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Cemetery: Mt Olive Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Familysort ascending Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Windison John 10-28-1863 12-24-1909 WOW symbol headstone (died at Bascom Fla.) Mt Olive Baptist
Pitts Mattie L. 05-12-1932 (undated) w/o Woodrow Wilson Pitts Mt Olive Baptist
Averett Thelma F. Chandler 03-09-1920 10-09-1987 w/o Woodrow W. Averett Mt Olive Baptist
Kimrey Robbie Lee 08-09-1901 09-10-1985 w/o Willie L. Kimrey Mt Olive Baptist
Kirkland Vera B. (Granny) 09-14-1921 03-24-2006 w/o Willie Kirkland Mt Olive Baptist
Parmer Lillie Mae 08-25-1913 04-07-2003 w/o Willie B. Parmer Mt Olive Baptist
Shores Johnnie Mae R. 07-31-1919 10-13-2006 w/o Willie (Bill) Shores Mt Olive Baptist PDF icon More Info
Pettis Rebecker 03-29-1845 03-10-1925 w/o William W. Pettis (two markers noted) Mt Olive Baptist
Pettis Rebecker 03-29-1845 03-10-1925 w/o William W. Pettis (two markers noted) Mt Olive Baptist
Talley Hattie Mae 07-21-1904 10-16-2000 w/o William R. Talley Mt Olive Baptist
Wilson Anna Jane 06-22-1886 05-18-1972 w/o William M. Wilson Mt Olive Baptist
Hasty Eula Eunorah 02-03-1886 04-05-1964 w/o William Hope Hasty Mt Olive Baptist
Turner Cullie McKeller 11-11-1907 11-14-1989 w/o William Homer Turner Mt Olive Baptist
Skipper Pearl H. 08-25-1908 10-10-1996 w/o William G. Skipper (1 unmarked adult grave alone side of Skipper plot) Mt Olive Baptist
Taylor Alice Bera Turner 04-08-1916 01-05-2006 w/o William Cecil Taylor Mt Olive Baptist
Olive Mary Dessie 07-27-1884 07-03-1974 w/o William Bethel Olive Mt Olive Baptist
Atwell Emma R. 07-22-1874 06-20-1933 w/o William Atwell Mt Olive Baptist
Hamilton Ada Ruth Robinson 11-05-1932 08-02-2010 w/o William married 03-11-1952 Mt Olive Baptist
Stephens Nonie E. 03-01-1889 02-19-1969 w/o Wesley E. Stephens Mt Olive Baptist
Stephens Ida Mae Robinson 12-05-1932 05-17-2016 w/o Walter Ralph Stephens married 01-20-1951 Mt Olive Baptist
Turner Cassie Dean Helms 09-27-1880 06-22-1952 w/o W.E. Turner Mt Olive Baptist
Stephens Inez Robinson 03-09-1912 02-09-2004 w/o W.C. Stephens (married 12-01-1929) Mt Olive Baptist
Culverhouse Elizabeth Childree 02-18-1863 06-28-1945 w/o W. A. Culverhouse Mt Olive Baptist
Hartzog Vessie W. 04-02-1908 05-24-1977 w/o Virgie L. Hartzog Mt Olive Baptist
Turner Allie Fain 11-15-1886 10-07-1953 w/o Uel Travis Turner Mt Olive Baptist
Turner Dorothy Ann 04-03-1928 04-14-2007 w/o Truman F. Turner Mt Olive Baptist
Dickens Linda F. 03-30-1886 03-17-1967 w/o Tom M. Dickens Mt Olive Baptist
Turner Fannie Mae 05-28-1910 12-13-1974 w/o Tillmon Turner (married 03-16-1927) Mt Olive Baptist
Patrick Verma Dell 04-27-1919 05-14-2004 w/o Thomas Wilson Patrick Mt Olive Baptist
Ross Pinkie R. 06-23-1892 04-09-1964 w/o Thomas Ross Mt Olive Baptist
Atwell Creamer Culverhouse 05-16-1909 01-18-1989 w/o Thomas Lester Atwell Mt Olive Baptist
Bell Mary Adella Hasty 08-01-1867 07-24-1940 w/o Thomas Jefferson Bell Mt Olive Baptist
Jenkins Viola K. 03-10-1894 07-16-1979 w/o Thomas C. Jenkins Mt Olive Baptist
Jones Sara 01-03-1848 12-14-1925 w/o T. J. Jones Mt Olive Baptist
Cemetery: Riverside
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Familysort ascending Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Staley Maud Flener (no dates) William Staley Jr. Riverside
Hansford Dora E. 05-01-1923 01-06-2012 William Hansford Riverside
Griner Odessa Johnson 06-28-1902 10-24-1995 w/o Zelmer Griner Riverside
Cloud Nina J. 07-17-1929 12-08-2009 w/o Zack Cloud Riverside
Pilcher Bessie Clements 1900 1958 w/o Woodfin Pilcher Sr. Riverside
Pilcher Dena Geraldine Cook 02-04-1922 02-11-2000 w/o Woodfin Pilcher Jr. Riverside
Massengill Wy-Nell Justiss 03-16-1931 11-05-1991 w/o Wilton Massengill Riverside
Barwick Mary Lee 01-29-1946 04-22-1995 w/o Wilson Barwick married 01-01-1961 Riverside
Nobles Mary Webb 03-22-1879 04-06-1938 w/o Willis Nobles Riverside
Lee Jessie Land 01-04-1900 06-08-1988 w/o Willie Lee Riverside
Gay Mellie Florence Chris 07-17-1929 04-22-1996 w/o Willie Gay Riverside
Bush Dakota R. 12-15-1919 03-01-1992 w/o Willie Bush married 02-08-1936 Riverside
Welty Mattie King 06-01-1913 09-14-2001 w/o William Welty Riverside
Lyford Evelyn Cauthen 08-04-1917 03-18-1977 w/o William T. Lyford Riverside
Kimbell Mattie Elizabeth 1861 1954 w/o William T. Kimbell Riverside
Staley Anna Steed 04-09-1868 02-17-1947 w/o William Staley Riverside
Smith Jewell Weston 01-04-1922 05-17-1995 w/o William Smith married 11-27-1937 Riverside
Singleton Edna Gainer 05-05-1907 05-30-1996 w/o William Singleton Riverside
Rawls Pearl E. 08-23-1883 11-28-1979 w/o William Rawls Riverside
Peacock Julia Christiana 04-02-1875 10-14-1963 w/o William Peacock Riverside
Pace Gwen B. 01-01-1942 (undated) w/o William Pace Riverside
Oliver Bessie McGrainie 01-03-1886 01-20-1976 w/o William Oliver Riverside
Oliver Mary C. 01-05-1917 07-08-2005 w/o William Oliver Riverside
Butler Elizabeth P. 05-31-1907 02-04-1986 w/o William O. Butler Riverside
Medlock Larra E. 04-11-1877 09-08-1946 w/o William Medlock Riverside
McQuagge Thelma A. 09-10-1897 10-31-1986 w/o William McQuagge Riverside
Martin Satira Wilson 10-31-1889 02-02-1972 w/o William Martin married 06-08-1910 Riverside
Keith Jean P. 01-15-1926 03-27-2010 w/o William Keith married 08-23-1958 Riverside
Jordan Edith Louise 10-14-1931 06-25-2019 w/o William Jordan married 12-20-1947 Riverside
Hodges Tee Davis 08-28-1904 04-06-1998 w/o William Hodges Riverside
Gammon Wilhelmina Milton 05-22-1896 07-03-1985 w/o William Gammon Riverside
