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Cemetery: Cottonwood
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Whitehead Clara Willie Mae 05-03-1912 03-08-1996 w/o Alter Whitehead Cottonwood
Floyd Meda G. 05-10-1919 12-19-1981 w/o Ander F. Floyd Cottonwood
McCardle Iola H. 06-28-1909 09-18-1998 w/o John Marvin McCardle Cottonwood
Snell Dela 01-23-1881 01-30-1961 w/o Oscar Snell Cottonwood
Kingry Early F. 07-28-1894 07-19-1956 h/o Buelah Kingry Cottonwood
Sellers Callie V. 07-10-1852 12-01-1928 w/o J. Hamilton Sellers Cottonwood
Balkcom Willie Sellers 01-24-1884 01-29-1968 unmarked slab beside Cottonwood
Henry Rev. Ewell Esley 01-25-1891 10-11-1965 h/o Margaret Howard Henry Cottonwood
Peacock Houston David 02-26-1903 09-03-1905 s/o A.G. & H.F. Peacock Cottonwood
Whitehead Walter D. 01-15-1908 07-08-1979 h/o Reecie W. Whitehead Cottonwood
Gilmore Edna (Ed) K. 09-15-1931 (undated) w/o Joseph Paul (Joe) Gilmore Cottonwood
Merritt Nora Magdalene 11-17-1904 12-27-1989 w/o Anton Merritt Married 02-22-1931 Cottonwood
Courville Terry 02-20-1956 02-22-1956 (in Petway plot) Cottonwood
Strickland Sallie Jane 02-20-1895 01-14-1972 w/o Mancil Mack Strickland Cottonwood
Pynes Joshua L. 03-05-1894 05-20-1974 (PVT US Army) (two markers noted) Cottonwood
Kirkland Larry C. 10-30-1941 02-09-1990 Cottonwood
Sellers James E. 06-15-1926 02-14-2001 Cottonwood
Beverett Mattie M. 11-19-1912 03-06-1999 w/o Dewey Lee Beverett Cottonwood
Hodges Fannie Wilma 09-13-1901 09-23-1996 w/o Rufus Laugsia Hodges (perhaps previous survey or obit, no marker found) Cottonwood
Pittman James Elbert 09-16-1884 11-05-1950 h/o Madgie Alma Pittman Cottonwood
Grace Mildred D. 02-20-1913 03-22-2003 w/o F. Eugene Grace Cottonwood
Monk Will T. 07-22-1935 06-30-2007 Cottonwood
Dickerson Cannie E. 04-24-1915 05-14-1995 Cottonwood
Trawick Eugene Pete 07-27-1923 04-03-1987 h/o Nell R. Trawick Cottonwood
Watford Barney B. 11-19-1901 10-18-1973 h/o Mertie Watford Cottonwood
Ray Donald A. 05-02-1946 03-08-2017 Cottonwood
Lewis Della Parker 05-16-1881 12-15-1927 w/o Charles Edgar Lewis Cottonwood
Sellers Ruby L. 06-30-1907 09-09-1993 w/o Otis A. Sellers Cottonwood
Brown Henry T. 03-13-1899 05-11-1985 h/o Armittie Brown Cottonwood
Hughes Bobbie L. 01-03-1892 03-17-1892 c/o W. N. & N. M. Hughes Cottonwood
Purvis Rupert Lloyd Jr. 04-19-1946 12-19-2003 Cottonwood
Granger Lonnie A. Sr. 02-18-1903 06-05-1982 Cottonwood
Morris Nell Traylor 02-20-1935 09-12-2013 w/o Hubert Q. Morris Cottonwood
Edwards Addie Lee 01-15-1906 10-20-1974 Cottonwood
Vickery Walter Daniel 10-17-1902 11-29-1984 Cottonwood
Olive Simon Terry 06-09-1933 07-29-1993 (two markers noted) (PFC US Army Korea) Cottonwood
Lewis William Marvin Jr. 10-25-1901 04-17-1980 Cottonwood
Cemetery: Pine Crest
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Conteno Chasen Alexander 03-05-2004 one date only (perhap previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Rich Elsie Mae 03-12-1927 09-21-2005 w/o Earl E. Rich Pine Crest
Johnson David H. 10-30-1925 11-25-1992 h/o Colleen Johnson (PFC US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Tate Richard Hardy 06-20-1947 10-02-1978 Pine Crest
Adams Sidney E. 01-06-1928 11-05-2003 h/o Luvon Adams (US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Martin Angel Love (one date) 06-13-1990 Pine Crest
Cook Sheila 07-07-1950 04-20-2017 w/o Jerry Wayne Cook (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Galloway Terry J. 08-23-1937 12-14-2008 h/o Betty B. Galloway (SN US Navy) Pine Crest
Poller David Murry 09-04-1924 07-02-1992 h/o Janice Ann Abbott Poller Pine Crest
McArthur Hardy (Mike) W. 09-09-1930 07-07-2017 h/o Joyce McArthur Pine Crest
Houston Merle Zorn 1933 (undated) w/o Joe Lorenzo Houston Pine Crest
Carlton Mary (Billie) 09-28-1928 10-08-1984 w/o Charles Burton Carlton Jr. Pine Crest
Hess Coy E. 06-06-1931 10-05-2013 h/o Mildred Hess M/SGT Pine Crest
Evens William Talmadge (Bill) 09-18-1914 01-09-2000 h/o Bonnie Evens Pine Crest
Sowder L. D. 1921 1995 h/o June M. Sowder Pine Crest
Sheeham Jeffrey David 06-30-1996 08-09-2016 (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Williams Andrew B. 1900 1982 h/o Ada Mae Williams Pine Crest
Maddox Janice W. 05-21-1944 03-15-2020 Obit. Pine Crest
Brooks Mary Jane 1928 1998 Pine Crest
Paramore E. E. (Gene) 01-06-1929 04-20-2020 h/o Ruth Bass Paramore (Sgt US Army Korea) Pine Crest
Heath Mary Lessie 1915 1977 w/o Ralph Heath (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Shell Glenda G. 1937 2007 Pine Crest
Land Bernice Louise 05-02-1908 02-14-1993 Pine Crest
Campbell Myrtle Louise 08-24-1937 05-06-2010 w/o William Campbell Pine Crest
Deese R. C. 01-04-1897 09-21-1980 Pine Crest
Muela Matilde 02-23-1904 02-15-1992 Pine Crest
Lewis Edward 1944 2015 Pine Crest
Guy Eddie Lamar 1955 1975 h/o Susan Virginia Guy Pine Crest
