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Cemetery: Pilgrims Rest
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Barksdale Teressa P. 08-30-1895 03-04-1963 w/o Charlie C. Barksdale Pilgrims Rest
Herring Willie Martin 01-30-1897 11-10-1977 w/o James Byrl Herring Pilgrims Rest
Crosby Arthur Leroy 07-20-1914 04-03-2000 (two markers noted) (US Army WW II) Pilgrims Rest
Crosby Arthur Leroy (A. L.) 07-20-1914 04-03-2000 h/o Evelyn Shoemaker Crosby (two markers noted) Pilgrims Rest
Jordan Infant (one date) 12-11-1910 d/o W. A. & Eula Jordan Pilgrims Rest
Jordan James R. 06-26-1855 04-29-1934 h/o Marich L. Jordan s/o John & Catherine Jordan Pilgrims Rest
Martin Martha Elizabeth 02-18-1855 05-15-1939 w/o Patrick E. Martin Pilgrims Rest
Oder Norris O. 02-12-1910 08-02-1987 h/o Nadine H. Oder Pilgrims Rest
Cemetery: Antioch
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Hudson A. Juanita 04-28-1923 11-04-2012 w/o Bernard Hudson married 02-06-1941 Antioch
Wood Shirley F. 08-09-1936 08-13-2004 w/o Robert Wood Antioch
Harrison Annie Grice 11-11-1897 01-16-1986 w/o James Curtis Harrison Antioch
Merritt Dowsie A 02-05-1895 11-25-1976 h/o Mary Lee Merritt Antioch
Harrison William Edward 01-24-1927 10-24-1990 Antioch
Herring Trudie V. 04-01-1891 09-23-1969 w/o Charlie O. Herring Married 1911 Antioch
Granger Alvin (Shorty) 07-12-1932 06-02-1995 Antioch
Avery Rubin 06-25-1919 12-19-1955 h/o Revell "Merritt" Avery Antioch
Noblin Elaine Adams 02-06-1923 01-12-2017 w/o Curtis Wesley Noblin married 10-10-1937 Antioch
Granger Valter Thomas (one date) 07-22-1922 (Pvt Co G 2nd Regt Fla Cav CSA) Antioch
Granger Infant (one date) 06-18-1935 s/o Dewey Granger Antioch
Cemetery: Mt Olive Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Hartzog Katie Ann 02-09-1897 09-15-1966 w/o Ambers C. Hartzog Mt Olive Baptist
Pitts Woodrow Wilson 04-30-1925 05-31-2003 h/o Mattie L. Pitts (two markers noted) Mt Olive Baptist
Culverhouse James A. 11-05-1936 11-05-2010 (double headstone one name) Mt Olive Baptist
Cozart Roy 10-08-1936 10-22-1936 s/o Charles & rosolie Cozar Mt Olive Baptist
Kirkland Charlotte Ann 05-22-1956 10-04-1957 d/o Perry & Mavis Kirkland Mt Olive Baptist
Turner Leaner Dell 09-27-1905 10-02-1912 d/o U.T. & A.F. Turner Mt Olive Baptist
Hasty William Hope 02-02-1879 04-02-1959 h/o Eula Eunorah Hasty Mt Olive Baptist
Ross Mrs. M.J. (no dates) w/o J. A. Ross Mt Olive Baptist
Tipton Paul Amos 03-05-1957 03-08-1957 s/o Amos & Marie Tipton Mt Olive Baptist
Davis Oscar Jr. 11-07-1929 11-07--1929 buried in Stephens plot Mt Olive Baptist
Kirkland Willie Mae 11-01-1900 06-26-1984 w/o Riley Kirkland Mt Olive Baptist
Watford Doris A. 02-17-1929 09-04-2007 w/o Fauline Watford (married 04-20-1946) Mt Olive Baptist
Baxter Douglas Earl 05-10-1943 03-13-1948 Mt Olive Baptist
Atwell Pearlie Bell 08-02-1891 11-24-1963 w/o Columbus Clayton Atwell Mt Olive Baptist
Helms Herbert R. 02-07-1905 07-15-1966 Louise Helms Mt Olive Baptist
Skipper George Dagmer 09-20-1893 06-27-1982 (US Army WW II) Mt Olive Baptist
Eddins Henry Haise 07-03-1918 05-08-1973 h/o Gladys Parmer Eddins (two markers noted Mt Olive Baptist
McCullough Clyde 1879 1960 Mt Olive Baptist
Wilkinson Green Berry 10-01-1916 05-05-1994 Mt Olive Baptist
Brooks Columbus R. 04-07-1905 06-11-1905 archival survey (marker unfound) Mt Olive Baptist
Kirkland John H. 1913 2003 (two markers noted) Mt Olive Baptist
Baker PVT. James Walter in memory of 11-29-1907 11-29-1944 killed in action interred, St. Avold France Mt Olive Baptist
Helms Sarah Jane 11-04-1848 06-09-1920 w/o A. C. Helms Mt Olive Baptist
Stephens Sadie Prascovia 09-01-1897 06-23-1903 Buried in unmarked grave (info by relative) Mt Olive Baptist
Cemetery: Gordon
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Barksdale Mary D. 10-05-1865 06-22-1953 Gordon
Jeffcoat Devata 08-01-1921 10-24-2016 w/o Roy Paul Jeffcoat married 04-10-1938 Gordon
Poole Emma Floyd 12-19-1883 07-19-1974 Gordon
Cook Infant 10-10-1922 10-11-1922 s/o M. & M. Harvey & Thelma Cook Gordon
Dean Daisy Tuttle 10-13-1889 01-10-1943 w/o B.L. Dean Gordon
McCall Herman Melvin 04-04-1913 02-20-1986 Gordon
Vaughn Gertrude 07-31-1879 03-11-1901 Gordon
Blair Daisy 02-13-1887 12-19-1969 w/o L.C. Blair Gordon
Jeffcote Noah 07-10-1848 01-24-1891 (two markers noted) Gordon
Rathel Milton Carl 12-21-1922 03-18-1992 h/o Lucy Rathel (US Army WW II) Gordon
Talley Sarah Williams Dean 06-16-1934 (undated) w/o Charles Daffin Talley Gordon
Lee William Franklin Jr. 12-07-1943 12-04-2017 s/o Lois & William Franklin Sr. Lee Gordon
Eubanks Daisy B. 01-10-1910 12-27-1993 Gordon
Merridth John W. 1789 01-31-1857 born in Virginia Gordon
Whisnant Mary Jane (Sally) 05-17-1855 05-18-1907 Gordon
Moates Baby (no birth) 1909 (archival survey info) Gordon
Moates Ruben B. 01-16-1901 06-30-1976 h/o Rosia Moates (two markers noted) Gordon
