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Cemetery: Pine Crest
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Hill Samuel J. 12-03-1902 12-17-1972 (PFC US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Watson Grady Roy 06-09-1944 03-07-1999 (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Pettis Cecil 07-30-1936 05-18-2003 h/o Charlene Pettis Pine Crest
Cunningham Patricia J. 1927 2002 Pine Crest
Myers Leslie Elwood 07-02-1917 02-28-2015 h/o Bertha Myers married 03-27-1940 Pine Crest
Duce Cozine Bennett 1934 2009 w/o Harold Edwin Duce Pine Crest
Smith Anthony Ray (Tony) 06-19-1972 04-20-1987 (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Lindsey Clarence 03-22-1905 08-02-1983 h/o Vida Lindsey Pine Crest
Daffin Warren Holden 03-04-1939 03-06-2007 h/o Hanni Lora Daffin Pine Crest
Throssell Beverly N. 1915 2000 w/o Wilber I. Throssell Pine Crest
Caraway Vivian Chandler 09-18-1944 (undated) w/o Albert Holly Caraway (married 08-15-1964) Pine Crest
Nobles Mary 09-26-1927 01-31-1980 Pine Crest
Harrell Gussie 1891 1970 w/o George Harrell Pine Crest
Tew Shirley Messer 3-17-1935 5-05-2022 w/o Cleburn Tew Obituaries Pine Crest
Keniston Melanie Simpson 1970 1997 Pine Crest
Bright Mary D. 08-21-1929 (undated) w/o Charley T. Bright Pine Crest
Crumpler K. Jewell 04-04-1917 04-20-2008 w/o Ralph D. Crumpler Pine Crest
Sandifer Cecil W. 07-20-1935 10-14-1999 (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Gortemoller Rita Ullmen 1914 1995 w/o John A. Gortemoller Pine Crest
Grant Leta Bowen 1906 2000 Pine Crest
Herman Mildred (Millie) Payne 06-15-1943 01-15-2021 w/o Claude E. Herman (obituaries) Pine Crest
Mills Peggy 11-04-1929 02-28-2007 w/o Jack C. Mills Pine Crest
Winslett John C. 07-19-1902 09-15-1992 h/o Marie M. Winslett Pine Crest
Clunan Samuel D. 07-04-1915 07-06-1990 h/o Velma A. Clunan (S Sgt US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Reddick Mae (Granny) 1888 1975 Pine Crest
Gibson Lula M. 05-24-1930 07-21-2016 (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
James Irvin M. 1906 1983 h/o Maxie I. James (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Baxter Kevin Randall 12-19-1978 03-22-1979 (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
McRae Wilson David 1914 1995 h/o Elizabeth Warren McRae Pine Crest
Horne Delores J. 08-21-1933 03-21-2014 w/o Charles Horne Pine Crest
Fox Maurice 08-23-1931 (undated) h/o Rita Fox Pine Crest
Stoner Dorothy Florence 02-20-1918 11-03-2001 w/o Dale S. Stoner Pine Crest
Hogan Estelle E. 11-28-1912 12-06-2001 w/o W. Cecil Hogan Pine Crest
Wellner Walter William 1902 1975 h/o Sarah Owens Wellner Pine Crest
Allen James E. 1940 2006 h/o Gloria B. Allen Pine Crest
Pieschacon Jose M. 1901 1972 Pine Crest
Traynom Otis D. 11-21-1919 02-26-2013 (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Edenfield Eva W. 1910 1989 w/o Claude e. Edenfield Pine Crest
Smith Leonard 03-15-1924 06-14-2004 h/o Annie L. Smith (US Air Force) Pine Crest
Dukes Gerald Wayne 12-27-1950 04-27-2018 h/o Juline Johnson Dukes (Obit Info) Pine Crest
Lonsinger Marianna W. (no dates) (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Rehberg Lucy M. 08-01-1914 03-07-2000 w/o S. Buford Rehberg Pine Crest
Tipton Marjorie N. 1917 2009 w/o English L. Tipton Pine Crest
Cathings Genevieve M. 02-11-1925 02-21-2003 w/o James C. Cathings Pine Crest
O'Neal Clyde Edwin (Ed) 02-15-1929 08-17-2009 h/o Margaret O'Neal Pine Crest
Hart B. Wilson 1920 1994 h/o Brunese Hart Pine Crest
Oswald Andrew Jackson age 83 6-13-2022 h/o Dianne Taylor Oswald Obituaries Pine Crest
Kindred Dorothy H. 09-12-1920 01-24-2009 w/o Harold Kindred Pine Crest
Bone Ronald Lee 07-02-1943 12-24-2008 (Beloved Son) Pine Crest
Browning Thomas A. 01-17-1940 12-21-2012 (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Daniel Sarah Jean 1933 2016 w/o Robert Cameron Daniel married 01-05-1951 Pine Crest
Schobert Lillian 1894 1987 w/o John L. Schobert Pine Crest
Griffin Charlie Bowen 07-16-1923 11-12-1992 (SSgt USAF WW II & Korea) Pine Crest
Hussey Ronald Earl 10-16-1942 08-20-2021 h/o Norma Hussey Obituaries Pine Crest
Moore Ellen E. 01-04-1910 04-18-1984 Pine Crest
Wyckoff Helene V. 02-21-1917 no date w/o Charles F. Wyckoff Pine Crest
Compton Michael A. 11-29-1952 06-16-2007 Pine Crest
Rettig Lurline D. 1913 2001 Pine Crest
Jensen Raymond E. 09-12-1912 01-10-1982 h/o Gussie Mae Jensen (TSgt USAF WW II & Korea) Pine Crest
Wilson Don 04-08-1948 03-01-2017 h/o Brenda Wilson Pine Crest
Bergstrom Doris Wiggins 06-12-1926 05-06-2009 (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Malloy William Hershel 07-26-1910 03-16-1990 h/o Rubye Weston Malloy Pine Crest
Funderburk Kenneth R. 02-02-1934 01-16-2003 h/o Sue W. Funderburk (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Holmes Judith Dianne (no dates) (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Weston Rubye 08-04-1911 06-23-2003 (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Andrews Ophar M. 12-23-1901 07-05-1994 (PVT US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Rudd Kathryn C. 1930 2012 w/o Noel Rudd Pine Crest
