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Cemetery: Friendship Baptist
Last Namesort descending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Ducker Mary Velma 08-16-1915 04-27-1957 w/o William Frank Ducker Friendship Baptist
Ducker Ruby E. 01-26-1918 07-01-1981 w/o Earnest M. Ducker Friendship Baptist
Ducker William Frank 03-04-1907 07-11-1965 h/o Mary Velma Ducker Friendship Baptist Microsoft Office document icon More Info.doc
Duhon Valarie Faye 01-20-1950 01-20-1950 d/o Bill & Cleorice Duhon Friendship Baptist
Eachen Erleen W. 09-18-1921 12-25-2011 Friendship Baptist
Earnest Craig Randall 03-26-1986 06-19-2004 Friendship Baptist
Ellis Charlie E. 08-17-1921 05-12-2001 h/o Edna V. Ellis (PVT US Army WW II) Friendship Baptist
Ellis Edna V. 03-13-1926 01-05-1999 w/o Charlie E. Ellis Friendship Baptist Microsoft Office document icon More Info.doc
Ellis Charles E. 08-17-1921 05-12-2001 h/o Edna Ellis US Army WW II (two markers noted) Friendship Baptist
Ellzey Dorothy Anne 1926 2010 Friendship Baptist
Ellzey Robert H. 10-29-1925 03-18-1981 (Cox US Navy WW II) Friendship Baptist
Elmore Fannie B. 01-08-1904 07-20-1980 w/o Robert J. Elmore Friendship Baptist
Elmore Robert J. 08-15-1899 02-13-1960 h/o Fannie B. Elmore Friendship Baptist
Evans Willie 12-23-1871 03-06-1933 w/o Ealy Evans Friendship Baptist
Evans Ealy 06-02-1865 12-02-1910 h/o Willie Evans Friendship Baptist
Evans Tyler 1865 1940 archival survey (marker not found) Friendship Baptist
Everett broken marker 12-29-1882 12-05-1887 (name missing) Friendship Baptist
Everett Annie L. 03-03-1890 01-12-1972 w/o Porter T. Everett Sr. Friendship Baptist
Everett Charles Henry 01-02-1911 04-25-1964 Lola Mae Everett Friendship Baptist
Everett Charles Monroe 11-25-1878 10-13-1942 h/o Fannie Mae Everett Friendship Baptist
Everett Evelyn Clark 11-03-1925 no date w/o Porter T. Jr. (P.T.) Friendship Baptist
Everett Fannie Mae 02-04-1892 09-05-1965 w/o Charles Monroe Everett Friendship Baptist
Everett Garreth 03-08-1942 09-08-1961 s/o Charles Henry & Lola Mae Everett Friendship Baptist
Everett Hayes L. 06-18-1913 03-30-2000 h/o Ressie M. Everett Friendship Baptist
Everett Henry C. 11-14-1843 08-18-1915 h/o Sallie E. Everett Friendship Baptist
Everett Infant 08-14-1910 08-14-1910 s/o M.C. & L.D. Everett Friendship Baptist
Everett J.W. 08-12-1914 09-07-1914 s/o C.M. & F.M. Everett Friendship Baptist
Everett Lilla D. 08-06-1887 03-21-1973 w/o Marcus C. Everett Friendship Baptist
Everett Lola Mae (Brookins) 08-18-1913 04-01-2006 w/o Charles everett & Dalton Brookins Friendship Baptist
Everett Marcus C. 11-23-1886 10-14-1952 h/o Lillie D. Everett Friendship Baptist
Everett Porter T. Jr. (P.T.) 06-07-1914 01-30-1980 h/o Evelyn Clark Everett Friendship Baptist
Everett Porter T. Sr. 04-08-1881 06-27-1940 h/o Annie L. Everett married 01-02-1910 Friendship Baptist
Everett Ressie M. 09-09-1913 01-29-1992 w/o Hayes L. Everett Friendship Baptist
Everett Sallie E. 05-12-1855 09-13-1929 w/o Henry C. Everett Friendship Baptist
Fears Alex 11-12-1921 05-07-1997 h/o Annie M. Fears Friendship Baptist
Fears Alex Jr. 02-28-1946 12-26-1985 h/o Lanet H. Fears Friendship Baptist
Fears Annie M. Conrad 09-25-1925 10-08-1975 w/o Alex Fears Friendship Baptist
Fears Docia Ready 09-16-1885 07-02-1976 w/o R.B. Fears Friendship Baptist
Fears Ella May 05-26-1927 01-12-1936 d/o Irene Sconyers Fears Friendship Baptist
Fears Gladys J. Robinson 07-30-1930 08-29-1991 w/o James E. Fears Friendship Baptist
Fears Irene Sconyers 12-02-1909 11-08-1991 Friendship Baptist
Fears James E. 03-26-1928 10-10-1990 h/oGladys J. Fears Friendship Baptist Microsoft Office document icon More Info.doc
Fears Jimmy Lawrence 03-21-1954 05-19-1954 s/o James E. & Gladys J. Fears Friendship Baptist
Fears Lanet H. 08-12-1947 (undated) w/o Alex Fears Jr. Friendship Baptist
Fears Lydia Christine 12-25-1940 06-29-1953 d/o William & Ruby Hays Fears Friendship Baptist
Fears Merita 08-24-1944 03-04-1965 d/o Alex & Annie Mae Conrad Fears Friendship Baptist
Fears Otis 01-24-1919 07-19-1936 s/o R.B. & Docia Fears Friendship Baptist
Fears R.B. 04-19-1882 10-28-1955 h/o Docia Ready Fears Friendship Baptist Microsoft Office document icon More Info.doc
Fears Ruby Mae Hays 06-19-1915 03-08-2012 w/o William Price Fears Friendship Baptist
Fears William Price 12-08-1915 04-09-1971 h/o Ruby Mae Fears Friendship Baptist
Fears Clayton W. 08-29-1910 2001 h/o Jeanette Elmore married 12-27-1955 Friendship Baptist
Fears Robert (Bob) Edward 1948 10-08-20 h/o Marie Fears (Obituaries) Friendship Baptist
Ferguson Eliza King 03-08-1854 01-31-1927 w/o James H. Ferguson Friendship Baptist
Ferguson J. H. Jr. 12-20-1883 10-28-1915 h/o Mattie Helms Ferguson Friendship Baptist
Ferguson James H. 12-16-1847 08-07-1919 h/o Eliza King Ferguson (PVT Capt. Robinson's Home Guard CSA Friendship Baptist
Floyd Annie C. 01-03-1887 11-11-1926 w/o Lewis B. Floyd Friendship Baptist