Bowdon John Russ 04-30-1876 08-25-1879 s/o S. & C.R. Bowdon Gordon
Jordan Henry Collis 11-06-1892 06-23-1970 h/o Mary Kate Jordan (two markers noted) Gordon
Rountree W. G. 04-08-1852 10-26-1913 two unmarked adult adjacent Gordon
Godfrey Robbie Mae 08-24-1905 08-30-1975 Gordon
Moates W. D. (no birth) 08-20-1903 (archival survey info) Gordon
Williams Queen Victoria Lee 1874 01-18-1931 w/o Edward Blake Williams Gordon
Bullock perhaps unmarked adult slab adjacent to R.A. Gordon
Laster Cammie Lee (Cam) 03-09-1908 05-30-1982 Gordon
Snead A. M. 09-17-1876 07-19-1944 h/o Hattie M. Snead Gordon
Cemetery: Collins Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Armstronge L. L. 08-24-1827 02-22-1909 h/o Sally Sarah Jacobs married 01-10-1889 Collins Baptist
Elmore Velma F. Chumney 07-11-1903 11-12-1981 w/o W. Clyde Elmore Collins Baptist
Sawyer Sarah Octavia McDaniel 09-03-1914 02-12-1997 w/o Charles R. Swayer (d/o E. Carlton & Marian A. McMillan) Collins Baptist
Bell Dock Emerson 10-23-1919 07-30-1921 Collins Baptist
Hollingsworth Bessie M. 08-09-1934 (undated) w/o James C. Hollingsworth Collins Baptist
Meredith Nettie S. 1905 1989 Collins Baptist
Williams J. R. 08-23-1877 10-25-1889 Collins Baptist
Hart Robert (no dates) s/o B.J. & Ida Hart Collins Baptist
Fears Clydes A. 08-13-1918 09-27-2002 h/o Carrie Mae Fears US Army WW II (two markers noted) Collins Baptist
Fears Seabron 08-20-1886 12-26-1970 h/o Laura Bell Fears (s/o Cicero & Evie "Lockstead" Fears) Collins Baptist
McDaniel Samuel E. 06-06-1912 03-27-1971 h/o Mattie L. McDaniel Collins Baptist
Sims Imogene 01-08-1922 12-15-1989 Collins Baptist
Callaway Leland Vane 10-29-1896 09-15-1957 Collins Baptist
Jacobs Infant 1946 1946 s/o Tince & Hetty Jacobs Collins Baptist
Mozley John R. 02-19-1833 01-01-1913 Collins Baptist
Yarborough Tillia 05-20-1878 05-22-1914 Collins Baptist
Mozley William Jr. (Andy) A. 09-15-1957 10-07-2015 Collins Baptist
McAnulty Infant (no dates) s/o F.A. & Manda Collins Baptist
Lockhart J.W. 08-05-1867 09-15-1868 (1 year-1 month-10 days) Collins Baptist
Baxter Cola 06-23-1915 09-01-1993 h/o Lorene G. Baxter Collins Baptist
Foxworth Haywood 07-11-1923 05-01-1986 Collins Baptist
Mathews Archie 05-09-1861 05-31-1950 Collins Baptist
Conrad Exie 03-18-1882 07-22-1917 w/o Benjamin E. Conrad Collins Baptist
Murdock Thomas Clark 1885 1948 Collins Baptist
Simmons Sarah Jane (no birth) 02-21-1908 w/o Daniel Simmons married 12-29-1886 Collins Baptist
Baxter J. Edgar 12-01-1901 07-08-1975 h/o Leobie Baxter Collins Baptist
Hackett Fredrick Ralph 04-11-1860 03-17-1939 Collins Baptist
Mathews Lee F. 1883 1972 Collins Baptist
Standland C. B. 03-02-1871 01-06-1929 h/o Iola Standland Collins Baptist
Cemetery: Pleasant Hill
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Anderson Emory W. 04-04-1886 08-18-1955 h/o Georgia Lee Anderson Pleasant Hill
Davis George L. 11-19-1907 09-01-1948 s/o A.O. & Donie Davis (A FL M Sgt.717 Tank BN WW II) Pleasant Hill
Jeffcoat Emogene Holland 01-09-1918 01-09-2007 w/o Hugh Jeffcoat (archival survey marker not found) Pleasant Hill
Pynes Ruth H. 04-27-1923 05-10-1977 w/o Edgar Jr. Pynes Pleasant Hill
Hughes June Howard 06-25-1934 (undated) w/o James V. Hughes Pleasant Hill
Burkett Mary E. Poole 05-22-1864 08-23-1947 w/o Richard C. Burkett (two markers noted) Pleasant Hill
Howard Lola E. Burkett 03-30-1892 08-03-1969 w/o Sterling B. Howard married 12-20-1908 Pleasant Hill
McNeal William Ralph (Bill) 01-21-1932 07-18-1996 h/o Betty Louise Williams McNeal (two markers noted) Pleasant Hill
Vickers Lizzie 05-09-1886 03-07-1908 w/o Casz W. Vickers Pleasant Hill
Beasley Minnie L. 03-25-1888 01-11-1969 Pleasant Hill
Groom Henry M. 12-17-1895 12-09-1976 h/o Minnie Lee Groom Pleasant Hill
Jones James Lee 12-07-1947 01-07-1949 Pleasant Hill
Sanders Iron Foster 03-23-1891 09-26-1956 (archival survey marker not located) PVT Co B Dev. BN WW I Pleasant Hill
Cherry Dorothy Mae Singletary 01-05-1929 06-18-2008 w/o Lorell Cherry Pleasant Hill
Hughes Hattie B. 12-13-1881 05-03-1996 w/o Dallas Hughes Pleasant Hill
Mercer Marion M 12-10-1895 03-03-1973 h/o Willie Mae Mercer Pleasant Hill
Dozier Royce Edwin 11-12-1938 04-29-2011 h/o Eunice Simpson Dozier Pleasant Hill
Bodiford I.D. 11-22-1912 no date h/o Austeen Bodiford Pleasant Hill
Harlow (perhaps) 2 adult slabs in Harlow plot Pleasant Hill
Lovett John R. 07-21-1872 01-19-1947 h/o Mamie Smith & Lizzie Brown (archival survey info) Pleasant Hill
Smith Elaine Hall 06-29-1943 07-14-2005 w/o Larry Winston Smith Pleasant Hill
Conrad Jim H. 08-07-1901 04-02-1978 h/o Verna L. Conrad Pleasant Hill
Whitehead H.J. 03-28-1889 01-27-1923 h/o C.J. Whitehead Pleasant Hill
Parrish A.C. 02-09-1886 07-14-1968 h/o Maggie Parrish Pleasant Hill
Karpovich Michael Andrew 09-16-1955 03-02-2012 Pleasant Hill
Cherry Harvey E. 04-20-1897 10-01-1975 (two markers noted) (US Navy WW I) Pleasant Hill