Ethridge Amos R. 07-20-1954 (undated) h/o Virginia A. Ethridge Pine Crest
Snipes Evelyn R. 1909 2000 w/o Thomas K Snipes Pine Crest
Singletary Dorothy Wester 06-03-1955 08-03-2018 (Obituary) Pine Crest
McArthur Joyce L. 09-10-1936 05-31-1991 Pine Crest
Duggin Thomas Jefferson 08-02-1930 05-14-2001 (two markers noted) (A1C USAF Korea) Pine Crest
Turner Jerome Frank 1926 1974 Pine Crest
Chason Dorothy Browning 05-19-1935 2014 w/o Eugene Chason Pine Crest
Pace Elijah Ross 12-16-1899 01-29-1967 Pine Crest
Haynes James (Frank) F. 12-27-1922 10-27-2000 (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Sellars L Douglas 1948 1975 Pine Crest
Bradberry Joe Wayne 05-01-1937 11-19-2016 h/o Gayle Culpepper Bradberry Pine Crest
Knowles Gladys M. 08-03-1923 01-23-2002 Pine Crest
Williams Guiola Gilbert 12-15-1927 11-27-2020 w/o Ryals Williams Jr. Pine Crest
Burch Grace A. 1925 1989 w/o Raymond L. Burch Pine Crest
Daws Germany 10-06-1905 02-12-1976 Pine Crest
Sprouse Carl (Bill) William 12-20-1938 01-03-2018 h/o Gloria Wise Sprouse (obit info) Pine Crest
Morrow James Walker 1904 1978 h/o Manar Lou Morrow Pine Crest
Grimes William H. 07-04-1925 06-09-2003 (US Army) (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Blanton Aubrey 08-24-1921 08-10-1979 h/o Bonnie Blanton (SSgt US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Cook Flora D. 07-11-1924 11-16-2009 w/o John B. Cook Pine Crest
Riley Frank W. 1908 1984 h/o Retha L. Riley Pine Crest
Wade Hollis Amon 07-13-1929 04-09-2011 US ARMY Pine Crest
Johnson Mary Alice Peeler 01-31-1928 03-25-2004 Pine Crest
Mason James Milton 01-18-1903 07-06-1980 h/o Roberta Delane Mason Pine Crest
White Olga A. 08-13-1922 12-14-2008 w/o Frank C. White Pine Crest
Gardner Sharon H. 1969 (undated) w/o Phillip S. Gardner Pine Crest
Bryan Hellon Vivian Golden 12-05-1932 07-19-2020 w/o James William Bryan (Obituaries Pine Crest
Powledge Andrew F. 1892 1968 h/o Lillie W. Powledge Pine Crest
Howard Patrica S. 1936 (undated) w/o Charles G. Howard Pine Crest
Austin William Andrew 01-14-1918 05-03-1973 (PVT US Army WW II) Pine Crest
McCrary Ben 11-28-1923 05-22-2009 h/o Mary Ann McCrary (PFC US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Fuqua Margie Dillard 05-15-1933 12-28-2010 Pine Crest
Exum Robert Lee Jr. 11-17-1915 11-13-1982 h/o Della M. Exum (CBR US Navy WW II) Pine Crest
Spivey Cary Mae 1905 1987 w/o Roy W. Spivey Pine Crest
Smith Charles Clifton 03-25-1931 03-20-1988 (SGT USMC Korea) Pine Crest
Lambe Lola P. 09-12-1927 (undated) w/o Arnold Lambe Pine Crest
Vertrees Cacilie 1907 1974 Pine Crest
Parmer Thelma J. 08-16-1918 06-03-1992 w/o Rev. Shelby R. Parmer Pine Crest
Conrad Alice Ruth 10-06-1930 01-23-2013 Pine Crest
Shubrick Harold E. 08-03-1920 01-14-2004 (Col US Air Force WW II & Korea) Pine Crest
Lanier Arthur Glenn 12-14-1912 05-26-1989 h/o Flossie Jane Lanier Pine Crest
Vaughan Walter Byron 1924 1978 (two markers noted) (TEC 4 US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Sweeney Mary Elizabeth 1936 2010 Pine Crest
Bush Charles Wesley 07-14-1908 04-21-1985 h/o Ruth J. Bush Pine Crest
Denning Ruby Hagan 04-16-1912 05-25-1983 Pine Crest
Myers Joy Ann 01-18-1937 07-19-1990 Pine Crest
Cemetery: Pleasant Hill
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Ferguson John Franklin 08-25-1892 07-23-1977 Pleasant Hill
Steed Lilla Mae no date no date d/o L.L. Steed Pleasant Hill
Harper Cleone E. 02-07-1896 08-19-1940 w/o John Frank Harper Pleasant Hill
Parrish J.W. 11-06-1881 06-22-1951 Unmarded adult grave adjacent to Pleasant Hill
Cook Herman 05-30-1922 10-24-2006 h/o Dorothy Burkett Cook Pleasant Hill
Brindle Nancy V. 03-04-1904 07-17-1979 m/o Zula Mae Brunson Pleasant Hill
Wofford William W. 11-19-1887 08-12-1944 h/o Jimmie L. Wofford Pleasant Hill
Summerford H. O. 07-01-1881 01-08-1928 (archival survey marker not located) Pleasant Hill
Ditty Betty Lue 03-18-1937 02-26-1938 d/o Mr. & Mrs. Jeffie Ditty (archival survey info) Pleasant Hill
Hart Clem 11-10-1914 01-16-1999 w/o Pilcher Hart Pleasant Hill
Pynes Mildred (Millie) Amelia Chumney 12-11-1852 05-08-1935 w/o Benjamin Paul Pynes (married 11-03-1884) d/o James C.& Nancy Baxter Chumney Pleasant Hill
Culbreth Dixie C. 07-08-1899 01-21-1947 Pleasant Hill
McNeal Eldridge 11-07-1879 12-08-1930 Pleasant Hill
Bruner Ethel Mae 08-26-1912 08-27-1916 d/o Jesse & Betty Ann Smith Bruner Pleasant Hill
Ingram Eula Mae 10-23-1902 02-25-1986 w/o C.R. (Ross) Ingram Pleasant Hill
Vickers Jeanette 04-29-1931 01-31-1967 w/o Leroy Vickers Pleasant Hill
Fortune Virgil Scott 09-02-1941 06-23-2006 h/o Wanda Fortune (archival survey marker not found) Pleasant Hill
Herndon Infant #1 (no dates) Infants of Benjamin & Mary Ann Herndon Pleasant Hill
Pynes Sarah Gilmore Lewis 1812 1871 w/o White Pynes married 08-26-1836 Pleasant Hill
Culbreth Marshall 02-20-1869 03-19-1898 Pleasant Hill
McNeal Victoria 10-12-1885 06-25-1950 Pleasant Hill