Floyd B.S. 03-06-1847 06-03-1922 h/o Catherin J. Floyd (PVT CO C 1 FL Reserves CSA) Friendship Baptist
Floyd Catherin J. McMillan 12-06-1844 07-23-1934 w/o B.S. Floyd Friendship Baptist
Floyd James Lee 01-12-1944 09-22-1995 s/o W.B. & Mamie Jones Floyd Friendship Baptist
Floyd Lewis B. 01-10-1877 01-24-1929 h/o Anna Floyd Friendship Baptist
Floyd Mamie Jones 05-04-1914 11-05-1998 w/o William B. Floyd Friendship Baptist
Floyd Mary 1857 1928 w/o William H. Floyd Friendship Baptist
Floyd William (W.B.) B. 03-16-1916 07-01-2001 h/o Mamie J. Floyd Friendship Baptist
Floyd William H. 1852 1929 h/o Mary Floyd Friendship Baptist
Floyd Benjamin S. 03-06-1847 06-03-1922 h/o Catherin Floyd Fla Reserves CSA (two markers noted) Friendship Baptist
Floyd Shirley Faye 10-14-1943 07-10-2018 w/o Ben Floyd Friendship Baptist
Foley James H. 1912 1967 Friendship Baptist
Ford George Milton 06-01-1901 01-01-1978 h/o Verna Anderson Ford Friendship Baptist
Ford Infant 09-11-1928 09-11-1928 s/o George & Verna Ford Friendship Baptist
Ford John 1861 1945 Friendship Baptist
Ford Verna Anderson 10-12-1900 04-07-1996 w/o George Milton Ford married 12-25-1921 Friendship Baptist
Cemetery: Pleasant Ridge
Last Namesort descending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Ducker Betty Ann 03-10-1940 05-31-1975 w/o Ernest Ducker Pleasant Ridge
Cemetery: Collins Baptist
Last Namesort descending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Ducker Ados Baxter 1926 02-12-2016 w/o Howard Ducker (d/o John & Leobie Baxter Collins Baptist PDF icon More Info.pdf
Elmore A. J. 09-06-1924 03-10-1994 h/o Mary Lou Elmore Collins Baptist
Elmore Barbara S. 05-27-1943 no date w/o Benjamin Elmore Collins Baptist
Elmore Estelle Baxter 02-14-1909 12-06-1988 w/o Luther E. Elmore married 08-17-1939 Collins Baptist
Elmore Luther Emmett 12-18-1916 08-09-1982 h/o Estelle Baxter Elmore (US Army WW II) Collins Baptist
Elmore Mary Lou Jacob 09-23-1929 01-19-2001 w/o A. J. Elmore married 03-19-1944 Collins Baptist PDF icon More Info
Elmore Medrin Q. 10-10-1927 09-14-1981 h/o Mary Sue Howell Elmore (married 07-18-1948) Collins Baptist
Elmore Velma F. Chumney 07-11-1903 11-12-1981 w/o W. Clyde Elmore Collins Baptist
Elmore W. Clyde 09-05-1903 03-24-1965 h/o Velma Elmore (s/o John W. & Emma "Chumney" Elmore) Collins Baptist
Elmore Grayson Wayne 8-25-2014 3-22-2015 s/o Douglas and Crystal Collins Baptist
Elmore Benjamin Sr. F. 02-28-1929 11-25-1987 h/o Barbara Elmore Collins Baptist
Elmore Gertrude 03-01-1896 03-15-1966 archival survey (marker not found) Collins Baptist
Elmore Henry C. 04-20-1889 08-10-1936 archival survey (marker not found) Collins Baptist
Elmore Benjamin Sr. 02-28-1929 11-25-1987 h/o Barbara Elmore (two markers noted) Collins Baptist
Elmore Medrin 10-10-1927 09-14-1981 h/o Mary Sue Howell Elmore (two markers noted) Collins Baptist
Etheridge James T. 1855 1924 h/o Armettie Etheridge Collins Baptist
Etheridge Armettie (Mettie) 1858 1915 w/o James T. Etheridge Collins Baptist
Evans Ealie 11-04-1945 (undated) s/o Ados Baxter Collins Baptist
Fawke Audra V. McAnulty 09-06-1903 02-02-2007 Collins Baptist
Fears Carrie Mae 02-29-1920 10-20-1973 w/o Clydes Fears married 06-12-1938 Collins Baptist
Fears Ciscro Marion 02-27-1879 08-31-1963 h/o Evie Malisia Fears (unmarked slab beside perhaps Evie) Collins Baptist
Fears Clydes A. 08-13-1918 09-27-2002 h/o Carrie Mae Fears (s/o Cicero & Evie Fears) (US Army WW II) Collins Baptist
Fears Dicy Webb 02-14-1850 05-27-1941 w/o William M. Fears married 1873 in Georgia Collins Baptist
Fears Edna (no dates) Collins Baptist
Fears Ella Walding 1885 1967 w/o Jim J. Fears Collins Baptist
Fears Gordon B. 12-03-1913 09-11-1996 h/o Pauline E. Fears Collins Baptist
Fears Baby Boy (no dates) s/o Jim J. & Ella Walding Fears Collins Baptist
Fears Jim J. 1885 1956 h/o Ella Walding Fears Collins Baptist
Fears Laura Bell 11-03-1896 09-13-1948 w/o Seabron Fears married 07-02-1911 Collins Baptist
Fears Pauline E. 12-12-1913 02-14-2001 w/o Gordon B. Fears married 12-17-1934 Collins Baptist
Fears Ruby 04-30-1921 11-19-1957 Collins Baptist
Fears Seabron 08-20-1886 12-26-1970 h/o Laura Bell Fears (s/o Cicero & Evie "Lockstead" Fears) Collins Baptist
Fears William Marion 10-14-1855 05-29-1941 h/o Dicy Webb Fears Collins Baptist
Fears Clydes A. 08-13-1918 09-27-2002 h/o Carrie Mae Fears US Army WW II (two markers noted) Collins Baptist
Fears Barbara Jean 1943 11-08-2018 (Obituaries) Collins Baptist
Ford Ada 05-29-1874 07-07-1953 w/o G. W. Ford Sr. Collins Baptist
Ford Bartow 10-16-1917 03-02-1989 h/o Effie Mae Ford Collins Baptist
Ford Effie Mae 05-14-1917 01-29-2008 w/o Bartow Ford married 10-05-1937 Collins Baptist
Ford George W. Jr. 05-06-1915 11-25-1971 h/o Maude Cook Ford Collins Baptist
Ford G. W. Sr. 04-21-1874 07-14-1948 h/o Ada Ford Collins Baptist
Ford James Bartow 04-14-1954 05-19-1973 Collins Baptist
Ford Maude Cook 05-10-1915 02-28-2006 w/o George W. Ford Jr. Collins Baptist
Ford Yulee 03-10-1900 12-29-1985 Collins Baptist