Brown Mittie C. 04-01-1891 12-24-1983 w/o Charlie Brown Pleasant Hill
Harrison Mary Lee Baxter 05-01-1893 11-13-1956 w/o John F. Harrison Pleasant Hill
McIntyre (perhaps) unmarked grave in plot Pleasant Hill
Stephens Jamie Maurice 02-20-1925 06-14-1926 s/o James W. & Millie Elmore Stephens buried in unmarked grave Elmore plot Pleasant Hill
Cemetery: Cottonwood
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Bridges Corbit 09-22-1903 08-10-1973 h/o Obelia Bridges Cottonwood
Grace Ralph W. 01-09-1918 11-27-1944 LT. JG died in service WW II Cottonwood
Lawrence Mary L. 1900 1982 w/o Perry L. Lawrence Cottonwood
Peacock Pearl Sellers 09-24-1885 04-21-1928 w/o Gordon Price Peacock Cottonwood
Strickland J.B. 09-16-1900 09-25-1972 h/o Annie Bell Strickland Cottonwood
Dickerson Charles E. 09-05-1942 04-03-1949 s/o Cannie Dickerson Cottonwood
Hollon Earnest S. 03-29-1896 09-29-1965 h/o Votie Clyde Hollon Cottonwood
Monk (1 adult grave in Monk plot) Cottonwood
Sellers Hilton Addison 09-06-1887 04-19-1976 Cottonwood
Whitehead Winfred H. 07-06-1933 02-06-1983 h/o Wonda J. Whitehead (two markers noted) Cottonwood
Anderson Frances Jean Smith 12-29-1950 (undated) w/o Robert Steve Anderson Cottonwood
Buntin William Dawson 12-24-1859 12-27-1935 h/o Florence Buntin Adult unmarked slab beside Cottonwood
Granger Mattie L. 04-17-1873 01-31-1938 w/o Willis Calvin Granger Cottonwood
Lewis James Wyatt 07-21-1911 12-27-1999 h/o Annie Lee Sellers Lewis Cottonwood
Prevatt Dorothy N. 12-09-1927 12-07-1990 w/o Jay Prevatt Jr. Married 09-20-1947 Cottonwood
Tillery William O. 02-29-1888 08-21-1964 h/o Lilla B. Tillery Cottonwood
McCall Charlotte Whitehead 11-16-1956 08-25-2014 Cottonwood
Edwards Flaudie Louise 01-01-1889 06-13-1959 w/o Walter G. Edwards Cottonwood
Hughes Mary B. 1895 1986 Cottonwood
Morris Elna Mavie 09-21-1921 10-09-2004 d/o Alonzo & Martha Ann Morris Cottonwood
Sellers Phillip Leon 01-22-1903 01-21-1967 Cottonwood
Heinrich Alfred Arthur 05-24-1931 04-24-2015 (SSgt US Army Vietnam) (two markers noted) Cottonwood
Anderson Robert Lee 07-03-1935 05-01-2012 h/o Shirley Jean Anderson married 01-29-1953 Cottonwood
Cain Robbie McRee 02-13-1898 02-06-1981 Cottonwood
Gross Irma Lee Johnson 05-09-1909 07-20-1999 w/o Andrew Judson Gross Cottonwood
Ludlum Josie 02--24-1903 (undated) Cottonwood
Ray Audrey Nell 01-13-1927 12-09-1974 Cottonwood
Tucker Rosa Mae Holland 05-09-1882 11-02-1955 w/o Reuben B. Tucker Cottonwood
Adams Bronnie McNeal 09-25-1914 07-25-1994 w/o James Otis Adams married 11-22-1952 Cottonwood
Exum Tom Espy 08-17-1900 05-09-1970 h/o Minnie Pearl Exum Cottonwood
Jones John Thomas 10-16-1869 05-12-1948 h/o Margaret Hart Jones Cottonwood
Napier Hadee C. 02-13-1909 10-25-1995 w/o Lloyd E. Napier Cottonwood
Skipper Dannye L. 06-06-1935 (undated) w/o Donald C. Skipper Cottonwood
Moss Mae Dunn 10-19-1916 12-28-1970 w/o Clifford Moss Cottonwood
Carpenter Madge Kirkland 04-03-1918 06-14-1992 Cottonwood
Harrell Debbie C. 05-03-1961 (undated) w/o Danny M. Harrell married 08-17-1978 Cottonwood
Mathis Mary Elizabeth 01-19-1931 04-07-1993 w/o Dalton Mathis Cottonwood
Rich Mable C. 05-02-1914 01-15-1974 w/o Earnest Rich Cottonwood
Webb Carlos 04-21-1922 11-25-1994 h/o Mary Webb (SFC US Army WW II & Korea) Cottonwood
Cemetery: Friendship Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Everett Ressie M. 09-09-1913 01-29-1992 w/o Hayes L. Everett Friendship Baptist
Herrington John D. (Doug) 1879 1930 h/o Minnie K. Herrington Friendship Baptist
May Warren Sr. 02-02-1845 08-29-1919 h/o Georgia May (CO H 11 FLA INF CSA) Friendship Baptist
Taylor Bruce Lynwood 1947 2010 Friendship Baptist
Chumney Ebbie G. 11-23-1893 11-02-1894 d/o R.E. & J.M. Chumney Friendship Baptist
Hall Infant 09-22-1906 10-21-06 c/o Green & Viller Friendship Baptist
Lamb Margie Nell 10-22-1951 (undated) Friendship Baptist
Pritchard Florine Moss 01-01-1920 (undated) Friendship Baptist
Bell Charlie F. 09-26-1906 01-08-1978 Friendship Baptist
Fears Ruby Mae 06-19-1915 03-08-2012 w/o William Price Fears Friendship Baptist
Howard Verb Lee 06-19-1918 12-08-2000 Friendship Baptist
Moss Ever Huff no date 1925 w/o W.L. Moss Friendship Baptist
Tidwell Algeron Anderson 06-05-1841 03-10-1911 w/o James C. Tidwell Friendship Baptist
Conrad J. M. 02-27-1891 10-09-1965 h/o Sallie J. McMillan Conrad Friendship Baptist
Hall Villar 04-08-1872 10-23-1901 w/o Green Hall Friendship Baptist
Lockart J.D. Jr. 06-16-1912 05-10-1968 h/o Rossie Lockart Friendship Baptist
Rodgers Nellie F. 12-24-1908 03-26-1955 w/o J. Willie Rodgers Friendship Baptist
Rogers Woodrow Wilson 1943 (undated) h/o Janice Rogers Friendship Baptist
Brookins Mary Lula 12-21-1896 12-23-1964 w/o Willie Dalton Brookins Friendship Baptist
Ford Infant 09-11-1928 09-11-1928 s/o George & Verna Ford Friendship Baptist
Johnson Earl A. 08-02-1940 06-03-1960 (GA PFC 21 AVN CO 31 INF) Friendship Baptist