Bullock Alvie Lee 10-16-1916 03-10-1967 (ALA TEC-5 US ARMY WW II) Pleasant Hill
Jeffcoat Infant (no dates) c/o A. & M.D. Jeffcoat Pleasant Hill
Jackson Infant (no dates) i/o Mary H. Jackson ( gg granddaughter to James & Mary Ida Fears) Pleasant Hill
Watkins Lue Mathews 10-17-1899 05-20-1989 w/o Dock Watkins Pleasant Hill
Adams James 04-12-1861 11-22-1922 h/o Mack Adams s/o Goalson & Martha J. Adams Pleasant Hill
Howard Sam 04-13-1888 10-09-1947 h/o Willie Mae Howard Pleasant Hill
Sanders George 03-09-1887 10-14-1918 h/o Clodine Bodiford Sanders Pleasant Hill
McIntyre Hollie Hazel 02-01-1882 10-02-1882 d/o Mr. & Mrs. R.L. McIntyre (archival survey info) Pleasant Hill
Godfrey Kirmon R. 08-31-1921 08-09-2002 h/o Clara Godfrey (two markers noted) Pleasant Hill
Cemetery: Bascom Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
O'Neal Joseph W. 1849 1912 Bascom Baptist
Hatcher Creasey Jane Dykes 1847 1929 Bascom Baptist
Barbree Emma Green 10-30-1901 05-04-1938 Bascom Baptist
Oswald William M. 09-02-1902 04-23-1959 Bascom Baptist
Hogan William F. 08-01-1879 01-10-1917 h/o Willie Rose Hogan Bascom Baptist
Deal Christopher Anthorny 05-18-1983 (undated) Bascom Baptist
Bevis Jimmy L. 07-14-1868 05-18-1959 h/o Ella Bevis Bascom Baptist
Rogers Maude Oswald 10-05-1912 01-08-1971 w/o John Rogers Bascom Baptist
Johnson James 1938 2001 Bascom Baptist
Dickson Nicholas C. 09-23-1912 07-25-2004 (two markers noted) Bascom Baptist
Harden Sally Helen 05-17-1916 10-17-1991 (archival survey marker unfound) Bascom Baptist
Boone Daniel Odom 07-30-1882 03-15-1926 Bascom Baptist
Standland Mittie Helms 03-25-1895 02-11-1976 w/o John W. Standland Bascom Baptist
Johnson Simmie C. 06-14-1890 06-23-1941 w/o Daniel Johnson Bascom Baptist
Dozier Trudie Capan 07-17-1892 09-28-1983 w/o Thomas Dozier Bascom Baptist
Cemetery: Gordon
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Jeffcoat Margie N. 04-22-1929 12-14-2016 w/o George L. Jeffcoat 2 unmarked adults outside plot Gordon
Williams E.B. Jr. 08-21-1888 05-16-1957 unmarked infant & child adjacent to Gordon
Espy Roberta Lee 12-09-1864 06-04-1952 w/o John R. Espy Gordon
Rathel Oddie W. 06-20-1915 10-19-2011 w/o Houston Rathel Gordon
Robinson Martha A. 04-07-1867 04-11-1937 w/o Franklin M. Robinson Gordon
Blair L.C. 04-10-1875 02-20-1968 h/o Daisy Blair Gordon
Moates Maybell (no dates) Gordon
Jones Annie Mae 06-14-1887 08-05-1968 Gordon
Wilson Willie Fred 09-06-1928 03-01-2000 (US Army Korea) Gordon
Girtman Shellie E. Cawthan 04-08-1879 11-15-1901 w/o S.B.Girtman d/o C.C. & Ella Cawthan Gordon
Smith Holk 12-03-1907 05-06-1970 h/o Mabel D. Waller Smith Gordon
Bowdon Rosa May 11-27-1870 08-24-1872 d/o S. & C.R. Bowdon Gordon
Odom Clara Snead 06-15-1885 03-10-1964 w/o Daniel F. Odom married 01-03-1909 Gordon
Pynes Penelope Caroline 09-19-1830 11-21-1873 w/o W.H. Smith d/o James & Winifred Pynes Gordon
Lamb A. D. 04-06-1874 09-15-1947 h/o Florence Lamb Gordon
Griffin George L. 01-19-1912 06-11-1986 (Sgt US Army WW II) Gordon
Strickland Cornelious Greenberry 09-05-1881 08-31-1947 h/o Susie Strickland Gordon
Owen Timothy D. 12-20-1955 01-27-1995 (PN 2 US Army Vietnam) Gordon
Harrison (perhaps) Sally 04-12-1991 08-19-2006 Gordon
Leslie Virginia Pynes 1846 1902 w/o William P. Leslie d/o J. & W. Pynes married 12-08-1867 Gordon
Harlow Willis Sr. 12-01-1915 02-16-1969 h/o Pearl E. Harlow Gordon
Tomlinson Betty Bennett 09-19-1922 01-01-2002 w/o Holk Smith Tomlinson married 06-15-1947 Gordon
Clark William H. 07-19-1854 12-04-1873 s/o G.B.& J.E. Clark (archival survey info) Gordon
Cemetery: Campbellton Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Greenwood Shirley F. 09-30-1944 (undated) w/o Carlton Greenwood married 05-05-1962 Campbellton Baptist
Jones James Churchill 02-13-1875 03-20-1878 s/o C.R. & R.E. Jones Campbellton Baptist
Peacock Richard C. Jr. 06-29-1916 07-04-1999 h/o Gladys Peacock (MM1 US Coast Guard WW II) Campbellton Baptist
Carter J.W. 05-19-1845 08-02-1917 h/o Sallie Carter (two markers noted) Campbellton Baptist
Tarver Sallie Lee 08-25-1871 02-02-1901 Campbellton Baptist
Fleming Juanita J. 05-19-1919 12-28-2012 w/o Rev. Julian Fleming Campbellton Baptist
Unknown (know only to God) (one of many forgotten ancestors) Campbellton Baptist
Hinson William H. 09-10-1842 12-1873 (two markers noted) Campbellton Baptist
Paulk Dora Lee Garner 01-12-1899 12-12-1962 w/o Joel Paulk Campbellton Baptist
Callaway Robert Henry 1846 1922 CSA Pvt (Co I 5 Fla Cavry) Campbellton Baptist
Smith A.Frank 01-28-1874 09-30-1955 Campbellton Baptist
Dollar Wilbur Hugh 09-17-1938 07-08-1981 Campbellton Baptist
Farrior Vesta 12-09-1883 09-17-1884 d/o Dr. J.P. & Greshion Farrior Campbellton Baptist
Hinson Lizzie L. 03-17-1844 07-16-1885 w/o Hadley Hinson Jr. Campbellton Baptist
Miles Peggy 01-29-1938 (undated) w/o James married 06-26-1955 Campbellton Baptist
Booth Dr. W.R. 10-03-1865 1933 h/o Ammie Booth (Mason) Campbellton Baptist
Roberson Thelma Lucille 08-25-1914 09-25-1914 d/o Mr. & Mrs. J.R. Roberson Campbellton Baptist
