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Cemetery: Bascom Methodist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Rountree Walter L. 1895 1968 h/o Nina L. Rountree (two markers noted) Bascom Methodist
Etheridge Charlie Willis 01-20-1906 08-26-1927 Bascom Methodist
Wise James Boyce 11-04-1934 04-02-2017 h/o Mary Jean Wise Bascom Methodist
Bevis Rossie Long 12-12-1892 02-17-1991 Bascom Methodist
Pelt Jackson Edward 10-19-1902 01-02-1967 Bascom Methodist
Watford James C. 07-15-1922 05-14-1962 (two markers noted) Bascom Methodist
Standland Wesley W. 07-23-1874 08-15-1936 h/o Mary A. Standland Bascom Methodist
Grant John Wallace 06-24-1905 01-06-1936 Bascom Methodist
Bird James F. 08-14-1892 03-31-1974 h/o Cora J. Bird Bascom Methodist
Rodgers Walker W. 07-05-1912 11-02-1984 h/o Chrystelle Rodgers Bascom Methodist
Talley Wade Desemer 05-17-1903 12-1903 Bascom Methodist
Hartsfield Martha A. 08-22-1857 04-20-1938 w/o Charlie Hartsfield Bascom Methodist
Coulliette Chester Newton 07-04-1921 11-11-1921 Bascom Methodist
Rogers W.F. (TUT) 02-10-1922 01-05-1976 (one name on double upright) Bascom Methodist
Evans Myron (Bud) C. 12-14-1928 12-08-1989 h/o Mary (Beth) Evans Bascom Methodist
Watford Mattie E. 11-13-1858 04-02-1935 w/o E.J. Watford Bascom Methodist
Maddox Iva Jean 12-13-1950 08-13-2007 Bascom Methodist
Cemetery: Bascom Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Coulliette Houston Waymer 09-08-1944 01-29-2003 Bascom Baptist
Oswald Charles H. 08-24-1908 12-16-1976 Bascom Baptist
Bevis Gertrude Blake 11-29-1879 08-02-1964 w/o Albert Bevis Bascom Baptist
Hogan Willie Rose 08-29-1881 08-29-1964 w/o William F. Hogan Bascom Baptist
Culver Robert J. 11-13-1915 02-13-1978 h/o Madge Culver married 05-15-1939 Bascom Baptist
Patrick Lucille T. 11-22-1928 01-12-1997 w/o Walter Patrick Bascom Baptist
Bevis W. Frank 01-12-1907 07-25-1996 h/o Essie M. Bevis Bascom Baptist
Johnson Infant 12-13-1913 02-07-1915 s/o D.J. and S.C. Johnson Bascom Baptist
Stundon Barbara O. 11-27-1947 11-30-2003 Bascom Baptist
Dickson Nick C. 04-07-1883 06-04-1914 WOW Bascom Baptist
Russell John Allen 02-08-1936 04-11-2011 h/o Betty Russell SGT US ARMY Bascom Baptist
Bryan Gary 09-09-1943 10-06-1994 h/o Darlene Bryan Bascom Baptist
Johnson Samuel J. 05-16-1945 03-19-2011 h/o Martha Johnson Bascom Baptist
Dozier Thomas F. 10-13-1889 10-02-1980 h/o Trudie Dozier Bascom Baptist
Stone Lonnie H. 09-10-1919 01-25-1992 h/o Chalmas stone Bascom Baptist
Cemetery: Greenwood Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Boone Lillie C. 05-13-1880 06-30-1963 w/o Charles Boone Greenwood Baptist
Hearn Henry Hall 03-23-1861 01-01-1865 s/o J.E. and H.M. Hearn Greenwood Baptist
Anderson Infant 03-03-1932 03-03-1932 s/o Jake and Ruby Anderson Greenwood Baptist
Dunaway Mattie R. 10-03-1858 01-17-1931 w/o Charles Dunaway Greenwood Baptist
Steed Mary J.E. 04-02-1834 09-10-1895 w/o John R. Steed Greenwood Baptist
Bryan G.L. 01-10-1838 11-20-1889 Greenwood Baptist
Jenson Infant (one date) 06-27-1947 s/o Elmer and Catherine Jenson Greenwood Baptist
Andreasen Myrle A. 08-27-1913 05-26-1994 w/o Vernon Andreasen Greenwood Baptist
Evans Alva D. 01-10-1926 08-14-2000 h/o Mary Evans USAF Greenwood Baptist
Taylor Mary Elise Gammon 06-06-1861 12-06-1943 w/o William H. Taylor Greenwood Baptist
Bryan William Barnes III 02-02-1935 11-26-2011 Greenwood Baptist
Long Riley 1887 1903 Greenwood Baptist
Banks Mack Kinsey 03-27-1927 05-14-2013 h/o Kathryn Banks Masonic and US NAVY Greenwood Baptist
Gambill Ludy Kelly 08-15-1920 10-01-2011 w/o Grady Gambill Greenwood Baptist
Welch John Thomas 1865 1935 Greenwood Baptist
Gambill Grady F. 09-29-1920 10-19-1976 (two markers noted) (Tec 5 US Army WW II) Greenwood Baptist
Cherry Mrs. S.A. 12-13-1827 09-23-1886 Greenwood Baptist
Neel H.G. (Capt'n Grady) 03-19-1892 03-16-1968 h/o Leetha (Mama Neel) Greenwood Baptist
Cemetery: Greenwood Methodist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Anderson Winfield Lee 10-18-1908 01-31-1960 Greenwood Methodist
Patterson Thomas (no dates) c/o Dr. J.G. and Fannie Mae Patterson archival survey (marker not found) Greenwood Methodist
Willis Katherine R. 08-03-1872 07-17-1951 w/o Dr. A. English Willis Greenwood Methodist
Hodges Dr. Genous Sanders 06-15-1881 12-09-1936 Greenwood Methodist
Stapleton Russell Arnold 11-17-1899 01-03-1973 Greenwood Methodist
Boone Eddie Robinson 10-18-1882 10-27-1959 Greenwood Methodist
Pender Eunice Hodges 11-02-1892 03-26-1974 (Queen of Greenwood) Greenwood Methodist
Kingry Gipson Frank 04-29-1899 11-10-1971 h/o Nellie Kingry (Masonic Symbol) Greenwood Methodist
Turner Allen Douglas 07-12-1882 01-06-1965 h/o Lara B. Turner Greenwood Methodist
Bellamy Richard Blount 04-07-1833 05-24-1898 Greenwood Methodist