Nordan C. W. 01-29-1870 12-28-1928 h/o Annie B. Nordan Friendship Baptist
Tidwell Thomas M. 1864 1945 h/o Margeret E. Tidwell Friendship Baptist
Anderson Annie V. 11-15-1878 11-11-1884 d/o J.W. & M.A. Anderson Friendship Baptist
Daniels Fannie Hall 10-18-1892 06-20-1987 Friendship Baptist
Ham William Edward (Ed) 08-14-1918 02-08-2004 h/o Mable Joyce Ham Friendship Baptist
Sewell Hillory 07-20-1817 05-07-1890 h/o Mary A. Sewell Friendship Baptist
Arnold Grace Truman 12-05-1923 12-05-1923 Friendship Baptist
Forrester Vee Leola 1904 1980 d/o Barney & Ada Forrester Friendship Baptist
Burroughs Era Jean (one date) 1936 Friendship Baptist
Cemetery: Pine Crest
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Barrentine Jimmy R. 09-13-1953 09-19-1980 Pine Crest
Caine Henry Victor Sr. 07-28-1926 10-13-2004 h/o Barbara Sue Caine (US Navy) Pine Crest
Crutchfield Leslie M. 01-07-1940 (undated) h/o Carolyn V. Crutchfield Pine Crest
Fowler Bennie Ayers 05-07-1927 (undated) w/oWhit Horace Fowler married 12-13-1944 Pine Crest
Hatcher Susie M. 06-15-1909 02-01-1985 w/o Wyatt Wesley Hatcher Pine Crest
Jensen Nels P. 1945 1996 Pine Crest
Loria Mary E. 10-23-1915 03-12-2006 Pine Crest
Mock Ora E. Browning 04-01-1937 (undated) (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Pickenpaugh Margaret J. 03-10-1902 02-05-1989 w/o Harry E. Pickenpaugh Pine Crest
Safford Jessie S. 05-25-1925 02-08-2007 w/o Perley G. Safford Pine Crest
Stewart Frankie Linton 1940 (undated) w/o Carroll Wayne Stewart Pine Crest
West Ora S. 09-26-1927 02-26-1991 w/o Curtis D. West Pine Crest
Mitchell Hubert 1926 2014 h/o Gwendolyn Mitchell Pine Crest
Avriett Charles G. 01-12-1933 02-23-2016 h/o Frances L. Avriett Pine Crest
Russell Ramona G. 09-27-1934 04-01-2018 w/o Rainey G Russell Jr. (married 09-12-1954 Pine Crest
Boyce Madeline M. 10-08-1915 12-08-1998 w/o Fred R. Boyce Pine Crest
Cobb Vivian M. 12-02-1928 12-02-1928 w.o James E. Cobb married 11-22-1947 Pine Crest
Dukes William Joseph 10-17-1920 03-06-1997 (US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Griffin Oscar 09-19-1902 10-03-1993 h/o Lettie R. Griffin Pine Crest
Holmes CDR Edward A. 12-22-1921 12-26-2004 (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
King Jack Madison 01-23-1925 05-29-2001 h/o Kathleen S. King (EMP 2 US Navy WW II & Korea) Pine Crest
Maddox Theo M. 11-18-1908 12-29-1995 h/o Vannah S. Maddox Pine Crest
O'Conner Donald M. Sr. 11-23-1943 02-17-1999 Pine Crest
Redd Sheila Harrison 06-30-1950 06-29-1993 Pine Crest
Smith Charles Clifton 03-25-1931 03-20-1988 (Sgt. US Marines Korea) Pine Crest
Torbett Etta Naomi 01-25-1909 09-16-1979 w/o eugene Browder Torbett Pine Crest
Wright Douglas A. 09-15-1959 06-15-1989 (perhaps previous survey or obit, marker not found) Pine Crest
Birch Betty Jane Bruner 10-29-1932 01-26-2011 w/o James Birch (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Howard Phillip (Curly) E. 08-27-1944 02-23-2011 h/o Launa Howard Pine Crest
MaGee Gene Lee 05-11-1929 02-15-2015 (GM2 US Navy Korea) Pine Crest
Pittman Elvia P. 04-07-1937 01-22-2017 Pine Crest
Wiggins Walter 12-11-1930 04-04-2019 h/o Rebecca Wooten Wiggins (obituary info) Pine Crest
Baxley Trevor Dewayne (one date) 04-27-1994 Pine Crest
Caracciolo April 1949 2005 w/o Ted Caracciolo (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Daniels Lillian A. Foyt 09-22-1911 04-21-2004 Pine Crest
Franklin Nellie L. 01-05-1915 01-04-2010 w/o Paul V. Franklin Pine Crest
Heath Rufus Jr. 05-06-1923 10-20-1965 (SGT Army Air Force WW II) Pine Crest
Johnson Laura Evelyn 09-10-1929 04-28-2007 w/o Milton H. Johnson (married 10-07-1950) Pine Crest
McCaskill David Dexter 11-25-1916 11-15-1975 Pine Crest
Morris Helen H. 12-21-1921 06-24-2017 w/o Wilbur Wayne Morris Pine Crest
Pittman James C. 1907 1956 h/o Thelma M. Pittman Pine Crest
Schobert John L. 1887 1972 h/o Lillian Schobert Pine Crest
Streetman James P. 1917 1980 h/o Regine Streetman (PFC US Army WW II) Pine Crest
White Aubrey D. 1913 1999 h/o Enetda R. White Pine Crest
Shumaker Harry Edward 04-08-1923 01-24-2013 h/o Callie Irene Shumaker Pine Crest
Brown Charles Jr. 01-26-1932 04-28-2017 h/o Peggy Pittman Brown (US Army) Pine Crest
Tillman David Wallace 09-09-1943 02-22-2015 (two markers noted) (SP5 US Army Vietnam) Pine Crest
Adkins Lois D. 08-08-1923 01-31-2002 w/o Johnnie Adkins Pine Crest
Brewer Jane S. 07-13-1925 07-08-2000 w/o Henry B. Brewer Pine Crest
Connor Francis T. 05-29-1927 05-30-2010 h/o Mattie L. Connor (US Navy WW II) Pine Crest
Ellis Cynthia C. 10-12-1946 03-11-2018 w/o Larry H. Ellis (obit info) Pine Crest
Guy Lamar 02-15-1930 10-18-1974 h/o Mary B. Henderson Guy Pine Crest
Howard Lawrence B. 1919 2007 h/o Grace B. Howard Pine Crest
Kohn Alford 1901 1963 h/o Nettie Kohn Pine Crest
Manter Charles D. 1905 1976 h/o Cecile A. Manter (SP2 US Navy WW II) Pine Crest