Dekle G.A. 11-03-1820 07-27-1876 h/o Rossey Dekle Campbellton Baptist
Renfroe Robert A. 02-14-1859 10-03-1918 (death date) (two markers noted) Campbellton Baptist
Wilkes Elson 05-25-1925 11-12-1974 h/o Hazel Wilkes (two markers noted) Campbellton Baptist
Hinson Doris Tucker 05-03-1921 02-05-2015 w/o John Max Hinson Campbellton Baptist
Cemetery: Riverside
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Irwin Jimmie Ayers 07-13-1928 (undated) w/o Henry Irwin married 03-06-1949 Riverside
Reiff Charles O. 08-24-1899 12-12-1981 h/o Annee Reiff Riverside
Cogburn Albert E. 10-22-1933 08-08-1970 (USMC) Riverside
MacKinnon Francis Tillinghast 08-25-1898 07-03-1982 h/o Inez MacKinnon Riverside
Stewart C. Wayland 09-25-1942 03-30-1961 (USMC) Riverside
Guillen Christopher (one date) 12-30-2008 Riverside
Grant Thelma 04-01-1918 01-29-2018 (obit info) Riverside
Farley Hattie Fannie 08-24-1872 12-07-1886 d/o J.A. & E.W. Farley Riverside
Wiselogel Margaret E. 1847 1933 w/o Louis Wiselogel Riverside
Aycock Amis G. 1891 1937 Riverside
Hill John L. 01-28-1897 12-13-1975 h/o Mozelle Hill Riverside
Pittman Louise M. 11-22-1919 05-03-1991 w/o Joseph Pittman married 04-29-1941 Riverside
Carnley Aubra 01-29-1929 04-11-1995 h/o Grace Carnley Riverside
Smith Hugh G. 11-23-1879 10-01-1939 h/o Susie Smith Riverside
Lee Stella Newsome 05-12-1914 12-14-2012 Riverside
Dickson Lillie Mae Boone 12-09-1905 04-18-1989 w/o James Dickson Riverside
West Charles Slade 06-26-1904 05-18-1996 s/o Theophilus & Annie West Riverside
Infant Illegible Area of Beasley & McMahan Riverside
Harden Bobby Jean 06-12-1965 05-18-1991 Riverside
Parker John A. 04-27-1900 07-26-1988 (US Army WW I) Riverside
Bryan Joyce J. 04-04-1929 04-19-2000 w/o John Bryan Jr. Riverside
Kimbell William Thomas 1851 1935 h/o Mattie E. Kimbell Riverside
Schuessler Deidre 07-13-1955 09-16-1994 Riverside
Davis Addie Maude 06-22-1889 02-21-1987 Riverside
Pumphrey Charles W. 03-16-1928 07-08-1990 (US Navy WW II) (two markers noted) Riverside
Vickery Betty Free 02-26-1937 08-29-2020 w/o Eugene Talmadge Vickery Riverside
Name Illegible 1881 1928 Riverside
Gilham Jessie E. James 05-03-1905 09-17-1992 Riverside
Nearing Freda V. 07-13-1896 01-21-1994 Riverside
Billingslea Eula Mae Jordan 03-11-1912 07-06-1998 w/o Arthur Billingslea Riverside
McKinnon Infant (one date) 01-17-1978 s/o Daniel & Susan Riverside
Richardson James Michael 09-27-1945 11-01-2007 married 08-13-1966 Riverside
Conrad Elzie B. 01-15-1902 10-26-1956 h/o Audrie Conrad Riverside
Jarmon Rudolph S. 11-05-1924 04-17-2005 Riverside
Martin Frank Henry 08-13-1883 03-13-1973 h/o Minnie Martin Riverside
Stewart Wilkes Lamar 10-16-1925 12-29-2000 h/o Myrtle Stewart (two markers noted) Riverside
Ward Roma Sue 04-27-1947 05-03-2015 Riverside
Ferrell Armetta Mittie Lee 10-18-1910 12-21-2002 Riverside
Wrighton Harry Bolton 1913 1973 h/o Mary Wrighton Riverside
Barnes Dorothy Mae 01-16-1940 10-05-2007 w/o Harold Barnes married 09-16-1961 Riverside
Hodges C. Hubert Sr. 07-05-1905 07-05-1984 h/o Mary Hodges Riverside
Pledger John C. 1894 1976 (US Army WW I) Riverside
Carter Francis Jr. B. 04-14-1886 04-08-1961 h/o Mary Carter Riverside
Smith Ruth Stapleton 09-08-1893 05-08-1976 w/o George Smith Riverside
Diener John Peter 07-01-1930 04-17-1988 h/o Bettie Jean Diener (Lt Col USAF) Riverside
Lewis Bettie 04-23-1885 09-08-1885 d/o Richard & Bettie Lewis Riverside
Patrick Mesia Louise Kirkpatrick 04-10-1902 02-07-1989 w/o Pickalo Patrick Riverside
Burke Henry Bernard Jr. 11-17-1927 03-16-2010 Riverside
White Hugh James 1937 2003 Riverside
Dickson Robert S. 09-30-1914 CSA (1861-1865) (died in Civil War) Riverside
Harris Howard W. 10-06-1934 (undated) h/o Gracie Harris Riverside
Kirkpatrick William Warfield 09-08-1851 08-16-1937 Riverside
Sexton Madge Kent 10-03-1911 11-23-2003 Riverside
Davis Glenville Enoch 10-01-1941 03-28-1999 (US Navy) Riverside
Walton Betty Sue 12-20-1948 12-20-2007 Riverside
Darley F.T. 1901 1928 Riverside
Goodwin Lucile Evans 09-13-1903 07-28-1984 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Nobles Willis Hampton 01-18-1877 07-05-1964 h/o Mary Nobles Riverside
Bollin Mary Etta 10-24-1935 10-05-1984 (two markers noted) Riverside
McQuagge William A. 10-16-1886 05-15-1936 h/o Thelma McQuagge Riverside
Fiveash Mariam 10-24-1930 07-07-2020 w/o Thomas L. Fiveash Obituaries Riverside
Roberts Kim 08-24-1963 08-22-2006 Riverside
Cook Jewel Dean 03-14-1924 (undated) w/o Rhue Elmo Cook Riverside
Liviston Sholert (no birth) 03-06-1930 (age 68) Riverside
Johnson Ernes (no dates) Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Milner Albert E. 02-22-1874 12-27-1929 h/o Erin Milner Riverside
Barwick William Franklin 06-04-1918 04-19-2006 Riverside
Massey Bobby 09-22-1959 11-17-2007 Riverside
Strickland Delores K. 03-31-1941 03-31-1941 Riverside
Bush Lettie M. 03-21-1933 07-21-2003 Riverside
Fite Lottie McQuagge 02-05-1920 04-10-2014 w/o John Fite Riverside
Binghan Thomas Edward 02-18-1934 09-19-2015 (two markers noted) (Sgt US Army Korea) Riverside
