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Cemetery: Pine Crest
Last Namesort ascending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Zorn Merle 1933 one date only (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Zimpelman Mary Frances 12-17-1923 07-09-2012 Pine Crest
Zacpal Carol 1940 2001 (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Young Joan C. 1949 2004 Pine Crest
Young John Odis 10-13-1947 01-06-1973 (Sgt US Marine Corps Vietnam) Pine Crest
Young John Preston 1972 1992 Pine Crest
Young Lela Rodgers 01-15-1920 02-27-2002 Pine Crest
Young Rufus W. 01-26-1917 02-20-1998 Pine Crest
Young Lizbeth 11-30-1949 07-09-2020 (Obituaries) Pine Crest
Yates Alice Frances 02-24-1928 11-29-2009 w/o Joseph Ray Yates Pine Crest
Yates Joseph Ray 01-09-1930 12-22-2009 h/o Alice Frances Yates (US Air Force Korea) Pine Crest
Yance Beulah Van 1888 1975 (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Wyckoff Charles F. 05-26-1921 11-22-2005 h/o Helene V. Wyckoff Pine Crest
Wyckoff Helene V. 02-21-1917 no date w/o Charles F. Wyckoff Pine Crest
Wyatt Abby M. 01-31-1891 04-04-1981 w/o William Wyatt Pine Crest
Wyatt George H. 06-10-1911 06-23-1988 h/o Jeanne Gilabert Wyatt (PFC US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Wyatt Jeanne Gilabert 05-29-1919 05-24-2004 w/o George H. Wyatt Pine Crest
Wyatt William 09-22-1886 04-26-1965 h/o Abby M. Wyatt Pine Crest
Wright Douglas A. 09-15-1959 06-15-1989 (perhaps previous survey or obit, marker not found) Pine Crest
Wright Jack 03-21-1919 05-04-2000 h/o Martease Wright (US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Wright Raymond J. 06-01-1930 09-04-2007 (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Wright Robert Lawrence 05-30-1957 03-08-2014 h/o Teresa Wright Pine Crest
Wright Martease J. 01-20-1923 11-02-2012 w/o Jack Wright Pine Crest
Wright Tressa Carol 02-09-1966 (undated) w/o Robert Lawrence Wright Pine Crest
Worthington Hattie Simpson 01-13-1940 08-04-1997 Pine Crest
Worthington Sadie Flynt 03-13-1922 07-07-1982 (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Worthington Willie G. 06-02-1936 02-14-2002 (PFC US Army) Pine Crest
Worley Rosa R. 08-30-1935 12-14-2011 Pine Crest
Woodham Norman Rupert 1913 1997 h/o Virginia Louise Woodham (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Woodham Virginia Louise 1918 1985 w/o Norman Rupert woodham (perhaps previous survey or obit, marker not found) Pine Crest
Wood Amber Nicole 06-19-1990 03-06-1996 Pine Crest
Winslett John C. 07-19-1902 09-15-1992 h/o Marie M. Winslett Pine Crest
Winslett Marie M. 11-24-1903 11-08-1994 w/o John C. Winslett Pine Crest
Windham Grace W. 11-28-1924 06-04-1996 w/o Ray D. (Chill) Windham Pine Crest
Windham Ray D. (Chill) 03-31-1919 11-22-1999 h/o Grace W. Windham (US Navy) Pine Crest PDF icon More Info
Wilson Doris E. 11-05-1906 01-26-2000 Pine Crest
Wilson Ruby M. 09-01-1924 12-17-2003 w/o Venson Wilson Pine Crest PDF icon More Info
Wilson Steve 01-19-1954 04-22-2011 s/o Venson & Ruby Wilson Pine Crest
Wilson Venson Henry 10-25-1924 06-24-2011 h/o Ruby Wilson US NAVY Pine Crest
Wilson Don 04-08-1948 03-01-2017 h/o Brenda Wilson Pine Crest
Wilsdorf E. C. (Bill) 1900 1982 Pine Crest
Wilsdorf Donald Sr. D. 10-28-1925 10-21-2011 h/o Jeanette Wilsdorf US ARMY Pine Crest
Wilsdorf Jeanette 07-27-1930 (undated) w/o Donald Wilsdorf Sr. Pine Crest
Williford Joyce D. 11-15-1949 07-08-2016 Pine Crest
Williams Ada Mae 1908 1975 w/o Andrew B. Williams Pine Crest
Williams Albert J. 06-13-1914 12-04-1998 h/o Lola Irene Williams (CPL US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Williams Andrew B. 1900 1982 h/o Ada Mae Williams Pine Crest
Williams Anna Kathleen 06-27-1977 06-14-1997 Pine Crest
Williams Colon Earl 07-23-1930 09-17-2004 h/o Ocie L. Williams (US Marine Corps) Pine Crest
Williams Cora R. (Jack) 06-30-1903 12-07-1997 h/o Liseher Williams Pine Crest
Williams Gunter 1906 2006 Pine Crest
Williams Henry A. 04-23-1896 10-09-1975 (ENS US Naby WW I) Pine Crest
Williams H. Wayne 10-25-1937 12-09-1984 Pine Crest
Williams James Arthur 02-12-1935 11-02-1999 h/o Mattie Lee Williams Pine Crest
Williams James H. (no dates) (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Williams James W. 1911 1971 h/o Grace M. Williams Pine Crest
Williams Jason Conrad 01-10-1976 01-10-1976 s/o Jack & Annell Williams (perhaps previous survey or obit, marker not found) Pine Crest
Williams Jewel Inez 12-13-1917 03-18-2002 w/o John Homer Williams married 12-20-1936 Pine Crest
Williams Joe Jr. 09-03-1922 05-16-1995 h/o Mary Louise Williams Pine Crest
Williams John Homer 03-09-1916 05-20-1986 h/o Jewel Inez Williams Pine Crest
Williams Lischer S. (Lick) 02-01-1899 06-12-1985 w/o Cara Williams Pine Crest
Williams Lola Irene 10-07-1913 04-14-2005 w/o Albert J. Williams Pine Crest
Williams Lois L. B. 04-09-1930 03-23-2009 Pine Crest