Cemetery: Riverside
Last Namesort descending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Duckworth Hubert Aubrey 04-06-1898 10-18-1962 h/o Patti Duckworth Riverside
Duckworth Patti Gray 09-05-1899 10-12-1990 w/o Hubert Duckworth Riverside
Dudley Claudie Bell 02-22-1912 05-05-1988 w/o John Dudley Riverside
Dudley Daisy 09-21-1912 04-29-1995 w/o John Dudley married 06-14-1930 Riverside
Dudley John 06-22-1912 09-07-1964 h/o Daisy Dudley Riverside
Dudley John T. 10-28-1892 08-05-1977 h/o Claudie Dudley Riverside
Dudley Bennie Joe 09-09-1933 10-17-2015 h/o Willa Jean Dudley Riverside
Dudley Willa Jean Pace (no birth) 05-07-2016 w/o Bennie Joe Dudley Riverside
Dudley Isaac (no dates) US Navy (WW I) Riverside
Dudley Thomas Wayne 03-13-1940 08-12-2020 (Obituaries) Riverside
Duke Mary Alice 01-02-1857 10-31-1933 Riverside
Duncan Andrew Angus 05-04-1902 01-21-1938 Riverside
Dungan Maud Finlayson 02-12-1881 07-29-1902 w/o Thomas W. Dungan Riverside
Dunkle Dr. William Frederick Jr. 05-16-1911 10-10-1984 h/o Carolyn Dunkle Riverside
Dunkle W.F. (Bill) III 05-01-1942 10-19-2001 Riverside
Dunkle Carolyn Watson 11-27-1911 02-24-2006 w/o William Dunkle Riverside
Durando Kelvin 1966 1974 Riverside
Durber Thomas H. 02-22-1861 03-15-1927 h/o Alice Duber Riverside
Durber Alice 10-12-1879 12-02-1950 w/o Thomas Durber Riverside
Dyer Harold E. 1953 2011 Riverside
Dykes Alice Pelt 03-03-1896 04-15-1952 w/o Joe Dykes Riverside
Dykes Burl C. 10-12-1905 08-07-1976 h/o Mary Dykes (Mason) Riverside
Dykes Joe Sr. B. 03-03-1896 04-15-1952 h/o Alice Dykes Riverside
Dykes Juanita Nichols 11-07-1916 12-02-1991 w/o Sam Dykes married 05-23-1934 Riverside
Dykes Mary M. Jenkins 03-12-1907 03-10-1974 w/o Burl Dykes married 10-15-1926 Riverside
Dykes Sam J. 06-26-1909 03-31-1977 h/o Juanita Dykes Riverside
Early Francis 10-01-1845 05-05-1940 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Eddy Eleander 1924 1927 Riverside
Eddy Walter L. 06-27-1881 02-07-1933 Riverside
Eddy Walter Jr. L. 12-10-1923 11-28-1929 Riverside
Edenfield Ruby B. 06-17-1921 03-11-1988 Riverside
Edge Lillie Bell 04-22-1896 06-08-1971 Riverside
Edwards Jacklyn 01-05-1946 07-14-2015 Riverside
Egelhoff Edgar Langford 10-23-1939 10-24-2004 Riverside
Ellis Alma S. 12-06-1908 11-20-1987 Riverside
Ellis Benjamin F. 1954 1974 Riverside
Ellis Raymond H. 07-28-1881 02-23-1946 h/o Sallie Thompson Riverside
Ellis Richard W. 03-31-1879 03-13-1951 Riverside
Ellis Sadie Mayo 11-14-1892 10-18-1941 Riverside
Ellis William J. 1925 1963 (US Navy WW II) Riverside
Ellis Walter Jr. 12-10-1923 11-28-1939 Riverside
Ellis Sallie Helms Thompson 05-01-1888 02-22-1943 w/o Raymond Ellis Riverside
Ellmes David 08-01-1923 03-19-2007 Riverside
Erdman Bessie Smith 05-09-1901 09-07-1954 Riverside
Evans Alice S. 10-20-1886 10-07-1969 w/o Raymond Evans Riverside
Evans Raymond P. 10-08-1887 05-10-1963 h/o Alice Evans Riverside
Evens Mary Ann Robinson 04-19-1873 11-02-1950 Riverside
Everett James 04-04-1921 02-09-1986 h/o Bertha Everett Riverside
Everett Bertha H. 01-25-1921 02-12-2008 w/o James Everett Riverside
Eytchison Pansy Broxton 03-23-1891 11-19-1971 w/o Urban Eytchison Riverside
Eytchison Urban P. 09-07-1886 01-02-1933 h/o Pansy Eytchison Riverside
Faircloth Barbara 08-28-1931 11-11-2017 (obit info) Riverside
Farley Albert E. 05-03-1864 07-17-1868 s/o James & Ellen Riverside
Farley Ellen W. 08-26-1842 05-02-1891 w/o James A. Riverside
Farley James Albert 01-04-1814 05-07-1875 Riverside
Farley James A. 12-19-1875 06-27-1891 s/o J.A. & E.W. Riverside
Farley Mary Elizabeth 12-20-1868 02-02-1948 Riverside
Farley Hattie Fannie 08-24-1872 12-07-1886 d/o J.A. & E.W. Farley Riverside
Farmer Ruth (Nana) Miller 09-10-1925 10-18-2015 w/o Snowden Farmer married 06-25-1946 Riverside
Farmer Snowden Jr. (Papa) S. 07-18-1921 11-21-2014 h/o Ruth Farmer Riverside
Farrion Laura Dekle 11-05-1857 01-13-1911 w/o J.D. Farrior Riverside
Faulk Barbara Jean Ryals 08-29-1961 10-24-2007 Riverside
Faulk Claudine 01-31-1913 03-30-1998 w/o Plez C. Faulk Riverside
Faulk Dartha Watkins 11-28-1946 (undated) w/o Plez Comer Faulk Riverside
Faulk Everett Lee 11-27-1935 10-30-2007 h/o Meretta Faulk Riverside
Faulk Meretta Baxter 04-10-1939 12-14-2013 w/o Everett Faulk Riverside
Faulk Plez C. 02-28-1895 01-02-1951 h/o Claudine Faulk Riverside
Faulk Plez Comer 03-24-1941 05-19-2005 h/o Dartha Riverside
Faurot Ruth Elernor 01-23-1917 03-03-1918 Riverside
Faurot Robert E. 12-01-1922 02-08-1929 Riverside
Fears Shirley A. 1960 2004 Riverside
Feathers Candy K. 01-12-1937 11-15-2013 Riverside
Feathers Garland (Red) H. 11-12-1912 05-21-2002 Riverside
Fellows Carl E. 04-18-1883 08-08-1936 Riverside
Fellows Charles A. 04-11-1926 03-22-1999 (US Navy WW II) Riverside
Fellows Mary Louise Steed 09-05-1869 04-28-1953 w/o Dr. George Fellows Riverside
Ferrell Armetta Mittie Lee 10-18-1910 12-21-2002 Riverside
Finch Annie Henderson 06-25-1889 10-17-1971 Riverside
Finch Donie Marie 04-13-1895 05-27-1976 w/o Payton Finch Riverside