Fite Bessilee Farmer 05-19-1917 10-22-1961 w/o William Fite Riverside
Dunkle Carolyn Watson 11-27-1911 02-24-2006 w/o William Dunkle Riverside
Dernon Addie Opal 09-30-1918 02-18-1965 w/o William Dernon Riverside
Davis Carolyn McKinnon 04-06-1909 01-27-1987 w/o William Davis Sr. Riverside
Hill Audrey L. 01-19-1919 10-30-1985 w/o William Burl Hill married 12-13-1939 Riverside
Blount Catherine V. 06-07-1903 10-10-1950 w/o William Blount Riverside
Bennett Esther Campbell 10-22-1907 10-10-1999 w/o William Bennett Riverside
Beasley Clara A. Granger 12-11-1899 04-12-1978 w/o William Beasley Riverside
Bauer Mary Jones 01-06-1927 10-11-2016 w/o William Bauer Obit (marker not found) Riverside
Medlock Lucy M. 08-26-1898 12-20-1985 w/o William A. Medlock Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Bowles Lena Mae 01-15-1912 05-20-1972 w/o Will Bowles Riverside
Stewart Myrtle (Myrt) Mae 03-05-1928 01-17-1993 w/o Wilkes Stewart married 09-01-1948 Riverside
Pittman Gloria Jean 05-14-1945 (undated) w/o Wiley Pittman married 01-05-1990 Riverside
Jordan Alice Harper 1891 1972 w/o Wiley Jordan Riverside
Pelt Sarah E. 10-20-1897 03-15-1983 w/o Wilbur Pelt married 05-10-1917 Riverside
Sherrel Ruth Burson 04-16-1918 05-16-2014 w/o Wendell Sherrel Riverside
Moneyham Janet G. 01-08-1933 (undated) w/o Waymon Moneyham married 12-22-1957 Riverside
Chapman Carrie Tillinghast (no birth) 1863 w/o Washington Chapman Riverside
Williams Velma (no birth) 05-18-1982 w/o Walter Williams Riverside
Sonderup Nanna Sorensen 05-28-1884 06-19-1971 w/o Walter Sonderup Riverside
Singletary Lula Porter 06-10-1869 01-09-1931 w/o Walter Singletary Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Rhyne Margaret 11-17-1917 10-06-2016 w/o Walter Rhyne Riverside
Rawls Florence A. 1877 1952 w/o Walter Rawls Riverside
Davis Ruth Bradwell 09-03-1920 04-29-1986 w/o Walter R. Davis Jr. Riverside
Justiss Eithel L. 09-08-1911 05-12-2001 w/o Walter Justiss Riverside
Hayes Ruth 02-01-1909 12-13-1978 w/o Walter Hayes Riverside
Davis Pearl Folson 04-18-1884 04-22-1962 w/o Walter Davis Sr. Riverside
Davis Sandra S. 07-01-1942 01-22-2009 w/o Walter Davis III Riverside
Cooper Alice Malah McCranie 12-02-1865 03-25-1947 w/o Walter Cooper Riverside
Burns Minnie Hunt 1875 1971 w/o Walter Burns Riverside
Spence Elizabeth H. 07-14-1945 (undated) w/o Walter Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Willis Alma A. 06-01-1888 04-06-1959 w/o W.M. Willis Riverside
Mayo Lucy M. 06-12-1892 09-28-1974 w/o W.H. Mayo Riverside
Land Mattie L. 06-04-1904 11-09-1977 w/o W.E. (Will) Land Riverside
Malloy Frances Ayers 02-05-1924 02-03-2013 w/o Vernon Malloy Riverside
Andrews Annie E. 1902 1987 w/o Urie Andrews Riverside
Eytchison Pansy Broxton 03-23-1891 11-19-1971 w/o Urban Eytchison Riverside
Purvis Dorothy (Polly) Pauline 10-11-1927 01-21-2019 w/o Tom Asfor (Obituary info) Riverside
Hayes Narcissus Turner 03-23-1883 03-30-1961 w/o Tildon Hayes Riverside
Dungan Maud Finlayson 02-12-1881 07-29-1902 w/o Thomas W. Dungan Riverside
Snowden Hattie B. 1871 1952 w/o Thomas Snowden Riverside
Maddox Addie V. 07-18-1877 08-14-1962 w/o Thomas Maddox Riverside
Pumphrey Marilyn Faye Gregg 03-05-1951 07-16-2018 w/o Thomas Lloyd Pumphrey (Obituaries) Riverside
Liddon Annie R. Davis 06-11-1869 10-24-1889 w/o Thomas Liddon Riverside
Landrum Cora Louise 02-22-1896 01-04-1949 w/o Thomas Landrum Riverside
Fiveash Mariam 10-24-1930 07-07-2020 w/o Thomas L. Fiveash Obituaries Riverside
Horne Dora Neel 04-11-1866 09-15-1901 w/o Thomas Horne Riverside
Hook Lucile Golson 1902 1990 w/o Thomas Hook Riverside
Hawkins Madge E. 09-27-1893 04-18-1984 w/o Thomas Hawkins Riverside
Griffin Gladys Moore 06-13-1910 08-23-1980 w/o Thomas Griffin Riverside
Godfrey Mary Estelle 02-12-1923 03-30-2016 w/o Thomas Ferman Godfrey Riverside
Durber Alice 10-12-1879 12-02-1950 w/o Thomas Durber Riverside
Copeland Lois Cooper 01-14-1903 04-18-1995 w/o Thomas Copeland Riverside
Bowles Mildred Williams 08-02-1901 04-07-1981 w/o Thomas Bowles Riverside
Alsobrook Annie 1862 1947 w/o Thomas Alsobrook Riverside
Gortemoller Lillanette M. 09-25-1915 02-28-1994 w/o Theodore Gortemoller Riverside
Robinson Louise Merritt 08-16-1915 10-29-1979 w/o Theodore Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Bill Louise Merritt-Dekle 08-16-1915 10-29-1979 w/o Theodor Bill Sr. Riverside
Cemetery: Pine Crest
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Familysort ascending Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Fowler Bennie Ayers 05-07-1927 (undated) w/oWhit Horace Fowler married 12-13-1944 Pine Crest
Powell M. Dorothy 08-07-1925 06-18-2013 w/o Yealous H. Powell Pine Crest
Hatcher Susie M. 06-15-1909 02-01-1985 w/o Wyatt Wesley Hatcher Pine Crest
Ingram Edna E. 08-09-1916 04-11-2016 w/o Woodson O. Ingram Pine Crest
Maddox Dorothy C. 02-09-1910 10-17-1999 w/o Woodson A. Maddox Pine Crest
Glenn Shirley Stevens 12-03-1915 08-30-2005 w/o Woodrow Wilson Glenn (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Hatcher Clarice H. 1906 1997 w/o Woodrow W. Hatcher Pine Crest
Pruitt Margaret Frances 05-11-1934 (undated) w/o Woodrow Pruitt Jr. Pine Crest
Hoffmann Mary G. 11-15-1916 04-04-2008 w/o Winifield F. Hoffmann Pine Crest
Sznura Cecylia P. 07-21-1921 02-28-2013 w/o Wincenty Sznura Pine Crest
McRae Elizabeth Warren 1911 1988 w/o Wilson David McRae Pine Crest
McRae Belinda Parker 7-29-1949 6-29-2021 w/o Wilson D. McRae Jr. Obituaries Pine Crest
Deal Hazel Ruth Taylor 02-25-1925 09-09-2013 w/o Wilson (Bill) Deal (married 10-11-1941) Pine Crest
Cushing Pearl R. 1909 1980 w/o Wilmer Cushing Pine Crest