Williams Mary Louise 09-06-1924 06-02-1978 w/o Joe Williams Jr. Pine Crest
Williams Mattie Lee 08-07-1943 (undated) w/o James Arthur Williams Pine Crest
Williams N. Ryals 1910 1982 h/o Rosa B. Williams Pine Crest
Williams Ocie L. 04-16-1931 (undated) w/o Colon Earl Williams Pine Crest
Williams Patricia C. (no dates) (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Williams Rosa B. 1914 2003 w/o N. Ryals Williams Pine Crest
Williams Ryals Jr. 08-12-1932 05-03-1973 (SFC US Army Korea & Vietnam) Pine Crest
Williams John G. 12-18-1923 11-15-1983 Pine Crest
Williams Edna 1926 2014 Pine Crest
Williams Edward D. 02-10-1923 10-15-2014 h/o Frances Williams (US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Williams Allen L. 03-08-1949 12-21-2012 Pine Crest
Williams Grace M. 1913 2010 w/o James Williams Pine Crest
Williams Edward III D 11-11-1946 01-16-2016 (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Williams Robert (Bob) Louis II 12-02-1968 02-29-2016 h/o Miki Williams Pine Crest
Williams Frances O. 10-13-1936 (undated) w/o Edward Williams Pine Crest
Williams Guiola Gilbert 12-15-1927 (undated) Pine Crest
Williams Robert III (undated) (undated) (in memory) (beloved son) Pine Crest
Williams Hubert W. 11-03-1926 10-12-2018 h/o Edna Faith Williams Pine Crest
Williams Edna F. Hall 12-31-1926 10-30-2014 w/o Hubert W. Williams Pine Crest
Williams Beverly M. 12-17-1947 (undated) (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Williams Bonnie Alice Blanton 01-10-1950 07-29-2019 w/o Julian Williams (obit info) Pine Crest
Williams Bobby Ann Grice 04-19-1949 08-12-2020 w/o Allen Williams (Obituaries) Pine Crest
Willhelm Eunita L. 1973 1994 Pine Crest
Willhelm Naomi C. 1934 (undated) w/o Ralph E. Willhelm Pine Crest
Willhelm Ralph E. 1944 2014 h/o Naomi Willhelm Pine Crest
Wilkinson Jesse David 06-17-1991 08-16-1995 (Cemetery Tomb) Pine Crest
Wilkinson Jessica Leigh Grandy 04-06-1975 no date (see Jesse David Wilkinson) Pine Crest
Wilkinson Raymond (no dates) (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Wiley Edwina Fiveash 01-15-1922 12-13-2009 w/o Fred Gayle Wiley (married 07-31-1945) Pine Crest
Wiley Fred Gayle 04-21-1922 09-22-2000 (two markers noted) (CPL US Army Air Force) Pine Crest
Wiley Fred Gayle 04-21-1922 09-22-2000 h/o Edwina Wiley (two markers noted) Pine Crest
Wilde Pamela 1953 2009 Pine Crest
Wightman Mary Carol 03-24-1917 08-18-1999 Pine Crest
Wiggins Charlie A. 1907 1972 h/o Lanie K. Wiggins Pine Crest
Wiggins Edna G. 01-17-1929 03-08-2007 w/o Olson K. Wiggins Pine Crest
Wiggins Jean Dunn 1934 (undated) w/o William Norfleet Wiggins Pine Crest
Wiggins Lanie K. 1907 1983 w/o Charlie A. Wiggins Pine Crest
Wiggins Olson K. 10-31-1928 08-27-2009 w/o Edna G. Wiggins (S1 US Navy) Pine Crest
Wiggins Rebecca (Becky) Wooten 05-04-1941 07-25-2009 w/o Walter Wiggins Pine Crest
Wiggins William Norfleet 1937 1992 h/o Jean Dunn Wiggins Pine Crest
Wiggins Walter 12-11-1930 04-04-2019 h/o Rebecca Wooten Wiggins (obituary info) Pine Crest
Wierman Tracy L. 01-06-1971 11-19-2011 w/o Michael Wierman married 10-17-1998 Pine Crest
Wierman Michael R. 07-26-1961 (undated) h/o Tracy L. Wierman Pine Crest
Wiegel Glenn G. 1945 (undated) h/o Ralanda S. Wiegel Pine Crest
Wiegel Ralanda S. 1952 (undated) w/o Glenn S. Wiegel Pine Crest
Widner Annette 12-15-1944 09-10-2016 (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Whitehead Willie Nettie 08-08-1895 11-25-1982 Pine Crest
White Aubrey D. 1913 1999 h/o Enetda R. White Pine Crest
White Christopher Vincent 05-28-1962 05-05-1984 Pine Crest
White Donald 07-26-1942 08-02-2003 Pine Crest
White Edythe 1904 1999 w/o Joe L. White Pine Crest
Cemetery: Riverside
Last Namesort ascending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Zimmerle Janice 08-08-1944 03-07-2013 w/o Pete Zimmerle married 05-06-1966 Riverside
Zimmerle Joseph T. 10-20-1946 10-25-1999 Riverside
Zimmerle Pete 09-11-1944 (undated) h/o Janice Zimmerly Riverside
Yost Mariam W. (no birth) 06-08-1981 w/o Richard Yost Riverside
Yost Richard W. 1904 1981 h/o Mariam Yost (US Army WW II) Riverside
Yniestra Mary J. 03-21-1874 08-11-1958 w/o James Yniestra Riverside
Yniestra James G. 01-01-1872 02-16-1950 h/o Mary Yniestra Riverside
Yager Tammy 01-10-1962 02-23-2003 Riverside
Wynn Irma (Hun) Adams 03-07-1901 11-04-1976 w/o John Wynn Sr. Riverside
Wynn Joanne Wandeck 04-21-1932 01-24-2016 w/o Milton Wynn Sr. Riverside
Wynn John Heyward Sr. 11-13-1895 01-07-1986 h/o Irma Wynn Riverside
Wynn Milton Gerald 11-29-1926 12-23-2006 h/o Joanne Wynn Riverside
Wynn Annie N. 08-13-1910 04-28-2000 Riverside
Wynn Fanny 08-01-1839 09-05-1843 (age 4 years & 25 days) Riverside
Wynn Zannie 12-15-1910 11-13-1982 Riverside
Wyatt Bessie P. 04-02-1902 05-29-1958 w/o James Wyatt Riverside
Wyatt James E. 06-05-1898 11-10-1951 h/o Bessie Wyatt Riverside
Wrighton Harry Bolton 1913 1973 h/o Mary Wrighton Riverside