Finch James A. 08-14-1917 11-30-1995 Riverside
Finch James H. 07-10-1882 05-01-1950 Riverside
Finch Peyton Abbott 03-29-1880 10-15-1960 h/o Donie Marie Finch Riverside
Finlayson Carroll Pratt 1894 1941 h/o Marquerite Finlayson Riverside
Finlayson Marquerite F. 1899 1977 w/o Carroll Finlayson Riverside
Finlayson James A. 12-14-1850 05-09-1905 h/o Sallie Finlayson (Father) Riverside
Finlayson James Angus 03-03-1883 03-25-1959 Riverside
Finlayson Nellie Garrett 03-22-1888 07-22-1969 Riverside
Finlayson Sallie K. 04-23-1859 06-20-1934 w/o James A. Finlayson (Mother) Riverside
Finlayson W.H. 1886 1933 Riverside
Finlayson Irma Carroll 06-18-1919 02-22-1924 Riverside
Fisher Burton H. 02-19-1908 05-06-1978 (SGT US ARMY WW II) Riverside
Fite Bessilee Farmer 05-19-1917 10-22-1961 w/o William Fite Riverside
Fite John Burton 12-15-1914 10-11-1990 h/o Lottie Fite Riverside
Fite Lottie McQuagge 02-05-1920 04-10-2014 w/o John Fite Riverside
Fite William Franklin 04-07-1913 05-04-1990 h/o Bessilee Fite (Sgt US Army WW II) Riverside
Fiveash I. Sweitzer 03-12-1888 09-26-1963 h/o Mary Emma Fiveash (Mason) Riverside
Fiveash Mary E. 06-22-1915 10-01-1991 Riverside
Fiveash Mary Emma 08-12-1888 08-31-1975 w/o I. Switzer Fiveash Riverside
Fiveash Thomas L. 02-28-1927 07-15-2017 h/o Mariam Fiveash Riverside
Fiveash Mariam 10-24-1930 07-07-2020 w/o Thomas L. Fiveash Obituaries Riverside
Fleming Millicent Coulliette 08-12-1921 03-01-2003 w/o George Fleming Riverside
Fleming George T. 10-09-1916 10-15-1999 h/o Millicent Fleming (Col USAF) Riverside
Flowers Howard Edwards 07-28-1923 08-11-1923 Riverside
Flowers Versey Vernon Jr. 04-29-1922 05-18-1922 Riverside
Flowers Vicki Lynn 1966 2014 Riverside
Flowers Sheila P. 10-26-1943 08-05-2001 (Mother) Riverside
Floyd Bonnie Mae 10-11-1930 02-17-2015 Riverside
Floyd James M. 10-13-1907 11-07-1979 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Floyd James (Jamey) Marshall 08-18-1935 11-04-2009 Riverside
Floyd Ira Gene 08-27-1940 09-16-2015 Riverside
Flynt Clarence D. 10-05-1898 12-10-1974 h/o Hassie Flynt Riverside
Flynt Hassie W. 09-20-1906 04-20-2007 w/o Clarence Flynt Riverside
Folsom Anges Allen 09-03-1915 08-29-1996 Riverside
Folsom Annie (Lizzie) W. Anderson-Willis 01-12-1896 10-26-1987 Riverside
Folsom Clifton Harris 02-1940 03-1940 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Folsom Grace 10-20-1906 08-11-1978 Riverside
Folsom Hattie W. 01-31-1881 04-29-1971 w/o Hinton Folsom Riverside
Folsom Hilda D. 03-24-1924 12-24-2007 Riverside
Folsom Hinton 04-21-1878 03-12-1955 h/o Hattie Folsom Riverside
Folsom James Hinton 07-15-1901 10-13-1906 s/o H. & H.F. Folsom Riverside
Folsom James Young 07-28-1895 08-28-1954 (US Army WW I) Riverside
Cemetery: Campbellton Baptist
Last Namesort descending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Dudley John W. 07-13-1875 08-11-1881 s/o E. & Mary Dudley Campbellton Baptist
Echols George W. 01-22-1843 03-31-1866 Campbellton Baptist
Farrior Ammie E. 02-19-1849 06-23-1893 w/o W.M. Farrior Campbellton Baptist
Farrior Bertha 07-02-1887 08-20-1888 d/o J.D.& Laura Farrior Campbellton Baptist
Farrior Vesta 12-09-1883 09-17-1884 d/o Dr. J.P. & Greshion Farrior Campbellton Baptist
Farris Phillip C. 08-23-1927 03-11-1971 Campbellton Baptist
Farris Ouida A. 05-17-1928 10-12-2016 Campbellton Baptist
Fillingim Millie L. 02-22-1901 12-14-1994 w/o Joe Fillingim Campbellton Baptist
Fillingim Louie F. 08-01-1921 03-27-1929 Campbellton Baptist
Fillingim Joe E. 11-06-1901 06-03-1997 h/o Millie Fillingim Campbellton Baptist
Fleming Rev. Julian C. 10-21-1915 06-21-2000 h/o Juanita Fleming Campbellton Baptist
Fleming Juanita J. 05-19-1919 12-28-2012 w/o Rev. Julian Fleming Campbellton Baptist
Fleming Constance (Connie) G. 08-03-1941 (one date) Campbellton Baptist
Floyd Dawn Christina 03-04-1974 12-09-1995 Campbellton Baptist
Cemetery: Pine Crest
Last Namesort descending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Duff James Howard 11-25-1954 07-06-2006 h/o Melissa G. Duff (AIC US Air Force Vietnam) Pine Crest
Duff John Howard Sr. 08-09-1921 05-09-2002 (Cpl US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Duff Melissa G. 09-18-1953 (undated) w/o James Howard Duff Pine Crest
Duffee Betty B. 1928 (undated) w/o Ernest M. Duffee Pine Crest
Duffee Ernest M. 1922 1997 h/o Betty B. Duffee Pine Crest
Duffy Michael Patrick II 10-30-1988 05-11-2010 Pine Crest
Duggin Thomas Jefferson 08-02-1930 05-14-2001 (two markers noted) (A1C USAF Korea) Pine Crest
Duggin Thomas Jefferson 08-02-1930 05-14-2001 h/o Marylin Ruth Duggin (two markers noted) Pine Crest
Duggin Marylin Ruth 11-29-1933 (undated) w/o Thomas Jefferson Duggin Pine Crest
Duggin Tony Jeffrey 01-25-1953 (undated) Pine Crest
Dukes William Joseph 10-17-1920 03-06-1997 (US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Dukes Gerald Wayne 12-27-1950 04-27-2018 h/o Juline Johnson Dukes (Obit Info) Pine Crest