Harrell Edna Holland 1924 2003 w/o Willis H. Harrell Pine Crest
Joiner Marie M. 01-20-1924 (undated) w/o Willie T. Joiner Pine Crest
Snell Eunice 03-12-1924 02-19-2003 w/o Willie James Snell Pine Crest
Hinson Willie Ruth 02-17-1924 07-16-2012 w/o Willie Green Hinson Pine Crest
Brannon Earie C. 11-10-1925 12-10-2012 w/o Willie Brannon Pine Crest
Baxter Effie C. 1934 (undated) w/o Willie B. Baxter Pine Crest
Wyatt Abby M. 01-31-1891 04-04-1981 w/o William Wyatt Pine Crest
Drummond Glora Jean Zinsser 04-22-1944 (undated) w/o William Wilson Drummond Jr. Pine Crest
Page Alice Faye 03-24-1938 05-17-2019 w/o William Vernon Page Pine Crest
Bauldree Clara Land 04-01-1937 (undated) w/o William Titus Bauldree Pine Crest
Maddox Leona Wills 09-18-1875 08-18-1959 w/o William Taylor Maddox Pine Crest
Evens Bonnie Bass 12-18-1918 06-21-2005 w/o William Talmadge Evens married 02-01-1936 Pine Crest
Strickland Gladys Ivey 03-16-1927 04-25-2014 w/o William Strickland Pine Crest
Fowler Margaret T. 11-04-1921 11-09-2001 w/o William Ray Fowler (two markers noted) Pine Crest
Keyte Lilla M. 10-01-1917 08-29-1993 w/o William R. Keyte Pine Crest
Fowler Margaret T. 11-04-1921 11-09-2001 w/o William R. Fowler (SI US Navy WW II) Pine Crest
Bell Mary Helen 03-09-1927 04-18-2003 w/o William O. Bell Jr. Pine Crest
Wiggins Jean Dunn 1934 (undated) w/o William Norfleet Wiggins Pine Crest
McRae Elizabeth S. 04-16-1917 02-25-2012 w/o William McRae Pine Crest
Nesmith Lurine B. 12-25-1914 03-09-2009 w/o William M. Nesmith married 02-20-1948 Pine Crest
Compton Jerreldea 08-27-1923 05-30-2006 w/o William M. Compton Pine Crest
Keaton Isabel H. 02-04-1920 04-19-2013 w/o William Keaton Pine Crest
Ford Versie Guilford 03-27-1900 10-29-1980 w/o William Jefferson Ford Pine Crest
Webb Leona (Bea) 09-15-1919 05-28-2006 w/o William J. Webb Pine Crest
Hixson Kimerly D. 1961 2011 w/o William J. Hixson Pine Crest
Davin Lydia G. 07-22-1933 no date w/o William J. Davin Pine Crest
Callaway Callie P. 1911 2000 w/o William J. Callaway Marr. 09-06-1926 Pine Crest
Culver Sarah L. 06-20-1922 02-18-2001 w/o William Harvey Culver Pine Crest
Stafford Lovie Lamb 06-05-1897 09-01-1985 w/o William H. Stafford Pine Crest
Malloy Rubye Weston 08-04-1911 06-23-2003 w/o William H. Malloy Pine Crest
Harrison Marian Rawls 10-25-1908 01-24-2002 w/o William H. Harrison Pine Crest
Chafin Barbara D. 08-14-1936 12-22-2004 w/o William H. Chafin Pine Crest
Grimes Burnice Hall 1929 07-28-2020 w/o William Grimes (Obituaries) Pine Crest
Fowler Lizzie Daniels 01-03-1910 09-13-1972 w/o William Green Fowler married 08-25-1926 Pine Crest
Fuqua Betty Gayle 01-23-1935 (undated) w/o William Garland Fuqua Pine Crest
Tidwell Nettie Crossgrove 1901 2005 w/o William Felton Tidwell Pine Crest
Cochran Edna Eleanor Dunn 04-20-1891 07-02-1980 w/o William Earl Cochran Pine Crest
Martin Patricia Ann 09-10-1951 09-07-2016 w/o William E. Martin Pine Crest
Baxter Dorothy Ann 11-29-1932 10-27-2019 w/o William Donald Baxter (Obit info) Pine Crest
Peacock Mary E. 05-03-1932 06-08-1994 w/o William D. Peacock Pine Crest
Brown Agnes Marie 12-14-1923 06-13-2017 w/o William Charles Brown (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Campbell Myrtle Louise 08-24-1937 05-06-2010 w/o William Campbell Pine Crest
Jones Florence L. 01-08-1919 02-08-2003 w/o William C. Jones Pine Crest
Fitzpatrick Beatrice B. 1906 1985 w/o William C. Fitzpatrick Pine Crest
Baxley Violet Rae 03-26-1931 10-19-2008 w/o William Baxley Sr. Pine Crest
Griffin Clara M. (no dates) w/o William B.Griffin Pine Crest
Martin Lillian V. 1910 2011 w/o William B. Martin Pine Crest
Dykes Jacqueline ( Jackie) Tiller 03-05-1937 02-22-2008 w/o William Albert Dykes Pine Crest
McDowell Gladys Louise Welch 08-02-1937 (undated) w/o William Ace McDowell married 07-12-1952 Pine Crest
Cannady Dora L. 1904 1994 w/o Wilford Cannady Pine Crest
Stephens Grace 10-11-1928 06-08-2012 w/o Wilburn Stephens Pine Crest
Morgan Bonnie 1924 1963 w/o Wilburn D. Morgan Pine Crest
Morris Helen H. 12-21-1921 06-24-2017 w/o Wilbur Wayne Morris Pine Crest
Clifford Myrtle Harris 1890 1972 w/o Wilberforce D. Clifford Pine Crest
Waugh Verna M. 1911 1993 w/o Wilber Waugh Pine Crest
Throssell Beverly N. 1915 2000 w/o Wilber I. Throssell Pine Crest
Brown Sherry 09-17-1949 03-31-2018 w/o Wayne Brown (Obituaries) Pine Crest
Daffin Hanni Lora 10-15-1935 (undated) w/o Warren Holden Daffin Pine Crest
Wellner Sarah Owens 1905 1985 w/o Walter Willian Wellner Pine Crest
Wiggins Rebecca (Becky) Wooten 05-04-1941 07-25-2009 w/o Walter Wiggins Pine Crest
Montgomery Elberta Myrtle 01-09-1904 05-13-1972 w/o Walter W. Montgomery Pine Crest
Paulk Voncille B. 03-29-1927 12-29-2009 w/o Walter K. Paulk Pine Crest
Martin Virginia Bone 03-14-1917 (undated) w/o Walter Allen Martin Pine Crest
Calloway Oza Carpenter 03-16-1899 03-19-1991 w/o Walter A. Calloway Pine Crest
Haber Lessie J. 1929 2008 w/o Wallace Haber Pine Crest
Barber Barbara 09-25-1941 06-09-2017 w/o Wallace Barber Pine Crest
Hough Helen E. 1902 1969 w/o Waldo Hough Pine Crest
Dozier Hazel B. 1926 2008 w/o W.O. (Bill) Dozier Pine Crest
Swearingen Jo Ann 08-27-1939 no date w/o W. Rudolph Swearingen married 05-25-1961 Pine Crest
Hogan Estelle E. 11-28-1912 12-06-2001 w/o W. Cecil Hogan Pine Crest
Gilbert Mattie 03-13-1923 10-07-2008 w/o Virgil L Gilbert Pine Crest
Oswald Shirley T. 1915 2005 w/o Virgil D. Oswald married 11-25-1948 Pine Crest
Collins Ann Williams 12-13-1926 02-17-1964 w/o Vincent W. Collins Pine Crest
Rollka Kathleen H. 04-09-1919 (undated) w/o Victor W. Rollka Pine Crest