Wrighton Mary McGehee 1917 1965 w/o Harry Wrighton Riverside
Wright Eula 08-04-1912 02-13-1993 Riverside
Wright Grover Dave 09-13-1900 04-18-1962 h/o Pearl Wright Riverside
Wright Lucille C. 08-07-1913 06-25-2000 w/o Roy Wright Riverside
Wright Pearl Regene 10-24-1907 04-05-1981 w/o Grover Wright Riverside
Wright Roy 07-28-1904 08-11-1952 h/o Lucille Wright Riverside
Wright Sherman (no birth) 07-1914 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Woods John (no birth) 06-23-1889 (age 79) Riverside
Woodie Rixie B. 10-21-1916 03-15-1975 (Sgt US Army) Riverside
Wood Dr A.C. (no birth) 1937 h/o Lillian David Wood Riverside
Wood Fannie 08-10-1839 09-05-1843 d/o Elizur & Mary Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Womble Ernest C. 10-07-1904 04-22-1977 Riverside
Womble Juanita 01-20-1920 03-23-1988 Riverside
Womac Bettie C. 01-26-1897 10-07-1986 w/o Mora Womac Riverside
Womac Lillian M. Sangaree 03-26-1897 04-07-1977 Riverside
Womac Mora D. 06-27-1887 02-13-1973 h/o Bettie Womac Riverside
Witkus John 05-26-1892 01-03-1966 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Withrop Author 1894 1949 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Wiselogel Louis P. 1845 1935 h/o Margaret Wiselogel Riverside
Wiselogel Margaret E. 1847 1933 w/o Louis Wiselogel Riverside
Wise William 08-18-1933 04-23-1994 Riverside
Wise London (no birth) 1934 Riverside
Winthrop Agnes Kidd 1898 1984 w/o Arthur Winthrop Riverside
Winthrop Arthur 1894 1945 h/o Agnes Winthrop Riverside
Winston Jackie (no birth) 1981 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Winslow Ada Jane 1881 1959 Riverside
Winslow Eldon E. 07-27-1906 06-22-1974 Riverside
Winslow Samuel Grant 1872 1955 Riverside
Winslow Walter Thomas 06-17-1918 06-07-1972 Riverside
Winslett Chrystelle Lewis 04-14-1911 10-23-1996 (two markers noted) Riverside
Winslett Infant 03-30-1936 03-30-1936 s/o M.Y. & Christelle Winslett Riverside
Winslett Martha Augusta 10-09-1906 07-20-1940 d/o G.N. & Margaret Winslett Riverside
Winslett Merrill Young 05-28-1908 06-25-1975 Riverside
Winslett Margaret Colvin 09-25-1886 06-16-1939 Riverside
Winslett Chrystelle Lewis 1911 1996 (two markers noted) Riverside
Wilson Donald Taylor 09-27-1951 03-27-1970 s/o Pershing & Hope Wilson Riverside
Wilson James Nesbit 10-15-1899 04-27-1987 h/o Ruth Wilson Riverside
Wilson Margaret 07-02-1910 05-20-1991 Riverside
Wilson Mary Catharine MacKinnon 08-22-1871 03-11-1963 w/o Francis Wilson Riverside
Wilson Ruth Roe 04-13-1904 04-03-1992 w/o James Wilson Riverside
Wilson Francis Childria 06-23-1870 10-17-1943 h/o Mary Wilson Riverside
Wilson Lucille T. 07-12-1913 01-26-1976 Riverside
Wilson Mary Elizabeth 12-19-1903 06-01-1904 d/o Francis & Mary Wilson Riverside
Wilson Sherman 1865 1935 h/o Winifred Wilson Riverside
Wilson Winifred 1878 1960 w/o Sherman Wilson Riverside
Wilson Nellie (no birth) 01-11-1930 Riverside
Willis Alma A. 06-01-1888 04-06-1959 w/o W.M. Willis Riverside
Willis Helen Elizabeth 06-30-1925 12-21-2005 Riverside
Willis Milford Perse Sr. 06-22-1892 03-21-1968 Riverside
Willis W.M. 08-28-1885 11-23-1949 h/o Alma Willis Riverside
Williams Addie E. 10-12-1899 05-31-1991 w/o Howard Williams Riverside
Williams Amy 09-19-1910 09-27-1983 Riverside
Williams Annie Mae 03-16-1922 (undated) w/o James Williams Riverside
Williams Doris June Hickman 05-30-1934 11-22-1997 w/o Lenox Williams married 09-14-1955 Riverside
Williams Evelyn B. 1895 1975 (US Army WW I) Riverside
Williams Evelyn Sandusky 1911 1934 Riverside
Williams Harry 09-21-1925 12-12-1983 h/o Mamie Williams (US Army WW II) Riverside
Williams Hazel K. 11-19-1910 03-31-1988 w/o J.P. Williams Riverside
Williams Howard G. 09-12-1899 10-05-1960 h/o Addie Williams Riverside
Williams James Herbert 02-21-1923 08-29-1987 h/o Annie Riverside
Williams J.P. 11-19-1905 11-07-1976 h/o Hazel Williams Riverside
Williams Lenox Edward 02-09-1932 07-26-2010 h/o Doris Williams Riverside
Williams Mamie 09-01-1926 (undated) w/o Harry Williams Riverside
Williams Ollie McAnulty 11-18-1898 01-18-1982 Riverside
Williams Walter A. (no birth) 12-24-1976 h/o Velma Williams Riverside
Williams Patricia Louise Nichols 07-23-1948 02-09-2016 d/o Rev. Earl & Louise Nichols Obit (marker not found) Riverside
Williams Velma (no birth) 05-18-1982 w/o Walter Williams Riverside
Williams Sara (no birth) 05-16-1940 Riverside
Williams Stormie 11-24-1890 05-08-1955 (US Army WW I) Riverside
Williams Louis E. 05-17-1930 02-03-1994 (US Navy Korea) Riverside
Wilkinson James Thomas 09-26-1935 06-16-1981 Riverside
Wilkerson Ruby 07-25-1904 12-10-1998 Riverside
Wikle Evelyn H. 06-07-1915 09-07-1990 Riverside
Wikle Gerrie Pilcher 10-05-1940 11-21-2013 Riverside
Wikle Harry L. 10-31-1893 01-30-1956 Riverside
Wikle Harry Lewis Jr. 03-07-1939 04-25-2010 (M Sgt USAF) Riverside
Wiercinski Jessie Hutchinson 09-04-1890 01-31-1959 Riverside
Wiartham Barnard 05-12-1898 01-13-1918 Riverside