Owens Frances P. 08-05-1913 02-17-1980 w/o Owen Owens Pine Crest
Rettig Francis E. 1902 1979 Pine Crest
Smith Louise Dodd 06-03-1950 (undated) w/o Dale M. Smith Pine Crest
Tyler James Durward 03-09-1923 no date h/o Mary Segars Tyler Pine Crest
Young Rufus W. 01-26-1917 02-20-1998 Pine Crest
Lauen Elmer Gale 04-25-1915 09-06-2011 h/o Mary Lauen (LT COL USAF WW II) Pine Crest
Houyoux Eleanor 1920 (undated) w/o John Houyoux Married 03-29-1941 Pine Crest
Sizemore Annell 09-24-1918 08-30-2019 w/o Kyle Sizemore (obit info) Pine Crest
Garraway Mary Ramey 1887 1969 Pine Crest
Heffner Melvin P. 1915 1981 h/o Lavern M. Haffner Pine Crest
Johnson Nellie L. 10-11-1925 10-15-2006 Pine Crest
McClain James Willard 10-29-1922 05-11-1985 (USAF WW II & Korea) Pine Crest
Morris Raynell 11-18-1927 06-18-2015 w/o F.C. (Speedy) Morris married 12-06-1942 Pine Crest
Pittman Lucille B. 10-08-1925 09-20-2007 Capt Richard Edward Pittman Sr. Pine Crest
Schoultheis Daisie B. 07-01-1931 04-18-2020 w/o Victor A. Schoultheis Pine Crest
Strickland Frank 11-03-1906 12-04-2002 h/o Eula V. Strickland Pine Crest
White Donald 07-26-1942 08-02-2003 Pine Crest
Stadsklev Donna B. 10-24-1914 06-23-2014 w/o Otto Stadsklev Pine Crest
Lowery Bobbie Joyce 07-11-1930 04-23-2017 w/o James Lowery Pine Crest
Chason Dorothy Browning 05-19-1935 (undated) (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Bell William O. Jr. 03-07-1919 03-10-1991 h/o Mary Helen Bell (MSgt US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Cary Lucy Lee 1920 1973 Pine Crest
Dean Joyce W. 1930 1972 Pine Crest
Galloway Michael D. 1950 1968 Pine Crest
Anderson Geraldine W. 03-02-1945 (undated) w/o Charles Anderson Pine Crest
Brown R. Robby 08-25-1957 10-10-2009 Pine Crest
Cook Jerry W. 01-13-1948 11-19-2002 Pine Crest
Evens Bonnie Bass 12-18-1918 06-21-2005 w/o William Talmadge Evens married 02-01-1936 Pine Crest
Hallock Ramond N. 12-19-1941 01-11-2001 Pine Crest
Hundley Judith Mattingly 19-15-1939 (undated) Pine Crest
Lanier Lloyd 1923 1983 (M SGT USAF WW II & Korea) Pine Crest
Mathis Ralph O. 02-14-1913 04-28-1982 h/o Eunice Mathis Pine Crest
Paramore Ruth Bass 11-08-1928 11-30-1994 w/o E.E. (Gene) Paramore (married 03-09-1952) Pine Crest
Riley Carollyn Joyce 11-27-1950 (undated) w/o Perry Eugene Riley Jr. Pine Crest
Snowden Bruce Roberts 12-17-1925 09-14-2007 h/o Virginia E. Snowden Pine Crest
Viau Albina C. 02-02-1913 06-13-1995 Pine Crest
Williams Edward D. 02-10-1923 10-15-2014 h/o Frances Williams (US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Chafin Elizabeth Jane 08-09-1944 (undated) w/o James R. Chafin Pine Crest
Murray Alva Darrel 10-25-1928 10-28-2019 h/o Frances White Murray (Obit info) Pine Crest
Gilbert Virgil L. 02-06-1923 05-30-1992 h/o Mattie Gilbert (PVT US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Hey Henry T. 1894 1968 h/o Eula Mae Hey Pine Crest
Jones Joyce P. 10-17-1936 10-03-1984 w/o Richard E. Jones Jr. Pine Crest
McDowell George L. 1891 1964 Pine Crest
Murphy Ruby P. 07-17-1922 04-02-1999 w/o Harold Winston Murphy Pine Crest
Powell Yealous H. 09-11-1920 07-06-1996 h/o M. Dorothy Powell (US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Sessions Jerry L. 02-25-1933 06-18-2010 (two markers noted) (Maj. US Air Force Vietnam) Pine Crest
Tate Herman 07-10-1911 10-20-1989 Pine Crest
Wiggins Rebecca (Becky) Wooten 05-04-1941 07-25-2009 w/o Walter Wiggins Pine Crest
Marky Barbara Bradford 04-10-1934 03-25-2012 w/o Robert Charles Marky Pine Crest
Harris Aiden Marie (one date) 06-24-2011 Pine Crest
Luckie Dr. Arthur Lee 07-27-1947 (undated) h/o Rosemary Luckie (United Methodist Clergy) Pine Crest
Cemetery: New Harmony
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Danford Mary A. Sims 02-07-1941 03-04-2011 w/o Wayne Danford married 10-06-1956 New Harmony
Tice Morris 07-02-1925 06-26-1942 New Harmony
Gould Charlie Frank 03-28-1937 (undated) h/o Barbara Gay Gould married 12-02-1967 New Harmony
Tindell Sidney 10-09-1918 01-08-1987 New Harmony
Granger Callie 07-02-1875 09-08-1942 w/o John J. Granger New Harmony
Hall Elzoria Butler 01-22-1922 06-21-1980 New Harmony
Cemetery: Bascom Methodist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Bird James F. 08-14-1892 03-31-1974 h/o Cora J. Bird Bascom Methodist
Rodgers Walker W. 07-05-1912 11-02-1984 h/o Chrystelle Rodgers Bascom Methodist
Hartsfield Martha A. 08-22-1857 04-20-1938 w/o Charlie Hartsfield Bascom Methodist
Williams Rebecca Hamilton 05-24-1901 16-22-1946 Bascom Methodist
Coulliette Chester Newton 07-04-1921 11-11-1921 Bascom Methodist
Rogers W.F. (TUT) 02-10-1922 01-05-1976 (one name on double upright) Bascom Methodist
Wise James Boyce 11-04-1934 04-02-2017 h/o Mary Jean Wise Bascom Methodist
Maddox Iva Jean 12-13-1950 08-13-2007 Bascom Methodist
Coulliette Oris L. 04-19-1906 12-21-1906 Bascom Methodist
Rountree Walter L. 1895 1968 h/o Nina L. Rountree (two markers noted) Bascom Methodist