Schoultheis Daisie B. 07-01-1931 04-18-2020 w/o Victor A. Schoultheis Pine Crest
Hill Jewell M. 1921 1999 w/o Vernon Hill Pine Crest
Wilson Ruby M. 09-01-1924 12-17-2003 w/o Venson Wilson Pine Crest PDF icon More Info
Murdock Kitty Atwell 10-08-1930 08-09-2018 w/o Tyree Lee Murdock Pine Crest
McCoy Donna Ann 05-21-1944 01-14-2004 w/o Troy Earl McCoy Pine Crest
Smith Ernestine B. 02-22-1916 02-13-1996 w/o Troy Duval Smith Pine Crest
Joiner Betty H. 08-31-1934 (undated) w/o Troy C. Joiner Pine Crest
Joiner Carrie L. 09-16-1898 08-25-1994 w/o Troy B. Joiner married 10-26-1921 Pine Crest
Griffin Mary Dell 08-11-1917 (undated) w/o Tracy Wayne Griffin Pine Crest
Boone Ruth 1917 1993 w/o Tommie Boone Pine Crest
Culpepper Ilene Washington 06-04-1918 11-07-2015 w/o Thomas P. Culpepper Pine Crest
Manning Lovey L. 08-10-1924 09-02-2014 w/o Thomas Manning Pine Crest
Grainger Rosie B. (no dates) w/o Thomas L. Grainger (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Snipes Evelyn R. 1909 2000 w/o Thomas K Snipes Pine Crest
Duggin Marylin Ruth 11-29-1933 (undated) w/o Thomas Jefferson Duggin Pine Crest
Geddie Bonnie L. 09-26-1946 04-09-2018 w/o Thomas J. Geddie (Obituaries) Pine Crest
McCroan Annie L. 06-25-1927 04-01-1995 w/o Thomas J. (T.J.) McCroan Pine Crest
Abernathy Mary Smith 08-06-1926 06-30-2004 w/o Thomas H. Abernathy Pine Crest
Little Bertha Ward Elton 1921 2009 w/o Thomas Edward Little Pine Crest
Galloway Mattie Sue 0915 2005 w/o Thomas E. Galloway Jr. Pine Crest
Evans Katherine R. 05-11-1913 07-31-1984 w/o Thomas E. Evans Pine Crest
Chatwood Ann 08-29-1941 08-29-2016 w/o Thomas Broward Chatwood (see Thomas) married 10-06-1978 Pine Crest
Lynch Eleonora G. 01-06-1926 06-21-2012 w/o Thomas Arthur Lynch Pine Crest
Maddox Vannah S. 10-30-1918 04-30-1972 w/o Theo M. Maddox Pine Crest
Holloway Bama L. 06-06-1888 06-05-1982 w/o Theo Barnard Holloway Sr. Pine Crest
Holloway Bazzie L. 08-29-1924 2010 w/o Theo B. Holloway Jr. Pine Crest
Galloway Betty B. 02-09-1947 (undated) w/o Terry J. Galloway Pine Crest
Caracciolo April 1949 2005 w/o Ted Caracciolo (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Mercuri Evelyn Webster 1915 1982 w/o T.J. (Ted) Mercuri Pine Crest
Cemetery: Cottonwood
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Familysort ascending Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Beall Catharine Ford 07-02-1910 06-20-0994 w/oJoseph ScCageor Beall Cottonwood
Pynes Erie Normanda Sellers 08-30-1898 03-07-1983 w/o Wyatt Daniel Pynes Cottonwood PDF icon More Info
Whitehead Christina (Tina) Faye Kirby 12-21-1962 (undated) w/o Winfred Richard Whitehead Cottonwood
Whitehead Wonda J. 03-13-1937 (undated) w/o Winfred H. Whitehead Married 08-15-1953 Cottonwood
McCord Lettie B. 08-23-1921 08-20-2007 w/o Wilmer McCord Cottonwood
Granger Annie C. 08-13-1862 07-20-1902 w/o Willis Calvin Granger Cottonwood
Granger Mattie L. 04-17-1873 01-31-1938 w/o Willis Calvin Granger Cottonwood
Granger Clyde N. 01-09-1915 11-04=1959 w/o Willis C. Granger Jr. Cottonwood
Rich Katherine A. 05-09-1917 03-23-1989 w/o Willie Rich Married 08-30-1935 Cottonwood
Hinson Cora 12-12-1897 06-10-1991 w/o Willie L. Hinson Cottonwood
Ducker Lottie M. 1907 1957 w/o Willie C. Buster Ducker Cottonwood
Traylor Ruby L. 02-17-1904 09-13-1967 w/o William Traylor Cottonwood
Long Dorothy Jean Windsor 09-01-1943 (undated) w/o William Thomas Long (married 06-14-1961 Cottonwood
Grantham Amanda E. 05-14-1891 09-07-1958 w/o William T.Grantham Cottonwood
Snellgrove Mary Lou 09-23-1938 (undated) w/o William Snellgrove (two markers noted) Cottonwood
Snellgrove Mary Lou 09-23-1938 (undated) w/o William Snellgrove Cottonwood
Wood Mattie Metcalf 11-05-1856 01-12-1928 w/o William S. Wood Cottonwood
Brown Julia F. 07-28-1896 03-06-1979 w/o William R. Brown Cottonwood
Tillery Lilla B. 01-02-1895 10-10-1994 w/o William O. Tillery Cottonwood
Lewis Merline Holley 02-06-1921 05-27-2005 w/o William Hicks Lewis Married 06-09-1951 Cottonwood
Cain Lucy Marshall 02-13-1878 03-28-1956 w/o William Gordon Cain Cottonwood
Petway Ether G. 02-26-1889 03-31-1963 w/o William E. Peteay Cottonwood PDF icon More Info
Buntin Florence 01-11-1861 04-22-1945 w/o William D. Buntin Adult unmarked slab beside Cottonwood
Davis Thelma O. 05-13-1909 02-26-2000 w/o William C. Davis Cottonwood
Kelly Julia B. 10-27-1894 11-30-1983 w/o William Blake Kelly Cottonwood
Whitehead Virginia Smith 08-27-1883 05-16-1967 w/o William Albert Whitehead Cottonwood
Peacock Becky Ann Ninnie 01-04-1893 06-06-1977 w/o Wesley Palestine Peacock Cottonwood
Butler Mary L. 05-07-1896 05-23-1971 w/o Walter L. Butler Cottonwood
Adams Zenie 03-14-1908 09-29-1983 w/o Walter James Adams Cottonwood
Edwards Flaudie Louise 01-01-1889 06-13-1959 w/o Walter G. Edwards Cottonwood
Deese Lillia Lee Pynes 02-02-1898 06-24-1974 w/o Walter G. Deese Cottonwood
Whitehead Reecie W. 11-22-1912 12-31-1983 w/o Walter D. Whitehead Cottonwood
Sellers Ora Mabel Nichols 08-16-1908 08-25-1978 w/o Wallace Eugene Sellers Cottonwood
Lewis Althea F. Wilkinson 10-04-1877 01-27-1923 w/o W.M. Lewis Cottonwood
Merritt Lilla V. 09-04-1875 04-08-1950 w/o W. H. Merritt Cottonwood
Watson Eunice Odell Morris 08-02-1906 09-23-2005 w/o Thomas Lester Watson Cottonwood
Ripley Lucy Wood 11-13-1889 10-26-1934 w/o Thomas H. Ripley Cottonwood
Drinkwater Grace 04-18-1915 (undated) w/o Thomas Drinkwater married 03-31-1972 Cottonwood
Ray Bonnylin Adams 11-24-1905 09-21-2003 w/o Theo Ray Cottonwood
Hill Hattie M. 1893 1985 w/o Taylor A. Hill Cottonwood
Cemetery: Gordon