Whitworth Joseph 12-13-1949 03-05-2011 Riverside
Whitehead Charles E. 06-27-1930 11-27-1991 h/o Yvonne Whitehead (two markers noted) Riverside
Whitehead Infant (one date) 09-25-1946 d/o Mr. & Mrs. I.C. Whitehead Riverside
Whitehead Florence O. 12-29-1923 (undated) w/o Ivy Whitehead Riverside
Whitehead Ivy Clayton 12-14-1918 06-10-1993 h/o Florence Whitehead Riverside
Whitehead Joseph Gary 09-04-1945 08-03-2011 h/o Mary Garrison Whitehead Riverside
Whitehead Lester 12-03-1891 01-21-1967 h/o Sarah S. whitehead (US Army WW I) Riverside
Whitehead Sarah S. 04-25-1911 03-12-2002 w/o Lester Whitehead Riverside
Whitehead Winnie D. 1897 1991 Riverside
Whitehead Yvonna G. 07-30-1925 01-24-1982 w/o Charles Whitehead Riverside
Whitehead Lester 12-03-1891 01-21-1967 (two markers noted) US Army WW I Riverside
Whitehead Baby (one date) 01-23-1933 Riverside
Whitehead Charles E. 06-27-1930 11-27-1991 SSgt USAF Korea (two markers noted) Riverside
Cemetery: Bascom Baptist
Last Namesort ascending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Ziegler Jennie N. 04-06-1931 12-09-1997 Bascom Baptist
Ziegler Lynn Lewis 02-15-1952 09-21-1995 Bascom Baptist
Wise Roy Gus 09-17-1909 10-23-1987 h/o Sadie Wise Bascom Baptist
Wise Sadie E. 05-12-1909 06-25-2001 w/o Roy Gus Wise Bascom Baptist
Wilson Ella Pearl Tidwell 02-01-1895 06-07-1964 w/o Vann Wilson Bascom Baptist
Wilson Vann 02-29-1893 08-18-1935 h/o Ella Pearl Wilson Bascom Baptist
Cemetery: Greenwood Methodist
Last Namesort ascending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Ziegler Florence Willis 12-09-1918 12-18-2002 Greenwood Methodist
Windham Mattie Louise 09-12-1926 (undated) w/o Ruel Rex Windham (married 05-09-1979) Greenwood Methodist
Windham Ruel Rex 06-04-1914 01-03-1984 h/o Mattie Windham (2nd LT US Army WW II) Greenwood Methodist
Willis Dr. A. English 02-16-1869 02-27-1912 h/o Katherine Willis Greenwood Methodist
Willis Dr.Ben Risher Jr. DVM 08-04-1926 04-16-1986 Greenwood Methodist
Willis B.R. 02-22-1898 06-24-1959 Greenwood Methodist
Willis Henry George 1886 1959 Greenwood Methodist
Willis Herrold Foster 08-22-1925 02-19-1969 Greenwood Methodist
Willis Ida Bethea 01-09-1891 06-20-1976 Greenwood Methodist
Willis Jennie Vera Bevis 08-20-1900 08-20-1995 Greenwood Methodist
Willis Katherine R. 08-03-1872 07-17-1951 w/o Dr. A. English Willis Greenwood Methodist
Willis Lee A. 07-08-1901 04-01-1928 Greenwood Methodist
Willis Lee E. 09-25-1922 11-09-1987 Greenwood Methodist
Willis Lu-Nell Morse 06-14-1925 07-24-1992 Greenwood Methodist
Willis Milton S. 04-10-1875 06-26-1898 (dates from archival survey) Greenwood Methodist
Willis Dr. R.A. 01-31-1865 11-19-1924 Greenwood Methodist
Willis Raymon Wilson Britt 02-07-1919 11-24-2011 Greenwood Methodist
Willis Robert Allen 10-13-1917 01-03-2004 Greenwood Methodist
Willis Robert Allen 12-06-1968 12-24-1968 Greenwood Methodist
Willis Robert Allen 03-10-1892 09-04-1974 Greenwood Methodist
Willis Thomas 12-14-1903 10-02-1904 s/o B.H. and Mable Willis Greenwood Methodist
Willis Robert Allen III 10-18-1942 07-20-2017 h/o Charlotte Ann Willis (marker unfound perhaps obit) Greenwood Methodist
Williams Billy Wayne 1936 1988 (Sgt US Marine Corps Korea & Vietnam) Greenwood Methodist
Williams Clara Emma 08-13-1876 12-17-1931 w/o Joseph Ward Williams (WOW Symbol) Greenwood Methodist
Williams David Herbert 08-24-1903 03-12-1980 h/o Lena Williams Greenwood Methodist
Williams Dora M. 1881 1964 w/o Homer Williams Greenwood Methodist
Williams Hazel L. 1912 1928 Greenwood Methodist
Williams Homer W. 1883 1958 h/o Dora Williams Greenwood Methodist
Williams John B. 05-01-1829 08-21-1892 h/o Sarah Williams Greenwood Methodist
Williams John Virgil 12-04-1868 09-25-1926 Greenwood Methodist
Williams Joseph Ward 07-30-1859 10-11-1931 h/o Clara Williams (WOW Symbol) Greenwood Methodist
Williams Lena Collins 08-19-1908 08-11-1996 w/o David Herbert Williams Greenwood Methodist
Williams Mary Byrd 1878 1950 Greenwood Methodist
Williams Mattie 02-11-1880 10-04-1951 Greenwood Methodist
Williams McVirgie 02-18-1903 06-12-1904 s/o J.V. and Annie Williams Greenwood Methodist
Williams Orbie B. 03-27-1906 08-10-1970 Greenwood Methodist
Williams Sarah L. Kirtpatrick 09-19-1840 03-09-1912 w/o John B. Williams Greenwood Methodist
Williams Sarah M. 1914 1920 Greenwood Methodist
Williams Mary Pender 10-24-1871 07-10-1953 Greenwood Methodist
Wilkin Elizabeth (Lib) 03-03-1915 10-20-2006 Greenwood Methodist
Wigington Carl O. 11-06-1922 12-20-1987 h/o Margaret Wigington S/M/SGT USAF Greenwood Methodist
Wigington Margaret 06-28-1924 01-24-2003 w/o Carl Wigington (married 10-14-1948 Germany) Greenwood Methodist
Whiting A. George 12-02-1933 04-05-2014 h/o Glenda Whiting (two markers noted) Greenwood Methodist
Whiting Glenda Ruth 07-06-1940 (undated) w/o A. George Whiting married 10-22-1974 Greenwood Methodist
Whiting Alanson G. 1933 2014 (two markers noted) Greenwood Methodist