Ward Elizabeth Ann Parsons 08-22-1935 no date w/o Jerry Judson Ward married 11-04-1951 Pine Crest
Bell Gladys McLane 10-14-1912 09-10-2008 w/o Harry Brown Bell Sr. Pine Crest
Joiner Marie M. 01-20-1924 (undated) w/o Willie T. Joiner Pine Crest
Harrison Betty 10-28-1936 06-07-2013 w/o Bill Harrison Pine Crest
Cook Lloyd G. 08-22-1922 01-25-2005 h/o Katrina B. Cook Pine Crest
Roberts Al 06-09-1917 04-25-1996 h/o Frances L. Roberts (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Hall Mary Earleen 02-24-1928 07-26-2008 Pine Crest
Tew Cleburne (no dates) (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Allison Jane Louise 12-13-1921 11-30-2002 w/o Arvie Leon Allison Pine Crest
Matthews Charles R. 12-30-1912 08-18-1992 h/o Lillian A. Matthews Pine Crest
Garraway Julia M. 1911 2000 w/o Charles Reed Garraway Pine Crest
Price Julian 11-13-1911 07-25-1993 h/o Margaret Price Pine Crest
Hughes Bobby B. 08-12-1941 no date h/o Peggy G. HughesHughes Pine Crest
Cesar Carl F. 05-11-1918 09-27-1994 (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
McDowell Gladys Louise Welch 08-02-1937 (undated) w/o William Ace McDowell married 07-12-1952 Pine Crest
Bone Florence G. 05-02-1923 02-03-2012 w/o Maurice Bone Pine Crest
Malloy Frederick Wayne 05-17-1941 01-02-2006 h/o Elizabeth Malloy Pine Crest
Finan Mildred G. 09-06-1901 01-16-1987 Pine Crest
Spurlock Doris 05-25-1938 (undated) w/o John W. Spurlock Pine Crest
Henderson Marlene Hurst 08-25-1940 07-18-2003 Pine Crest
Williams Lois L. B. 04-09-1930 03-23-2009 Pine Crest
Bruner Jo Ann 07-21-1938 05-07-2005 w/o Ralph B. Bruner Pine Crest
Peacock Lewis M. 1941 1977 h/o Sally N. Peacock Pine Crest
Simmons Lester E. 1939 1992 s/o Lester & Avrel Simmons Pine Crest
Lawrence Juanita 09-12-1922 10-06-1988 Pine Crest
Hill Gerald Sr. M. 04-01-1932 03-12-2015 h/o Robbie Hill Pine Crest
Neel Susan F. 1942 1983 Pine Crest
Hall Linda 02-10-1948 (undated) Pine Crest
Hall Robert E. 06-16-1933 06-13-1996 (CPL US Army Korea) Pine Crest
Watts Laura Katherine 09-07-1978 05-10-2001 Pine Crest
Bethea Grace D. 09-07-1920 04-13-1998 w/o Lou L. Bethea Pine Crest
Jones Richard E. Jr. 05-23-1933 05-10-1995 h/o Joyce P. Jones (MMFN US Navy Korea) Pine Crest
Johnson Hattie (Pat) I. 10-22-1927 12-01-2012 w/o Henry Johnson married 12-26-1945 Pine Crest
Cox Charles H. 09-21-1928 12-29-1982 h/o Hazel T. Cox Pine Crest
Rodgers Jessie 1916 1978 Pine Crest
Vaughn Rufus Caldwell 01-05-1929 12-30-1997 h/o Merie M. Vaughn (two markers noted) Pine Crest
Giddens Charles F. 07-13-1917 07-12-1998 h/o Nell O. Giddens Pine Crest
Tidwell Nettie Crossgrove 1901 2005 w/o William Felton Tidwell Pine Crest
Applewhite H. Christie 1903 1972 Pine Crest
Medlock Sarah R. 10-01-1937 (undated) w/o Rufus Randolph Medlock Pine Crest
Gray Ruby Magaline 1931 2015 Pine Crest
Cheesborough Walton Middleton 1922 1981 Pine Crest
Pumpherey Rena V. 1898 1992 w/o Charles w. Pumpherey Pine Crest
Hussey Jomes W. (no dates) (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
McGill Melvin Eugene 10-07-1920 06-23-1970 h/o Evelyn H. McGill (SK 3 US Navy WW II) Pine Crest
Folsom O'Dell M. 02-08-1928 09-20-2006 h/o Delores S. Folsom Pine Crest
Stanley Frances T. 07-31-1905 07-27-1986 w/o Clifton P. Stanley married 04-26-1925 Pine Crest
Hill Charles Everett 03-15-1895 03-12-1987 h/o Floria Elizabeth Hill Pine Crest
Worthington Hattie Simpson 01-13-1940 08-04-1997 Pine Crest
Burk W. D. 1914 1987 Pine Crest
Peters Dorothy B. 10-09-1931 (undated) Pine Crest
Dozier Wallace 05-17-1923 04-14-1987 (S Sgt US Army Korea) Pine Crest
Skinner Lola Basford 1902 1993 w/o Hosea D. Skinner Pine Crest
Lincoln Bardwell W. III 09-01-1953 05-11-1975 (MM 3 US Navy) Pine Crest
Jordan Florence Mozley 07-18-1935 04-27-2011 w/o Green Jr. Jordan Pine Crest
Smith Charles Philip 1984 July-2018 s/o Bob & Connie Smith (Obituary info) Pine Crest
Blighton Minnnie S. (Mae) 10-01-1914 04-09-1994 w/o Merritt C. Blighton Pine Crest
Nichols J. W. 12-23-1928 05-15-2000 h/o Alva Nichols Pine Crest
Culver Catherine Lee 09-25-1947 (undated) Pine Crest
Hand Herman 06-16-1928 06-23-2006 h/o Liddie H. Hand (US Army Korea) Pine Crest
Westbrook Elizabeth H. 1924 1998 w/o Milton Wayne Westbrook Pine Crest
Keith J. William 1926 1996 h/o Margaret S. Keith Pine Crest
Morris Alvin Joseph 08-10-1940 06-14-2011 h/o Janet Sue Morris Pine Crest
Crisp James W. 1900 1968 h/o Edna C. Crisp Pine Crest
Rotolo Phil 09-09-1935 02-13-2003 h/o Junelle E. Rotolo Pine Crest
Cushing Pearl R. 1909 1980 w/o Wilmer Cushing Pine Crest
Glover Gwen Riley 1935 12-07-2016 w/o Billy Wayne Glover Pine Crest
Torbett Eugene Browder 05-17-1905 05-26-1993 h/o Etta Naomi Torbett Pine Crest
Baggett Roy 10-17-1919 01-14-1961 (PVT 1318 Service Unit WW II) Pine Crest
Miller Cecil 1917 1973 h/o Margie Miller Pine Crest