Coker Fatima 11-10-1850 10-16-1865 w/o James P. Coker (51 yrs, 11 mos & 16 days) ??? Greenwood Methodist
Pender Miss Emily D. 02-23-1849 10-02-1928 Greenwood Methodist
Lee Fannie Scott 10-09-1880 03-19-1973 w/o Moses Lee Greenwood Methodist
Wester Grace Werlein 1897 1986 Greenwood Methodist
Davis William 03-26-1830 11-22-1905 Greenwood Methodist
Porter Elizabeth Grace 01-29-1896 12-26-1964 w/o John Porter (dates from previous photo) Greenwood Methodist
Cemetery: Cowpen Pond
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Stephens Mary 11-10-1859 04-24-1932 Cowpen Pond
Hewett Dennis Melvin 07-22-1837 01-31-1890 s/o Jacob and Ester Hewett (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Bennett R.D. 02-23-1857 04-07-1931 h/o Minervia Bennett Cowpen Pond
McDaniel Isaach 11-11-1885 06-06-1923 h/o Julia H. McDaniel Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Artis 07-13-1914 01-23-1917 s/o Mr. and Mrs. S.J. Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Levy 11-19-1902 12-03-1933 (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Weeks Lonie 02-09-1896 11-05-1918 Cowpen Pond
Neel Junior Earl 08-20-1937 08-21-1937 Cowpen Pond
Stephens Billie 03-25-1889 11-29-1961 Cowpen Pond
Harrell Marlin L. 10-20-1928 08-11-2001 h/o Bronnie Harrell Cowpen Pond
Basford Thelma 09-06-1909 06-26-1914 c/o C.D. and Pollie Basford Cowpen Pond
Malloy Matilda Moody 04-18-1890 01-21-1959 Cowpen Pond
Dykes Martha 08-31-1892 07-22-1954 w/o Joe Dykes Cowpen Pond
Basford Walter F. 09-02-1922 10-26-2004 (two markers noted) (US Army WW II) Cowpen Pond
Weeks Edna Merle 10-03-1931 08-06-1980 w/o Ferdinand Weeks Jr. Cowpen Pond
Neel Hattie D. 04-16-1891 10-06-1967 w/o J. Walter Neel Cowpen Pond
Hewett Annie Jeanette (no dates) c/o Battle & Lottie Hewett Cowpen Pond
Roundtree Kent 1944 2014 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Willie R. 03-11-1912 12-12-1929 Cowpen Pond
Basford Lousia Bassett 06-19-1845 09-09-1918 2nd w/o Chesterfield Basford Cowpen Pond
Jackson Samantha 11-02-1878 05-16-1929 Cowpen Pond
Dawsell Thomas Henry 05-01-1908 10-10-1953 Cowpen Pond
Tyus Thanie 08-22-1896 07-21-1981 w/o Everett Tyus Cowpen Pond
Neel Charles Rufus 02-09-1883 04-02-1971 h/o Georgia Ann Neel Cowpen Pond
Mooneyham Hazel 05-28-1912 10-30-1919 Cowpen Pond
Owens C.J. 03-27-1912 11-14-1912 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Children (no dates) (infants of Edna N. Hamilton) Cowpen Pond
Basford Hershel D. 08-13-1927 03-31-2013 h/o Nada Basford (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Cemetery: Friendship Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Kimble Perry Winston 06-06-1939 08-04-2006 (SP4 US Army SN US NavyVietnam) Friendship Baptist
Peeler Ollie B. 08-10-1908 12-20-1977 w/o Hubert J. Peeler Friendship Baptist
Williams Max W. 09-26-1922 09-03-1999 h/o Eunice H. Hall Howard (PFC US Army Air Force WW II) Friendship Baptist
Bass Charlie Washington 07-05-1884 02-21-1944 h/o Annie Velna Maddox Bass Friendship Baptist
Everett broken marker 12-29-1882 12-05-1887 (name missing) Friendship Baptist
Helms Robert Carter 1854 1933 h/o Josephine Basemore Helms Friendship Baptist
Calloway Janice Lovell 03-07-1931 09-12-2007 w/o James Cecil Calloway married 03-22-1948 Friendship Baptist
Hall Ada G. 12-14-1890 02-04-1971 w/o Simon E. Hall married 11-10-1907 Friendship Baptist
Rogers Woodrow Wilson 1943 (undated) h/o Janice Rogers Friendship Baptist
May Warren Sr. 02-02-1845 08-29-1919 h/o Georgia May (CO H 11 FLA INF CSA) Friendship Baptist
Taylor Bruce Lynwood 1947 2010 Friendship Baptist
Mathis Julia Mae 7-15-1928 8-31-2011 w/o James Guyton Friendship Baptist
Lamb Margie Nell 10-22-1951 (undated) Friendship Baptist
Pritchard Florine Moss 01-01-1920 (undated) Friendship Baptist
Everett Ressie M. 09-09-1913 01-29-1992 w/o Hayes L. Everett Friendship Baptist
Herrington John D. (Doug) 1879 1930 h/o Minnie K. Herrington Friendship Baptist
Chumney Ebbie G. 11-23-1893 11-02-1894 d/o R.E. & J.M. Chumney Friendship Baptist
Hall Infant 09-22-1906 10-21-06 c/o Green & Viller Friendship Baptist
Arnold Grace Truman 12-05-1923 12-05-1923 Friendship Baptist
Moss Ever Huff no date 1925 w/o W.L. Moss Friendship Baptist
Tidwell Algeron Anderson 06-05-1841 03-10-1911 w/o James C. Tidwell Friendship Baptist
Forrester Vee Leola 1904 1980 d/o Barney & Ada Forrester Friendship Baptist
Lockart J.D. Jr. 06-16-1912 05-10-1968 h/o Rossie Lockart Friendship Baptist
Rodgers Nellie F. 12-24-1908 03-26-1955 w/o J. Willie Rodgers Friendship Baptist
Bell Charlie F. 09-26-1906 01-08-1978 Friendship Baptist
Fears Ruby Mae 06-19-1915 03-08-2012 w/o William Price Fears Friendship Baptist
Howard Verb Lee 06-19-1918 12-08-2000 Friendship Baptist
Conrad J. M. 02-27-1891 10-09-1965 h/o Sallie J. McMillan Conrad Friendship Baptist