Whitehurst Ethel Mae 04-03-1889 08-19-1974 w/o George Whitehurst Greenwood Methodist
Whitehurst George Henry 04-05-1879 01-13-1959 h/o Ethel Mae Whitehurst Greenwood Methodist
Cemetery: Campbellton Baptist
Last Namesort ascending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Zelmhardy W.E. Little David 02-23-1958 11-11-1987 Campbellton Baptist
Zelmhardy Judy Elaine 02-12-1957 06-13-2007 (two markers noted) Campbellton Baptist
Zelmhardy Judy 1957 2007 (two markers noted) Campbellton Baptist
Young Lois I. 05-06-1903 12-06-1976 Campbellton Baptist
Young Joseph 05-10-1918 10-19-1990 (Pvt US Army WW II) Campbellton Baptist
Young Angeline N. 08-09-1923 11-30-1989 Campbellton Baptist
Yates Harold G. 10-26-1938 02-14-2003 (Major US Air Force Vietnam) Campbellton Baptist
Wynn Helen 03-09-1893 03-30-1894 (archival survey info) Campbellton Baptist
Wynn Infant (no dates) c/o Mr. & Mrs. W.B. Winn Campbellton Baptist
Wynn Willie Shoemaker 1855 1879 w/o W.B. Wynn Campbellton Baptist
Woodham Lucile C. 07-05-1896 05-03-1970 w/o James Woodham Campbellton Baptist
Woodham John Collins 08-07-1921 01-09-1922 Campbellton Baptist
Woodham James E. 10-27-1886 03-11-1955 h/o Lucile Woodham Campbellton Baptist
Wilson Cora Lee 1890 1973 d/o Cora & J.N. Wilson Campbellton Baptist
Wilson Cora L. 08-18-1867 10-17-1893 w/o N.J. Wilson d/o William J. & Sarah Daniel Campbellton Baptist
Wilkes Hazel V. 02-18-1927 09-20-2011 w/o Elson Wilkes married 11-12-1974 Campbellton Baptist
Wilkes Elson 05-25-1925 11-12-1974 h/o Hazel Wilkes (two markers noted) Campbellton Baptist
Wilkes Elson 05-25-1925 11-12-1974 (two markers noted) (US ARMY) Campbellton Baptist
Cemetery: Gordon
Last Namesort ascending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Young Grady L. 02-06-1890 09-13-1936 Gordon
Young Willie A. (no birth) 07-05-1949 (Adult grave) Gordon
Young Annie (no dates) Gordon
Wood William 03-22-1826 10-15-1885 h/o Missouri Pynes Wood Gordon PDF icon More Info
Wood Infant (no dates) d/o William & Missouri Pynes Wood Gordon
Wood Missouri Pynes 10-16-1842 01-30-1918 w/o William Wood married 08-01-1861 Gordon PDF icon More Info
Wood William Ballaro 12-27-1870 02-28-1875 s/o William & Missouri Pynes Wood Gordon PDF icon More Info
Womack Lilla Pearl 03-06-1885 01-22-1975 w/o William Mitchell Womack Gordon
Womack William Mitchell 09-20-1880 03-21-1941 h/o Lilla Pearl Womack Gordon PDF icon More Info
Winget Everett 11-25-1912 08-23-1928 Gordon
Winget Lessie 12-03-1920 11-28-1928 Gordon
Windham Infant 1946 1946 s/o Don & Berry Windham Gordon
Wilson Frank 02-05-1902 09-27-1976 Gordon
Wilson Nellie M. 10-05-1909 10-18-1983 (Grandmother of Gerald & Rickard Williams Gordon
Wilson Sadie Beatrice 11-05-1907 12-18-1948 Gordon
Wilson Sadie Jean 08-18-1935 11-26-1935 d/o Sadie Beatrice Wilson Gordon
Wilson Willie Fred 09-06-1928 03-01-2000 (US Army Korea) Gordon
Williams Dorothy M. Davis 12-14-1930 07-16-2009 w/o Herman Lamar Williams married 11-04-1950 Gordon
Williams Edward Blake 1860 01-14-1936 h/o Queen Victoria Lee Williams Gordon
Williams E.B. Jr. 08-21-1888 05-16-1957 unmarked infant & child adjacent to Gordon
Williams Gerald E. 06-24-1956 06-20-1975 (two markers noted) Gordon
Williams Herman Lamar (Hamp) 07-15-1924 01-02-1988 h/o Dorothy M. Davis Williams Gordon
Williams James Alton Sr. 10-01-1909 03-14-1998 h/o Ozie Dell Jeffcoat Williams Gordon
Williams John Ward 04-03-1895 06-30-1993 h/o Mildred Rebecca Cartier Williams Gordon
Williams Lewis Canady 01-14-1902 04-07-1936 Gordon
Williams Mildred Pool 08-08-1912 07-11-1946 Gordon
Williams Mildred Rebecca Cartier 04-04-1907 10-07-1961 w/o John Ward Williams married 02-22-1931 (two markers noted) Gordon
Williams Ozie Dell Jeffcoat 08-17-1913 08-05-1995 w/o James Alton Sr. Williams Gordon
Williams Queen Victoria Lee 1874 01-18-1931 w/o Edward Blake Williams Gordon
Williams Richard A. 08-14-1958 06-20-1975 Gordon
Williams Mary B. 11-21-1941 09-27-2014 w/o Gene E. Gordon
Williams Gerald Eugene 06-24-1956 06-21-1975 (two markers noted) (US Marine Corps) Gordon
Williams Mildred Rebecca Carter 04-04-1907 10-07-1961 w/o J.W. Williams (two markers noted) Gordon
Wiliams Gene E. 08-31-1934 03-07-1987 (AIC US Air Force Korea) Gordon
White Barney B. 1875 1943 h/o Eva Bruce White unmarked grave (family bible) Gordon
White Eva Bruce 1881 1966 w/o Barney B. White unmarked grave (family bible) Gordon
Cemetery: Friendship Baptist
Last Namesort ascending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Young Bernatha 03-09-1879 09-23-1893 archival survey (marker not found) Friendship Baptist
Young Ellen Jane Stewart 12-17-1891 05-20-1928 w/o Thomas Jefferson Young Friendship Baptist
Young Thomas Jefferson 08-08-1892 09-24-1924 h/o Ellen Jane Stewart Young archival survey (marker not found) Friendship Baptist
Woods Lilla Mathis 11-24-1895 03-11-1954 Friendship Baptist
