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Cemetery: Cottonwood
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Smith Sidney O. 10-10-1884 04-24-1935 h/o Lillian Kennedy Smith Cottonwood
Calloway James A. 01-16-1898 05-13-1985 h/o Donie Calloway Cottonwood
Anderson Frances Jean Smith 12-29-1950 (undated) w/o Robert Steve Anderson Cottonwood
Ketcham Annie 09-08-1870 10-30-1928 Cottonwood
Scott Odus M. 06-16-1914 09-23-1979 h/o Maggie M. Scott Cottonwood
Ambers Olief T. 03-07-1905 03-08-1905 c/o W.T. & D.L. Ambers (perhaps previous survey or obit, marker not found Cottonwood
Harrison Grover L. 02-06-1937 (undated) (perhaps previous survey or obit, no marker found) Cottonwood
Peacock Becky Ann Ninnie 01-04-1893 06-06-1977 w/o Wesley Palestine Peacock Cottonwood
Whitehead Lillian B. 10-08-1900 09-18-1977 w/o Harvy H. Whitehead Cottonwood
Forehand Homer 12-16-1900 08-30-1977 h/o Essie Forehand Cottonwood
McCord Wilmer 01-27-1917 09-12-1991 h/o Lettie B. McCord Cottonwood
Christmas Joseph E. 05-22-1886 10-04-1967 h/o Antie Hughes Christmas Cottonwood
Snellgrove William 08-17-1940 (undated) h/o Mary Lou Snellgrove (two markers noted) Cottonwood
Heinrich Alfred Arthur 05-24-1931 04-24-2015 (SSgt US Army Vietnam) (two markers noted) Cottonwood
Kirkland Alma Watford 09-25-1892 05-13-1923 Cottonwood
Sellers Edith T. 08-08-1902 09-23-1903 d/o N.M. & A. F. Sellers Cottonwood
Beall Joseph McCageor 02-18-1910 12-19-1999 h/o Catharine Ford Beall Cottonwood
Hicks Madie L. Ward 08-17-1896 04-19-1987 w/o Dr. Dorman Marvin Hicks Cottonwood
Peacock Ralph Byron 05-05-1933 01-03-1945 s/o Luther & Violet Mae Peacock Cottonwood
Wood William S. 05-25-1851 07-14-1921 h/o Mattie Metcalf Wood Cottonwood
Goff Thomas Glenn 12-28-1911 11-28-2007 Cottonwood
Mills Gladys P. 06-06-1925 02-26-2017 w/o Arthur Mills Cottonwood
Davis William C. 03-22-1896 03-10-1980 h/o Thelma O. Davis US Army WW I Cottonwood
Thrasher Reynolds (Ren) W. 10-06-1923 05-12-1976 Cottonwood
Lawrence Perry Lee Jr. 03-13-1917 07-13-1996 (S SGT US Army WW II Cottonwood
Sellers Mary Mozell Tindell 03-31-1911 09-03-1995 w/o Haisten Linden Sellers Cottonwood
Bowers Mellie 12-12-1889 09-23-1965 w/o Dowling Bowers Cottonwood
Moss Mae Dunn 10-19-1916 12-28-1970 w/o Clifford Moss Cottonwood
Hollon R.J. 09-19-1923 10-01-1991 (EN 2 US Navy WW II & Korea) Cottonwood
Porter Nina Jean 08-26-1926 01-12-1989 Cottonwood
Granger Elma 11-28-1896 08-08-1902 d/o W.C.& Annie Granger Cottonwood
Morris Claude Reeves 04-14-1915 04-03-1989 Cottonwood
Drinkwater Thomas L. 12-06-1930 01-01-1986 h/o Grace Drinkwater Cottonwood
Traylor John Edward 04-04-1927 06-09-2007 Cottonwood
Lewis John Franklin 12-07-1919 11-18-2007 h/o Ernestine Hughes Lewis Cottonwood
Sims Louise D. 12-10-1928 (undated) w/o Maxwell W. Sims Married 12-21-1946 Cottonwood
Bruner A.E. 04-13-1869 04-07-1936 Cottonwood
Davis William C. 03-22-1896 03-10-1980 (US Army WW I) (two markers noted) Cottonwood
Hutto Plot with 2 adult/unmarded graves Cottonwood
Cemetery: Cowpen Pond
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Lewis Eligahel 04-28-1861 07-08-1889 Cowpen Pond
Basford Julian (Sonny) Broward 07-16-1951 04-28-2015 h/o Nancy Basford Cowpen Pond
Weeks Infant 04-01-1963 04-02-1963 s/o Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Weeks Cowpen Pond
Basford Lydia Sellers 05-07-1817 06-20-1899 w/o John Basford Cowpen Pond
Neel Infant (no dates) I/o D.B. & S.A. Neel Cowpen Pond
Dawsell Infant (no dates) c/o T.H. and Floise Dawsell Cowpen Pond
Spurlock Samuel Henry 11-03-1846 1912 h/o Susan Rebecca Spurlock Civil War (Co A.1st Fla Cav) Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Phoebe 09-15-1921 09-16-2006 Cowpen Pond
Weeks Ann Revells 07-1863 1903 Cowpen Pond
Melnik Carolyn 1958 2017 Cowpen Pond
Jackson Ranie B. 01-12-1903 12-29-1967 h/o Viola Jackson Cowpen Pond
Weeks Charles L. 05-24-1948 (undated) h/o Betty Weeks married 07-15-1967 Cowpen Pond