Clemmon David B. 1968 2009 (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Rainey Sammie Lou 06-13-1919 10-13-2006 (S2 US Coast Guard) Pine Crest
Williams Edward III D 11-11-1946 01-16-2016 (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Ivey Chrystelle E. 1919 2008 w/o Charles L. Ivey Pine Crest
McMillan Dorothy W. 02-29-1932 (undated) w/o Alfred R. McMillan Pine Crest
Fowler Clayton Franklin 09-27-1948 06-20-1965 Pine Crest
Stone Auga Lee 09-17-1908 12-11-1986 h/o Goldie Stone Pine Crest
Hobbs Nettie K. 1923 1996 w/o Roy Alvin Hobbs Pine Crest
Young John Odis 10-13-1947 01-06-1973 (Sgt US Marine Corps Vietnam) Pine Crest
Cemetery: Bascom Methodist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Page Rosalie Davis 01-27-1924 04-06-2003 Bascom Methodist
Bevis Joseph H. 09-18-1870 02-29-1956 h/o Mary A. Bevis Bascom Methodist
Grant Bettie Hill 08-30-1907 08-11-1912 d/o E.A. & A.F. Grant Bascom Methodist
Bevis Ronald Thomas 08-10-1925 06-29-1998 h/o Frances D. Bevis Bascom Methodist
Westbrook Paul B. 07-03-1917 10-14-2006 h/o Dora Westbrook (two markers noted) Bascom Methodist
Rodgers Lottie A. 02-07-1875 10-03-1952 w/o Peter Rodgers Bascom Methodist
Hartsfield Charlie Gray 06-14-1855 10-07-1921 h/o Martha Hartsfield Bascom Methodist
Blackmon Infant (one date) 02-04-1944 d/o Harry L.& Dorothy O. Blackmon Bascom Methodist
Hewett Alice Mae 1964 10-13-2018 w/o Timothy Doyle Hewett (Obituaries) Bascom Methodist
Rogers Marjorie D. 1909 2000 w/o Eugene Rogers Bascom Methodist
Kimbell Jackson N. 11-25-1869 04-22-1956 Bascom Methodist
Coulliette James Philemon 04-19-1883 07-22-1968 h/o Annie Coulliette Bascom Methodist
Simmons Ella 04-08-1874 09-14-1932 Bascom Methodist
Martin Mary Dell 08-03-1905 03-25-1928 Bascom Methodist
Dickson Mollie Rogers 12-08-1867 02-22-1945 Bascom Methodist
Cemetery: Greenwood Methodist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Willis Jennie Vera Bevis 08-20-1900 08-20-1995 Greenwood Methodist
Anderson Edgar Eugene Sr. 04-28-1868 02-07-1942 Greenwood Methodist
Sherman Jean Harkins 09-06-1928 03-31-2012 Greenwood Methodist
Hatton Mittie W. 1865 1948 w/o Seaborn Hatton Greenwood Methodist
Ziegler Florence Willis 12-09-1918 12-18-2002 Greenwood Methodist
Pender Dr. Sewell 1897 1983 (two markers noted) Greenwood Methodist
Banks Mildred Hay 04-23-1912 12-01-1923 d/o G.W. and Anne Belle Banks Greenwood Methodist
Stapleton Sadie Hollister 04-30-1919 04-03-2013 Greenwood Methodist
Pender Grace Etheridge 12-23-1901 04-07-1997 (two markers noted) Greenwood Methodist
Johnson Flossie Earl 05-09-1903 04-19-1986 w/o Will Johnson Greenwood Methodist
Budd Rev. John W. 10-25-1875 11-26-1950 h/o Susie Budd Greenwood Methodist
Turner Henry W. 1870 1928 Greenwood Methodist
Pender Mollie S. 1874 1944 w/o Walter Pender Greenwood Methodist
Knapp Fannie Bartow 04-20-1861 12-16-1928 w/o Clinton Knapp Greenwood Methodist
Corcoran John Charles 11-22-1883 01-21-1967 h/o Irma Corcoran Greenwood Methodist
Werlein J. Frank 1906 1978 Greenwood Methodist
Porter John Albert 08-09-1891 (death date unstamped) h/o Elizabeth Porter (dates from previous photo) Greenwood Methodist
Cemetery: Hickory Grove
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Long Tracy Norris 08-29-1964 09-01-1964 Hickory Grove
Tidwell Marion Oswald 11-18-1876 10-12-1963 h/o Ada Tidwell Hickory Grove
Glass M. Jeannette 06-07-1932 11-29-2000 Hickory Grove
Long Barbara Jean 05-11-1933 04-30-1934 d/o Fred & Addie Long Hickory Grove
Ditty Father & Mother (no dates) (double headstone) married 03-05-1957 Hickory Grove
Stinson Terry 12-10-1916 12-26-1960 (two markers noted) Hickory Grove
Ditty John Dennis 12-05-1890 02-10-1970 h/o Mattie Ditty Hickory Grove
Johnson James A. 11-11-1911 12-16-1976 h/o Dannie Johnson Hickory Grove
Robinson Virginia Sheldonia 05-24-1940 (undated) w/o Edward Winfield Robinson married 06-06-1959 Hickory Grove
Ditty Carson 11-08-1910 11-01-1965 h/o Ruth & Dottie Ditty Hickory Grove
Helms Foy L. 02-16-1910 10-20-1970 h/o Montez Helms Hickory Grove
Robinson Effie Mae 09-07-1917 08-10-1996 w/o Elmer J. Robinson Hickory Grove
Cemetery: Riverside
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Collins Edward L. 04-23-1919 01-01-1984 (US Army WW II) Riverside
Nowell John D. 12-06-1892 11-30-1963 h/o Kitie Nowell (US Army) Riverside
Hightower Mae E. 02-04-1891 07-03-1971 w/o Joe Hightower Riverside
Roberts Maurice E. 02-09-1924 03-01-2004 (US Army Air Force WW II) Riverside
Lazzara Frank 10-10-1901 01-23-1991 Riverside
Devendorf Hazel J. 02-08-1894 01-16-1969 Riverside
Milton Gladys Oliver 10-13-1914 03-09-2005 w/o John Milton Riverside
Hamilton Earl Elmer 07-06-1894 10-14-1981 h/o Hattie Hamilton Riverside
Strickland Joseph Lynn 12-28-1948 10-10-1968 Riverside
Conrad Elzie Bruce 06-23-1927 02-16-2004 h/o Beverly Conrad US Navy (two markers noted) Riverside