Watford James C. 07-15-1922 05-14-1962 (two markers noted) Bascom Methodist
Bates Elizabeth 11-11-1825 06-06-1903 Bascom Methodist
Nichols Genie Lou (one date) 1929 d/o Agnes & Boonie Nichols Bascom Methodist
Dozier J.P. 09-06-1896 12-16-1907 Bascom Methodist
Standland Wesley W. 07-23-1874 08-15-1936 h/o Mary A. Standland Bascom Methodist
Cemetery: Bascom Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Cannady Major Dewey 01-11-1903 10-05-1984 h/o Bessie Lee Cannady Bascom Baptist
Nichols Alfred G. Jr. 1911 1992 h/o Virginia Nichols Bascom Baptist
Cook John W. 08-10-1843 10-12-1907 (two markers noted) Bascom Baptist
Golden Alice D. 07-19-1914 03-01-2008 Bascom Baptist
Trusty Louis B. 02-21-1912 11-13-1986 h/o Minnie M. Trusty married 06-16-1934 Bascom Baptist
Hatcher Susie M. 06-15-1909 02-01-1985 (archival survey marker unfound) Bascom Baptist
Coulliette Alma Inez 11-03-1907 07-03-1974 w/o James Coulliette Bascom Baptist
Nichols Walter William 03-20-1881 12-07-1959 Bascom Baptist
Anderson Tommy L. 08-20-1949 04-06-1951 (two markers noted) Bascom Baptist
Harrison Little Jewel 01-12-1906 01-14-1906 d/o M and M William Harrison Bascom Baptist
Whisnant Frances Eudora 10-20-1869 11-07-1957 Bascom Baptist
Coulliette Houston Waymer 09-08-1944 01-29-2003 Bascom Baptist
Oswald Charles H. 08-24-1908 12-16-1976 Bascom Baptist
Bevis Gertrude Blake 11-29-1879 08-02-1964 w/o Albert Bevis Bascom Baptist
Hogan Willie Rose 08-29-1881 08-29-1964 w/o William F. Hogan Bascom Baptist
Culver Robert J. 11-13-1915 02-13-1978 h/o Madge Culver married 05-15-1939 Bascom Baptist
Patrick Lucille T. 11-22-1928 01-12-1997 w/o Walter Patrick Bascom Baptist
Stundon Barbara O. 11-27-1947 11-30-2003 Bascom Baptist
Cemetery: Greenwood Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Bevis Martha A. 11-22-1823 11-29-1896 w/o Alfred Bevis Greenwood Baptist
Hamilton Estelle Dickens 03-07-1913 09-09-1980 w/o Leon Hamilton Greenwood Baptist
Williams Oscar E. 05-26-1872 06-07-1922 h/o Floy Williams Greenwood Baptist
Davis Clara D. 03-25-1870 10-02-1900 w/o Henry Davis Greenwood Baptist
Pender Jane Ludlum 05-06-1945 04-13-2004 Greenwood Baptist
Mobley Ethel 04-06-1907 04-08-1998 (two markers noted) Greenwood Baptist
Boone J.B. 10-25-1861 05-06-1916 Greenwood Baptist
Hearn Frank Bryan 07-02-1855 10-11-1856 s/o J.E. and H.M. Hearn Greenwood Baptist
Dickson Esther A. 03-14-1928 01-30-2002 w/o Charles Dickson Greenwood Baptist
Smith Bonnie Bell 06-20-1916 03-23-2001 Greenwood Baptist
Boone Lillie C. 05-13-1880 06-30-1963 w/o Charles Boone Greenwood Baptist
Hearn Henry Hall 03-23-1861 01-01-1865 s/o J.E. and H.M. Hearn Greenwood Baptist
Anderson Infant 03-03-1932 03-03-1932 s/o Jake and Ruby Anderson Greenwood Baptist
Dunaway Mattie R. 10-03-1858 01-17-1931 w/o Charles Dunaway Greenwood Baptist
Steed Mary J.E. 04-02-1834 09-10-1895 w/o John R. Steed Greenwood Baptist
Bryan G.L. 01-10-1838 11-20-1889 Greenwood Baptist
Jenson Infant (one date) 06-27-1947 s/o Elmer and Catherine Jenson Greenwood Baptist
Cemetery: Greenwood Methodist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Martin Verna Sue 11-29-1914 07-13-2011 w/o Sidney Martin Greenwood Methodist
Williams Homer W. 1883 1958 h/o Dora Williams Greenwood Methodist
Garrett Henry B. 10-13-1854 04-15-1909 Greenwood Methodist
Rogers Charles Ladon 11-17-1941 07-17-1943 Greenwood Methodist
Anderson Mrs M.L. 03-19-1838 02-03-1920 Greenwood Methodist
Parmer Georgia Eva 06-09-1904 05-22-1988 w/o Edgar Parmer Greenwood Methodist
Willis Ida Bethea 01-09-1891 06-20-1976 Greenwood Methodist
Harrison Ann Harris 09-21-1933 08-15-2014 w/o G.C. Harry Harrison Greenwood Methodist
Sexton M.M. 1842 09-15-1882 w/o S.R. Sexton Greenwood Methodist
Anderson Winfield Lee 10-18-1908 01-31-1960 Greenwood Methodist
Patterson Thomas (no dates) c/o Dr. J.G. and Fannie Mae Patterson archival survey (marker not found) Greenwood Methodist
Willis Katherine R. 08-03-1872 07-17-1951 w/o Dr. A. English Willis Greenwood Methodist
Hodges Dr. Genous Sanders 06-15-1881 12-09-1936 Greenwood Methodist
Stapleton Russell Arnold 11-17-1899 01-03-1973 Greenwood Methodist
Boone Eddie Robinson 10-18-1882 10-27-1959 Greenwood Methodist
Pender Eunice Hodges 11-02-1892 03-26-1974 (Queen of Greenwood) Greenwood Methodist
Bellamy Richard Blount 04-07-1833 05-24-1898 Greenwood Methodist
Cemetery: Cowpen Pond
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Thomas Logan Jeanette 12-09-1989 01-22-2000 Cowpen Pond
Moody Tharnton R. 07-08-1910 03-28-1946 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Edna Neel 01-07-1925 04-19-2007 Cowpen Pond
Arnold Lottie B. 03-07-1924 02-11-2010 w/o William Arnold married 07-07-1972 Cowpen Pond
Nichols Columbus F. 09-1857 08-10-1922 Cowpen Pond
Hobbs Brenda L. 07-26-1951 (undated) w/o Theo Sr. Hobbs Cowpen Pond
Cloud Lisa Kaye 1970 (twin) 1970 (interned in grave with Lecia) Cowpen Pond