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Familysort ascending Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Trawick Dorothy Jean 12-01-1939 04-25-1999 w/o Zolan Beaver Trawick Gordon
Wood Missouri Pynes 10-16-1842 01-30-1918 w/o William Wood married 08-01-1861 Gordon PDF icon More Info
Pynes Misouri 10-16-1842 01-30-1918 w/o William Wood d/o James & Winifred Pynes Gordon
Leslie Virginia Pynes 1846 1902 w/o William P. Leslie d/o J. & W. Pynes married 12-08-1867 Gordon
Pynes Virginia Leslie 1846 1902 w/o William P. Leslie d/o James & Winifred Pynes Gordon
Womack Lilla Pearl 03-06-1885 01-22-1975 w/o William Mitchell Womack Gordon
Floyd Belle E. 09-14-1880 09-30-1950 w/o William Floyd (married 1903) Gordon
Lee Lois E. Meadow 03-14-1911 10-30-2007 w/o William F. Lee Sr. married 04-17-1932 Gordon
Brunson Ann E. 11-10-1832 01-27-1877 w/o William Brunson Gordon
Alford Lilla (Nann) Smith 02-19-1858 01-11-1907 w/o William B. Alford (married 03-01-1878) d/o W.H.& Caroline Pynes Smith Gordon PDF icon More Info
Smith Lilla 02-19-1858 01-11-1907 w/o William B. Alford d/o W.H. & Caroline "Pynes" Smith Gordon
Harlow Pearl E. 07-21-1915 11-05-1970 w/o Willia Sr. Harlow Gordon
Phillips Pearl Moat 06-16-1925 01-20-2013 w/o Warren Phillips (married 06-30-1945) Gordon
Anderson Lola B. 06-12-1921 02-20-2015 w/o Warren J. Anderson married 07-23-1938 Gordon
Jeffcoat Josephine 02-12-1851 10-27-1896 w/o Walter Jeffcoat unmarked adult adjacent Gordon
Hare Susan 10-25-1821 11-04-1893 w/o W.W. Hare Gordon
Smith Penelope Caroline Pynes 09-19-1830 11-21-1873 w/o W.H. Smith married 07-29-1852 Gordon PDF icon More Info
Pynes Penelope Caroline 09-19-1830 11-21-1873 w/o W.H. Smith d/o James & Winifred Pynes Gordon
Street Ruth Rathel 06-01-1929 11-05-1976 w/o Tom Street two unmarked adjacent Gordon
Jordan Willie Pearl 04-05-1927 09-29-2012 w/o Thomas A. Jordan married 02-12-1946 Gordon
Cemetery: Cowpen Pond
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Familysort ascending Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Conner Beatrice 03-11-1912 01-27-1998 w/o Zetika Conner married 10-07-1933 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Zader Elizabeth Hatcher 09-09-1895 12-08-1985 w/o Zack Hamilton married 03-31-1912 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Celia 08-01-1845 08-19-1881 w/o Zack Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Hobbs Meanery N. 05-03-1921 12-15-1997 w/o Willis H. Hobbs Cowpen Pond
Wagner Ida M. 01-28-1950 (undated) w/o William Wagner married 03-03-1962 Cowpen Pond
Sykes Ella G. 03-31-1877 02-04-1930 w/o William Sykes Cowpen Pond
McDowell Nancy D. Neel 08-30-1887 09-23-1949 w/o William Sr. McDowell Cowpen Pond
Patrick Alice Ann Stanley 07-30-1893 02-25-1964 w/o William Patrick Cowpen Pond
Messer Ola L. 11-24-1885 04-02-1956 w/o William Messer Cowpen Pond
Neel Dollie Elizabeth 09-12-1903 08-06-1963 w/o William I. Neel Cowpen Pond
Banks Ruby Basford 05-01-1910 03-21-1996 w/o William H. Banks married 10-13-1927 Cowpen Pond
Hare Eliza 01-31-1849 09-28-1927 w/o William E. Hare Cowpen Pond
Arnold Lottie B. 03-07-1924 02-11-2010 w/o William Arnold married 07-07-1972 Cowpen Pond
Johnson Judith S. 06-14-1880 01-03-1972 w/o Wilbur Johnson Cowpen Pond
Neel Mary V. 06-25-1918 12-29-2003 w/o Wesley R. Neel married 09-17-1939 Cowpen Pond
Neel Michele Lynn 10-04-1963 (undated) w/o Wesley Neel Cowpen Pond
Basford Janice N. 11-30-1931 04-05-2016 w/o Walter Basford married 08-30-1947 Cowpen Pond
Neel Maud 01-15-1900 11-20-1929 w/o W.I. Neel Cowpen Pond
Hatcher Clara 04-10-1885 05-09-1959 w/o W.C. Hatcher Cowpen Pond
Tyus Vergelina 06-26-1928 09-08-2012 w/o Troy Sr. Tyus Cowpen Pond
Neel Sarah W. 10-09-1862 11-01-1901 w/o Thomas J. Neel Cowpen Pond
Basford Gertrude H. 11-24-1910 02-17-2006 w/o Thomas J. Basford Cowpen Pond
Hobbs Brenda L. 07-26-1951 (undated) w/o Theo Sr. Hobbs Cowpen Pond
Cemetery: Pleasant Hill
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Familysort ascending Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Baxter Mary W. 04-26-1893 05-13-1982 w/o Zen E. Baxter Pleasant Hill
Godfrey Rosa L. 02-01-1881 10-12-1956 w/o Wyatt J. Godfrey Pleasant Hill
Hughes Betty 10-01-1923 03-03-1941 w/o William Wyatt Hughes Pleasant Hill
Wood Ressie Lee Harrison 08-19-1908 12-31-1946 w/o William Wood (archival survey info) Pleasant Hill
Wofford Jimmie L. 12-02-1888 03-25-1970 w/o William W. Wofford Pleasant Hill
McNeal Betty Louise Williams 11-12-1932 (undated) w/o William Ralph (Bill) McNeal married 04-03-1954 Pleasant Hill
Parrish Mae 12-15-1892 11-20-1997 w/o William O. Parrish Pleasant Hill
Jones Vallie Sue 11-22-1940 (undated) w/o William Edgar Jones married 09-12-1958 Pleasant Hill
Holland Wessie Burkett 02-09-1901 03-07-1955 w/o William E. Holland Pleasant Hill
Hall Clarkie B. 02-13-1894 04-30-1986 w/o Will M. Hall Pleasant Hill
Pynes Sarah Gilmore Lewis 1812 1871 w/o White Pynes married 08-26-1836 Pleasant Hill
Pynes Sara Jane Grice 01-26-1874 12-25-1956 w/o White Pynes married 01-13-1896 Pleasant Hill
Jeffcoat Cora M. 07-23-1875 12-28-1954 w/o Walter S. Jeffcoat Pleasant Hill
Hollingsworth Helen Howard 03-19-1926 06-05-1960 w/o Walter M. Hollingsworth Pleasant Hill
Bush Rosie W. 02-18-1902 01-25-1973 w/o Walter J. Bush Pleasant Hill
Chesnut Effie 03-16-1898 03-14-1972 w/o Walter B. Chesnut married 12-14-1914 Pleasant Hill
Watkins Elizabeth B. 12-24-1942 (undated) w/o Wallace E. Watkins married 05-03-1971 Pleasant Hill
Parrish Laura W. 05-22-1860 03-09-1937 w/o W.N. Parrish Pleasant Hill
Wood Sarah H. Chumney 12-25-1870 12-28-1911 w/o W.J. Wood Pleasant Hill