Brown Leslie Robert 05-18-1913 01-08-2004 h/o Dorothy Brown (M-Sgt US Army A Corps) Riverside
Keith William Sr. N. 04-11-1927 07-10-2017 h/o Jean Keith Riverside
Lewis William Augustus 1836 1863 CSA A Confederate Soldier Riverside
Jackson Alma F. 1925 2016 (two markers noted) Riverside
Daffin Roberta 12-29-1910 06-04-1912 d/o J.M. & B.D. Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Powell James Ellis 05-11-1899 03-29-1901 Riverside
Solomon Mary E. 05-08-1854 08-05-1921 Riverside
Rhyne Margaret 11-17-1917 10-06-2016 w/o Walter Rhyne Riverside
Bevis Buddy David 1944 1949 Riverside
McKelvain Henry Monroe 01-01-1891 01-24-1962 h/o Bertie Lou McKelvain (Mason) Riverside
Peacock Nena Davis 05-05-1897 07-15-1943 w/o James Peacock Riverside
Ivey Allie Henderson 09-19-1889 01-03-1970 w/o Henry Ivey Riverside
Wilkerson Ruby 07-25-1904 12-10-1998 Riverside
Conely Mary E. 05-04-1874 07-03-1932 Riverside
Malamobe (no birth) 09-07-1891 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Faulk Everett Lee 11-27-1935 10-30-2007 h/o Meretta Faulk Riverside
Shumaker Infant (one date) 04-23-1943 c/o Richard & Maron Shumaker Riverside
Baker Alys S. 11-29-1903 04-20-1973 w/o Joseph Baker Riverside
Hindman Carre Yniestra 07-01-1898 11-20-1971 w/o Fred Hindman Riverside
Ward Harley (Smokey) 05-09-1926 09-30-2002 h/o Ann Ward Riverside
Smith Samuel Hinton 10-26-1889 12-11-1947 Riverside
Carnley Mildred P. 07-07-1932 05-01-2011 Riverside
O'Neel Seaborn 09-11-1840 06-15-1922 CSA (Co I 29 Miss Inf) Riverside
Carter Margaret H. Dickson 04-23-1868 06-05-1932 w/o Francis Carter Riverside
Rule James III M. 01-17-1961 12-05-1994 Riverside
Leleszi Helen 07-03-1916 05-20-2009 w/o Steven Leleszi Riverside
Bill Hanson Lavoy 05-04-1931 04-02-2011 Martha Hartz ? (Capt USAF Vietnam) Riverside
Moore Annie 11-1852 05-01-1928 Riverside
Harrell Dorothy 10-26-1926 04-28-2007 Riverside
Thomas Beersheba 1849 1900 Riverside
Bullard Lila J. 09-29-1904 08-23-1993 w/o Foster Bullard Riverside
King Lue E. 04-22-1856 03-06-1928 w/o John King Riverside
Hester Joanne Doffer 07-10-1938 02-18-2014 w/o Robert Hester Riverside
Davis Carolyn McKinnon 04-06-1909 01-27-1987 w/o William Davis Sr. Riverside
Quick David Randall 08-17-1950 06-26-2009 Riverside
Girvin Dr. Howard W. 09-13-1882 05-31-1936 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Staley Maud Flener (no dates) William Staley Jr. Riverside
Blackwell Margaret Wandeck 03-08-1895 09-16-1961 Riverside
Richardson Allie McNealy 1861 1935 w/o J.N. Richardson Riverside
Paremore John 02-16-1970 10-20-1994 Riverside
Conrad Rachael Lee 04-20-1941 07-13-1996 Riverside
Pelt Thelma Metcalf 11=07-1904 09-27-1933 w/o Lee Pelt Riverside
Jenkins Mittie Merritt 02-26-1898 08-08-1966 Riverside
Williams Walter A. (no birth) 12-24-1976 h/o Velma Williams Riverside
Martin Vennie George 01-16-1888 11-08-1924 Riverside
Finlayson Carroll Pratt 1894 1941 h/o Marquerite Finlayson Riverside
Singletary Margaret Dekle 03-21-1910 01-30-1965 w/o Emory Singletary Sr. Riverside
Hodges Tee Davis 08-28-1904 04-06-1998 w/o William Hodges Riverside
Watson Zilliah Hartwell 04-29-1889 06-11-1969 w/o Lucien Watson Riverside
Habin Charles 09-02-1916 11-09-1919 s/o C.A. & M.A. Habin Riverside
Carroll Eli Alexander 03-13-1873 02-28-1955 h/o Evia Carroll Riverside
Ostrander Howard C. 06-19-1910 01-30-1975 h/o Luddie Ostrander Riverside
Dix Harold L. 07-18-1900 03-12-1971 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Ryals Melton Jr. 01-09-1940 (undated) h/o Jeanette Ryals Riverside
Lewis Henry Hays Jr. 07-19-1902 04-07-1965 h/o Lucy Lewis Riverside
Pledger Hubert S. 12-29-1909 10-02-1962 US Navy WW II (two markers noted) Riverside
Burnham Charles F. 04-09-1886 09-12-1941 Riverside
Morgan Robert A. 12-16-1852 06-16-1921 Riverside
Harrison Lillian L. 07-05-1929 10-25-1992 Riverside
Tidwell L.E. Sr. 12-25-1900 08-12-1970 h/o Bessie Tidwell Riverside
Knight Abner H. 07-23-1892 11-23-1934 Riverside
Jordan Rennie O. 09-05-1902 09-24-1969 w/o Coy Jordan Riverside
Davis Katharine Fleming 12-27-1886 12-11-1977 Riverside
Rawls Florence A. 1877 1952 w/o Walter Rawls Riverside
Gortemoller Adolph 1876 1969 Riverside
Stephens Gail Davis 08-18-1935 11-09-2006 Riverside
Guffee Elmer Leonard 1906 1997 Riverside
Bowles Eugene Wood 01-10-1902 12-24-1966 h/o Alice Bowles Riverside
Medlock Annie T. 04-13-1905 11-19-1968 w/o Sanders Medlock Riverside
Williams Sara (no birth) 05-16-1940 Riverside
Cooley Charles 1871 1958 h/o Nellie Cooley Riverside
Pierce Dr. Robert Samuel Sr. 03-18-1869 02-02-1960 h/o Ella Mae Pierce Riverside
Johnson Pauline Ryals 08-01-1942 02-22-2012 Riverside
Winslow Eldon E. 07-27-1906 06-22-1974 Riverside
Bassett Mary Jane 06-03-1854 09-28-1961 d/o C.W. & N.H. Bassett Riverside
Matthews Margaret Ivey 08-30-1915 07-05-1913 w/o Dr. Alvin Matthews (two markers noted) Riverside