Dunaway Josephine Irene Jorena 10-11-1928 05-22-2015 Pine Crest
Duncan Ogle Manford 04-01-1917 10-28-2007 (US Navy WW II) Pine Crest
Durbin Danny H. 05-05-1954 04-13-2003 (PVT US Army) Pine Crest
Dwyer Joseph M. 02-04-1920 10-01-1987 h/o Lois M. Dwyer Pine Crest
Dwyer Lois M. 11-24-1920 11-11-1992 w/o Joseph M. Dwyer Pine Crest
Dykes Jacqueline ( Jackie) Tiller 03-05-1937 02-22-2008 w/o William Albert Dykes Pine Crest
Dykes William Albert (Billy) 01-15-1935 04-29-1999 h/o Jacqucline Tiller Dykes Pine Crest
Earle Andrew F. 01-11-1947 08-17-2016 h/o Dolores Earle Pine Crest
Earle Dolores 10-27-1948 (undated) w/o Andrew Earle Pine Crest
Earle Frederic 12-28-1982 (undated) Pine Crest
Edenfield Claude E. 1905 1981 h/o Eva W. Edenfield Pine Crest
Edenfield Ellis D. 11-06-1925 12-07-1996 h/o Margaret Marie Edenfield (US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Edenfield Eva W. 1910 1989 w/o Claude e. Edenfield Pine Crest
Edenfield Kay 1941 1963 Pine Crest
Edenfield Kimberly Diane 04-24-1976 10-06-1984 Pine Crest
Edenfield Margaret Marie 02-21-1929 (undated) w/o Ellis D. Edenfield Pine Crest
Eidson Eugene Hayes 02-26-1919 03-28-1993 h/o Hazel Ludene Edison (PFC US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Eidson Hazel Ludene 07-29-1920 10-01-1980 w/o Eugene Hayes Edison Pine Crest
Elam Marianne Corinne 03-24-1986 02-29-2012 (I okay mama) Pine Crest
Elam Monica Lou 10-02-1951 (undated) Pine Crest
Ellis Bonnie Mae 06-11-1915 12-29-1993 Pine Crest
Ellis Cynthia C. 10-12-1946 03-11-2018 w/o Larry H. Ellis (obit info) Pine Crest
Ellis Edgar 03-27-1925 03-21-1965 (two markers noted) (SM3 US Coast Guard WW II) Pine Crest
Ellis Larry Wayne 1969 (undated) (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Ellis Larry H. 12-20-1946 07-11-2005 h/o Cynthia C. Ellis (US Air Force) Pine Crest PDF icon More Info
Ellis Edgar 03-27-1925 03-21-1965 (two markers noted) (SM3 USCG Res WW II) Pine Crest
Ellis Willie May 06-10-1930 06-04-2020 w/o Edgar Ellis Obituaries Pine Crest
Elmore Clyde Shyron 05-12-1938 01-28-1986 h/o Joan P. Elmore (Senior Chief US Navy) Pine Crest
Elmore Hazel C. 01-30-1933 (undated) w/o Myron W. Elmore Pine Crest
Elmore Joan P. 05-27-1939 (undated) w/o Clyde Shyron Elmore Pine Crest
Elmore Myron W. 01-16-1927 06-12-1984 h/o Hazel C. Elmore (CPL US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Emanuel Dorothy Owens 02-27-1945 (undated) (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Emanuel Wiggins Lee 01-04-1938 (undated) (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Enfinger Hulon H. 09-12-1921 01-17-1990 h/o Gloria G. Enfinger (CM2 US Navy WW II) Pine Crest
Enfinger Gloria G. 03-13-1929 03-10-2008 w/o Hulon H. Enfinger Pine Crest PDF icon More Info
Ethridge Virginia A. Corbin 11-18-1948 10-18-1996 w/o Amos R. Ethridge Pine Crest
Ethridge Amos R. 07-20-1954 (undated) h/o Virginia A. Ethridge Pine Crest
Evans Charlie Willis 01-17-1908 08-05-1997 h/o Myrtice Pelt Evans Pine Crest
Evans Katherine R. 05-11-1913 07-31-1984 w/o Thomas E. Evans Pine Crest
Evans Myrtice Pelt 09-23-1917 04-05-2000 w/o Charles Willis Evans Pine Crest
Evans Talmadge Eugene 12-19-1936 07-21-1992 (SN US Navy Vietnam) Pine Crest
Evans Thomas E. 01-18-1914 09-29-1989 h/o Katherine R. Evans Pine Crest
Evans Rodney (Rod) E. 12-06-1957 04-17-2011 Pine Crest
Evans Donald Edward 07-08-1923 08-15-2018 h/o Ouida Evans (Obituary) Pine Crest
Evens Annie Mae Hussey Hewett 08-12-1922 02-19-1995 Pine Crest
Evens Bonnie Bass 12-18-1918 06-21-2005 w/o William Talmadge Evens married 02-01-1936 Pine Crest
Evens William Talmadge (Bill) 09-18-1914 01-09-2000 h/o Bonnie Evens Pine Crest
Everett Joanne S. 07-22-1939 (undated) w/o Kenneth M. Everett Sr. Pine Crest
Everett Kenneth M. Sr. 11-25-1939 03-03-1995 h/o Joanne S. Everett (L CPL US Marines) Pine Crest
Everett William K. 07-12-1933 01-16-1986 (PFC US Army Korea) Pine Crest
Everitt Larry 1943 1960 Pine Crest
Exum Della M. 05-18-1922 01-17-2009 w/o Robert Lee Exum Jr. Pine Crest
Exum Grover C. 1908 1985 h/o Lola B. Exum Pine Crest
Exum Lola B. 1910 no date w/o Grover C. Exum Pine Crest
Exum Robert Lee Jr. 11-17-1915 11-13-1982 h/o Della M. Exum (CBR US Navy WW II) Pine Crest
Farren Joseph Hugh (Joe) 03-08-1934 10-08-1978 Pine Crest
Fears Amos J. 12-21-1918 12-26-1977 h/o Aza P. Fears Pine Crest PDF icon More Info
Fears Aza P. 01-10-1920 02-21-1999 w/o Amos J. Fears Pine Crest PDF icon More Info
Fellows Clyde Hamner 01-12-1921 04-08-1999 h/o VeDora Nichols Fellows (US Navy WW II) Pine Crest
Fellows Edith Conrad 08-11-1923 (undated) Pine Crest
Fellows VeDora Nichols 1919 1974 w/o Clyde Hamner Fellows Pine Crest
Felts Deborah Nicholas 09-03-1954 02-23-2013 (SP4 US Army) Pine Crest
Ferguson Thomas G. 09-15-1952 02-28-2009 (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Fetner Christon C. Williams 03-03-1977 08-17-2014 Pine Crest
Field John L. 1889 1968 h/o Nora B. Field Pine Crest
Field Nora B. 1893 1976 w/o John L. Field Pine Crest