Burkett Emma E. Martin 09-27-1858 01-16-1933 w/o W.J. Burkett Pleasant Hill
Summerford Emma L. 09-13-1856 12-06-1913 w/o W.H. Summerford Pleasant Hill
Dempsey Annie C. 10-05-1893 10-25-1968 w/o W.E. Dempsey Pleasant Hill
Cook Vivian M. 01-31-1910 07-14-1994 w/o W. Lester Cook married 05-15-1932 Pleasant Hill
Brunson Ina Mae 02-01-1919 08-26-1982 w/o Vaughan B. Brunson Pleasant Hill
Vickers Lillie V. 03-24-1897 03-18-1960 w/o Tolbert Vickers Pleasant Hill
Shiver Michele Ann 04-22-1964 (undated) w/o Thomas Mitchell Shiver married 04-22-2002 Pleasant Hill
Cemetery: Friendship Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Familysort ascending Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Chambliss Minnie Lee 11-13-1879 08-25-1972 w/o Z.M. Chambliss Friendship Baptist
Chambliss Mattie Lee 04-11-1912 11-26-1976 w/o Z. Melvin Chambliss Friendship Baptist
Rogers Janice S. 06-02-1943 (undated) w/o Woodrow Wilson Rogers Friendship Baptist
Rogers Dicie Jeanitte (Nettie) 12-28-1914 1-8-2013 w/o Woodrow Rogers Friendship Baptist
Jackson Annie M. Jones 11-09-1919 01-15-1998 w/o Wilmer S. Jackson Friendship Baptist Microsoft Office document icon Annie Mae Jones.doc
Lockart Cornelia Nordan 06-13-1936 05-15-2010 w/o Wilmer Lockart Friendship Baptist
Jones Bertha W. Hand 08-05-1886 11-22-1966 w/o Willie Thomas Jones Friendship Baptist Microsoft Office document icon Bertha Wadell Hand Jones.doc
King Edna V. Chambliss 03-01-1931 04-11-1992 w/o Willie J. King Friendship Baptist Microsoft Office document icon Edna V. Chambliss King.doc
Paulk Ruby May 02-22-1923 08-05-1974 w/o Willie E. Paulk Friendship Baptist Microsoft Office document icon Ruby May Barrentine Kembro Paulk.doc
Brookins Mary Lula 12-21-1896 12-23-1964 w/o Willie Dalton Brookins Friendship Baptist
McMillan Mamie J. 08-22-1898 07-15-1976 w/o Willie B. McMillan Friendship Baptist
Conrad Vinnia K. 03-27-1903 05-15-1991 w/o William W. Conrad Friendship Baptist
Arnold Varna Hall 11-26-1908 04-02-1987 w/o William Sheldon Arnold Friendship Baptist PDF icon More Info.pdf
Fears Ruby Mae Hays 06-19-1915 03-08-2012 w/o William Price Fears Friendship Baptist
Tidwell Sarah Anderson 06-13-1844 04-08-1925 w/o William J. Tidwell Friendship Baptist
Floyd Mary 1857 1928 w/o William H. Floyd Friendship Baptist
Culpepper Elma W. 03-04-1905 09-28-1998 w/o William H. Culpepper married 10-29-1924 Friendship Baptist
Ducker Mary Velma 08-16-1915 04-27-1957 w/o William Frank Ducker Friendship Baptist
Robison Mamie Paulk 12-14-1923 07-29-2005 w/o William Earl Robinson married 07-03-1939 Friendship Baptist
Ham Mable Joyce 11-08-1932 06-24-2004 w/o William E. (Ed) Ham Friendship Baptist
Baxter Inez Ham 09-27-1931 04-12-2000 w/o William E. (Boots) Baxter Friendship Baptist
Standland Sarena 03-16-1851 04-06-1907 w/o William D. Standland Friendship Baptist
Huff Elizabeth Jones 05-1840 07-1912 w/o William D. Huff Friendship Baptist Microsoft Office document icon Elizabeth Jones Huff.doc
Floyd Mamie Jones 05-04-1914 11-05-1998 w/o William B. Floyd Friendship Baptist
King Mary Ella Carter 1871 1957 w/o William (Bud) King Friendship Baptist
Robinson Lenora 09-14-1836 12-20-1916 w/o Wiley Robinson Friendship Baptist
Hall Berty 06-26-1884 02-07-1972 w/o Wiley Hall Friendship Baptist
May Georgia 10-14-1850 10-14-1918 w/o Warren May Friendship Baptist
Hatcher Frenchie M. Bass 4-28-1920 7-13-2013 w/o Walter Thomas Friendship Baptist
Rogers Willie Hazel McMillan 3-17-1921 3-1-2013 w/o Walter Paul Rogers Friendship Baptist
Irwin Letha Mae 04-19-1922 07-22-1976 w/o Walter I. Irwin Friendship Baptist
Howard Eva Folds 12-20-1922 no date w/o Walter H. Howard Friendship Baptist
Rogers Ethel F. 10-27-1932 11-02-1993 w/o Walter D. Rogers Friendship Baptist
Russ Mamie E. 07-27-1869 10-30-1919 w/o Walter B.. Russ Friendship Baptist
Standland Dollie King 12-03-1900 07-30-1949 w/o Walter B. Standland Friendship Baptist
Peeler Vivian Hartzog 08-12-1938 (undated) w/o Walter Amos Peeler Friendship Baptist
Peeler Vivian H. 1939 03-30-2020 w/o Walter Amos Peeler Obituaries Friendship Baptist
Tidwell Eliza Anderson 05-13-1850 02-17-1932 w/o W.W. Tidwell Friendship Baptist
Moss Ever Huff no date 1925 w/o W.L. Moss Friendship Baptist
Moss Mandy Ham 02-29-1888 12-15-1906 w/o W.L. Moss d/o L.I. & S.F. Ham Friendship Baptist
Grice Mildred A. 12-24-1923 08-17-1977 w/o W.J. Grice Friendship Baptist
Phillips M. E. Mrs. 11-10-1850 01-09-1924 w/o W.D. Phillips Friendship Baptist
Hall Hellon 01-13-1926 no date w/o W. Wallace Hall Friendship Baptist
Tidwell Lucile Baxter 02-17-1922 09-30-1972 w/o Troy E. Tidwell Friendship Baptist
Howell Ressie M. 12-01-1930 06-29-1995 w/o Tillmon Howell Friendship Baptist
Matthews Corinna 06-03-1883 01-27-1971 w/o Thomas Matthews Friendship Baptist
Tidwell Margaret E. 1876 1951 w/o Thomas M. Tidwell Friendship Baptist
Young Ellen Jane Stewart 12-17-1891 05-20-1928 w/o Thomas Jefferson Young Friendship Baptist
Stewart Ellen Jane 12-17-1891 05-20-1928 w/o Thomas Jefferson Young Friendship Baptist
Jones Eliza Baxter 07-1852 05-1919 w/o Thomas Jefferson Jones Friendship Baptist Microsoft Office document icon Eliza Mae Jones.doc
Jones Mary Smith 04-10-1918 08-14-2001 w/o Thomas Jeff Jones Friendship Baptist Microsoft Office document icon Mary Elizabeth Smith Jones.doc
Morgan Flossie Harrington 04-03-1888 01-03-1930 w/o Thomas Jackson Morgan Friendship Baptist
Locke Grace Ford 07-29-1923 01-16-2006 w/o Thomas Irwin Locke Friendship Baptist
Peacock Mary Juanita Standland 06-16-1884 01-18-1929 w/o Stonewall J. Peacock Friendship Baptist
Cemetery: Clayton