Fleming George T. 10-09-1916 10-15-1999 h/o Millicent Fleming (Col USAF) Riverside
Slade Annie Louise 10-29-1876 06-13-1953 d/o James & Leila Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Holmes Margaret Evelyn 11-11-1931 11-07-2010 (M-Sgt US Army Korea & Vietnam) Riverside
Welmon Sidney E. 05-12-1898 01-14-1964 h/o Vera Welmon (TEC 5 US Army WW II) Riverside
Gramling Annie Finlayson 04-20-1909 06-06-2003 Riverside
Lewis Isabella Chapman 05-13-1816 11-08-1892 w/o Arthur Lewis Riverside
Padgett Claude Stephen 04-16-1896 11-04-1958 h/o Gladys Padgett (US Army WW I) Riverside
Dudley Claudie Bell 02-22-1912 05-05-1988 w/o John Dudley Riverside
Sangaree Geneva Allen 07-09-1906 08-21-1993 Riverside
Adkins Pearl Blount 10-14-1904 09-25-1986 Riverside
Lewis Virginia R. 06-15-1916 09-14-1992 w/o E.W. (Bootus) Lewis Riverside
Giddens Frank Morgan 08-02-1887 09-18-1934 Riverside
Bush Harry L. 02-28-1925 12-22-1994 Riverside
Mueller Effie L. 01-01-1893 03-06-1978 w/o C.S. Mueller Riverside
Hatton Jamie Lee 02-14-1914 05-11-2009 w/o Robert Hatton married 05-04-1939 Riverside
Land Margarette Annette 12-04-1936 03-22-2017 w/o Ed Land married 08-22-1964 Riverside
Payne Joseph Jr. E. 12-03-1920 12-13-1968 (two markers noted) (US Army WW II) Riverside
Davis Viola Wachob 11-03-1878 05-01-1951 w/o Sanders L. Davis Riverside
Rhodes Harry R. 03-12-1869 09-15-1948 Riverside
Grantham Catherine Louise 01-16-1918 07-03-1990 w/o James Grantham Riverside
Cemetery: Hays Cemetery
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Bell Rosine 1916 1916 Hays Cemetery
Wells Anderson G. 01-30-1834 05-27-1857 born Harris Co. Ga. died Jackson Co. Fla. Hays Cemetery
Cox Mary Ida 03-05-1867 04-13-1869 d/o A.P. and Mary Cox Hays Cemetery
Bell Frank 1883 1883 Hays Cemetery
Cemetery: Mt Olive Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Bell Mary Adella Hasty 08-01-1867 07-24-1940 w/o Thomas Jefferson Bell Mt Olive Baptist
Pettis Rebecker 03-29-1845 03-10-1925 w/o William W. Pettis (two markers noted) Mt Olive Baptist
Mathis Baby 01-02-1947 01-02-1947 i/o George & Eliza Mathis (two markers noted) Mt Olive Baptist
Jones Lela 10-02-1921 09-08-1922 d/o Arnold & Mae Jones Mt Olive Baptist
Hartzog Grady W. 10-26-1915 02-07-1965 h/o Gerturde E. Hartzog Mt Olive Baptist
Turner Jimmy Ray 02-23-1935 11-05-1936 s/o Mr. & Mrs. W.H. Turner Mt Olive Baptist
Chandler L. E. 07-12-1900 01-18-1980 h/o Maye Chandler Mt Olive Baptist
Robinson Elbert Lenard 10-17-1905 09-20-1980 h/o Frances Green Robinson Mt Olive Baptist
Benton Thelma (no dates) (Benny Benton) Mt Olive Baptist
Kirkland Ezzie 01-05-1918 01-12-1972 h/o Earline Kirkland Mt Olive Baptist
Hartzog Sarah J. 01-15-1868 06-09-1911 w/o G. W. Hartzog Mt Olive Baptist
Vaughan Mary E. 09-14-1899 04-06-1985 w/o Charles H. Vaughan Mt Olive Baptist
Culverhouse Elizabeth Childree 02-18-1863 06-28-1945 w/o W. A. Culverhouse Mt Olive Baptist
Ross Pinkie R. 06-23-1892 04-09-1964 w/o Thomas Ross Mt Olive Baptist
Dickens Joel 11-30-1835 05-19-1911 h/o Elizabeth Dickens (two markers noted) Mt Olive Baptist
Lindsey Charles E. 10-01-1933 06-23-2009 h/o Ruby Jean Lindsey Mt Olive Baptist
Brooks L.E. 08-29-1834 03-25-1947 archival survey (marker unfound) Mt Olive Baptist
Helms Ellie Mathis 04-04-1909 11-20-1982 w/o Oscar Lee Helms Mt Olive Baptist
Wilkinson Emma F. Williams 02-10-1878 06-14-1953 w/o John H. Wilkinson Mt Olive Baptist
Dickens Lewis Howell 01-14-1939 08-09-1940 s/o Oliver O. & Jessie A. Dickens beside him is 2 unmarked adult slabs Mt Olive Baptist
Skipper Nancie E. 12-14-1860 01-25-1931 Mt Olive Baptist
Atwell Columbus Clayton 05-11-1882 03-06-1952 h/o Pearlie Bell Atwell Mt Olive Baptist
McIntyre Dulcia D. 03-22-1902 12-11-1967 Mt Olive Baptist
Cemetery: Collins Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Jacobs George Cleveland 07-06-1887 (after 1920) Collins Baptist
Sims Vergie L. 08-24-1931 08-05-2008 w/o Hiram Grady Sims Jr. Collins Baptist
Mathews Loraine Barrentine 6-19-1927 3-7-2015 w/o Walter S. Mathews married 06-12-1947 Collins Baptist
Fears Ruby 04-30-1921 11-19-1957 Collins Baptist
Brown James Lee 10-16-1914 09-13-1957 Collins Baptist
McMillan William Larkin 07-25-1900 09-13-1955 Collins Baptist
Batts Sallie E. 08-17-1866 10-19-1905 Collins Baptist
Joiner Georgia Murdock 1869 1897 Collins Baptist
Mathews Della Docia Hart 10-23-1884 08-04-1953 w/o W.D. Mathews Collins Baptist
Smith Maggie 1892 1982 w/o S.L. Smith Collins Baptist
Foxworth Ada 02-14-1889 06-27-1973 Collins Baptist
Oswald Orva Orra 07-05-1897 09-15-1953 Collins Baptist
Hodges Ruth Vivian Anderson 06-13-1931 03-23-2016 w/o James Hodges Collins Baptist
Conrad C. M. 11-06-1862 12-29-1919 Collins Baptist
Norris John Jr. 1923 1990 archival survey (marker not found) Collins Baptist
Mathews Henry C. 04-20-1889 08-10-1936 Collins Baptist