Hollis Clyde William (Billy) III 09-03-1953 07-25-1995 Riverside
Poston Infant 09-29-1944 09-29-1944 s/o C.E. & Carol Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Chalker L. Moody 10-19-1896 03-21-1972 h/o Myrtle Chalker Riverside
Horne Lucille Solomon 08-02-1886 10-22-1940 w/o John Horne Riverside
Dozier James (Jim) 11-03-1921 05-05-1971 Riverside
Adams Marilyn Lou 12-31-1933 10-28-2009 Riverside
Lewis Rosa Knapp - Stevens 07-18-1888 11-29-1975 w/o Arthur Lewis Riverside
Peacock Julia Christiana 04-02-1875 10-14-1963 w/o William Peacock Riverside
Bush David 12-12-1945 05-16-1997 h/o Janice Bush Riverside
Wikle Harry L. 10-31-1893 01-30-1956 Riverside
Marker Illegible (in area of Purdee & Dudley Riverside
Williams Edward (Vic) age 65 8-29-2021 h/o Joyce Williams Obituaries Riverside
Hart Samuel I. 10-25-1912 05-08-1948 Riverside
Lambe John E. 02-13-1896 03-11-1965 h/o Berta Lambe Riverside
Shriner C.M. 02-11-1867 09-30-1923 Riverside
Davis Ruby H. 10-18-1902 04-23-1987 w/o Elree Davis Riverside
Watson Mark Edward 10-29-1960 (undated) h/o Paulette Watson Riverside
Wandeck Dr. William Roy 11-29 1904 05-04-1976 h/o Virginia Wandeck Riverside
Mashburn Jess Monroe 1879 10-31-1947 Riverside
Graham Helen 08-24-1926 09-20-1996 Riverside
Oliver William A. 11-13-1922 11-09-1970 h/o Mary Oliver Riverside
Meredith Willie Murl 06-16-1942 02-23-2016 w/o Joe Meredith (two markers noted) Riverside
Bowles Thomas Dickson 11-14-1900 05-06-1976 h/o Mildred Bowles Riverside
Medlock William A. 07-23-1895 01-21-1961 h/o Lucy Medlock Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Rossner Pamela Ann 1963 2010 Riverside
Corrine Scruggs 1905 1977 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Spires Rhebard (no birth) 02-01-1918 Riverside
Weston Ira E. 01-28-1918 11-18-1960 (two markers noted) Sgt. US Army WW II Riverside
Jones Carl Sr. A. 03-19-1914 09-13-1996 h/o Frances Jones Riverside
Moody Eloise Gelzer 04-13-1930 11-18-2012 w/o Eddy Moody (two markers noted) Riverside
Beall Mary W. 07-06-1909 (undated) w/o Louis Beall Riverside
Mayfield Gladys M. 11-09-1906 08-13-1976 Riverside
Taylor Joann 03-12-1960 09-21-1994 Riverside
Purvis Dorothy (Polly) Pauline 10-11-1927 01-21-2019 w/o Tom Asfor (Obituary info) Riverside
Folsom Annie (Lizzie) W. Anderson-Willis 01-12-1896 10-26-1987 Riverside
Horne Inez Lura Singletary 12-12-1893 07-01-1972 w/o Chester Horne Riverside
Pratt Alice Jane 07-23-1849 04-29-1929 Riverside
Chesteen Roy Ellic 09-09-1934 06-13-1998 h/o Carol Chesteen (two markers noted) Riverside
Staley Francis Marion 06-09-1873 06-11-1970 h/o Theola Staley Riverside
Dyer Harold E. 1953 2011 Riverside
Allen Annie A. 08-01-1887 03-30-1925 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Liddon Susan E. 03-29-1827 02-19-1905 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Cemetery: Mt Olive Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Dickens Joel 11-30-1835 04-13-1911 h/o Elizabeth Dickens (two markers noted) Mt Olive Baptist
Robinson Frances M. 03-05-1934 05-13-1981 Mt Olive Baptist
Kirkland Jewell E. 04-27-1910 02-17-1956 w/o Hosea Kirkland Mt Olive Baptist
Atwell Coley Malcolm 06-05-1912 06-20-1974 h/o Eva Atwell Mt Olive Baptist
Pitts Woodrow Wilson 04-30-1925 05-31-2003 (two markers noted) (S1 US Navy WW II) Mt Olive Baptist
Watford Fauline 02-23-1923 08-03-1998 h/o Doris A. Watford (two markers noted) Mt Olive Baptist
Helms Louise 01-13-1907 07-08-1976 w/o Herbert R. Helms Mt Olive Baptist
Giles Walter W. 05-17-1888 07-24-1959 (N.C. PFC Quartermaster Corps WW I) Mt Olive Baptist
Ross Thomas 12-07-1894 04-26-1991 h/o Pinkie R. Ross Mt Olive Baptist
Lockhart James Charles 12-22-1912 08-20-1986 h/o Jimmy Mae Lockhart (two markers noted) Mt Olive Baptist
Averett Susie Ellender Culverhouse 03-06-1897 10-17-1978 w/o Edwin Matthew Averett Mt Olive Baptist
Shiver Elbert F. 07-06-1925 09-28-1999 (two markers noted) PFC US Army WW II) Mt Olive Baptist
Wilkerson Madeline Oswald 09-22-1899 04-17-1989 Mt Olive Baptist
Harrison Edward 01-10-1893 04-17-1977 h/o Minnie Lee Harrison Mt Olive Baptist
Stephens Alexander Clinton 10-21-1869 05-31-1936 Buried in unmarked grave (info by relative) Mt Olive Baptist
Bell Johnnie J. Ford 12-15-1911 11-18-1990 w/o Charlie Monroe Bell Mt Olive Baptist
McKelvain Infants (no dates) i/o Henry & Bertie McKelvain Mt Olive Baptist
Hartzog Virgie L. 03-13-1910 06-10-1988 (two markers noted) Mt Olive Baptist
Windison John 10-28-1863 12-24-1909 WOW symbol headstone (died at Bascom Fla.) Mt Olive Baptist
Strickland Harmon H. 03-03-1909 09-29-1963 h/o Mary E. Strickland Mt Olive Baptist
Hartzog Gertrude E. 09-13-1919 01-26-1977 w/o Grady W. Hartzog Mt Olive Baptist
Brooks Myrtle Helms 03-30-1912 11-25-1985 w/o James S. Brooks Identical adult slab below Mt Olive Baptist
Parmer Bascom C. 03-08-1898 01-29-1973 h/o Eldora W. Parmer Mt Olive Baptist
Cemetery: Cowpen Pond
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Jackson Herbert Willis 04-22-1924 12-23-1925 Cowpen Pond