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Familysort ascending Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Love Virginia Wheelus 10-10-1878 11-09-1958 w/o Yuthon L. Love Clayton
Hall Addie Lou Guy 05-28-1915 05-16-1971 w/o Woodrow W.Hall Clayton
Box Gwendolyn Hall 06-20-1943 (undated) w/o Winn Fred Box Clayton
Quattlebaum Elga Earnestine 03-22-1927 02-09-2007 w/o Willie Quattlebaum Clayton
Adams Verna Mae 02-15-1903 04-20-1942 w/o Willie Adams Clayton
Miller Emma Jane Pricilla Gertrude Kingry 07-30-1865 02-18-1943 w/o William A. Miller Clayton
Pittman Alice Guy 03-14-1876 07-13-1928 w/o Wiley J. Pittman Clayton
Johnson Cyntha J. 02-15-1869 07-14-1932 w/o W.W. Johnson (dates from archival survey) Clayton
Pinkney Anner Anna (no dates) w/o W.D. Pinkney Clayton
Hodges Blanche 04-26-1896 08-03-1992 w/o T.J. Jeff Hodges Clayton
Howard Virginia 02-23-1864 11-19-1956 w/o T.J. Howard Clayton
Cemetery: Gunn Methodist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Familysort ascending Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Granger Gloria L. Syring 12-20-1944 (undated) w/o Wyatt Granger Jr. Gunn Methodist
Adams Ruth 11-14-1878 07-17-1913 w/o Wright Adams Gunn Methodist
Long Nancy A. 12-31-1832 06-20-1911 w/o Willie G. Long Gunn Methodist
Yarbrough Eller M. 01-03-1875 08-29-1904 w/o Willie Fred Yarbrough Gunn Methodist
Rountree Kesiah B. 04-12-1828 02-23-1884 w/o William G. Rountree Gunn Methodist
Long Ida Stapleton 03-08-1868 03-23-1958 w/o William Elliott Long Gunn Methodist
Conrad Zorah 11-10-1870 11-09-1933 w/o William D. Conrad Gunn Methodist
Barksdale Elizabeth 08-18-1819 09-29-1889 w/o William Barksdale Gunn Methodist
Holloway Mary 03-12-1845 11-14-1892 w/o W.G. Holloway Gunn Methodist
Watford Gertrude I. Oswald 12-28-1891 02-18-1971 w/o W.B. Watford married 03-20-1910 Gunn Methodist
Watford Effie A. Hicks 1887 1980 w/o Ulmont N. Watford married 06-06-1926 Gunn Methodist
Pittman Margaret Evans 02-08-1805 08-07-1887 w/o Timothy Pittman married 08-14-1826 Gunn Methodist
Stapleton Harriet 06-17-1839 07-21-1909 w/o Thomas S. Stapleton Gunn Methodist
Stapleton Allie Coonrod 09-01-1882 07-06-1928 w/o Thomas L. Stapleton married 01-26-1908 Gunn Methodist
Johnson Vonnell J. 09-23-1943 02-16-1990 w/o Thomas E. Johnson Gunn Methodist
Williams Amanda J. 11-08-1815 10-15-1880 w/o T.S. Williams (archival survey info) Gunn Methodist
Cemetery: New Harmony
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Familysort ascending Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Herring Othell W. 09-02-1924 06-21-2011 w/o Woodrow Herring New Harmony
Meadows Myrtice B. 11-06-1913 04-17-1991 w/o William Meadows married 12-03-1933 New Harmony
Brady Annie Pauline 10-14-1935 02-11-2013 w/o Wiley Thomas Brady New Harmony
Danford Mary A. Sims 02-07-1941 03-04-2011 w/o Wayne Danford married 10-06-1956 New Harmony
Tindell Mary 07-26-1896 05-16-1963 w/o Vester Tindell New Harmony
Hall Myra Nell 03-08-1931 (undated) w/o Theo Hall New Harmony
Cemetery: Collins Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Familysort ascending Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Jacobs Hetty Smith 06-06-1911 12-13-1992 w/o Winson Tince Jacobs married 03-12-1935 Collins Baptist PDF icon More Info
Baxter Ida L. 03-07-1917 04-05-2007 w/o Winson P. Baxter Collins Baptist
Griggs Ruth Garrett 08-29-1931 no date w/o Willie S. Griggs Collins Baptist
Murdock Nadine 08-29-1899 07-02-1986 w/o Willie M. Murdock married 03-25-1914 Collins Baptist PDF icon nadine murdock.pdf
Dekle Mattie M. 03-12-1874 08-08-1951 w/o Willie Dekle Collins Baptist
Williams Lilla 10-18-1872 10-04-1952 w/o William V. Williams Collins Baptist
Bell Lela Mae 10-11-1914 05-24-1972 w/o William Simon Bell Collins Baptist
Fears Dicy Webb 02-14-1850 05-27-1941 w/o William M. Fears married 1873 in Georgia Collins Baptist
Coker Ada J. 10-14-1898 11-18-1983 w/o William M. Coker Collins Baptist
Johnson Drucilla 11-03-1874 08-01-1948 w/o William L. Johnson Collins Baptist
Hart Lollie Mae Mays 10-24-1906 10-29-1990 w/o William Hardy Hart Collins Baptist
Pear Lena Scammell 1875 1952 w/o William H. Pear Collins Baptist
Davis Dolly 07-02-1945 09-29-2020 w/o William Bill Davis obituaries Collins Baptist
King Zennie Lee 08-01-1892 08-31-1971 w/o William B. King Collins Baptist
Stoutamire Jenny Jacobs no date no date w/o Will Stoutamire Collins Baptist
Bentley L. Lyn Harrison 08-14-1965 (undated) w/o Wayne D. Bentley (married 07-25-1987) Collins Baptist
Rogers Dolly 1896 1976 w/o Walter S. Rogers married 01-10-1915 Collins Baptist
Mathews Loraine Barrentine 6-19-1927 3-7-2015 w/o Walter S. Mathews married 06-12-1947 Collins Baptist
Barefield Elma Lee 1902 1948 w/o W.L. (Fate) Barefield Collins Baptist
Hart Della Docia 10-23-1884 08-04-1953 w/o W.D. Mathews Collins Baptist
Mathews Della Docia Hart 10-23-1884 08-04-1953 w/o W.D. Mathews Collins Baptist
Joiner Belle M. 1874 1963 w/o W.C.C. Joiner Collins Baptist
Elmore Velma F. Chumney 07-11-1903 11-12-1981 w/o W. Clyde Elmore Collins Baptist
Banks Dorothy M. 09-08-1909 02-09-1981 w/o Vinson S. Banks Collins Baptist
Rodgers Annie Adams 01-18-1893 09-28-1985 w/o Ulysses Rodgers Collins Baptist
Wheelus Nellie W. 07-05-1914 12-11-1987 w/o Ulas E. Wheelus Collins Baptist
Pritchett Sarah M. 11-29-1863 01-26-1941 w/o Thomas W. Pritchett Collins Baptist
Shell Nicy 1841 1918 w/o Thomas Shell Collins Baptist
Murdock Charity E. Morning 01-1846 01-1920 w/o Thomas H. Murdock married 04-16-1894 Collins Baptist PDF icon More Info
Snipes Lamantha Pearl 08-16-1877 10-08-1964 w/o Thomas G. Snipes Collins Baptist