Baxter Elmiria 07-05-1824 12-06-1906 Collins Baptist
Land Herchel 12-16-1898 12-07-1935 Collins Baptist
Stephens John T. 04-01-1851 05-22-1908 h/o Ruthy Isabell Stephens Collins Baptist
Hackett Emily Lilncoln 07-26-1868 10-20-1957 Collins Baptist
Rodgers Infant Twins 10-07-1926 10-07-1926 c/o Ulysses Rodgers Collins Baptist
Coulliette Thomas 1933 1970 Collins Baptist
Mathews Thelmer 12-16-1912 03-13-1914 Collins Baptist
Lockstead Hattie (no dates) Collins Baptist
Wheelus Ulas E. 12-06-1911 02-24-1970 h/o Nellie W. Wheelus Collins Baptist
Hart Della Docia 10-23-1884 08-04-1953 w/o W.D. Mathews Collins Baptist
Fawke Audra V. McAnulty 09-06-1903 02-02-2007 Collins Baptist
Rogers Walter S. 1895 1977 h/o Dolly Rogers Collins Baptist
Cemetery: Friendship Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Miller Sarah V.G. 11-28-1933 10-27-1936 d/o Mr. & Mrs. J.E. Miller Friendship Baptist
Everett Lilla D. 08-06-1887 03-21-1973 w/o Marcus C. Everett Friendship Baptist
Jones John M. 02-27-1891 10-09-1965 archival survey (marker not found) Friendship Baptist
Legear J.G. 12-30-1924 10-23-1996 h/o Lula Mae Jones Legear (PFC US Army WW II) Friendship Baptist
Chambliss Minnie Myrle 09-04-1913 06-17-2000 w/o Luther A. Chambliss Friendship Baptist
Tidwell Aliff Eugene 06-21-1869 12-24-1872 d/o Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Tidwell Friendship Baptist
Hewett Sebren 03-05-1928 08-05-1995 h/o Ollie Hewett Friendship Baptist
Rogers Ethel F. 10-27-1932 11-02-1993 w/o Walter D. Rogers Friendship Baptist
Baxter Mary Ann Hart 03-05-1843 11-24-1879 w/o Isreal W.T. Baxter Friendship Baptist
Hall Mary Agnes 01-29-1913 10-23-1998 Friendship Baptist
Mumford John T. 11-07-1887 07-04-1962 Friendship Baptist
Fears Lanet H. 08-12-1947 (undated) w/o Alex Fears Jr. Friendship Baptist
Lockart Rossie 04-05-1914 01-09-1961 w/o J.D. Lockart Friendship Baptist
Sims William E. 8-12-1950 3-17-2011 PVT US ARMY Friendship Baptist
Conrad Henry Willis 11-30-1907 12-02-1907 s/o J.H. & M.C. Conrad Friendship Baptist
Tidwell Troy E. Jr. 09-22-1944 09-22-1944 Friendship Baptist
Hull Mattye Livingston Goff 06-24-1910 12-19-1996 Friendship Baptist
Sewell Infant 09-18-1873 09-26-1873 d/o Hillory & Mary Sewell Friendship Baptist
Baxter Reba Jean Carter 12-24-1937 (undated) w/o Norman Baxter Friendship Baptist
Bell Billie Jean 01-01-1934 01-05-1934 Friendship Baptist
Ham Gus Louis 11-25-1913 02-13-1947 h/o Eula Mae Howard Ham Friendship Baptist
Our Earnest 6 month 10 days Friendship Baptist
Floyd Mary 1857 1928 w/o William H. Floyd Friendship Baptist
Herring Voncile Culpepper 01-04-1936 (undated) w/o Dwiot Herring Friendship Baptist
McDaniel Everett V. 12-27-1851 11-07-1936 h/o Sarah Ann McDaniel Friendship Baptist
Culbreth Mary Ann 09-16-1876 10-10-1876 d/o L. & E.A. Culbreth Friendship Baptist
Wangle Velma Christine 02-13-1946 05-28-2007 Friendship Baptist
Jones Idomer 02-21-1912 03-03-1984 d/o Nathaniel & Lillie King Jones Friendship Baptist
Standland Donald A. 08-09-1949 12-08-1967 s/o Pauline & Myrtle Standland Friendship Baptist
Daniels J. G. 10-01-1917 09-03-1974 h/o Ruby Daniels SFC US Army WW II & Korea (two markers noted) Friendship Baptist
Brookins Marcus (no birth) 12-26-1936 h/o Jane Brookins Friendship Baptist
Hart Thelma Utah 08-25-1900 12-25-1975 w/o Jim Hart Friendship Baptist
Adams Ethel Paulk 07-31-1930 (undated) Friendship Baptist
Franklin Ophelia Floyd 1891 1918 Friendship Baptist
Mathews Lenderd Preston 11-29-1917 01-20-1984 s/o Carolyn Mathews Faulks Friendship Baptist
Williams George 05-07-1865 03-20-1934 Friendship Baptist
Dial John Frainklin Jr. 06-25-1920 05-09-1985 h/o Jacquelyn Friendship Baptist
Jones Peter Marvin Jr. 02-08-1936 10-04-2009 h/o Marjorie Agent Jones Friendship Baptist
Cemetery: Bascom Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Edwards John Wamer 04-26-1878 10-11-1950 h/o Mattie Edwards WOW Bascom Baptist
Cannady Betty Louise 01-05-1937 01-08-1937 Bascom Baptist
Trusty Minnie M. 09-07-1918 04-24-1987 w/o Louis B. Trusty married 06-16-1934 Bascom Baptist
Hatcher Wyatt Wesley 10-04-1906 (one date) (archival survey marker unfound) Bascom Baptist
Busby Frances A. 1938 06-03-2018 (Obit info) Bascom Baptist
Nichols John 05-23-1856 06-01-1915 h/o Jennie Nichols Bascom Baptist
Green Mabel Westbrook 06-25-1906 12-28-2000 w/o Johnie B. Green Bascom Baptist
Conrad Mary Pellie 09-15-1906 03-15-1961 w/o Clarence Conrad Bascom Baptist
Whisnant James Jackson 09-20-1849 07-13-1931 Bascom Baptist
Abel Mary D. 10-26-1878 01-15-1959 w/o Harry Abel Bascom Baptist
Hatcher Rabon 11-06-1908 11-31-1908 s/o M and M T.W. Hatcher Bascom Baptist
Chambliss Lula A. 03-21-1947 08-25-2016 w/o Charles H. Chambliss (married 07-08-1967) Bascom Baptist
Coulliette Mable E. 1898 1980 Bascom Baptist
Bevis Albert Nicholas 04-06-1866 02-03-1950 h/o Gertrude Bevis Bascom Baptist