Windham Robert Wayne 01-27-1944 05-23-1948 s/o Ralph & Lula Mae Jones Windham Friendship Baptist
Wilson Crystal Lynn 04-30-1984 11-26-2001 Friendship Baptist
Wilson James Nesbit 01-04-1863 03-06-1949 h/o Josie Sewell Wilson Friendship Baptist
Wilson Josie Sewell 11-08-1878 12-30-1964 w/o James Nesbit Wilson Friendship Baptist
Williams Beulah May 05-12-1875 12-13-1922 Friendship Baptist
Williams Charles T. 06-09-1863 06-23-1940 Friendship Baptist
Williams Charles Warren 01-06-1900 04-02-1957 h/o Hazel Lewis Williams Friendship Baptist
Williams Charles Warren Jr. 07-11-1919 10-18-1928 (as per classmate Bill Murdock) (died of ruptured appendix in third grade) Friendship Baptist
Williams Christine Callaway 11-21-1915 11-09-1933 Friendship Baptist
Williams Eunice H. 08-05-1925 01-01-2014 w/o Baker W. Howard & Max W. Williams Friendship Baptist
Williams George 05-07-1865 03-20-1934 Friendship Baptist
Williams Hazel Lewis 05-04-1911 06-06-1976 w/o Charles Warren Williams Friendship Baptist
Williams John Tilden 10-30-1933 03-15-1934 s/o O.T. & Christine Williams Friendship Baptist
Williams Max W. 09-26-1922 09-03-1999 h/o Eunice H. Hall Howard (PFC US Army Air Force WW II) Friendship Baptist
Williams Meda Glisson 10-15-1896 04-05-1989 w/o Roland T. Williams Friendship Baptist
Williams Roland T. 09-10-1893 06-19-1932 h/o Meda Glisson Williams Friendship Baptist
Williams Max W. 09-26-1922 09-03-1999 h/o Eunice Williams US Army Air Force WW II (two markers noted) Friendship Baptist
Williams Glenda Earl Robison 09-03-1943 07-27-2018 (Obituaries) Friendship Baptist
Cemetery: Cowpen Pond
Last Namesort ascending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Young John Henry 04-16-1910 10-15-1910 Cowpen Pond
Young Clody 09-14-1898 07-25-1910 Cowpen Pond
Young Catherine 11-08-1857 04-22-1901 Cowpen Pond
Williams Thelma Inez 07-17-1932 01-13-2012 w/o Fred Williams Cowpen Pond
Williams Fred 09-23-1923 11-28-1997 h/o Thelma Williams (US Army PFC WW II) Cowpen Pond
Williams Drewziea 1845 1925 Cowpen Pond
Williams Darrell M. 12-20-1952 12-18-2016 h/o Kathy C. Williams Cowpen Pond
Williams Kathy C. 07-15-1954 (undated) w/o Darrell Williams (married 11-04-1971 Cowpen Pond
Cemetery: Collins Baptist
Last Namesort ascending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Yon Clarence P. (Spitter) 04-12-1933 09-30-2003 h/o Genella Yon Collins Baptist
Yon Genella (Big Mama) 10-03-1943 07-31-2010 w/o Clarence P. Yon (d/o Arlon W. & Ressie "Anderson" Hand) Collins Baptist
Yarborough Alma Anah 03-22-1869 10-12-1891 Collins Baptist
Yarborough G.B. 08-05-1832 09-01-1900 h/o Nancy Collins Baptist
Yarborough Nancy 01-01-1841 01-25-1912 w/o G.B. Yarborough Collins Baptist
Yarborough Tillia 05-20-1878 05-22-1914 Collins Baptist
Wistrom Carl H. 08-20-1886 02-27-1957 h/o Julia M. Wistrom Collins Baptist
Wistrom Julia M. 06-21-1887 05-15-1964 w/o Carl H. Wistrom Collins Baptist
Winget Andra A. 06-09-1945 07-27-1948 Collins Baptist
Winget Infant no date no date Collins Baptist
Wilson Daughter 01-03-1910 03-09-1913 d/o JWT. & ENA. Collins Baptist
Willoughby D. J. 01-20-1858 01-29-1942 Collins Baptist
Willoughby M. L. 03-06-1868 09-10-1939 Collins Baptist
Williams B. C. 05-16-1888 08-29-1902 Collins Baptist
Williams Edgar Bryant 08-25-1902 04-22-1986 Collins Baptist
Williams J. B. 11-25-1854 11-06-1911 Collins Baptist
Williams J. R. 08-23-1877 10-25-1889 Collins Baptist
Williams L.D. 05-18-1892 02-12-1937 Collins Baptist
Williams Leroy 07-27-1900 12-31-1931 Collins Baptist
Williams Lilla 10-18-1872 10-04-1952 w/o William V. Williams Collins Baptist
Williams Sarah L. 04-08-1853 01-16-1929 Collins Baptist
Williams William V. 09-25-1865 09-27-1932 h/o Lilla Williams Collins Baptist
Wilkison Doris (Bloss) Murdock 02-24-1917 04-07-1995 Collins Baptist
Whitfield Bertha Lincoln 02-23-1855 01-08-1953 Collins Baptist
Whitehurst Abbie Granger 01-12-1908 10-23-1997 w/o M. F. Whitehurst Collins Baptist
Whitehurst M. F. 11-08-1905 05-25-1970 h/o Abbie Grange whitehurst Collins Baptist
White Arrie E. (no dates) Collins Baptist
White Infant (no dates) s/o Mr. & Mrs. Albert White Collins Baptist
Cemetery: Cottonwood
Last Namesort ascending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Yelverton Hattie Sellers 04-19-1906 01-26-1951 w/o J.D. Yelverton Cottonwood
Yeatman Mildred E. 05-01-1917 04-14-1988 Cottonwood
Wright Lon 10-19-1898 10-03-1977 Cottonwood
Wright Roy 09-05-1906 12-28-1987 Cottonwood
Woodham Charity E. 08-02-1898 10-05-1984 w/o Samuel B. Woodham Cottonwood
Woodham Samuel B. 01-30-1895 03-19-1955 h/o Charity E. Woodham Cottonwood
Wood Mattie Metcalf 11-05-1856 01-12-1928 w/o William S. Wood Cottonwood
Wood William S. 05-25-1851 07-14-1921 h/o Mattie Metcalf Wood Cottonwood
Winsor Arthur Benson 01-30-1900 08-09-1997 h/o Marylee Blackman Winsor Cottonwood
Winsor Marylee Blackman 12-24-1906 08-23-2004 w/o Arthur Benson Winsor Cottonwood