Atwell Lovie 08-10-1897 01-02-1988 Cowpen Pond
Neel Bennett F. 11-10-1851 10-16-1931 h/o Argenia Neel Cowpen Pond
Cloud Mazina 05-05-1856 03-26-1895 w/o Henry Cloud Cowpen Pond
Hightower A.B. 1889 1965 (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Nobles Homer Harrison 03-02-1917 04-26-1941 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Eddie 10-02-1944 10-02-1944 Cowpen Pond
Jefferson Matthew 03-17-1930 10-16-1931 Cowpen Pond
Tyus Elizabeth 09-01-1837 10-21-1918 Cowpen Pond
Moneyhan J.D. 01-29-1859 03-24-1934 Cowpen Pond
Hightower A.B. 1889 1965 (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Moneyham Susie 10-05-1903 09-25-1906 Cowpen Pond
Bradley Cecil 09-01-1917 11-05-1928 Cowpen Pond
Basford Frances Dean 02-20-1940 (undated) w/o Samuel Basford Sr. (married 11-22-1962) Cowpen Pond
Neel William Angus 06-25-1919 02-10-1981 (US Army WW II) Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Artis 07-13-1914 01-23-1917 s/o Mr. and Mrs. S.J. Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Weeks Myriam (one date) 11-25-1888 Cowpen Pond
Stewart James (Jim) P. 04-23-1892 04-17-1958 h/o Dora Stewart Cowpen Pond
Hewett Ada H. 02-15-1879 04-03-1965 w/o John Hewett Cowpen Pond
Basford Una Pope 04-05-1928 03-13-2017 w/o Broward Basford married 10-25-1947 Cowpen Pond
Neel Mary Elizabeth 03-04-1872 06-01-1953 Cowpen Pond
Fears James (Tiny) E. 05-04-1946 06-30-2001 h/o Linda Fears Cowpen Pond
Stephens/Stevens Infant (one date) 07-27-1918 s/o B.S. & I.E. Stephens (spelling error) Cowpen Pond
Harrell Bronnie Neel 12-26-1929 11-04-2013 w/o Marlin Harrell married 06-26-1948 Cowpen Pond
Weeks Relem 11-12-1938 09-24-1941 Cowpen Pond
Lewis James Davis 09-01-1855 10-29-1907 Cowpen Pond
Basford Martha E. 05-31-1870 10-01-1938 w/o Geo. W. Basford Cowpen Pond
Cemetery: Hickory Grove
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Stinson Gertrude 1889 1969 (two markers noted) Hickory Grove
Ditty Dottie E. 07-07-1912 04-19-1991 2nd w/o Carson Ditty Hickory Grove
Helms Iris Irene 10-16-1905 02-06-1999 w/o Alvin Helms Hickory Grove
Robinson Ermma (one date) 06-21-1936 Hickory Grove
Hatcher Nathaniel 02-02-1918 11-22-1922 s/o James & Mahanna Hatcher Hickory Grove
Perkins Margie F. 10-26-1939 01-24-2001 w/o Roy Perkins married 04-04-1964 Hickory Grove
Williams Orbie R. 04-04-1900 09-12-1960 h/o Sallie Williams Hickory Grove
Baxter Angela Michelle 07-17-1966 07-18-1966 d/o Lance & Sherry Baxter Hickory Grove
Hatcher George W. 02-22-1907 07-05-1992 h/o Mildred Hatcher Hickory Grove
McAllister Mattie S. 03-29-1930 (undated) w/o Rev. Russell McAllister Hickory Grove
Vaughn Eddie B. 01-05-1898 02-17-1969 h/o Lillie Vaughn Hickory Grove
Glass Thedral B. 03-14-1934 01-26-2008 Hickory Grove
Cemetery: Cottonwood
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Peacock Becky Ann Ninnie 01-04-1893 06-06-1977 w/o Wesley Palestine Peacock Cottonwood
Forehand Homer 12-16-1900 08-30-1977 h/o Essie Forehand Cottonwood
Smith Simon R. 06-17-1832 05-21-1906 Cottonwood
McCord Wilmer 01-27-1917 09-12-1991 h/o Lettie B. McCord Cottonwood
Christmas Joseph E. 05-22-1886 10-04-1967 h/o Antie Hughes Christmas Cottonwood
Sellers Avarila G. Pritchett 01-31-1861 04-03-1939 w/o Austin J. Sellers Cottonwood
Knutson Sonia Ann Sellers 1951 1979 (two markers noted, as sellers) (1st LT US Army) Cottonwood
Kirkland Alma Watford 09-25-1892 05-13-1923 Cottonwood
Beall Joseph McCageor 02-18-1910 12-19-1999 h/o Catharine Ford Beall Cottonwood
Hicks Madie L. Ward 08-17-1896 04-19-1987 w/o Dr. Dorman Marvin Hicks Cottonwood
Whitehead Reecie W. 11-22-1912 12-31-1983 w/o Walter D. Whitehead Cottonwood
Peacock Ralph Byron 05-05-1933 01-03-1945 s/o Luther & Violet Mae Peacock Cottonwood
Barker Ellen 07-28-1961 12-01-1947 Cottonwood
Goff Thomas Glenn 12-28-1911 11-28-2007 Cottonwood
Stieringer Earl W. 05-22-1913 09-19-1991 h/o Bessie White Stieringer Cottonwood
Mills Gladys P. 06-06-1925 02-26-2017 w/o Arthur Mills Cottonwood
Davis William C. 03-22-1896 03-10-1980 h/o Thelma O. Davis US Army WW I Cottonwood
Sellers Essie V. 04-28-1920 (undated) w/o Samuel Wright Sellers Cottonwood
Lawrence Perry Lee Jr. 03-13-1917 07-13-1996 (S SGT US Army WW II Cottonwood
Bowers Mellie 12-12-1889 09-23-1965 w/o Dowling Bowers Cottonwood
Ogletree James E. 04-28-1922 09-03-1963 (two markers noted) Cottonwood
Hollon R.J. 09-19-1923 10-01-1991 (EN 2 US Navy WW II & Korea) Cottonwood
Wright Lon 10-19-1898 10-03-1977 Cottonwood
Porter Nina Jean 08-26-1926 01-12-1989 Cottonwood
Granger Elma 11-28-1896 08-08-1902 d/o W.C.& Annie Granger Cottonwood
Tiller Sarah V. Kelly 09-20-1919 12-24-1957 (new unmarked grave beside) Cottonwood
Morris Claude Reeves 04-14-1915 04-03-1989 Cottonwood
Baker Lisa Kim Cobb 08-06-1962 07-22-2011 Cottonwood
Drinkwater Thomas L. 12-06-1930 01-01-1986 h/o Grace Drinkwater Cottonwood
Sellers Norton M. 06-17-1973 03-30-1954 h/o Mittie F. McCardle Sellers Cottonwood
Lewis John Franklin 12-07-1919 11-18-2007 h/o Ernestine Hughes Lewis Cottonwood
Bruner A.E. 04-13-1869 04-07-1936 Cottonwood