Patrick Walter J. 12-08-1921 02-02-2003 h/o Lucille Patrick Bascom Baptist
Rogers D. Rowena Caffee 07-01-1940 (undated) Bascom Baptist
James Billy R. Sr. 05-01-1944 (undated) h/o Betty James Bascom Baptist
Dickson Nicholas C. 09-23-1912 07-25-2004 (two markers noted) (PFC US Army WW II) Bascom Baptist
Dickson Eva Folds 12-20-1922 08-08-2003 Bascom Baptist
Cemetery: Cowpen Pond
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Neel Mantha Cances 09-15-1861 01-30-1921 w/o Jas. M. Neel Cowpen Pond
Weeks Sussie Meleta Walls 06-20-1888 1958 Cowpen Pond
Stephens (perhaps) Broken Headstone (between Stephens Infants) Cowpen Pond
Dykes L.C. 10-22-1916 05-11-1979 Cowpen Pond
Stephens Griffin L. 05-07-1884 09-20-1887 Cowpen Pond
Hand Lee S. 03-16-1911 10-29-1913 Cowpen Pond
Weeks Miller 03-26-1898 08-02-1948 h/o Mary L. Weeks Cowpen Pond
Jones Jane 08-18-1826 03-02-1907 w/o J.P. Jones Cowpen Pond
Basford Louellen 06-06-1875 12-04-1954 Cowpen Pond
Neel Infant 08-23-1916 08-27-1917 s/o J.W. and H.L. Neel Cowpen Pond
Daniels Mesia Elaine 01-01-1937 06-02-1937 Cowpen Pond
Smith Adrian Lee 08-08-1961 08-10-1961 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Nancy Lonie 05-06-1882 01-31-1958 w/o Elijah Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Weeks Mac Wayne 07-16-1962 04-30-2020 h/o Annie Wagner Weeks Obituaries Cowpen Pond
Weeks Ferdinand Junior 04-21-1930 02-28-1996 (two markers noted) (US Army Pvt Korea) Cowpen Pond
Jackson Nancy Jane 05-31-1858 07-09-1898 Cowpen Pond
Basford Gertrude H. 11-24-1910 02-17-2006 w/o Thomas J. Basford Cowpen Pond
Neel Ella F. 01-05-1894 05-18-1946 w/o J.N. Neel Cowpen Pond
Cook Green B. 05-15-1856 03-13-1942 h/o Sarah Cook Cowpen Pond
Powell Thomas J. 11-23-1932 05-07-1990 (US Army Cpl Korea) Cowpen Pond
Revells George Ann 12-21-1863 12-06-1903 Archival survey (marker not found) Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Holman 10-12-1929 05-22-1993 Cowpen Pond
Tyus Vergelina 06-26-1928 09-08-2012 w/o Troy Sr. Tyus Cowpen Pond
Jackson Daniel O. 10-07-1870 02-28-1921 Cowpen Pond
Andrews Elaine (Hill) Brogdon 07-05-1912 06-04-1995 Cowpen Pond
Neel Argenia 09-29-1852 08-02-1895 w/o Bennett Neel Cowpen Pond
Cloud Lecia Faye 1970 (twin) 1970 (interned in grave with Lisa) Cowpen Pond
Nichols Wylie Ford 02-08-1891 05-23-1957 (US Army Fla Cpl Btry F 2 Regt WW I) Cowpen Pond
Mooneyham Elloise 10-15-1921 11-10-1921 d/o Perry & Mattie Moneyham Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Clarence 07-12-1909 03-19-1983 h/o Mae Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Cemetery: Campbellton Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Langford George W. 05-22-1909 01-23-1985 h/o Inez Langford Campbellton Baptist
Porter Mary Elizabeth 01-03-1923 07-19-2009 w/o Marion Porter married 06-05-1942 Campbellton Baptist
Casey Jane Daniel 11-03-1842 01-28-1908 (archival survey info) Campbellton Baptist
Taylor Tom F. 11-19-1915 12-12-1996 h/o Hazel Taylor (two markers noted) Campbellton Baptist
Dekle Mrs. Roosey A.N. Neel 11-16-1823 03-14-1901 w/o George A. Dekle Campbellton Baptist
Freeman Alfred A. 01-21-1910 08-01-1990 Campbellton Baptist
Parrish Emma Hughes 04-07-1880 04-13-1913 w/o Dr. W.A. Perrish Campbellton Baptist
Peacock Gladys Louise 10-06-1925 (undated) w/o Richard Peacock Jr. Campbellton Baptist
Carroll Mary Lucille 09-18-1918 05-05-2008 w/o Hillary Carroll Campbellton Baptist
Stephenson Thelma B. 10-20-1903 04-01-1988 Campbellton Baptist
Tindell Johnie 08-19-1914 01-11-1988 h/o Mary Lou Tindell Campbellton Baptist
Farrior Ammie E. 02-19-1849 06-23-1893 w/o W.M. Farrior Campbellton Baptist
Hinson Ralph 02-28-1907 04-07-1908 s/o A.B. & M.P. Hinson Campbellton Baptist
Odom James Bryan 03-26-1972 11-21-1989 Campbellton Baptist
Buie Robert E. Lee 09-02-1870 08-09-1933 Campbellton Baptist
Schwinn Tessie L. Hatcher 07-09-1900 04-09-1966 w/o Murrow Schwinn Campbellton Baptist
Hinson Jack Scott 12-04-1914 10-25-1987 h/o Mary Hinson (two markers noted) Campbellton Baptist
Dodson Peggy J. 10-06-1951 (undated) w/o Marvin Dodson Campbellton Baptist
Young Joseph 05-10-1918 10-19-1990 (Pvt US Army WW II) Campbellton Baptist
Hinson Jack Scott 12-04-1914 10-25-1987 h/o Mary Hinson (two markers noted) Campbellton Baptist
Michaux Evelyn H. 10-05-1908 04-05-1984 w/o Barnett Michaux Campbellton Baptist
Barron Madeline K. 07-26-1914 04-30-1996 Campbellton Baptist
Roberson Mary J. Livings 06-27-1931 12-07-2005 w/o Olan Roberson Campbellton Baptist
Cemetery: Clayton
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Hart Ida 03-12-1880 09-15-1901 Clayton
Adams Joseph L. 01-19-1928 12-17-1959 h/o Jewel Adams Clayton
Smith Margie 05-16-1932 09-27-1993 (two markers noted) Clayton
Howard Louisa 01-22-1822 03-08-1905 Clayton
Granger Alice F. 10-30-1873 05-24-1904 w/o J.V. Granger Clayton
West S.E. 11-04-1867 09-19-1910 w/o J.J. West Clayton