Hall Villar 04-08-1872 10-23-1901 w/o Green Hall Friendship Baptist
Nordan C. W. 01-29-1870 12-28-1928 h/o Annie B. Nordan Friendship Baptist
Tidwell Thomas M. 1864 1945 h/o Margeret E. Tidwell Friendship Baptist
Herring Dwiot Sr. Holmes 02-24-1922 10-26-2009 h/o Voncile Herring US Army Air Force WW II (two markers noted) Friendship Baptist
Sewell Hillory 07-20-1817 05-07-1890 h/o Mary A. Sewell Friendship Baptist
Brookins Mary Lula 12-21-1896 12-23-1964 w/o Willie Dalton Brookins Friendship Baptist
Ford Infant 09-11-1928 09-11-1928 s/o George & Verna Ford Friendship Baptist
Cemetery: Pine Crest
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Booth Leafa Mae 07-07-1896 10-18-1978 Pine Crest
Williams Cora R. (Jack) 06-30-1903 12-07-1997 h/o Liseher Williams Pine Crest
Uptagrafft L. Catherine 11-15-1945 07-01-2013 w/o Robert Uptagrafft married 01-18-1985 Pine Crest
McGill Rebecca S. 12-05-1921 11-29-2013 w/o James McGill married 12-03-1943 Pine Crest
Cobb Vivian M. 12-02-1928 12-02-1928 w.o James E. Cobb married 11-22-1947 Pine Crest
Dukes William Joseph 10-17-1920 03-06-1997 (US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Goldberger Ruth Guy 09-20-1924 06-20-2006 w/o David Elliot Goldberger married 08-06-1958 Pine Crest
Hill Myrtle L. 1917 12-14-2015 w/o Amos Hill Pine Crest
Kandzer Jerry W. (no dates) (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Medlock Rufus Randolph 09-23-1929 02-16-2007 h/o Sarah P. Medlock (MSgt US Air Force) Pine Crest
Peacock S. J. Jr. 12-31-1906 04-25-1984 h/o Willie Mae Peacock Pine Crest
Roberts J. Wesley 02-14-1896 08-06-1965 h/o Cummie L. Roberts (Pvt Co F. Depot Brig WW I) Pine Crest
Spivey Mildred 08-21-1928 10-26-2009 w/o Harold Spivey married 03-27-1946 Pine Crest
Ward Beatrice E. 1913 1983 w/o Huew L. Ward Pine Crest
Brown Charles Jr. 01-26-1932 04-28-2017 h/o Peggy Pittman Brown (US Army) Pine Crest
Tillman David Wallace 09-09-1943 02-22-2015 (two markers noted) (SP5 US Army Vietnam) Pine Crest
McGill Leila 08-20-1894 07-06-1982 Pine Crest
Nielsen Virginia F. 1923 1982 w/o Donald D. Nielsen Pine Crest
Primavera Mary Louise 1926 1976 Pine Crest
Shuler Jessie 04-16-1931 12-20-1995 w/o Clinton James Shuler Pine Crest
Teeters Gladys Marie 12-13-1915 09-13-1979 w/o Elmer A. Teeters Pine Crest
Houyoux Eleanor 1920 (undated) w/o John Houyoux Married 03-29-1941 Pine Crest
Barrentine Jimmy R. 09-13-1953 09-19-1980 Pine Crest
Caine Henry Victor Sr. 07-28-1926 10-13-2004 h/o Barbara Sue Caine (US Navy) Pine Crest
Duffy Michael Patrick II 10-30-1988 05-11-2010 Pine Crest
Daniels Lillian A. Foyt 09-22-1911 04-21-2004 Pine Crest
Franklin Nellie L. 01-05-1915 01-04-2010 w/o Paul V. Franklin Pine Crest
Harrison Henry F. Sr. (Jack) 10-24-1923 09-14-1968 (MSgt USAF WW II) Pine Crest
James Hampton 1907 1986 Pine Crest
Ling K. Y. 01-25-1920 01-17-2010 (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Lowery Bobbie Joyce 07-11-1930 04-23-2017 w/o James Lowery Pine Crest
Chason Dorothy Browning 05-19-1935 (undated) (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Boyce Madeline M. 10-08-1915 12-08-1998 w/o Fred R. Boyce Pine Crest
Williams N. Ryals 1910 1982 h/o Rosa B. Williams Pine Crest
Graden Diana Madlyn 07-15-1951 12-14-2000 Pine Crest
Wester Mabel K. 1921 (new grave Apr. 2015) w/o John Wester Pine Crest
Connor Francis T. 05-29-1927 05-30-2010 h/o Mattie L. Connor (US Navy WW II) Pine Crest
Ellis Cynthia C. 10-12-1946 03-11-2018 w/o Larry H. Ellis (obit info) Pine Crest
Green Martha L. 10-06-1957 07-20-2007 Pine Crest
Hoffmann Winifield F. 09-30-1905 03-03-1992 h/o Mary G. Hoffmann (PVT US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Kent Era A. 12-21-1935 01-29-2003 h/o Ruby Jennell Kent (US Army) Pine Crest
Miller Carrol Dianne 1949 (undated) w/o Allen McCalley Miller married 06-11-1984 Pine Crest
Peterson Carlotta A. 10-02-1933 06-04-1995 w/o Douglas B. Peterson Pine Crest
Rogers Marcia J. 02-02-1951 (undated) w/o Lawrence L. (Larry) Rogers Pine Crest
Standland James M. 1939 (undated) h/o Nedra B. Standland Pine Crest
Watson Ray T. 04-01-1933 02-04-1998 (US Army & Air Force WW II Korea & Vietnam) Pine Crest
McMillan Alfred Jr. 12-24-1954 no date (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Nidietch Sadye Brown 1897 1975 Pine Crest
Purdy Robert r. 12-25-1923 05-13-1995 h/o Anna T. Purdy (TSgt US Army Air Corps WW II) Pine Crest
Sims Rebekah (Becky) 08-1898 06-1974 w/o John Mallory Sims Pine Crest
Tidwell Frances S. 08-22-1923 no date w/o Cephas Love Wilson Tidwell Pine Crest
Chafin Elizabeth Jane 08-09-1944 (undated) w/o James R. Chafin Pine Crest
Baxley Trevor Dewayne (one date) 04-27-1994 Pine Crest
Caracciolo April 1949 2005 w/o Ted Caracciolo (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Mitchell Hubert 1926 2014 h/o Gwendolyn Mitchell Pine Crest