Layton Joe 11-30-1941 02-04-2017 h/o Barbara Layton (two markers noted) Cottonwood
Hutto Plot with 2 adult/unmarded graves Cottonwood
Quesenberry Leonard L. 10-29-1921 04-17-2007 h/o Mary G. Quesenberry Cottonwood
Granger William Calvin Bill 12-10-1941 03-26-1991 Cottonwood
Traylor William 04-07-1903 10-30-1946 h/o Ruby L. Traylor Cottonwood
Murphy Gladys Tillery 03-23-1914 05-23-2001 w/o John Joseph Murphy Jr. Cottonwood
Enfinger Eula White 10-22-1897 03-04-1993 Cottonwood
Skinner Johney A.C. 09-18-1881 02-11-1886 s/o Zay & Mary Skinner Cottonwood
Cemetery: Friendship Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Everett Fannie Mae 02-04-1892 09-05-1965 w/o Charles Monroe Everett Friendship Baptist
Kirkland Beatrice King 04-06-1907 04-16-1924 d/o Eugene & Maggie "Smith" King Friendship Baptist
Cartwright Joseph G. 01-05-1896 10-10-1961 Friendship Baptist
Legear J.G. 12-30-1924 10-23-1996 h/o Lula Mae Jones US Army WW II (two markers noted) Friendship Baptist
Taylor Robert Hubert 04-11-1926 08-02-2007 h/o Emma Ruth Peeler Taylor (US Army WW II) Friendship Baptist
Herrington Minnie K. 1881 1963 w/o John D (Doug) Herrington Friendship Baptist
Robinson Wiley 03-22-1851 11-15-1902 h/o Lenora "Anderson Lockhart" Robinson s/o Hugh & Unity "Baxter" Robinson Twin of Seaborn Friendship Baptist
Baxter Infant 11-10-1914 11-10-1914 s/o Walter & Annie Baxter Friendship Baptist
Hall Jessie L. 10-10-1899 01-02-1986 Friendship Baptist
Morgan Thomas Jackson 06-12-1882 01-05-1929 h/o Flossie Harrington Morgan Friendship Baptist
Fears Docia Ready 09-16-1885 07-02-1976 w/o R.B. Fears Friendship Baptist
Lockart Cornelia Nordan 06-13-1936 05-15-2010 w/o Wilmer Lockart Friendship Baptist
Clark Ollie May Williams 07-17-1897 07-12-1924 w/o Cecil B. Clark Friendship Baptist
Tidwell John Henry 06-07-1868 11-14-1901 Friendship Baptist
Howell Benny Paul 01-18-1956 01-27-1956 s/o Tillmon & Ressie M. Howell Friendship Baptist
Russ Mamie E. 07-27-1869 10-30-1919 w/o Walter B.. Russ Friendship Baptist
Bazemore William 09-28-1850 08-15-1884 s/o C.F. & Amanda Bazemore Friendship Baptist
Hall Wiley 01-27-1878 12-25-1968 h/o Berty "Ham" Hall Friendship Baptist
Messer Ida Viola Rodgers 06-16-1860 04-06-1932 w/o John Messer (archival survey marker not found) Friendship Baptist
Nordan Curtis R. 04-12-1904 02-09-1988 h/o Inez N. Nordan Friendship Baptist
Floyd Annie C. 01-03-1887 11-11-1926 w/o Lewis B. Floyd Friendship Baptist
Conrad Melven J. 11-15-1901 11-19-1953 h/o Maggie "Hatcher" Conrad s/o Joseph Aaron & Vergie S. "Robinson" Conrad Friendship Baptist
Tyler Argusta 02-21-1870 07-31-1925 w/o D.L. Tyler Friendship Baptist
Johnson Ruby C. 10-07-1911 11-06-1988 Friendship Baptist
Smith James Edward 07-03-1936 10-27-1936 Friendship Baptist
Brookins Carolyn 12-05-1907 08-18-1925 w/o K.W. Brookins Friendship Baptist
Hand Arlon Wesley 09-03-1912 08-26-1985 Friendship Baptist
Paulk Effie M. Sikes 04-11-1905 04-07-1994 Friendship Baptist
Forrester Amanda 12-08-1913 08-28-1914 Friendship Baptist
McMillan Mary M. 04-04-1824 05-24-1918 w/o David D. McMillan Friendship Baptist
Williams Beulah May 05-12-1875 12-13-1922 Friendship Baptist
Dawson Ethel Mae Hall 05-15-1914 09-13-1999 w/o Elzie William Dawson Friendship Baptist
Cemetery: Clayton
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Mercer Willie Bell 04-05-1904 07-10-1980 Clayton
Guy Nancy A. 08-10-1873 10-30-1912 w/o D.B. Guy Clayton
Miller M.C. 03-22-1925 04-18-1993 (two markers noted) Clayton
Hall John T. 02-11-1868 03-16-1920 h/o Ella J. Granger Hall Clayton
Barfield Minnie Mae Hall 11-04-1910 07-27-1988 (Mother) Clayton
Prevatte Abner 1880 1932 h/o Cora Prevatte Clayton
Hart Infants (no dates) (infants of Mr. & Mrs. C.L. Hart) (four infant slabs) Clayton
Adams Joneal Johnson 11-05-1949 10-14-2003 w/o Hubert F. Sr. Adams Clayton
Sellers Henry G. 02-23-1914 04-26-1914 s/o T.G.& Minnie Sellers Clayton
Miller Benjamin F. 1908 (undated) h/o Cornelia Miller (two markers noted) Clayton
Howard John L. 06-10-1843 10-10-1921 Clayton
Cemetery: Greenwood Methodist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Kingry Pat 06-22-1933 02-15-1935 Greenwood Methodist
Cook Cora Mae 09-15-1921 03-24-2009 w/o J.D. Cook married 05-02-1943 Greenwood Methodist
Werlein John Phillips (no dates) h/o Mattie Werlein Greenwood Methodist
Pettway Legh R. 05-08-1858 09-03-1916 h/o Minnie Pettway Greenwood Methodist
Lee Moses Patterson 11-23-1874 10-20-1937 h/o Fannie Lee Greenwood Methodist
Parmer J.C. 11-17-1924 04-01-1990 h/o Evelyn Parmer Greenwood Methodist
Dickson Marie P. 03-20-1887 08-06-1967 w/o W.B. Dickson Greenwood Methodist
Williams Dora M. 1881 1964 w/o Homer Williams Greenwood Methodist
Robinson Sallie E. 04-13-1850 11-15-1914 Greenwood Methodist
McCall Mable 05-14-1917 07-16-1989 w/o Cecil McCall Greenwood Methodist
Garrett John Bertram Jr. (Bubba) 10-21-1927 11-23-1967 (one name on double upright) Greenwood Methodist
Willis Henry George 1886 1959 Greenwood Methodist