Baxter Madelyne F. 01-17-1941 no date w/o Terry T. Baxter Collins Baptist
Cemetery: Hickory Grove
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Familysort ascending Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Ditty Malvie M. 07-10-1908 04-06-1976 w/o Winson Ditty Hickory Grove
Hatcher Fannie B. 11-05-1888 02-06-1969 w/o Willie Hatcher Hickory Grove
Herring Myrle Jordan 10-31-1924 12-17-2017 w/o William Herring married 12-20-1941 Hickory Grove
Baxter Tlitha A. Hatcher 10-15-1896 12-11-1976 w/o Walter Baxter married 01-15-1912 Hickory Grove
Yarborough Ida O. 09-01-1967 05-12-1955 w/o W.G. Yorborough Hickory Grove
Conrad S.A. 11-10-1871 04-19-1953 w/o W.A. Conrad Hickory Grove
McDaniel Bernice D. 11-02-1934 (undated) w/o W. Willard McDaniel Hickory Grove
Ditty Mildred McCroan 10-25-1936 10-05-2018 w/o Thomas Ditty (Obituary Info) Hickory Grove
Cemetery: Antioch
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Familysort ascending Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Pilcher Clarice Mumford 04-15-1911 09-28-1990 w/o Winfield Pilcher Antioch
Herring Carrie 08-16-1856 01-01-1925 w/o William Herring married 01-1874 Antioch
Herring Sara Jane 09-07-1888 04-26-1981 w/o W.P. (Bud) Herring married 05-11-1907 Antioch
Cemetery: Campbellton Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Familysort ascending Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Pilcher Kate Watford 01-08-1879 04-04-1952 w/o Willie L. Pilcher Campbellton Baptist
Peacock Norma Talmadge 11-25-1918 03-04-2013 w/o William Peacock Campbellton Baptist
McKinley Elizabeth Lott 02-14-1872 1935 w/o William McKinley Campbellton Baptist
Gilbert Sallie Peacock 04-18-1893 03-04-1980 w/o William Gilbert Campbellton Baptist
Peacock Gloria A. Porter 03-30-1944 04-05-2017 w/o William Edwin Peacock Jr. (married 06-13-1965) Campbellton Baptist
Davis Stella B. 02-27-1881 01-08-1982 w/o William Davis married 11-22-1899 Campbellton Baptist
Talley Mattie Lee 01-31-1907 10-26-1955 w/o Wesley Talley Campbellton Baptist
Middleton Addie T. 08-01-1887 06-07-1973 w/o Walter Middleton Campbellton Baptist
Carter Belle H. 06-10-1884 05-15-1967 w/o Walter Carter Campbellton Baptist
Farrior Ammie E. 02-19-1849 06-23-1893 w/o W.M. Farrior Campbellton Baptist
Daniel Sallie 01-08-1846 12-17-1885 w/o W.J. Daniel d/o C.A. & Roqusey Dekle Campbellton Baptist
Wynn Willie Shoemaker 1855 1879 w/o W.B. Wynn Campbellton Baptist
Jones Sarah A. 11-20-1830 08-29-1911 w/o W.B. Jones Campbellton Baptist
Lott Mary Ellen 05-24-1843 11-18-1905 w/o W.A. Lott d/o Madison & Elizabeth Carter Campbellton Baptist
Thompson Mildred M. 05-02-1929 (undated) w/o V.Fred Thompson married 11-21-1945 Campbellton Baptist
Taylor Hazel Pate 02-17-1921 10-25-2003 w/o Tom Taylor Campbellton Baptist
Denard Grace Boone 1877 1897 w/o Thomas Denard Campbellton Baptist
Clarke Sallye Tillinghast 1837 1917 w/o Thomas Clarke Campbellton Baptist
Allen Linda Hart 08-25-1949 (undated) w/o Thomas Allen Campbellton Baptist
Davis Mary Ann 02-08-1855 04-04-1928 w/o T.J. Davis Campbellton Baptist
Cemetery: Greenwood Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Familysort ascending Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Garrett Ada M. 09-28-1862 04-03-1885 w/o Willie L. Garrett Greenwood Baptist
Taylor Mary Elise Gammon 06-06-1861 12-06-1943 w/o William H. Taylor Greenwood Baptist
Corbett Mary Frances Hamilton 01-21-1952 10-10-2002 w/o William Corbett Greenwood Baptist
Bevis Jennie Palmer 01-1801 11-1882 w/o William Bevis Greenwood Baptist
Anderson Gladys Welch 03-16-1903 03-04-1992 w/o Walter Bryan Jr. Greenwood Baptist
Anderson Corrie Virginia Jones 03-01-1872 08-25-1864 w/o Walter Bryan Anderson Greenwood Baptist
Garrett Annie L. 08-06-1866 12-17-1896 w/o W.L. Garrett Greenwood Baptist
Chambliss James Mozelle 06-20-1874 09-16-1901 w/o W.F. Chambliss Greenwood Baptist
Chambliss James Mozelle 06-20-1874 09-16-1901 w/o W.F. Chambliss Greenwood Baptist
Andreasen Myrle A. 08-27-1913 05-26-1994 w/o Vernon Andreasen Greenwood Baptist
Sasser Jewel Evan 11-13-1922 04-18-2007 w/o Thomas Sasser Greenwood Baptist
Andreasen Lotte K. 06-14-1927 08-19-2015 w/o Thomas G. Andreasen married in 1951 Greenwood Baptist
Langley Lavinia Anne 02-29-1832 02-04-1905 w/o Thomas E. Langley (unmarked adult slab beside) Greenwood Baptist
Barnes Sarah A. 1816 06-12-1878 w/o Thomas Barnes Greenwood Baptist
Cemetery: Bascom Methodist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Familysort ascending Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Bevis George L. 02-08-1879 04-15-1966 w/o Willie Bevis Bascom Methodist
Bevis Martha E. 04-09-1823 04-13-1910 w/o William Bevis Bascom Methodist
Bevis Julia C. 11-25-1863 04-03-1926 w/o William A. Bevis Bascom Methodist
Standland Mary A. 04-18-1876 10-25-1959 w/o Wesley W. Standland Bascom Methodist
Rountree Nina L. 1905 1980 w/o Walter Rountree Bascom Methodist
Rodgers Chrystelle Conrad 12-28-1920 03-09-2008 w/o Walter Rodgers Bascom Methodist
Rodgers Sudie B. 09-20-1889 02-23-1957 w/o Walter Rodgers Bascom Methodist
Grant Sarah Ann 1936 08-23-2015 w/o Wallace Hill Grant (two markers noted) Bascom Methodist
Grant Sarah Ann 10-13-1939 08-23-2015 w/o Wallace Hill Grant (two markers noted) Bascom Methodist
Grant Aunt Lizzie 12-09-1848 07-14-1936 w/o W.C. Grant Bascom Methodist
Bevis Willie Mae Taylor 10-02-1905 09-20-1986 w/o Victor Bevis Sr. Bascom Methodist
Hewett Alice Mae 1964 10-13-2018 w/o Timothy Doyle Hewett (Obituaries) Bascom Methodist
Allen Leasie McKeller 11-25-1905 12-10-1995 w/o T.A. Allen Bascom Methodist