Dean Joyce W. 1930 1972 Pine Crest
Galloway Michael D. 1950 1968 Pine Crest
Hatcher Susie M. 06-15-1909 02-01-1985 w/o Wyatt Wesley Hatcher Pine Crest
Jensen Nels P. 1945 1996 Pine Crest
Loria Mary E. 10-23-1915 03-12-2006 Pine Crest
Luckie Dr. Arthur Lee 07-27-1947 (undated) h/o Rosemary Luckie (United Methodist Clergy) Pine Crest
Adkins Lois D. 08-08-1923 01-31-2002 w/o Johnnie Adkins Pine Crest
Brewer Jane S. 07-13-1925 07-08-2000 w/o Henry B. Brewer Pine Crest
Wright Douglas A. 09-15-1959 06-15-1989 (perhaps previous survey or obit, marker not found) Pine Crest
Birch Betty Jane Bruner 10-29-1932 01-26-2011 w/o James Birch (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Howard Phillip (Curly) E. 08-27-1944 02-23-2011 h/o Launa Howard Pine Crest
Cook Jerry W. 01-13-1948 11-19-2002 Pine Crest
Evens Bonnie Bass 12-18-1918 06-21-2005 w/o William Talmadge Evens married 02-01-1936 Pine Crest
Griffin Oscar 09-19-1902 10-03-1993 h/o Lettie R. Griffin Pine Crest
Holmes CDR Edward A. 12-22-1921 12-26-2004 (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
King Jack Madison 01-23-1925 05-29-2001 h/o Kathleen S. King (EMP 2 US Navy WW II & Korea) Pine Crest
Mock Ora E. Browning 04-01-1937 (undated) (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Pickenpaugh Margaret J. 03-10-1902 02-05-1989 w/o Harry E. Pickenpaugh Pine Crest
Safford Jessie S. 05-25-1925 02-08-2007 w/o Perley G. Safford Pine Crest
Stewart Frankie Linton 1940 (undated) w/o Carroll Wayne Stewart Pine Crest
West Ora S. 09-26-1927 02-26-1991 w/o Curtis D. West Pine Crest
Maddox Theo M. 11-18-1908 12-29-1995 h/o Vannah S. Maddox Pine Crest
O'Conner Donald M. Sr. 11-23-1943 02-17-1999 Pine Crest
Redd Sheila Harrison 06-30-1950 06-29-1993 Pine Crest
Smith Charles Clifton 03-25-1931 03-20-1988 (Sgt. US Marines Korea) Pine Crest
Torbett Etta Naomi 01-25-1909 09-16-1979 w/o eugene Browder Torbett Pine Crest
McDowell Roy Carlton 04-03-1930 03-06-2010 (CPL US Army Korea) (two markers noted) Pine Crest
Bell William O. Jr. 03-07-1919 03-10-1991 h/o Mary Helen Bell (MSgt US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Cary Lucy Lee 1920 1973 Pine Crest
Shumaker Harry Edward 04-08-1923 01-24-2013 h/o Callie Irene Shumaker Pine Crest
Dew Maudel B. 01-15-1947 06-28-2005 w/o Richard H. Dew Pine Crest
Garraway Charles Reed 1909 1967 h/o Julia M. Garraway Pine Crest
Heath Rufus Jr. 05-06-1923 10-20-1965 (SGT Army Air Force WW II) Pine Crest
Johnson Laura Evelyn 09-10-1929 04-28-2007 w/o Milton H. Johnson (married 10-07-1950) Pine Crest
McCaskill David Dexter 11-25-1916 11-15-1975 Pine Crest
Hatcher Troy Lamar 1950 11-25-2015 s/o Troy & Mishie Mae Hatcher Pine Crest
Curby Arthur H. 07-08-1926 09-29-1992 h/o Mary Curby (CMSgt USAF Korea & Vietnam) Pine Crest
Stuart Joy McArthur 01-10-1968 07-14-2018 w/o Patrick Lee Stuart Jr. (Obituaries) Pine Crest
Anderson Geraldine W. 03-02-1945 (undated) w/o Charles Anderson Pine Crest
Brown R. Robby 08-25-1957 10-10-2009 Pine Crest
Young Rufus W. 01-26-1917 02-20-1998 Pine Crest
Lauen Elmer Gale 04-25-1915 09-06-2011 h/o Mary Lauen (LT COL USAF WW II) Pine Crest
Corbett Edward M. Sr. 07-29-1910 11-12-1997 h/o Annie Louise Corbett (SGT US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Field Nora B. 1893 1976 w/o John L. Field Pine Crest
Guy Lamar 02-15-1930 10-18-1974 h/o Mary B. Henderson Guy Pine Crest
Howard Lawrence B. 1919 2007 h/o Grace B. Howard Pine Crest
Kohn Alford 1901 1963 h/o Nettie Kohn Pine Crest
Cemetery: New Harmony
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Howell Gladys Mae 10-09-1911 07-24-1952 w/o Charlie Howell married 12-24-1927 New Harmony
Adams Thomas Grady 03-02-1900 08-15-1982 New Harmony
Meadows William Frank 07-11-1913 03-31-1946 h/o Myrtice B. Meadows New Harmony
Danford Mary A. Sims 02-07-1941 03-04-2011 w/o Wayne Danford married 10-06-1956 New Harmony
Tice Morris 07-02-1925 06-26-1942 New Harmony
Hall Luther Mathews 08-02-1916 08-27-1984 (US Army WW II) (two markers noted) New Harmony
Gould Charlie Frank 03-28-1937 (undated) h/o Barbara Gay Gould married 12-02-1967 New Harmony
Tindell Sidney 10-09-1918 01-08-1987 New Harmony
Cemetery: Gordon
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Eubanks Daisy B. 01-10-1910 12-27-1993 Gordon
Merridth John W. 1789 01-31-1857 born in Virginia Gordon
Talley Sarah Williams Dean 06-16-1934 (undated) w/o Charles Daffin Talley Gordon
Lee William Franklin Jr. 12-07-1943 12-04-2017 s/o Lois & William Franklin Sr. Lee Gordon
Vaughn Gertrude 07-31-1879 03-11-1901 Gordon
Jordan Henry Collis 11-06-1892 06-23-1970 h/o Mary Kate Jordan (two markers noted) Gordon
Rountree W. G. 04-08-1852 10-26-1913 two unmarked adult adjacent Gordon