Whitehead Alter 04-10-1913 09-05-1999 h/o Clara Willie Mae Whitehead Cottonwood
Whitehead Blonnie B. 06-30-1906 03-30-1992 w/o Foy M. Whitehead Cottonwood
Whitehead Christina (Tina) Faye Kirby 12-21-1962 (undated) w/o Winfred Richard Whitehead Cottonwood
Whitehead Clara Willie Mae 05-03-1912 03-08-1996 w/o Alter Whitehead Cottonwood
Whitehead Edna Lutha 09-19-1917 06-22-1932 Cottonwood
Whitehead Elizabeth (Lizzy) W. 05-23-1921 12-08-2002 w/o John L. Whitehead Cottonwood
Whitehead Foy M. 08-12-1906 04-07-1987 h/o Blonnie B. Whitehead Cottonwood
Whitehead Harvey H. 02-05-1895 10-04-1972 h/o Lillian B. Whitehead Cottonwood
Whitehead Herschel 04-15-1921 09-24-1989 Cottonwood
Whitehead John L. 05-26-1921 10-08-2002 h/o Elizabeth W. Lizzy Whitehead Cottonwood
Whitehead Lillian B. 10-08-1900 09-18-1977 w/o Harvy H. Whitehead Cottonwood
Whitehead Luther 05-30-1917 07-20-1976 Cottonwood
Whitehead Mable 10-18-1940 10-19-1940 Cottonwood
Whitehead Reecie W. 11-22-1912 12-31-1983 w/o Walter D. Whitehead Cottonwood
Whitehead Rufus 01-25-1919 02-22-1975 Cottonwood
Whitehead Sherlon 04-07-1942 11-30-1966 Cottonwood
Whitehead Virginia Smith 08-27-1883 05-16-1967 w/o William Albert Whitehead Cottonwood
Whitehead William Albert 06-29-1882 01-08-1966 h/o Virginia Smith Whitehead Cottonwood
Whitehead Walter 08-29-1915 03-07-1966 Cottonwood
Whitehead Walter D. 01-15-1908 07-08-1979 h/o Reecie W. Whitehead Cottonwood
Whitehead Winfred H. 07-06-1933 02-06-1983 h/o Wonda J. Whitehead (two markers noted) Cottonwood
Whitehead Winfred Richard (Ricky) 07-31-1961 11-05-1995 h/o Christina Faye Kirby Whitehead Cottonwood
Whitehead Wonda J. 03-13-1937 (undated) w/o Winfred H. Whitehead Married 08-15-1953 Cottonwood
Whitehead Evie Irene 04-01-1923 10-29-2009 Cottonwood
Whitehead Winfred Hasten 07-06-1933 02-06-1983 (SFC US Army Korea & Vietnam) (two markers noted) Cottonwood
White Addie Lee Morris 09-06-1916 03-16-2000 w/o John C. White Cottonwood
White John C. 10-06-1914 03-31-1998 h/o Addie Lee Morris White Cottonwood
White John T. 01-20-1873 07-28-1953 h/o Mary J. Harvard White Cottonwood
White Katie 09-04-1884 04-28-1936 Cottonwood
White Mary J. Harvard 10-18-1877 04-20-1938 w/o John T. White Cottonwood
Cemetery: Gunn Methodist
Last Namesort ascending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Yarbrough Eldes E. 02-07-1898 08-04-1904 c/o Willie Fred & Eller M. Yarbrough Gunn Methodist
Yarbrough Eller M. 01-03-1875 08-29-1904 w/o Willie Fred Yarbrough Gunn Methodist
Williams Ada D. 01-13-1875 07-02-1883 d/o Daniel & Elizabeth Williams Gunn Methodist
Williams Amanda J. 11-08-1815 10-15-1880 w/o T.S. Williams (archival survey info) Gunn Methodist
Williams Luvern Moore 04-20-1918 09-18-1992 w/o Orion T. Williams married 11-08-1935 Gunn Methodist
Williams Mary Lee 11-22-1891 01-04-1966 Gunn Methodist
Williams Mittie J. Cochran 12-08-1875 02-29-1944 w/o John T. Williams Gunn Methodist
Williams Naomi 07-03-1914 07-08-1914 d/o John T. & Mattie Williams Gunn Methodist
Williams Okle H. 03-13-1905 05-22-1941 Gunn Methodist
Williams Orion T. 08-10-1907 12-12-1968 h/o Luverna Moore Williams Gunn Methodist
Williams Otis 01-14-1903 10-26-1972 Gunn Methodist
Williams John T. (no dates) h/o Mattie J. Cochran Williams Gunn Methodist
Williams Wyatt G. 1843 1895 h/o Mary E. Brown Williams (married 12-30-1866) CSA (s/o Thomas & Amanda Williams) Gunn Methodist
Wiley Arthur V. 1896 1969 h/o Laura Ethridge Wiley Gunn Methodist
Wiley James Kilry 03-30-1862 03-20-1947 h/o Martha Wiley (two unmarked adult graves beside) Gunn Methodist
Wiley Leura Ethridge 06-07-1893 07-07-1924 w/o Arthur V. Wiley married 05-13-1917 Gunn Methodist
Wiley Martha (no dates) w/o James Kilry Wiley Gunn Methodist
Whitfield George W. 09-15-1832 08-25-1901 Gunn Methodist
Cemetery: Hickory Grove
Last Namesort ascending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Yarborough W.G. 03-22-1966 06-09-1949 h/o Ida Yorborough Hickory Grove
Yarborough Ruth 02-16-1933 11-13-1933 d/o Claud and Myrtle Yorborough Hickory Grove
Yarborough Myrtle 04-09-1909 07-21-2008 Hickory Grove
Yarborough Ida O. 09-01-1967 05-12-1955 w/o W.G. Yorborough Hickory Grove
Yarborough Hugh Lamar 12-15-1939 03-03-1984 (SP4 US Army Vietnam) Hickory Grove
Yarborough Hugh Green 10-06-1900 03-17-1985 Hickory Grove
Yarborough Ester Virginia 03-22-1912 01-02-1940 Hickory Grove
Yarborough Ellie Eston 09-16-1902 12-24-1932 Hickory Grove
Yarborough Earl Eugene 10-13-1938 10-05-1981 (CPL US Marine Corps) Hickory Grove
Yarborough Claude Oswald Jr. 08-19-1934 07-25-1997 Hickory Grove
Yarborough Claud O. 08-08-1897 10-05-1981 Hickory Grove
Williams Sallie E. 05-01-1906 08-27-1995 w/o Orbie Williams Hickory Grove
Williams Robert O. 10-22-1913 07-10-1992 h/o Lillian Williams (two markers noted) Hickory Grove
Williams Orbie R. 04-04-1900 09-12-1960 h/o Sallie Williams Hickory Grove