Kingry Arthur B. 10-06-1860 06-08-1979 s/o B.C. & E.J. Kingry Clayton
Guy Abbie Lee 01-30-1887 10-31-1935 w/o James Washington Guy Clayton
Pynes Arrena Rena Hart 10-1874 08-1-1930 w/o Daniel P. Hamilton Pynes Married 05-17-1891 (d/o Joshua & Susan Hughes Hart Clayton
Guy A. Eligah 05-21-1836 04-07-1881 Clayton
Miller Benjamin F. 07-16-1908 02-12-1987 h/o Cornelia V. Miller (two markers noted) Clayton
Guy Rachel M. 12-11-1903 03-07-1905 d/o B.D.& N.A. Guy Clayton
Cemetery: Gordon
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Irwin Hester Hayes 07-11-1848 03-27-1935 w/o Joseph Irwin Gordon
Vaughn Infant Daughter 03-09-1901 03-09-1901 Gordon
Davis Arthur G. 09-01-1905 02-26-1977 h/o Beulah Cora Davis Gordon
Rathel Houston 09-04-1911 02-18-2000 h/o Oddie W. Rathel Gordon
Askew Sallie S. 09-08-1840 11-23-1916 w/o H.J. Askew Gordon
McLain Dora Salone Williams 05-11-1893 04-24-1967 Gordon
Jeffcoat Mary Alice King 1816 188 ? (last # on death not stamped) Gordon
Jeffcoat Lillian 01-24-1908 11-30-1975 Gordon
White Eva Bruce 1881 1966 w/o Barney B. White unmarked grave (family bible) Gordon
Espy John Robert 08-29-1921 11-18-1979 Gordon
Robinson Infant (one date) 02-05-1920 s/o M.M. & C.C. Robinson Gordon
Bevel Thomas J. 12-14-1870 12-27-1900 Gordon
Moat Elzey no date 1934 (archival survey info) (unmarkded grave adjacent to) Gordon
Johnson Georgia E. 12-24-1849 02-28-1878 w/o J.D. Johnson married 10-22-1866 Gordon
Wilson Nellie M. 10-05-1909 10-18-1983 (Grandmother of Gerald & Rickard Williams Gordon
Durden Juanita 10-03-1926 03-12-2014 w/o Ewell Gordon
Fuller Darnell 11-13-1913 10-16-1915 (archival survey info) Gordon
Shelley Ruth Eubanks 02-03-1905 02-02-1993 w/o Bill E. Shelley Gordon
Bowdon Fannie G. 01-21-1856 05-23-1925 w/o Charles P. Bowdon Gordon
North J.M. 04-04-1835 09-01-1912 (Mason Symbol) Gordon
Kirkland L. H. 01-18-1903 07-08-1950 Gordon
Granberry Thomas Burton 02-14-1879 07-13-1913 Gordon
Snead Sally Cook 03-10-1881 04-21-1956 Gordon
Cemetery: Pleasant Hill
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Harlow Annie Mae 05-01-1886 03-12-1967 w/o Charlie Alvie Harlow Pleasant Hill
Parrish Dutch 06-16-1873 11-26-1939 Pleasant Hill
Conrad James C. 06-22-1933 04-29-1966 Pleasant Hill
Mathis Melburn 01-17-1913 09-05-1988 h/o Alma Pynes Mathis Pleasant Hill
Bodiford Lola Delores 11-13-1926 (undated) w/o Robert David Bodiford married 11-25-1945 Pleasant Hill
Wofford Isaiah B. 09-29-1895 02-11-1966 h/o Missie H. Wofford (two markers noted) Pleasant Hill
Suggs Emilee G. 02-10-1904 02-07-1994 w/o Chalker Suggs Pleasant Hill
Dean Marjoria W. 01-22-1932 (undated) w/o Richard C. Dean married 05-06-1965 Pleasant Hill
Allen Benny Wofford 04-17-1917 04-13-1966 Pleasant Hill
Harrison Lennie M. Flowers 10-22-1903 04-08-2000 w/o Benjamin F. Harrison Pleasant Hill
Parrish William O. 12-15-1895 04-16-1925 h/o Mae Parrish Pleasant Hill
Coonrod Lonie C. 08-19-1892 03-02-1962 h/o Mary Jane Coonrod Pleasant Hill
McNeal Ammlon L. 07-28-1884 06-15-1939 Pleasant Hill
Hughes Ruby Lee 11-01-1927 01-09-1934 d/o J.E. & M.T. Hughes Pleasant Hill
Tidwell Infant (no dates) s/o J.H. Tidwell Pleasant Hill
Etheridge Wymon 10-01-1934 05-20-1935 s/o C.B. & G.E. Etheridge Pleasant Hill
Helms Wardie Mae Culbreth 10-25-1893 11-19-1936 w/o Dallas C. Helms Pleasant Hill
Tolar Gary Terrence (no dates) s/o Manley & Sara Tolar Daddy to Steven & Mary Beth and Pee Paw to Auston Pleasant Hill
Pynes Edgar Foster Sr. 09-18-1899 11-20-1982 Pleasant Hill
Culbreth Infant (one date) 02-10-1893 d/o J.T. & C.E. Culbreth Pleasant Hill
McNeal Lila Virginia 02-23-1930 09-30-1930 d/o Ralph & Bessie McNeal Pleasant Hill
Brunson Ila L. Glass 04-01-1922 12-01-2009 w/o Drew H. Brunson Pleasant Hill
Jackson Evelyn Nesby 11-25-1921 01-29-1993 Pleasant Hill
Vickers Roy C. 10-14-1893 05-06-1965 h/o Lucy Vickers Pleasant Hill
Godfrey Clara Nell Daniel 05-01-1921 10-28-2008 w/o Kirmon R. Godfrey Pleasant Hill
Holland William Edward 12-27-1894 02-12-1973 h/o Wessie Burkett Holland Pleasant Hill
Jeffcoat Infant (no dates) c/o A. & M.D. Jeffcoat Pleasant Hill
Newton Julia Ann Glass/Adkins 10-06-1941 02-10-2017 Pleasant Hill
Robinson Daniel Franklin 03-29-1905 04-06-1986 h/o Ethel L. Joiner Robinson Pleasant Hill
Davis Euna C. 12-23-1895 09-11-1957 w/o Osea L. Davis Pleasant Hill
Harper Archie Fredrick 09-29-1924 06-09-2014 h/o Frances Harper Pleasant Hill
Mercer Annie P. 05-09-1907 02-28-1993 Pleasant Hill
Cemetery: Gunn Methodist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Barksdale Elizabeth 08-18-1819 09-29-1889 w/o William Barksdale Gunn Methodist
Stapleton Thomas S. 06-27-1822 05-20-1892 h/o Harriet Stapleton two headstones side by side one marked 05-19-1892 Gunn Methodist
Jordan Valeria 01-27-1875 06-26-1925 w/o John David Jordan Jr. Gunn Methodist
Brown Minnie Gr