Bullock perhaps unmarked adult slab adjacent to R.A. Gordon
Moates Baby (no birth) 1909 (archival survey info) Gordon
Moates Ruben B. 01-16-1901 06-30-1976 h/o Rosia Moates (two markers noted) Gordon
Godfrey Robbie Mae 08-24-1905 08-30-1975 Gordon
Moates W. D. (no birth) 08-20-1903 (archival survey info) Gordon
Whisnant Mary Jane (Sally) 05-17-1855 05-18-1907 Gordon
Laster Cammie Lee (Cam) 03-09-1908 05-30-1982 Gordon
Snead A. M. 09-17-1876 07-19-1944 h/o Hattie M. Snead Gordon
Hall Florence Lela 11-01-1875 09-25-1878 d/o S.J. & Martha Hall Gordon
Odom Susie Pearl 09-16-1892 10-15-1986 w/o Dr. John Darby Odom Gordon
Adams Cora B. 01-24-1865 03-08-1933 Gordon
Buntin Ernest W. 08-03-1878 01-06-0894 Gordon
Lee Lois E. Meadow 03-14-1911 10-30-2007 w/o William F. Lee Sr. married 04-17-1932 Gordon
Williams Queen Victoria Lee 1874 01-18-1931 w/o Edward Blake Williams Gordon
Harmon Loice C. 10-12-1898 09-16-1905 d/o N.W. & F.J. Harman (archival survey info) Gordon
Parham Georgia Catherine 02-26-1871 07-29-1943 w/o Jasper Davis Parham Gordon
Barksdale Mary D. 10-05-1865 06-22-1953 Gordon
Cemetery: Mt Olive Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Wilkinson Green Berry 10-01-1916 05-05-1994 Mt Olive Baptist
Atwell Pearlie Bell 08-02-1891 11-24-1963 w/o Columbus Clayton Atwell Mt Olive Baptist
Ross Mrs. M.J. (no dates) w/o J. A. Ross Mt Olive Baptist
Hasty William Hope 02-02-1879 04-02-1959 h/o Eula Eunorah Hasty Mt Olive Baptist
Tipton Paul Amos 03-05-1957 03-08-1957 s/o Amos & Marie Tipton Mt Olive Baptist
Kirkland Willie Mae 11-01-1900 06-26-1984 w/o Riley Kirkland Mt Olive Baptist
Davis Oscar Jr. 11-07-1929 11-07--1929 buried in Stephens plot Mt Olive Baptist
Baxter Douglas Earl 05-10-1943 03-13-1948 Mt Olive Baptist
Wilson William M. 03-07-1885 04-03-1956 h/o Anna Jane Wilson Mt Olive Baptist
Baker PVT. James Walter in memory of 11-29-1907 11-29-1944 killed in action interred, St. Avold France Mt Olive Baptist
Stephens Wesley E. 04-27-1882 09-11-1968 h/o Nonie E. Stephens Mt Olive Baptist
Skipper George Dagmer 09-20-1893 06-27-1982 (US Army WW II) Mt Olive Baptist
Helms Herbert R. 02-07-1905 07-15-1966 Louise Helms Mt Olive Baptist
McCullough Clyde 1879 1960 Mt Olive Baptist
Eddins Henry Haise 07-03-1918 05-08-1973 h/o Gladys Parmer Eddins (two markers noted Mt Olive Baptist
Brooks Columbus R. 04-07-1905 06-11-1905 archival survey (marker unfound) Mt Olive Baptist
Culverhouse James A. 11-05-1936 11-05-2010 (double headstone one name) Mt Olive Baptist
Kirkland John H. 1913 2003 (two markers noted) Mt Olive Baptist
Tidwell Quiney A. 07-23-1889 12-19-1971 w/o M.L. Tidwell Mt Olive Baptist
Stephens Sadie Prascovia 09-01-1897 06-23-1903 Buried in unmarked grave (info by relative) Mt Olive Baptist
Helms Sarah Jane 11-04-1848 06-09-1920 w/o A. C. Helms Mt Olive Baptist
Olive Henry Hilton 01-29-1909 06-13-1981 h/o Eula Frances Olive Mt Olive Baptist
Hagler John T. Jr. 07-17-1936 10-25-1937 s/o John T. & Sallie Hagler Mt Olive Baptist
Herring Eli Shorter 1859 07-03-1936 h/o Lillie Ann Herring Mt Olive Baptist
Baxter Bishie Myrle 07-17-1917 03-17-2001 w/o Odis Edward Baxter Mt Olive Baptist
Benton Benny (no dates) (Thelma Benton) Mt Olive Baptist
Cemetery: Hickory Grove
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Yarborough Ida O. 09-01-1967 05-12-1955 w/o W.G. Yorborough Hickory Grove
Hatcher Sallie 11-03-1902 03-18-1940 Hickory Grove
Robinson Betty Sue 04-14-1944 (undated) w/o Johnny Robinson married 10-27-1967 Hickory Grove
Conrad Mattie Mae 05-08-1889 11-06-1935 Hickory Grove
Williams Robert O. 10-22-1913 07-10-1992 h/o Lillian Williams (TSgt 1941-1945 WW II) Hickory Grove
Wiley Baby (no dates) Hickory Grove
Hatcher Jack 03-01-1908 12-13-1986 Hickory Grove
McDaniel W. Willard 12-05-1933 03-15-1983 h/o Bernice McDaniel Hickory Grove
Baxter Avise C. 11-10-1923 05-07-1925 Hickory Grove
Tidwell G.D. (Bob) 01-29-1875 10-25-1947 h/o Emma Jane Tidwell Hickory Grove
Green Priscilla 02-01-1851 01-18-1926 w/o Henry G. Green Hickory Grove
Long Jerry Wayne 01-19-1943 06-13-1975 Hickory Grove
Stephens Lillian Jordan 07-05-1884 09-09-1961 w/o J.W.D. Stephens Hickory Grove
Ditty Morris Wade 11-30-1931 01-13-1992 Hickory Grove
Cemetery: Dellwood Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Mooneyham Exie Baxter 05-18-1904 10-11-1974 w/o John Mooneyham Dellwood Baptist
Harrison Lucy Ann 10-17-1887 01-17-1965 w/o James Harrison Dellwood Baptist
Messer George W. 01-08-1839 08-13-1925 (two markers noted) CSA (Co D 19 Ga Regt) Dellwood Baptist
Allen Leo 01-31-1889 04-12-1972 (two markers noted) (Ga Pvt US ARMY WW I) Dellwood Baptist
Messer Infant (one date) 04-07-1923 s/o Sam & Hettie Messer Dellwood Baptist
Folsom Gerald (Jerry) Ray 04-01-1942 04-22-2010 (two markers noted) Dellwood Baptist
