-1855 05-02-1931 w/o John W. Basford Cowpen Pond
Basford Martin Jackson 09-03-1880 10-28-1958 h/o Jessie Basford Cowpen Pond
Basford Martha Lessie 10-05-1898 10-14-1902 Cowpen Pond
Basford Martha E. 05-31-1870 10-01-1938 w/o Geo. W. Basford Cowpen Pond
Basford Lydia Sellers 05-07-1817 06-20-1899 w/o John Basford Cowpen Pond
Basford Lousia Bassett 06-19-1845 09-09-1918 2nd w/o Chesterfield Basford Cowpen Pond
Basford Louellen 06-06-1875 12-04-1954 Cowpen Pond
Basford Leon 10-03-1917 05-16-1949 Cowpen Pond
Basford Lena F. 12-10-1917 11-07-1923 Cowpen Pond
Basford L.D. (Renzie) 01-10-1906 05-12-1992 h/o Susie Basford Cowpen Pond
Basford Kenneth R. 11-17-1936 02-07-2008 h/o Glenda Basford Cowpen Pond
Basford John W. 10-22-1844 1933 h/o Mary J. Basford CSA (Co I 4 Fla Inf) Cowpen Pond
Basford John 02-17-1811 12-15-1886 h/o Lydia Basford (born in Brunswick Co. N.C.) Cowpen Pond
Basford Jessie Weston 11-07-1879 12-29-1969 w/o Martin Basford Cowpen Pond
Basford Jessie Alma 11-15-1904 03-23-1986 w/o James R. Basford Cowpen Pond
Basford Janice N. 11-30-1931 04-05-2016 w/o Walter Basford married 08-30-1947 Cowpen Pond
Basford James Robert 09-14-1900 05-23-1954 h/o Jessie Alma Basford Cowpen Pond
Basford Infant (no dates) c/o M.J. and Jessie Basford Cowpen Pond
Basford Infant (no dates) c/o L.D. and Susie Basford Cowpen Pond
Basford Infant 03-16-1939 03-17-1939 d/o Claude and Inez Basford Cowpen Pond
Basford Inez Jackson 10-15-1919 10-30-1969 w/o Claude Basford Cowpen Pond
Basford Hershel D. 08-13-1927 03-31-2013 h/o Nada Basford (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Basford Gertrude H. 11-24-1910 02-17-2006 w/o Thomas J. Basford Cowpen Pond
Basford Geo. W. 12-26-1867 09-23-1952 h/o Martha E. Basford Cowpen Pond
Basford Broward 01-25-1913 07-17-2001 h/o Una Pope Basford (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Basford Cordellia Jackson 01-04-1884 08-12-1982 w/o O.D. Basford Cowpen Pond
Basford Clyde (Papa) R. 06-08-1908 10-18-2000 h/o Ressi Basford Cowpen Pond
Basford Claude Cratus 07-29-1915 07-02-1962 h/o Inez Basford Cowpen Pond
Basford Annette (Meme) Wilder 06-01-1937 02-22-2000 w/o S.M. Basford married 08-22-1954 Cowpen Pond
Banks William O. 04-22-1935 12-11-1935 Cowpen Pond
Banks William Henry 03-01-1908 08-02-1962 h/o Ruby Banks Cowpen Pond
Banks Ruby Basford 05-01-1910 03-21-1996 w/o William H. Banks married 10-13-1927 Cowpen Pond
Banks James Earl 11-01-1945 12-04-1998 Cowpen Pond
Baker John 01-03-1785 10-01-1854 h/o Christian Baker (marker not found) 2000 survey next to Reiser plot Cowpen Pond
Baker Christian 02-20-1789 10-12-1856 w/o John Baker (marker not found) 2000 survey next to Reiser plot Cowpen Pond
Atwell Lovie 08-10-1897 01-02-1988 Cowpen Pond
Arnold William Leroy 06-15-1934 01-07-1999 h/o Lottie Arnold (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Arnold Lottie B. 03-07-1924 02-11-2010 w/o William Arnold married 07-07-1972 Cowpen Pond
Andrews Elaine (Hill) Brogdon 07-05-1912 06-04-1995 Cowpen Pond
Allen R.V. 12-11-1860 08-11-1930 h/o Emma Allen Cowpen Pond
Allen Rufus 10-30-1896 10-20-1911 s/o R.V. and Emma Allen Cowpen Pond
Allen Linton 04-06-1890 11-09-1920 s/o R.V. and Emma Allen Cowpen Pond
Allen Emma 08-26-1868 10-21-1920 w/o R.V. Allen Cowpen Pond
Allen Charlton 04-18-1892 12-23-1912 s/o R.V. and M.E. Allen Cowpen Pond
Alford Viola 05-20-1903 01-17-1928 Cowpen Pond