Williams Juanita 02-09-1927 02-11-1927 Hickory Grove
Williams Amanda Jane 06-19-1894 04-01-1976 Hickory Grove
Williams Albert W. 09-05-1893 06-16-1951 Hickory Grove
Williams Robert O. 10-22-1913 07-10-1992 h/o Lillian Williams (TSgt 1941-1945 WW II) Hickory Grove
Wilkinson Sammy Lee 10-01-1931 10-12-1931 s/o Carlus & Annie Wilkinson Hickory Grove
Wiley Joe A. 06-12-1894 08-06-1978 h/o Annie Lee Wiley Hickory Grove
Wiley Baby (no dates) Hickory Grove
Wiley Baby (no dates) Hickory Grove
Wiley Annie Lee 11-17-1897 10-15-1959 w/o Joe Wiley Hickory Grove
Wiggins Sam 02-10-1920 01-12-2005 h/o Margaret Wiggins Hickory Grove
Wiggins Margaret H. 02-28-1918 04-03-1976 w/o Sam Wiggins Hickory Grove
Cemetery: Greenwood Baptist
Last Namesort ascending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Wynn Susan 08-25-1829 11-04-1858 Greenwood Baptist
Woodward John R. 10-24-1910 10-26-1996 h/o Montreal G. Woodward Greenwood Baptist
Woodward Lillian Mae 1878 1955 Greenwood Baptist
Woodward Montreal G. 06-03-1921 01-19-1993 w/o John R. Woodward Greenwood Baptist
Wombwell Rev. J.H. 09-27-1822 07-13-1959 Greenwood Baptist
Williams Claude D. 1900 1943 Greenwood Baptist
Williams Daniel W. 12-14-1838 06-09-1901 h/o Fannie Williams Greenwood Baptist
Williams Edward Franklin 02-08-1876 07-06-1935 Greenwood Baptist
Williams Fannie Thomas 08-09-1845 03-01-1927 w/o Daniel Williams Greenwood Baptist
Williams Floy Pender 09-29-1878 03-29-1966 w/o Oscar E. Williams Greenwood Baptist
Williams Helen C. 10-16-1925 06-20-2011 w/o Grady Williams Greenwood Baptist
Williams James Grady 07-25-1925 06-07-1982 (two markers noted) (SM1 US Navy WW II) Greenwood Baptist
Williams Jessie J. 12-30-1810 10-10-1886 (76 yrs, 8 mos, 10 days) (died in Jackson Co. Fla) Greenwood Baptist
Williams Marie Peacock 07-04-1903 06-02-1994 Greenwood Baptist
Williams Oscar E. 05-26-1872 06-07-1922 h/o Floy Williams Greenwood Baptist
Williams Thomas W. 03-15-1878 07-02-1907 s/o D.W. and Fannie Williams Greenwood Baptist
Williams Claude Harold 05-11-1924 02-22-1998 Greenwood Baptist
Williams James G. 07-25-1925 06-07-1982 h/o Helen Williams (two markers noted) Greenwood Baptist
Whitten Homer L. 10-07-1900 02-10-1980 h/o Edith Whitten Greenwood Baptist
Whitten Edith P. 12-15-1908 07-19-2004 w/o Homer Whitten Greenwood Baptist
Cemetery: Rocky Grove
Last Namesort ascending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Writch Charlie (Slim) W. 12-01-1901 03-29-1978 Rocky Grove
Wright Albert 04-21-1894 10-21-1945 h/o Minnie Baxter Wright married 12-02-1917 Rocky Grove
Wright Minnie Baxter 10-01-1894 05-17-1956 w/o Albert Wright married 12-02-1917 Rocky Grove
Whitehead Zell Kent 10-07-1927 05-11-1992 Rocky Grove
Cemetery: Antioch
Last Namesort ascending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Wright Ken Maynard 01-03-1944 02-23-1994 Antioch
Wood Juanita Harrison 09-05-1916 07-21-1990 Antioch
Wood Shirley F. 08-09-1936 08-13-2004 w/o Robert Wood Antioch
Wood Robert (Don) L. 09-22-1934 09-06-2013 h/o Shirley F. Antioch
Wood Juanita Harrison 09-05-1916 07-21-1990 Antioch
Womble Maudie Mumford 07-24-1900 08-24-1985 Antioch
Williams George (Cowboy) Lee 09-20-1936 07-01-2015 Antioch
Williams Kenneth 08-29-1956 04-22-2008 Antioch
Williams Netta Bell West 11-07-1915 05-22-2003 w/o Onus Williams Married 01-08-1933 Antioch
Williams Onus 07-03-1914 09-07-1989 h/o Netta Bell "West" Williams (married 01-08-1933) (s/o John T. & Mattie J. "Tindell" Williams) Antioch
Cemetery: Dellwood Baptist
Last Namesort ascending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Wright Wanda Sue 01-1957 05-1957 Dellwood Baptist
Wright Pastoria 04-30-1899 12-09-1987 w/o Malvin Wright (two markers noted) Dellwood Baptist
Wright Otis Lee 01-05-1935 12-09-1950 Dellwood Baptist
Wright Malvin 04-01-1895 03-07-1959 h/o Pastoria Wright (two markers noted) Dellwood Baptist
Wright Madelyn 07-24-1939 10-22-1985 Dellwood Baptist
Wright Henry L. 06-27-1893 11-20-1963 h/o Essie Wright Dellwood Baptist
Wright George E. 01-12-1926 06-22-1997 Dellwood Baptist
Wright Essie P. 12-12-1902 11-14-1988 w/o Henry Wright Dellwood Baptist
Wright Edna Renee 11-30-1970 07-15-1991 Dellwood Baptist
Wright Durward 05-25-1931 02-07-1981 Dellwood Baptist
Wright Pastoria 04-30-1899 12-09-1987 w/o Malvin Wright (two markers noted) Dellwood Baptist
Wright Malvin 04-01-1895 03-07-1959 (two markers noted) Pvt US Army Fla Btry F 124 Field Arty WW I) Dellwood Baptist
Williams Lillie Mae 06-23-1910 11-10-1986 w/o Albert Williams Dellwood Baptist
Williams Albert C. 12-07-1905 04-16-1974 h/o Lillie Mae Williams Dellwood Baptist
Williams Infant 12-02-1952 12-02-1952 c/o Mr. & Mrs. Troy Williams Archival survey (marker unfound) Dellwood Baptist
Cemetery: Clayton
Last Namesort ascending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Worley Sarah L. 08-10-1937 08-12-1937 Clayton
Whitehead C.W. 09-02-1885 01-17-1955 h/o Ellen G. Whitehead