Finan Mildred G. 09-06-1901 01-16-1987 Pine Crest
Finch C. 1908 1981 h/o Estelle A. Finch (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Finch Estelle A. 1916 1992 w/o C. Finch (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Finch Katherine Booth 01-07-1930 (undated) (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Finch Robert Leon 05-20-1927 (undated) (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Fitzpatrick Beatrice B. 1906 1985 w/o William C. Fitzpatrick Pine Crest
Fitzpatrick William C. 1904 1989 h/o Beatrice B. Fitzpatrick Pine Crest
Fleming Dolly M. 1910 1995 w/o Harold W. Fleming Pine Crest
Fleming Harold W. 1905 1974 h/o Dolly M. Fleming Pine Crest
Floyd Eugene M. 10-31-1912 12-29-2004 h/o Nancy I. Floyd Pine Crest
Floyd Joseph Marion Jr. 12-27-1947 07-14-1992 (AZ3 US Navy Vietnam) Pine Crest
Floyd Nancy I. 09-07-1909 06-19-1989 w/o Eugene M. Floyd Pine Crest
Floyd Narcissus Ellen 02-06-1881 11-26-1968 Pine Crest
Flynn Fannie 1911 1997 w/o John Flynn Pine Crest
Flynn John 1913 (undated) h/o Fannie Flynn Pine Crest
Folsom Dolores S. 02-27-1934 (undated) w/o O'Dell M. Folsom married 05-21-1949 Pine Crest
Folsom O'Dell M. 02-08-1928 09-20-2006 h/o Delores S. Folsom Pine Crest
Fontaine George Ronald 04-17-1961 06-27-2006 Pine Crest
Fontaine Ronald L. 11-21-1938 (undated) h/o Wynell H. Fontaine Pine Crest
Fontaine Wynell H. 12-22-1939 (undated) w/o Ronald L. Fontaine married 06-06-1958 Pine Crest
Foran Christine M. 1925 1993 w/o Edward L. (Bill) Foran Pine Crest
Foran Edward L. (Bill) 1922 2004 h/o Christine M. Foran (US Navy WW II & Korea) Pine Crest
Foran George P. Sr. 10-25-1924 03-02-1992 h/o Hazel Jeanette Foran Pine Crest
Foran Hazel Jeanette 03-03-1931 04-09-1987 w/o George P. Foran Sr. Pine Crest
Foran Johnnie Leon 12-07-1954 02-14-2009 (SP 4 US Army Vietnam) Pine Crest
Ford Charles Warren (Buck) 06-29-1957 06-28-1996 Pine Crest
Ford Dale Ross 1915 1983 h/o Frances Dixon Ford Pine Crest
Ford Frances Dixon 1917 1991 w/o Dale Ross Ford Pine Crest
Ford Versie Guilford 03-27-1900 10-29-1980 w/o William Jefferson Ford Pine Crest
Ford William Jefferson 10-15-1906 11-04-1987 h/o Versie Guilford Ford Pine Crest
Ford Vivian Fears 07-19-1947 11-27-2010 w/o George Larry Ford Pine Crest
Cemetery: Bascom Methodist
Last Namesort descending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Dunaway Bonnie Talley 04-25-1930 05-23-2014 w/o Leon Dunaway Sr. Bascom Methodist
Dunaway John M. 05-19-1884 11-30-1952 h/o Ruby Dunaway (two markers noted) Bascom Methodist
Dunaway Leon R. Sr. 05-09-1922 12-31-2001 h/o Bonnie Dunaway (M Sgt US Army retired) Bascom Methodist
Dunaway Ruby Rogers 12-07-1899 09-30-1973 w/o John M. Dunaway Bascom Methodist
Dunaway John M. 05-19-1884 11-30-1952 (two markers noted) (Pvt Co D 47 BN US Guards WW I) Bascom Methodist
Dunaway Leon Rogers Sr. 05-09-1922 12-31-2001 (two markers noted) (US Army) Bascom Methodist
Duncan Joella Jean 06-04-1998 10-30-2016 Bascom Methodist
Dykes Charles W. 10-20-1878 07-23-1907 Bascom Methodist
Dykes Hattie Edwards 09-01-1883 12-18-1965 Bascom Methodist
Edwards Allie M. 09-21-1907 08-25-1984 Bascom Methodist
Edwards Annie Laura 04-14-1876 10-20-1958 Bascom Methodist
Edwards George W. 09-07-1888 02-06-1973 Bascom Methodist
Edwards Henretta 1849 1933 w/o John G. Edwards Bascom Methodist
Edwards Infant (no dates) d/o Walter & Ava Edwards Bascom Methodist
Edwards John Gabriel 12-11-1841 06-14-1929 h/o Henretta Edwards CSA (Co A Milton's Fla LA) research dates Bascom Methodist
Etheridge Ada Leona 10-27-1916 09-04-1990 Bascom Methodist
Etheridge Annie Jane 02-18-1874 13-16-1961 w/o Charles Etheridge Bascom Methodist
Etheridge Charles Preston 07-16-1873 04-07-1952 h/o Annie Etheridge Bascom Methodist
Etheridge Charlie Willis 01-20-1906 08-26-1927 Bascom Methodist
Etheridge Henry Pinkney 10-29-1907 10-29-1973 Bascom Methodist
Etheridge Mary 1845 1910 w/o Rev. Isaac Etheridge Bascom Methodist
Etheridge Rev. Isaac 05-06-1838 11-19-1897 h/o Mary Etheridge (Masonic Symbol) Bascom Methodist
Etheridge Janie Bevis 1874 1961 (two markers noted) (AKA Annie Jane Etheridge) Bascom Methodist
Evans Mary (Beth) E. 08-13-1918 06-05-2004 w/o Myron (Bud) Evans Bascom Methodist
Evans Myron (Bud) C. 12-14-1928 12-08-1989 h/o Mary (Beth) Evans Bascom Methodist
Fielder Sara O. 01-14-1924 05-12-1975 w/o Reese Fielder Bascom Methodist
Fielder Reese E. 01-22-1919 04-03-1982 h/o Sara O. Fielder Bascom Methodist
Folds Mary Carol Bevis 08-26-1933 08-05-1987 Bascom Methodist
Folds Albert R. 1933 2012 Bascom Methodist
Foran Sheila Gayle Chambers 07-18-1964 04-13-2013 Bascom Methodist
Cemetery: Greenwood Baptist
Last Namesort descending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Dunaway Charles Fletcher (Pappy) 02-03-1886 02-21-1976 h/o Eunice Dunaway Greenwood Baptist
Dunaway Charles M. 09-05-1847 03-09-1933 h/o Mattie Dunaway (two markers noted) Greenwood Baptist
Dunaway Charlie B. 08-02-1927 08-30-2002 h/o Jeanette Dunaway Greenwood Baptist