Mercer Robert Jeffery 01-21-1960 11-18-1961 h/o Teresa Mercer Dellwood Baptist
Conner Johnnie Bennett 03-08-1933 05-09-1994 Dellwood Baptist
Mercer Cora L. 08-29-1912 12-24-1996 w/o Marion Mercer Dellwood Baptist
Cemetery: Campbellton Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Young Lois I. 05-06-1903 12-06-1976 Campbellton Baptist
Norton Addie J. 07-04-1905 01-08-1999 Campbellton Baptist
Donaldson Bennie L. 04-22-1919 09-15-2000 h/o Florence Donaldson (two markers noted) Campbellton Baptist
Schwinn Murrow D. Sr. 05-29-1889 10-24-1957 h/o Tessie Schwinn (two markers noted) Campbellton Baptist
Hinson M.B. 08-03-1910 12-10-1941 Campbellton Baptist
Campbell Effie B. 12-31-1889 06-19-1973 Campbellton Baptist
Peacock William Edwin Jr. 02-21-1944 (undated) h/o Gloria Peacock Campbellton Baptist
Porter Marion Woodrow 08-02-1923 12-09-1995 (two markers noted) (CPL US Army WW II) Campbellton Baptist
White Herbert 10-04-1896 09-09-1897 s/o Lula & Rev. J.W. White Campbellton Baptist
Medley Perry 11-03-1918 (undated) Campbellton Baptist
Dekle Irby Neel (age 14 mo & 10 days) s/o E.N. & F.C. Dekle Campbellton Baptist
Roberson Marcus E. 06-28-1926 (undated) h/o Lessie Campbellton Baptist
Hinson Emory Jones 06-17-1898 02-20-1921 (WOW) Campbellton Baptist
Beall Preston Wayne 12-10-1949 08-01-1955 Campbellton Baptist
Cole Ernest (no dates) s/o Lily & C.P. Cole Campbellton Baptist
Toole Bernie Amos 03-01-1934 09-18-1965 Campbellton Baptist
Livingston L. O. 03-16-1892 11-27-1917 Campbellton Baptist
Darman Mari 07-10-1913 01-09-1939 w/o C.B. Darman (archival survey marker unfound) Campbellton Baptist
Pybus Julia R. 12-29-1895 03-31-1974 w/o Cecil Pybus Campbellton Baptist
Hinson Allie 12-09-1867 11-03-1888 Campbellton Baptist
Allen Mary E. 07-04-1931 (undated) w/o Edward Allen Campbellton Baptist
Hinson William H. 09-10-1842 12-10-1873 (two markers noted) CSA Pvt (Co B 15 Fla Cavalry) Campbellton Baptist
Tharp Amanda 11-04-1897 11-30-1991 Campbellton Baptist
LaLoge Agnes Christine Fillingim 05-31-1932 07-06-2014 w/o Robert LaLoge (married 08-27-1954) Campbellton Baptist
Clarke Sallye Tillinghast 1837 1917 w/o Thomas Clarke Campbellton Baptist
Cemetery: Clayton
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Mercer Joe Wesley 06-05-1894 12-02-1971 Clayton
Miller John Richard 09-20-1897 02-11-1957 h/o Vera A. Miller (two markers noted) Clayton
Hall Dempsey 1851 08-14-04 h/o Jane Hall (two markers noted) Clayton
Quattlebaum Willie Carvis 12-26-1921 01-03-1998 h/o Elga Quattlebaum Clayton
Pinkney (no dates) (in family plot) adult grave Clayton
Hart Bertha L. 05-02-1913 08-17-1983 w/o Sam J. Hart Clayton
West Marquerite 07-20-1918 05-06-1920 (archival survey marker not foumd) perhaps in this unmarked grave Clayton
Hodges Rodney Grat 09-16-1916 09-16-1916 Clayton
Brown J.A. 01-15-1846 03-25-1901 h/o Nancy Brown Clayton
Worley Sarah L. 08-10-1937 08-12-1937 Clayton
Cemetery: Riverside
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Calhoun Fannie H. Blackshear 09-05-1847 04-21-1905 w/o Capt A.A. Calhoun Riverside
Carr Pauline D. 02-09-1911 07-04-1959 w/o John Pat Carr Riverside
Daughter Julia M. 01-20-1894 (undated) w/o James Daughtry Riverside
Farmer Ruth (Nana) Miller 09-10-1925 10-18-2015 w/o Snowden Farmer married 06-25-1946 Riverside
Hamilton Charlotte 1930 2011 Riverside
Ingram Sylvia Strickland 09-01-1943 09-24-2000 Riverside
Lawrence James Herbert 11-14-1920 11-07-2013 Riverside
McClain Jerry 03-04-1956 09-08-2009 Riverside
Nearing Varah M. 03-19-1892 09-28-1982 w/o Archibald Nearing Riverside
Pitts Anna Bass 01-21-1900 05-22-1970 w/o Daniel Pitts married 04-18-1920 Riverside
Barnes Clyde S. 07-25-1912 04-24-2002 w/o Ernest Barnes Riverside
Bullard Nancy Lee 10-02-1943 01-24-2006 Riverside
Conrad Audrie L. 06-14-1905 08-19-1983 w/o Elzie B. Conrad Riverside
Dickson Lenora Carson 04-28-1918 03-18-2000 Riverside
Garrison Earl Quillian 06-27-1923 12-24-1985 h/o Louise Garrison Riverside
Hightower Robert B. 04-17-1947 04-19-1947 Riverside
Justiss Walter Amos 05-14-1899 10-08-1973 h/o Eithel Justiss Riverside
Long James M. 10-06-1810 02-16-1857 Riverside
Merritt Ethington Jr. J. (no dates) Riverside
Parker Nannie 07-22-1923 02-28-1984 Riverside
Smith Elizabeth Thomas Daffin 08-22-1879 10-19-1938 w/o Joseph Smith Riverside
Trotter Rosby 1909 1964 Riverside
Winslow Ada Jane 1881 1959 Riverside
Landrum Robert Hugh 10-10-1931 06-12-2014 (US Navy Frogman) Riverside
Hensler Annie Lewis 1834 1880 w/o Gustave Hensler Riverside
Schollian Beverly Ann 09-22-1951 03-27-2011 Riverside
Stevenson Krista 03-07-1988 04-21-2013 (two markers noted) Riverside
Wells Norma S. 05-14-1913 02-15-1976 w/o Dewey Wells Riverside
Justiss Dal ? 1900 ? 1997 (marker missing letters) Riverside