Aldermon Infant 03-01-1934 03-01-1934 c/o Mr. and Mrs. Lee Aldermon Cowpen Pond
Aldermon Clara E. 05-05-1935 08-15-1940 Cowpen Pond
Basford Julian (Sonny) Broward 07-16-1951 04-28-2015 h/o Nancy Basford Cowpen Pond
Basford Nancy Antoinette Edwards 07-04-1957 (undated) w/o Julian (Sonny) Basford married 09-24-1983 Cowpen Pond
Gatch Rev. Clarence Dean 12-20-1925 04-21-2015 h/o Wilda Gatch Cowpen Pond
Gatch Wilda Juanita Jeter 12-06-1932 09-02-2018 w/o Rev. Clarence Gatch married 12-15-1950 Cowpen Pond
Hobbs Wallace (Gator) Earl 04-10-1952 10-08-2000 Cowpen Pond
Moneyham Charlie M. 10-22-1866 03-03-1900 h/o Tinnie Moneyham Cowpen Pond
Moneyham Tinnie McDaniel 09-17-1869 07-23-1948 w/o Charlie Moneyham Cowpen Pond
Moneyhan J.D. 01-29-1859 03-24-1934 Cowpen Pond
Patterson Annette 05-06-1926 08-21-1933 Cowpen Pond
Powell Joe 07-18-1909 03-14-1960 Cowpen Pond
Stevens M.U. 02-11-1891 03-16-1920 Cowpen Pond
Tyus Susie Mae Basford 01-25-1924 02-28-2018 Cowpen Pond
Basford Fletcher Broward 01-25-1913 07-17-2001 (two markers noted) (US Army SSgt WW II) Cowpen Pond
Basford Glenda L. 06-03-1938 06-07-2013 w/o Kenneth Basford Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Edgar 08-22-1896 04-28-1977 (two markers noted) (US Army Pvt WW I) Cowpen Pond
Hightower Callie M. 1932 2012 (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Weeks Mildred N. 07-09-1914 06-16-1994 w/o Homer Weeks Cowpen Pond
Basford W.F. 07-04-1876 11-18-1954 Cowpen Pond
Daniels Matthew 03-11-1880 10-06-1881 Archival survey (marker not found) Cowpen Pond
Daniels Infant 01-1882 06-1882 Archival survey (marker not found) Cowpen Pond
Revells George Ann 12-21-1863 12-06-1903 Archival survey (marker not found) Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Levy 11-19-1902 12-03-1933 (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Hatcher J.H. 1845 1925 Cowpen Pond
Hewett Annie Jeanette (no dates) c/o Battle & Lottie Hewett Cowpen Pond
Hewett Lottie (no dates) Archival survey (marker not found) Cowpen Pond
Hewett Norman 1923 1978 Cowpen Pond
Hewett Dennis Melvin (no dates) (two markers noted) Civil War (Co H 3rd US Vols) Cowpen Pond
Hewett Willie age 87 01-21-1985 Archival survey (marker not found) Cowpen Pond
Hightower J.M. (no dates) Archival Survey (no marker found) Cowpen Pond
Messer William D. 01-01-1877 06-16-1913 h/o Ola L. Messer Cowpen Pond
Mitchell Angus 04-30-1923 (undated) h/o Reba A. Mitchell Cowpen Pond
Moody Infant (one date) 01-01-1901 d/o R.L. & Annie Moddy Cowpen Pond
Moneyham Louis 12-11-1828 03-09-1875 (two markers noted) Civil War (Co F 2nd US Vol Inf) Cowpen Pond
Moneyham Infant 12-04-1922 12-04-1922 i/o John & E.E. Moneyham Cowpen Pond
Moneyham Albert 11-01-1924 02-22-1936 Cowpen Pond
Moneyham Bessie Ruth 06-02-1928 10-01-1928 Cowpen Pond
Mooneyham Elloise 10-15-1921 11-10-1921 d/o Perry & Mattie Moneyham Cowpen Pond
Moneyham Eva 08-24-1888 08-11-1908 Cowpen Pond
Moneyham F.P. 11-17-1910 04-23-1928 Cowpen Pond
Mooneyham Hazel 05-28-1912 10-30-1919 Cowpen Pond
Moneyham Lula 08-12-1887 10-08-1906 Cowpen Pond
Moneyham Marthie Jane Jones (no dates) Cowpen Pond
Nichols Eddie (no dates) Cowpen Pond
Stephens L.I. 06-10-1859 03-10-1929 h/o Jennet Stephens Cowpen Pond
Weeks Laura 1900 1991 Archival survey (marker not found) Cowpen Pond
Hatcher Drewziea Williams 1845 1925 w/o J.H. Hatcher Cowpen Pond