Dunaway Edell Dickson 02-22-1898 12-24-1979 Greenwood Baptist
Dunaway Eunice (Mama) Y. 08-29-1895 05-09-1991 w/o Charles Dunaway Greenwood Baptist
Dunaway James Lumpkin 11-16-1838 05-12-1864 (Co E 31 Ga INF CSA) Greenwood Baptist
Dunaway Jeanette C. 11-10-1932 02-10-2009 w/o Charlie Dunaway Greenwood Baptist
Dunaway Julia B. 02-03-1862 02-01-1944 Greenwood Baptist
Dunaway Lena L. 01-31-1868 02-05-1964 Greenwood Baptist
Dunaway Mattie R. 10-03-1858 01-17-1931 w/o Charles Dunaway Greenwood Baptist
Dunaway Omie C. Jr. 10-31-1916 11-23-1999 (US Army WW II) Greenwood Baptist
Dunaway Omie C. Sr. 05-21-1889 12-13-1938 Greenwood Baptist
Dunaway Charles M. 09-05-1847 03-09-1933 (two markers noted) (Co E 11 Ga Mil CSA) Greenwood Baptist
Dunaway Thomas Reed 07-07-1843 06-27-1862 (Co E 31 Ga INF CSA) Greenwood Baptist
Edwards Pattie 12-27-1847 12-26-1917 Greenwood Baptist
Erwin Elijah Bryan 12-22-1860 12-10-1914 h/o Harriet Erwin Greenwood Baptist
Erwin Elijah Bryan Jr. 01-05-1909 07-03-1974 Greenwood Baptist
Erwin Georgia Bryan 03-10-1837 06-23-1909 2nd w/o John M.F. Erwin Greenwood Baptist
Erwin Harriet Vereen 04-08-1870 10-22-1964 w/o Elijah Erwin Greenwood Baptist
Erwin Infant (one date) 12-25-1942 d/o Martha and Bryan Erwin Greenwood Baptist
Erwin Isaac 1867 1938 Masonic and Colonel US ARMY Greenwood Baptist
Erwin John Marcus (IV) 03-22-1911 08-04-1941 Greenwood Baptist
Erwin John M.F. 09-10-1829 11-05-1879 h/o Georgia Erwin Greenwood Baptist
Erwin Lucy Whithall 10-16-1902 04-07-1992 Greenwood Baptist
Erwin Martha Marie Dickson 06-28-1915 01-27-1995 Greenwood Baptist
Erwin Penelope A. 03-18-1835 08-18-1857 w/o John M.F. Erwin Greenwood Baptist
Erwin Sarah B. 07-22-1898 06-22-1899 d/o E.B. and H.V. Erwin Greenwood Baptist
Evans Alva D. 01-10-1926 08-14-2000 h/o Mary Evans USAF Greenwood Baptist
Evans Mary J. 03-31-1928 (undated) w/o Alva D. Evans Greenwood Baptist
Farish E.R. (no dates) Greenwood Baptist
Flanagan Bennie (Ben) P. 1908 2001 w/o Leland Flanagan Greenwood Baptist
Flanagan Leland (Buck) C. 1910 1982 h/o Bennie Flanagan married 12-17-1931 Greenwood Baptist
Cemetery: Hickory Grove
Last Namesort descending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Dunaway Kenneth Wade (one date) 12-09-1943 Hickory Grove
Edwin Johnny 06-09-1912 02-27-1994 Hickory Grove
Cemetery: Greenwood Methodist
Last Namesort descending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Dunaway Fletcher Ryals 10-08-1936 04-20-2018 h/o Susan Harrison Dunaway (Obituaries) Greenwood Methodist
Edwards Mary A. 08-22-1886 11-12-1896 Greenwood Methodist
Faglie Gladys Anne 03-20-1956 06-20-1956 Greenwood Methodist
Cemetery: Cottonwood
Last Namesort descending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Dunn Aron Eugene 01-22-2001 07-26-2017 Cottonwood
Dupre Inez Fears 09-29-1923 01-07-1959 w/o H.J. Dupre Cottonwood
Durrance Elam 02-08-1897 03-28-1980 h/o Henrietta Durrance Cottonwood
Durrance Henrietta K. 04-25-1892 05-27-1975 w/o Elam Durrance Cottonwood
Dykes Bernadine G. 06-12-1926 05-10-1995 Cottonwood
Dykes Eula 03-04-1891 07-02-1975 w/o Grady Dykes Cottonwood
Dykes Grady 01-09-1892 08-05-1973 h/o Eula Dykes Cottonwood
Dykes Mary M. 06-01-1926 04-08-2002 Cottonwood
Edwards (no name) (no dates) (one adult grave in Edwards plot) Cottonwood
Edwards Addie Lee 01-15-1906 10-20-1974 Cottonwood
Edwards Flaudie Louise 01-01-1889 06-13-1959 w/o Walter G. Edwards Cottonwood
Edwards J.P. (one date) 12-24-1936 (two markers noted) Cottonwood
Edwards Ruby T. 02-20-1905 02-09-1988 Cottonwood
Edwards Walter Green 11-14-1882 12-10-1974 h/o Flaudie L. Edwards Cottonwood
Edwards Luther A. 06-04-1901 02-06-1949 Cottonwood PDF icon More Info
Edwards J.P. (one date) 1936 (two markers noted) Cottonwood
Elsea Brenda Jane 03-07-1955 10-23-2003 A loving daughter & sister Cottonwood
Enfinger Edgar 10-19-1919 02-12-1951 Ala.SFC SUC Btry Korea Bam 38 FM Bn Cottonwood
Enfinger Eula White 10-22-1897 03-04-1993 Cottonwood
Evans Eura Lewis 12-23-1891 04-13-1980 Cottonwood
Evans Samual Oliver 08-10-1876 06-28-1936 Cottonwood
Exum Carrie Bell 12-25-1902 01-08-1945 Cottonwood
Exum Dorman A. 10-16-1928 06-21-2006 (two markers noted) SGT US Army Korea Cottonwood
Exum Gary Paul 04-08-1958 02-14-1959 Cottonwood
Exum Kathleen P. 03-11-1933 (undated) w/o Dorman A. Exum (married 12-24-1951) Cottonwood
Exum Mickey W. 01-26-1955 09-02-1977 h/o Reba A. Exum Cottonwood
Exum Minnie Pearl 03-07-1902 03-09-1987 w'o Tom Espy Exum Cottonwood
Exum Reba A. 08-13-1953 (undated) w/o Mickey W. Exum married 10-19-1973 Cottonwood
Exum Tom Espy 08-17-1900 05-09-1970 h/o Minnie Pearl Exum Cottonwood
Exum Dorman A. 10-16-1928 06-21-2006 h/o Kathleen P. Exum (two markers noted) Cottonwood
Faulk Eldredge Lee 12-03-1853 06-19-1904 Cottonwood
Faulk Ethel Wallis 09-13-1905 01-19-1977 w/o John Marion Faulk Cottonwood
Faulk George W. 05-17-1900 11-27-1939 s/o Laura A. Faulk Cottonwood
Faulk John Marion 04-12-1890 05-03-1976 h/o Ethel Wallis Faulk (two markers noted) Cottonwood