Scott Susan Elizabeth Arnold 03-04-1845 01-29-1928 w/o Andrew Scott Greenwood Methodist
Patterson Thomas (no dates) c/o Dr. J.G. and Fannie Mae Patterson archival survey (marker not found) Greenwood Methodist
Hatton Annie Inez 10-14-1892 12-07-1892 Greenwood Methodist
Willis Thomas 12-14-1903 10-02-1904 s/o B.H. and Mable Willis Greenwood Methodist
Cemetery: Bascom Methodist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Rogers Juanita Jane 09-16-1927 10-31-1927 d/o perhaps Eugene & Marjorie Rogers (in plot with) Bascom Methodist
Hutchinson James A. 03-02-1928 05-13-1929 Bascom Methodist
Watford James C. 07-15-1922 05-14-1962 (two markers noted) Bascom Methodist
Dale Frances P. 09-24-1917 04-01-1980 Bascom Methodist
Conrad Marquerite 10-04-1906 01-07-2003 w/o Amon Conrad Bascom Methodist
Shelfer Lina Bevis 07-05-1888 09-23-1915 Bascom Methodist
McKnight James Wiley 08-05-1871 02-11-1952 h/o Sula Frances McKnight Bascom Methodist
McDaniel Helen D. 06-16-1918 11-10-1996 w/o John P. McDaniel Bascom Methodist
Davis Ralph W. 08-20-1902 09-26-1990 Bascom Methodist
Arnold Maggie J. 11-26-1848 11-05-1898 w/o Chesley Arnold Bascom Methodist
Stephens Walter M. 07-26-1871 06-06-1953 Bascom Methodist
Olive Claude L. 04-16-1901 02-02-1982 h/o Devilla Olive Bascom Methodist
Edwards George W. 09-07-1888 02-06-1973 Bascom Methodist
Bevis Herbert U. 12-27-1902 06-05-2001 h/o Jennie Bevis Bascom Methodist
Thomas Mattie W. 02-11-1897 08-16-1954 w/o Luther L. Thomas Bascom Methodist
Olive Oscar Lee Sr. 12-04-1888 10-07-1969 (WOW & Masonic Symbol) Bascom Methodist
Cemetery: Dellwood Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Bennett Rillie Perkins 08-17-1898 02-20-1960 w/o Bryant Bennett Dellwood Baptist
Harrison Lucy Ann 10-17-1887 01-17-1965 w/o James Harrison Dellwood Baptist
Moncrief Effie L. 09-05-1914 01-11-2001 w/o John Moncrief Dellwood Baptist
Basford Linda Gail 01-28-1952 12-07-1965 Dellwood Baptist
Adams Connie J. 1949 (undated) Dellwood Baptist
Mercer Oswell W. 08-05-1906 03-03-1960 h/o Eunice Mercer Dellwood Baptist
Kirkland Vanburen 04-18-1897 08-27-1969 h/o Ruby Kirkland (two markers noted) Dellwood Baptist
Green Flake C. 11-07-1932 (undated) h/o Yvonne Green Dellwood Baptist
Cemetery: Rocky Grove
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Wheelus Sadie Melissa West 07-03-1900 08-18-1970 w/o Wiley Lee Wheelurs married 02-26-1922 Rocky Grove
King Charley Wesley 01-07-1895 10-07-1969 h/o Belle Dulyea King s/o Franklin E. & Nancy "Baxter" King (US Army WW I) Rocky Grove
Banks Lula Farmer 02-14-1870 08-15-1954 w/o William Henry Banks married 05-10-1908 Rocky Grove
Whitehead Zell Kent 10-07-1927 05-11-1992 Rocky Grove
Pear Alfred Marvin 02-19-1897 02-05-1952 h/o Izie C. Peeler Pear (CSO US NAVY WWI & WWII) Rocky Grove
Baxter Susan Fillman 06-04-1846 10-05-1926 w/o James Cary Baxter married 06-02-1868 Rocky Grove
Coleman Thelma Lee Ritcherson 04-25-1917 02-09-1978 w/o Gordon Lee Coleman Rocky Grove
Robinson Jeanette F. Elmore 01-25-1929 (undated) w/o Charles H. Robinson d/o Clyde & Velma "West" Elmore married 08-30-1947 Rocky Grove
Cemetery: Coonrod / Conrad
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Edge Freddie Conrad 09-03-1923 03-22-1997 w/o Roosevelt Edge Coonrod / Conrad
Conrad Thomas Fowler 1856 12-04-1931 h/o Kate "Talley" Conrad s/o Lorenzo D. & Susan "Sheperd Conrad Coonrod / Conrad
Anderson Joseph (J.M.) 09-05-1857 11-04-1919 h/o Lousiza "Dickson" Anderson s/o Thomas A. & Sarah "Coonrod" Anderson Coonrod / Conrad
Cemetery: Greenwood Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Erwin John Marcus (IV) 03-22-1911 08-04-1941 Greenwood Baptist
Hamilton Mary Frances 01-21-1952 01-01-2002 Greenwood Baptist
Bryan Laura Virginia 01-25-1841 05-14-1914 Greenwood Baptist
Anderson Edward Harris 07-12-1862 01-17-1925 h/o Mary Lee Anderson Greenwood Baptist
Thompson Howard (Tommy) H. 01-11-1925 02-09-2011 h/o Syble Thompson Greenwood Baptist
Mickel Angel Victoria 09-20-1983 06-12-2011 w/o James Mickel (two markers noted) Greenwood Baptist
Hicks Clyde P. 05-19-1937 02-07-2020 Obit. Greenwood Baptist
Franklin Benjamin S. 1855 1935 h/o Geraldine Franklin Greenwood Baptist
Dunaway Charles M. 09-05-1847 03-09-1933 (two markers noted) (Co E 11 Ga Mil CSA) Greenwood Baptist
Chambliss James Mozelle 06-20-1874 09-16-1901 w/o W.F. Chambliss Greenwood Baptist
Andreasen Lotte K. 06-14-1927 08-19-2015 w/o Thomas G. Andreasen married in 1951 Greenwood Baptist
Whitten Edith P. 12-15-1908 07-19-2004 w/o Homer Whitten Greenwood Baptist
Olive Hosea D. 01-20-1887 02-20-1965 h/o Annie B. Olive Greenwood Baptist
Godwin Jennie B. Anderson 07-05-1860 12-28-1926 w/o J.W. Godwin Greenwood Baptist
Banks Mack Kinsey 03-27-1927 05-14-2013 (COX US Navy WW II) (two markers noted) Greenwood Baptist
Corbett William M. (Mike) 01-26-1952 (undated) h/o Mary Frances Corbett Greenwood Baptist
Applewhite Thomas 01-16-1868 12-21-1917 WOW Greenwood Baptist
Wynn Susan 08-25-1829 11-04-1858 Greenwood Baptist
Pittman Coley 1910 1975 h/o Mary Jane Pittman Greenwood Baptist