Powell Reller M. 08-08-1897 04-28-1976 Cowpen Pond
Stephens Miler 01-05-1881 09-18-1887 Cowpen Pond
McDowell John W. 08-01-1917 05-14-2003 (US Army PFC WW II) Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Bernice 10-02-1944 10-12-1944 Cowpen Pond
Williams Fred 09-23-1923 11-28-1997 h/o Thelma Williams (US Army PFC WW II) Cowpen Pond
Neel Nancy A. 10-10-1865 04-07-1904 w/o G.W. Neel (born in Liberty Co. Fla.) Cowpen Pond
Hewett Dennis Melvin 07-22-1837 01-31-1890 s/o Jacob and Ester Hewett (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Bennett R.D. 02-23-1857 04-07-1931 h/o Minervia Bennett Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Levy 11-19-1902 12-03-1933 (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Stephens Mary 11-10-1859 04-24-1932 Cowpen Pond
McDaniel Isaach 11-11-1885 06-06-1923 h/o Julia H. McDaniel Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Artis 07-13-1914 01-23-1917 s/o Mr. and Mrs. S.J. Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Weeks Lonie 02-09-1896 11-05-1918 Cowpen Pond
Neel Junior Earl 08-20-1937 08-21-1937 Cowpen Pond
Harrell Marlin L. 10-20-1928 08-11-2001 h/o Bronnie Harrell Cowpen Pond
Basford Thelma 09-06-1909 06-26-1914 c/o C.D. and Pollie Basford Cowpen Pond
Basford Walter F. 09-02-1922 10-26-2004 (two markers noted) (US Army WW II) Cowpen Pond
Stephens Billie 03-25-1889 11-29-1961 Cowpen Pond
Malloy Matilda Moody 04-18-1890 01-21-1959 Cowpen Pond
Dykes Martha 08-31-1892 07-22-1954 w/o Joe Dykes Cowpen Pond
Hewett Annie Jeanette (no dates) c/o Battle & Lottie Hewett Cowpen Pond
Cemetery: Hickory Grove
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Robinson Max 02-14-1928 03-10-1932 Hickory Grove
Ditty Herman H. 03-06-1904 08-15-1979 h/o Eldis Ditty Hickory Grove
Herring William Cade 02-06-1921 06-22-2005 h/o Myrle Herring (two markers noted) Hickory Grove
Hatcher Henry Brady 02-24-1919 05-14-1968 (two markers noted) (PFC 12 Inf 4 Inf Div WW II) Hickory Grove
Robinson Eddie B. 12-09-1922 07-06-2002 h/o Evelyn Robinson (two markers noted) Hickory Grove
Conrad Odis Wilson 11-12-1913 06-13-1992 Hickory Grove
Yarborough Ida O. 09-01-1967 05-12-1955 w/o W.G. Yorborough Hickory Grove
Hatcher Sallie 11-03-1902 03-18-1940 Hickory Grove
Williams Robert O. 10-22-1913 07-10-1992 h/o Lillian Williams (TSgt 1941-1945 WW II) Hickory Grove
Robinson Betty Sue 04-14-1944 (undated) w/o Johnny Robinson married 10-27-1967 Hickory Grove
Conrad Mattie Mae 05-08-1889 11-06-1935 Hickory Grove
Wiley Baby (no dates) Hickory Grove
Hatcher Jack 03-01-1908 12-13-1986 Hickory Grove
McDaniel W. Willard 12-05-1933 03-15-1983 h/o Bernice McDaniel Hickory Grove
Baxter Avise C. 11-10-1923 05-07-1925 Hickory Grove
Cemetery: Dellwood Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Lawrence Lossie 06-21-1902 05-18-1932 Dellwood Baptist
Thorne Sarah Wright 07-07-1941 07-15-1991 Dellwood Baptist
Basford Charley Clifton 01-07-1929 01-31-1972 Dellwood Baptist
MaGuder Linda Mae 1959 1978 (two markers noted) Dellwood Baptist
Harrison Odis 03-27-1920 12-09-1980 (US Army Pvt WW II) Dellwood Baptist
Messer George W. 01-08-1839 08-13-1925 (two markers noted) CSA (Co D 19 Ga Regt) Dellwood Baptist
Mooneyham Exie Baxter 05-18-1904 10-11-1974 w/o John Mooneyham Dellwood Baptist
Harrison Lucy Ann 10-17-1887 01-17-1965 w/o James Harrison Dellwood Baptist
Allen Leo 01-31-1889 04-12-1972 (two markers noted) (Ga Pvt US ARMY WW I) Dellwood Baptist
Messer Infant (one date) 04-07-1923 s/o Sam & Hettie Messer Dellwood Baptist
Folsom Gerald (Jerry) Ray 04-01-1942 04-22-2010 (two markers noted) Dellwood Baptist
Cemetery: Campbellton Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Stwart B.F. 1881 1904 Campbellton Baptist
Hollon Bartow 01-27-1884 12-17-1963 h/o Clarkie Hollon Campbellton Baptist
Carter Sallie D. 06-07-1850 06-02-1924 w/o J.W. Carter Campbellton Baptist
Patrick Dr. C. Mark 06-01-1898 06-12-1941 Campbellton Baptist
Paulk Robert Charles 09-04-1956 12-15-2001 Campbellton Baptist
Foy Adrian 04-21-1893 09-28-1976 h/o Gladys Foy Campbellton Baptist
Shomaker Jim Willie 1855 1879 w/o Mynn Shomaker (archival survey marker unfound) Campbellton Baptist
Hinson Mike 11-13-1900 01-02-1981 h/o Flora Hinson Campbellton Baptist
Canaday Michael Denver 05-11-1946 (undated) h/o Jeanette Canaday Campbellton Baptist
Peacock William Edwin Jr. 02-21-1944 (undated) h/o Gloria Peacock Campbellton Baptist
Young Lois I. 05-06-1903 12-06-1976 Campbellton Baptist
Norton Addie J. 07-04-1905 01-08-1999 Campbellton Baptist
Donaldson Bennie L. 04-22-1919 09-15-2000 h/o Florence Donaldson (two markers noted) Campbellton Baptist
Schwinn Murrow D. Sr. 05-29-1889 10-24-1957 h/o Tessie Schwinn (two markers noted) Campbellton Baptist
Hinson M.B. 08-03-1910 12-10-1941 Campbellton Baptist
Campbell Effie B. 12-31-1889 06-19-1973 Campbellton Baptist