Faulk Infant (no dates) d/o George & Gladys g/d Laura A. Faulk Cottonwood
Faulk Laura A. 08-13-1867 03-14-1949 Cottonwood
Faulk PRVT. Grover 08-06-1893 07-15-1918 (Co F 167 Inft.) Cottonwood
Faulk John Marion 1890 1976 (two markers noted) (US Army WW I) Cottonwood
Fears Arney 11-26-1878 06-25-1965 Cottonwood
Fears Lee 03-27-1884 10-20-1996 Cottonwood
Fears N.A. 04-05-1819 01-02-1914 w/o J. B. Fears Cottonwood
Floyd Ander F. 12-26-1914 01-06-1996 h/o Meda G. Floyd (two markers noted) Cottonwood
Floyd Charlie W. 07-20-1891 08-25-1971 h/o Rachael Floyd Cottonwood
Floyd Infant (no dates) c/o Ander & Meda Floyd Cottonwood
Floyd Infant (no dates) c/o Ander & Meda Floyd Cottonwood
Floyd Meda G. 05-10-1919 12-19-1981 w/o Ander F. Floyd Cottonwood
Floyd Rachael 04-22-1896 12-06-1967 w/o Charlie W. Floyd Cottonwood
Floyd Thomas K. 04-16-1960 03-05-1924 Cottonwood
Floyd Ander Frank 12-26-1914 01-06-1996 (US Army WW II) (two markers noted) Cottonwood
Ford Bessie Rainer 08-21-1886 04-16-1955 w/o Ernest Ford Cottonwood
Ford Ernest Stout 06-11-1884- 10-02-1926 h/o Bessie Rainer Ford Cottonwood
Cemetery: Gordon
Last Namesort descending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Durden Ewell 01-09-1919 09-23-1988 Gordon
Durden Juanita 10-03-1926 03-12-2014 w/o Ewell Gordon
Dykes Blanca E. 12-05-1881 10-30-1969 w/o David Brown Dykes Gordon
Dykes David Brown 01-05-1875 02-08-1954 h/o Blanca E. Dykes Gordon
Elmore Ruth H. 11-07-1931 12-18-1948 w/o Robert E.Elmore married 12-18-1948 Gordon
Elmore Robert E. 01-25-1915 12-30-1948 h/o Ruth Wilson Elmore Gordon PDF icon More Info
Espy Agnes 10-29-1896 07-12-1938 w/o Leo Espy Gordon
Espy Grace Hagins 10-16-1907 05-14-1997 Gordon
Espy Henry B. 10-18-1894 01-22-1984 Gordon
Espy Herbert Otto 09-20-1901 03-25-1953 Gordon
Espy John Garrett 02-19-1885 02-03-1932 Gordon
Espy John Robert 08-29-1921 11-18-1979 Gordon
Espy Leo 10-27-1889 08-06-1947 h/o Agnes Espy Gordon
Espy Louise 01-05-1898 01-07-1898 d/o W.M.& B.G.Espy Gordon
Espy Roberta Lee 12-09-1864 06-04-1952 w/o John R. Espy Gordon
Espy Willie Pearl 07-19-1898 11-01-1898 d/o G.B. & Jennie Espy Gordon
Espy John R. 09-03-1856 03-28-1902 h/o Roberta Lee Espy Gordon PDF icon More Info
Eubanks Daisy B. 01-10-1910 12-27-1993 Gordon
Eubanks Grady S. 01-17-1909 06-07-1952 Gordon
Fields Cora Lee 09-08-1907 10-02-1908 d/o H.E. & I.D. Fields (archival survey info) (only the base of marker remains) Gordon
Fields Idela 05-25-1869 04-16-1915 (unmarked adult adjacent) (archival survey info) Gordon
Fields Idella 06-24-1900 12-07-1905 d/o H.E. & I.D. Fields (archival survey info) Gordon
Floyd Belle E. 09-14-1880 09-30-1950 w/o William Floyd (married 1903) Gordon
Floyd Jefferson D. 10-23-1915 03-15-1972 (Ala PVT US Army WW II) Gordon
Floyd Josephine 06-01-1906 05-02-2002 Gordon
Floyd Pauline L. 01-23-1932 04-26-1964 Gordon
Floyd Tommie L. 10-05-1917 08-15-1945 purple heart killed in action (PFC US Army WW II) Gordon
Floyd William G. 10-30-1880 06-16-1956 h/o Belle Floyd Gordon
Cemetery: Dellwood Baptist
Last Namesort descending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Durden Ada M. 08-13-1935 09-02-2012 Dellwood Baptist
Folsom Sandra N. 11-04-1945 11-04-1945 Dellwood Baptist
Folsom Ray M. 05-31-1917 06-25-2010 h/o Mildred Folsom Dellwood Baptist
Folsom Mildred C. 04-15-1919 09-28-2009 w/o Ray Folsom Dellwood Baptist
Folsom Gerald (Jerry) Ray 04-01-1942 04-22-2010 (two markers noted) Dellwood Baptist
Folsom Gerald (Jerry) Ray 04-01-1942 04-22-2010 (two markers noted) Dellwood Baptist
Cemetery: Cowpen Pond
Last Namesort descending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Dykes Martha 08-31-1892 07-22-1954 w/o Joe Dykes Cowpen Pond
Dykes L.C. 10-22-1916 05-11-1979 Cowpen Pond
Dykes Larry Charles 06-10-1956 11-02-1982 Cowpen Pond
Dykes Joe 01-30-1894 10-12-1961 h/o Martha Dykes Cowpen Pond
Dykes James E. 07-26-1948 10-09-1970 Cowpen Pond
Dykes H.C. 11-21-1936 02-18-2000 h/o Agnes Dykes Cowpen Pond
Dykes Hattie Hamilton 06-22-1916 04-08-2008 Cowpen Pond
Dykes Dearrell G. 02-22-1954 11-28-2014 Cowpen Pond
Dykes Agnes Hargrove 10-24-1938 11-25-2015 w/o H.C. Dyles married 01-28-1958 Cowpen Pond
Dykes J.D. 1945 09-23-2020 obituaries Cowpen Pond
Edwards James Clarence 04-04-1886 09-12-1923 Cowpen Pond
Fears Linda Neel 01-02-1949 (undated) w/o James Fears Cowpen Pond
Fears James (Tiny) E. 05-04-1946 06-30-2001 h/o Linda Fears Cowpen Pond
Cemetery: Pilgrims Rest
Last Namesort descending First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Eddins C. B. 12-20-1887 11-21-1919 h/o Freddie Adams Eddins Pilgrims Rest
Eddins Charles P. 09-25-1916 10-03-1916 s/o C.B. & Freddie Adams Eddins Pilgrims Rest
Eddins Freddie Adams 08-29-1890 01-13-1955 w/o C.B. Eddins Pilgrims Rest
Eddins James P. 05-09-1890 09-27-1913 s/o C.B. & Freddie Adams Eddins Pilgrims Rest
Edwards Huey C. 08-23-1912 02-24-1979 (US Army Pvt US WW II) Pilgrims Rest
Cemetery: Mt Olive Baptist
Last Name