Jackson Plez 1921 2011 (two markers noted) Riverside
Rice Eula R. 09-19-1899 11-25-1980 w/o James Rice Riverside
Smith George W. 03-03-1882 04-26-1978 h/o Ruth Smith Riverside
Truempt Fred 08-03-1891 03-08-1948 h/o Anna Truempt Riverside
Winslow Samuel Grant 1872 1955 Riverside
Owens Harold Jr. J. 09-12-1946 12-07-1998 US Navy (two markers noted) Riverside
Herring Rev. L.C. 06-06-1883 12-01-1942 Riverside
Adams Myrtle H. (dates missing) Riverside
Bowles Alice Lewis 08-21-1910 09-13-2001 w/o Eugene Bowles Riverside
Carroll Roland 12-11-1908 11-07-1936 s/o Mr. & Mrs. A.E. Carroll Riverside
Davis Emmett B. 08-28-1912 08-11-1984 h/o Mamie Davis Riverside
Finch Annie Henderson 06-25-1889 10-17-1971 Riverside
Harrell Charlie Battzell 03-11-1909 06-19-1914 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Jackson Andrew 10-09-1942 06-23-2006 h/o Mozell Jackson Riverside
Lee Mae Powell 09-06-1888 11-10-1973 w/o Herman Lee Riverside
McHugh Frank II T. 08-05-1924 03-01-1945 (killed in action) (Pilot US Army WW II) Riverside
Norton Pearl 04-17-1915 12-18-1996 Riverside
Pomer Raleigh 1905 1977 Riverside
Bassett Dorothy S. 11-26-1907 05-31-1911 Riverside
Burton Carl 07-04-1884 08-11-1964 h/o Ethel Burton Riverside
Cook Hicey L. 01-12-1913 05-06-1951 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Diener Kimberly Lorran 12-21-1967 02-08-1984 Riverside
Gilmore Madeline H. 01-27-1999 01-27-1999 d/o Jason & Heather Gilmore Riverside
Hinson Mary 12-27-1917 07-25-1995 Riverside
Kennedy Robert H. 06-28-1890 06-30-1947 (US Army WW I) Riverside
MacKinnon Inez Stephens 10-28-1901 09-24-1987 w/o Francis MacKinnon Riverside
Milner Infant (one date) 01-09-1919 c/o A.E. & Erin Riverside
Payne Joseph Edward Jr. 12-03-1920 12-13-1968 (two markers noted) Riverside
Seay Revaline Revels 05-06-1915 01-16-1991 w/o Linwood Seay Riverside
Stewart Myrtle (Myrt) Mae 03-05-1928 01-17-1993 w/o Wilkes Stewart married 09-01-1948 Riverside
West Ernest E. 05-24-1904 12-09-1973 h/o Pauline West Riverside
Cline Charlotte J. 04-16-1885 04-28-1914 Riverside
Harris Raymond Jr. 10-23-1931 10-01-2007 h/o Audrey Harris (two markers noted) Riverside
Roach Keith 1955 1974 Riverside
Smith Milton Jr. C. 01-22-1912 07-05-1956 Riverside
Vickery Eugene T. 10-08-1933 (undated) h/o Betty Vickery Riverside
Womac Mora D. 06-27-1887 02-13-1973 h/o Bettie Womac Riverside
Greer Ada Sasser 06-05-1904 03-17-1992 w/o Allie Franklin Greer (two markers noted) Riverside
Page Luranna 07-04-1852 04-14-1928 (age 76) Riverside
Pumphrey Louise 01-27-1933 04-09-2018 w/o Charles Pumphrey Jr. (Obituaries) Riverside
Allen C.W. 1879 1937 Riverside
Boyett Audy B. 04-18-1959 07-06-1986 Riverside
Chase Lauren Ann 06-06-1948 12-24-1974 Riverside
Davis Mary Peacock 02-19-1919 09-27-2010 Riverside
Fite William Franklin 04-07-1913 05-04-1990 h/o Bessilee Fite (Sgt US Army WW II) Riverside
Harrison Blanche Lewis 07-09-1909 04-07-1976 w/o Ralph Harrison Riverside
Jensen Jan 12-18-1960 06-17-2015 Riverside
Lewis Alex Jr. H. 10-13-1936 (undated) h/o Josephine Lewis Riverside
McKinnon James C. 12-22-1873 11-26-1908 Riverside
Oliver William Mobley 08-11-1879 11-24-1952 w/o Bessie Oliver Riverside
Pumphrey Helen L. 04-14-1922 08-16-1985 w/o R.A. Pumphrey married 04-20-1941 Riverside
Beard James Leslie 10-31-1906 03-05-1992 h/o Dorothy Beard Riverside
Bush Willie C. 01-28-1914 10-26-1992 h/o Dakota Bush Riverside
Copeland Thomas Brannon 10-18-1901 01-22-1956 h/o Lois Copeland Riverside
Dozier Jimmy L. 02-01-1947 04-23-1982 Riverside
Gordy Harriet 05-03-1940 11-21-2010 w/o Dun Gordy married 06-30-1962 Riverside
Holcomb Joseph J. 04-04-1922 09-09-2006 Riverside
Kirkland Laura D. 12-05-1911 06-23-2007 w/o Joseph (Ted) Kirkland Riverside
Martin George Obis 1911 1950 Riverside
Moody Jean Marie (one date) 02-22-1955 Riverside
Peacock Robert Broward 05-16-1910 03-17-1988 Riverside
Shelley Eddie Elbert 03-09-1903 07-10-1966 Riverside
Strength Fay W. 02-11-1904 (undated) w/o Luman Strength Riverside
White James Edward 04-07-1915 10-19-1985 Riverside
Collins Caleb E. 1946 1990 h/o Linda Fay Collins Riverside
Davis Joseph Casawell 06-26-1860 03-11-1928 Riverside
Hansel Melvin D. 1900 1982 (US Navy WW II) (two markers noted) Riverside
Rodney Frances Harris 11-12-1918 10-04-1995 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Solomon Eva Lidden 01-06-1855 01-25-1947 Riverside
Wamble Blonnie C. 07-19-1915 05-18-1988 Riverside
Wynn Joanne Wandeck 04-21-1932 01-24-2016 w/o Milton Wynn Sr. Riverside
Bevis Alfred O'Neal 11-30-1903 04-06-1944 Riverside
white Fannie F. 02-22-1850 11-13-1925 Mother Riverside
Andrews Urie I. 1898 1956 h/o Annie Andrews Riverside
Brinson Frances Carter/Bowles 09-04-1899 09-08-1976 w/o Mills Malcolm Brinson Jr. Riverside