Hart George Felix 08-12-1921 01-15-1953 (three markers noted) (GMC US Navy WW II) Cowpen Pond
Hewett Lank 1897 1985 Cowpen Pond
Hobbs Henry Junior 07-15-1941 04-29-2004 (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Hobbs Willis H. 07-02-1915 02-14-1995 h/o Meanery Hobbs (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Jefferson Matthew 03-17-1930 10-16-1931 Cowpen Pond
Mitchell Reba A. Neel 06-24-1927 (undated) w/o Angus Mitchell Cowpen Pond
Tyus Mary 01-25-1863 04-25-1900 w/o A.J. Tyus Cowpen Pond
Tyus Troy Sr. Lee 12-16-1925 05-06-2001 (two markers noted) (US Army PFC WW II) Cowpen Pond
Basford C. (no dates) (this is Chesterfield Basford) 1846-1933 Civil War (Co F. 1st Fla Cav) Cowpen Pond
Basford Children (no dates) c/o John & Lydia Basford Cowpen Pond
Patrick James Walker Sr. 09-03-1921 11-18-2009 (two markers noted) (MM1 US Navy WW II) Cowpen Pond
Weeks Child # 1 (no dates) c/o John & Ann Weeks Cowpen Pond
Weeks Child #2 (no dates) c/o John & Ann Weeks Cowpen Pond
Weeks Ann Revells 07-1863 1903 Cowpen Pond
Weeks Voncile (one date) 1915 Cowpen Pond
Hare W.E. 03-1846 01-23-1934 h/o Eliza Hare Cowpen Pond
Butler Ollie Mae 12-11-1926 03-31-2003 Cowpen Pond
Weeks Ferdinand Junior 04-21-1930 02-28-1996 h/o Edna Weeks (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Weeks J.C. (no dates) (limestone) archival survey info Cowpen Pond
Weeks M. (no dates) (limestone) archival survey info Cowpen Pond
Weeks Myriam (one date) 11-25-1888 Cowpen Pond
Neel Harrison William 11-05-1847 04-24-1889 h/o Sallie Neel Civil War (Co A 1st Fla Cav) Cowpen Pond
Weeks Sussie Meleta Walls 06-20-1888 1958 Cowpen Pond
Moneyham James W. 01-23-1879 10-15-1969 (Grandfather) Cowpen Pond
Moneyham Walter 07-22-1895 06-25-1929 Cowpen Pond
Powell Reller M. 08-08-1897 04-28-1976 Cowpen Pond
Stephens Ennis D. 03-16-1882 06-08-1958 w/o Sidney Stephens (headstone obstructed by tree) Cowpen Pond
Stephens Jennet McMillan 08-20-1862 04-04-1936 w/o L.I. Stephens Cowpen Pond
Williams Drewziea 1845 1925 Cowpen Pond
Basford Hershel D. 08-13-1927 03-31-2013 (two markers noted) US Army PFC WW II) Cowpen Pond
Stephens Cornelius 11-05-1847 06-11-1922 (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Weeks Stacy Diane 05-03-1973 10-13-2016 (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Tyus George Ryals 01-09-1923 11-16-2016 h/o Susie Mae Tyus (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Williams Darrell M. 12-20-1952 12-18-2016 h/o Kathy C. Williams Cowpen Pond
Lanier Betty Jean 03-12-1945 07-23-2017 w/o David Lanier Cowpen Pond
Sellers Ester Hewett, Strickland 1810 1870 (two markers noted) (same as Ester Strickland) Cowpen Pond
Weeks John M. 1890 1960 (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Weeks Stacy Diane 05-03-1973 10-16-2016 (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Arnold William Leroy 06-15-1934 01-07-1999 (two markers noted) (US Marine Corps Pvt Korea) Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Levy 11-19-1902 12-03-1933 (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Cloud Freeman 05-20-1899 05-09-1968 Cowpen Pond
Neel Johnny Albert 1906 1966 (two markers noted) (Johnny Albert) Cowpen Pond
Cloud Lillian Neel 06-06-1919 10-13-1976 Cowpen Pond
Smith J.S. (no dates) (beside Adrian) Cowpen Pond
Dawson Angus 09-11-1923 07-07-1924 (two markers noted)