Porter Marion Woodrow 08-02-1923 12-09-1995 (two markers noted) (CPL US Army WW II) Campbellton Baptist
White Herbert 10-04-1896 09-09-1897 s/o Lula & Rev. J.W. White Campbellton Baptist
Medley Perry 11-03-1918 (undated) Campbellton Baptist
Dekle Irby Neel (age 14 mo & 10 days) s/o E.N. & F.C. Dekle Campbellton Baptist
Cole Ernest (no dates) s/o Lily & C.P. Cole Campbellton Baptist
Roberson Marcus E. 06-28-1926 (undated) h/o Lessie Campbellton Baptist
Hinson Emory Jones 06-17-1898 02-20-1921 (WOW) Campbellton Baptist
Beall Preston Wayne 12-10-1949 08-01-1955 Campbellton Baptist
Cemetery: Riverside
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Aycock William Andrew 12-18-1922 04-17-1898 (US Navy WW II) Riverside
Brown Kathryn E. 03-11-1927 04-09-2003 Riverside
Clikas Carrie M. 04-01-1916 12-14-1969 Riverside
Demmon Betty P. 10-18-1951 (undated) w/o Billy Demmon married 03-20-1987 Riverside
Funderburk Ray 11-12-1903 11-14-1986 h/o Malissie Funderburk Riverside
Hazell Elsie M. 12-02-1927 (undated) Riverside
Jones Patricia Jeter 09-12-1947 09-11-2003 w/o Charles Jones Sr. Riverside
Liddon Louise Poston 10-26-1868 02-05-1953 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Medlock William Coy 10-09-1919 02-23-1976 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Padgett Clarence Albert 10-15-1894 09-24-1943 Riverside
Rawls William Junius 11-18-1874 03-01-1948 h/o Pearl Rawls Riverside
Sketo Claudia R. 10-29-1909 09-23-1988 w/o Jodie Sketo Riverside
Thompson John E. 11-02-1876 03-20-1932 Riverside
Williams Ollie McAnulty 11-18-1898 01-18-1982 Riverside
Norman M. 06-04-1897 12-22-1986 Riverside
Clark Wylie P. (one date) 10-31-1842 (age 35) Riverside
Wright Sherman (no birth) 07-1914 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Bevis Arcola D. 08-01-1908 12-17-1963 w/o David Bevis Riverside
Campbell Elizabeth 07-10-1896 01-07-1975 (Granny) Riverside
Daffin Carie Alderman 11-30-1859 10-20-1923 w/o Robert Daffin Riverside
Ellis Raymond H. 07-28-1881 02-23-1946 h/o Sallie Thompson Riverside
Grice Ingram 04-17-1934 12-16-2009 h/o Helen Grice Riverside
Howard John Gus 03-05-1923 03-12-1960 Riverside
Landon Earnest 1902 1974 Riverside
Mayfield Roy L. 03-18-1921 09-11-2006 Riverside
Mueller C.S. 01-1886 10-1938 h/o Effie Mueller Riverside
Pilcher Woodfin Doyle Sr. 1896 1959 h/o Bessie Pilcher Riverside
Sammons Forrest C. 09-23-1959 (undated) h/o Lynda Sammons Riverside
Stanley Ernest Lee 08-04-1919 10-01-2011 Riverside
Watson William James 10-24-1864 11-22-1951 s/o H.J. & Lucy Watson Riverside
Clark Phillip D. 12-30-1898 07-28-1962 (two markers noted) (US Army WW I) Riverside
Ryals Curtis Jerome 04-11-1952 06-21-2004 (US Army) (two markers noted) Riverside
Barnes Ed 10-01-1881 07-04-1948 (Father) Riverside
Bullard Foster L. 11-11-1898 03-22-1969 h/o Lila Bullard Riverside
Conner George W. 07-10-1906 10-12-1979 h/o Lela E. Conner Riverside
Dickson Rev. John Jr. M. 01-19-1919 02-06-2012 Riverside
Gardner Donna 07-05-1934 11-26-2013 Riverside
Hightower Livy Huggins 1900 1985 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Justiss Rhoda A. 03-27-1830 12-17-1900 w/o John B. Justiss Riverside
Long Harry Magnus 06-23-1911 11-08-2006 h/o Lois Long Riverside
Merritt Elizabeth (no dates) Riverside
Parker John Jr. A. 08-25-1938 05-10-2011 (USAF) Riverside
Rhyne Eugene 07-22-1874 08-05-1945 Riverside
Smith Elizabeth Thomas Daffin 08-22-1879 10-19-1938 w/o Joseph Smith Riverside
Trotter Rosby 1909 1964 Riverside
Winslow Ada Jane 1881 1959 Riverside
Landrum Robert Hugh 10-10-1931 06-12-2014 (US Navy Frogman) Riverside
Hensler Annie Lewis 1834 1880 w/o Gustave Hensler Riverside
Calhoun Fannie H. Blackshear 09-05-1847 04-21-1905 w/o Capt A.A. Calhoun Riverside
Carr Pauline D. 02-09-1911 07-04-1959 w/o John Pat Carr Riverside
Daughter Julia M. 01-20-1894 (undated) w/o James Daughtry Riverside
Farmer Ruth (Nana) Miller 09-10-1925 10-18-2015 w/o Snowden Farmer married 06-25-1946 Riverside
Hamilton Charlotte 1930 2011 Riverside
Ingram Sylvia Strickland 09-01-1943 09-24-2000 Riverside
Lawrence James Herbert 11-14-1920 11-07-2013 Riverside
McClain Jerry 03-04-1956 09-08-2009 Riverside
Nearing Varah M. 03-19-1892 09-28-1982 w/o Archibald Nearing Riverside
Pitts Anna Bass 01-21-1900 05-22-1970 w/o Daniel Pitts married 04-18-1920 Riverside
Schollian Beverly Ann 09-22-1951 03-27-2011 Riverside
Stevenson Krista 03-07-1988 04-21-2013 (two markers noted) Riverside
Wells Norma S. 05-14-1913 02-15-1976 w/o Dewey Wells Riverside
Justiss Dal ? 1900 ? 1997 (marker missing letters) Riverside
Jackson Plez 1921 2011 (two markers noted) Riverside
Barnes Clyde S. 07-25-1912 04-24-2002 w/o Ernest Barnes Riverside
Bullard Nancy Lee 10-02-1943 01-24-2006 Riverside
Conrad Audrie L. 06-14-1905 08-19-1983 w/o Elzie B. Conrad Riverside
Dickson Lenora Carson 04-28-1918 03-18-2000 Riverside
Garrison Earl Quillian