Clark Deborah Elaine 07-24-1960 10-27-1960 Riverside
Day Mary M. 11-13-1948 01-29-1997 Riverside
Folsom Clifton Harris 02-1940 03-1940 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Hatcher Rosa Bell 04-02-1902 04-22-1950 w/o Lawrence Hatcher Riverside
Joiner C.C. Jr. 08-17-1903 06-04-1965 h/o Ersie Joiner Riverside
Lewis Nickolas Albert 02-21-1884 03-23-1884 s/o Richard & Bettie Lewis Riverside
McQueen David Dwayne 04-17-1961 11-04-2009 Riverside
Ostrander Grace P. 06-24-1891 03-05-1967 w/o Albert Ostrander Riverside
Quick Mary (Beth) Elizabeth Hinson 09-03-1921 03-19-2015 w/o Joe Quick Riverside
Cemetery: Cottonwood
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Ludlum Josie 02--24-1903 (undated) Cottonwood
Ray Audrey Nell 01-13-1927 12-09-1974 Cottonwood
Tucker Rosa Mae Holland 05-09-1882 11-02-1955 w/o Reuben B. Tucker Cottonwood
Carpenter Madge Kirkland 04-03-1918 06-14-1992 Cottonwood
Harrell Debbie C. 05-03-1961 (undated) w/o Danny M. Harrell married 08-17-1978 Cottonwood
Whitehead Edna Lutha 09-19-1917 06-22-1932 Cottonwood
Jones John Thomas 10-16-1869 05-12-1948 h/o Margaret Hart Jones Cottonwood
Napier Hadee C. 02-13-1909 10-25-1995 w/o Lloyd E. Napier Cottonwood
Skipper Dannye L. 06-06-1935 (undated) w/o Donald C. Skipper Cottonwood
Austin Leila V. 11-23-1895 09-19-1919 w/o L. T. Austin Cottonwood
Floyd Rachael 04-22-1896 12-06-1967 w/o Charlie W. Floyd Cottonwood
Chambers Joe Phill 10-31-1889 02-08-1944 h/o Lorna Ellen Chambers Cottonwood
Heinrich Alfred Arthur 05-24-1931 04-24-2015 (SSgt US Army Vietnam) (two markers noted) Cottonwood
Mathis Mary Elizabeth 01-19-1931 04-07-1993 w/o Dalton Mathis Cottonwood
Rich Mable C. 05-02-1914 01-15-1974 w/o Earnest Rich Cottonwood
Webb Carlos 04-21-1922 11-25-1994 h/o Mary Webb (SFC US Army WW II & Korea) Cottonwood
Whitehead Winfred H. 07-06-1933 02-06-1983 h/o Wonda J. Whitehead (two markers noted) Cottonwood
Kennedy Margie 10-20-1875 11-26-1958 Cottonwood
Olive Simon J. 1890 1959 h/o Clara T. Olive Cottonwood
Smith James B. (Uncle Buck) 04-11-1857 12-27-1947 h/o Mollie Wynn Smith Cottonwood
Beverett Alva Jean 06-07-1963 (undated) w/o Perry Pascal Beverett Jr. married 05-23-1910 Cottonwood
Gilmore Joseph (Joe) Paul 04-05-1930 05-10-1981 h/o Edna K. Ed Gilmore Cottonwood
Harrison Annie F. 09-23-1883 05-15-1952 d/o Rev. George & Molly Harrison Cottonwood
Maxham B. F. 08-27-1874 05-10-1937 Cottonwood
Rich Robert Bryon 03-28-1878 02-24-1963 h/o Candes Elizabeth Rich Cottonwood
Cox Howard Hood 03-03-1936 03-09-1936 Cottonwood
Moss Mae Dunn 10-19-1916 12-28-1970 w/o Clifford Moss Cottonwood
Kingry Owin B. 06-08-1896 07-29-1923 h/o Lena K. Pilcher Kingry Cottonwood
Peacock Erie Etta 08-12-1898 09-25-1985 w/o Leslie Quincey Peacock Cottonwood
Snell Blonnie F. 10-13-1910 05-03-1997 w/o Clarence Hart Snell Cottonwood
Bridges Corbit 09-22-1903 08-10-1973 h/o Obelia Bridges Cottonwood
Grace Ralph W. 01-09-1918 11-27-1944 LT. JG died in service WW II Cottonwood
Hicks Dr. Dorman Marvin 09-26-1879 07-07-1969 h/o Madie L.Ward Hicks Cottonwood
McCoy L. Estelle 12-21-1904 12-29-1986 w/o Alter McCoy Cottonwood
Sellers Bob 12--26-1891 02-04-1976 Cottonwood
Dickerson Charles E. 09-05-1942 04-03-1949 s/o Cannie Dickerson Cottonwood
McCall Charlotte Whitehead 11-16-1956 08-25-2014 Cottonwood
Davis William C. 03-22-1896 03-10-1980 (US Army WW I) (two markers noted) Cottonwood
Cemetery: Collins Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Mathews Lee F. 1883 1972 Collins Baptist
Standland C. B. 03-02-1871 01-06-1929 h/o Iola Standland Collins Baptist
Lawrence John Chamberlain Jr. 09-16-1943 10-16-1953 Collins Baptist
Pritchett Sarah M. 11-29-1863 01-26-1941 w/o Thomas W. Pritchett Collins Baptist
Armstronge L. L. 08-24-1827 02-22-1909 h/o Sally Sarah Jacobs married 01-10-1889 Collins Baptist
Elmore Velma F. Chumney 07-11-1903 11-12-1981 w/o W. Clyde Elmore Collins Baptist
Hall G. C. Jr. 09-23-1915 01-04-1972 Collins Baptist
Mathews Malissa 04-15-1860 10-01-1923 Collins Baptist
Bell Dock Emerson 10-23-1919 07-30-1921 Collins Baptist
Mozley William Jr. (Andy) A. 09-15-1957 10-07-2015 Collins Baptist
McAnulty Infant (no dates) s/o F.A. & Manda Collins Baptist
Lockhart J.W. 08-05-1867 09-15-1868 (1 year-1 month-10 days) Collins Baptist
Lockstead Rosie May 11-13-1896 03-02-1969 Collins Baptist
Rogers Kizzie Shivers 1858 1908 w/o Daniel Edward Rogers (married 08-1883) Six children Collins Baptist
Fears Seabron 08-20-1886 12-26-1970 h/o Laura Bell Fears (s/o Cicero & Evie "Lockstead" Fears) Collins Baptist
Hart James Rubin 1920 1976 Collins Baptist
Matthews Gertrude 03-01-1896 03-15-1966 w/o Archie Matthews Collins Baptist
Callaway Leland Vane 10-29-1896 09-15-1957 Collins Baptist
Simmons Sarah Jane (no birth) 02-21-1908 w/o Daniel Simmons married 12-29-