Basford Inez Jackson 10-15-1919 10-30-1969 w/o Claude Basford Cowpen Pond
Neel Eva 07-22-1880 11-19-1937 Cowpen Pond
Jackson Bobby Gene 11-10-1941 10-04-2019 (Obit info) Cowpen Pond
Cook Sarah R. 09-08-1856 06-30-1938 w/o Green Cook Cowpen Pond
Reiney Elizabeth Hamilton 07-30-1943 10-31-2006 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Infant 10-08-(no year) c/o H.H. and L.H. Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Basford Hershel D. 08-13-1927 03-31-2013 (two markers noted) US Army PFC WW II) Cowpen Pond
Williams Kathy C. 07-15-1954 (undated) w/o Darrell Williams (married 11-04-1971 Cowpen Pond
Jackson Elizabeth 08-03-1886 02-12-1890 Cowpen Pond
Tyus Infant (no dates) c/o Lensy and Gladis Tyus Cowpen Pond
Arnold William Leroy 06-15-1934 01-07-1999 h/o Lottie Arnold (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Neel Benjamin Wiley 09-18-1876 08-21-1886 s/o Bennett and Argenia Neel Cowpen Pond
Cloud Maleatha S. 04-09-1881 02-25-1953 Cowpen Pond
Nobles Ellen 01-12-1863 03-10-1920 w/o J.H. Nobles Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Dewey 07-27-1911 12-18-1921 Cowpen Pond
Hewett Verna 12-01-1913 10-01-1916 Cowpen Pond
Sykes Ella G. 03-31-1877 02-04-1930 w/o William Sykes Cowpen Pond
Moneyham Perry 05-16-1885 04-03-1938 h/o Mattie Moneyham Cowpen Pond
Bennett Roy 01-14-1892 09-21-1912 Cowpen Pond
Cemetery: Campbellton Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Green Infant 12-12-1893 12-12-1893 s/o J.A. & Lena Green Campbellton Baptist
Clark Anita Dillard 11-28-1955 (undated) w/o John Michael Clark (married 10-25-1974 Campbellton Baptist
Jones Charles R. 09-22-1841 06-26-1925 (two markers noted) CSA Pvt (Co A 25 Ala Inf) Campbellton Baptist
Peacock Mattie Alma 12-08-1896 03-08-1978 Campbellton Baptist
Carter Belle H. 06-10-1884 05-15-1967 w/o Walter Carter Campbellton Baptist
Stwart Earl 01-29-1902 05-22-1903 Campbellton Baptist
Fillingim Joe E. 11-06-1901 06-03-1997 h/o Millie Fillingim Campbellton Baptist
Hinson Sallie 03-21-1866 06-1879 Campbellton Baptist
Hinson James B. 06-07-1839 10-08-1912 (two markers noted) CSA 1st Corp (Co F 11 Fla Inf) Campbellton Baptist
Odom Noncy Katherine 12-08-1951 (undated) Campbellton Baptist
Callaway Joseph W. 04-16-1847 06-27-1921 h/o Mittie Calloway CSA Pvt (Co I 5 Fla Cavry) Campbellton Baptist
Shomaker Josephine L. 06-24-1835 08-07-1904 Campbellton Baptist
Dollar Infant (no dates) s/o Mr. & Mrs. James Curtis Dollar (archival survey marker unfound) Campbellton Baptist
Zelmhardy Judy Elaine 02-12-1957 06-13-2007 (two markers noted) Campbellton Baptist
Hinson Janice Madge 12-14-1937 08-28-1997 Campbellton Baptist
Denard Thomas Alex 1872 1929 h/o Grace Denard Campbellton Baptist
Middleton Gladys Olene 01-28-1906 01-09-1990 Campbellton Baptist
Barron Rufus 10-19-1894 02-24-1984 Campbellton Baptist
Roberson Olan 11-30-1927 04-03-2007 h/o Mary Roberson (US Army WW II Philippines) Campbellton Baptist
Davis Stella B. 02-27-1881 01-08-1982 w/o William Davis married 11-22-1899 Campbellton Baptist
White W.K.J. (no dates) (age 86 yrs) (archival survey marker unfound) Campbellton Baptist
Hinson Charles Joseph 01-25-1869 02-03-1954 h/o Sallie Hinson Campbellton Baptist
Cemetery: Pine Crest
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Mader Dale John 01-20-1981 01-20-1981 Pine Crest
French Doris M. 1923 05-20-2018 w/o Harlo Albert French Jr. (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Nowell Harvey R. 11-08-1933 07-02-2011 (Capt US Air Force) Pine Crest
Holloway Bama L. 06-06-1888 06-05-1982 w/o Theo Barnard Holloway Sr. Pine Crest
Cannady Wilford C. 1908 1980 h/o Dora L. Cannady Pine Crest
Pittman James C. 1907 1956 h/o Thelma M. Pittman Pine Crest
Elmore Joan P. 05-27-1939 (undated) w/o Clyde Shyron Elmore Pine Crest
Smith Troy Duval 09-09-1905 07-25-1984 h/o Ernestine B. Smith Pine Crest
Moseley Harold Dale 11-08-1932 05-21-2012 h/o Linda Moseley married 12-07-1974 Pine Crest
Lundgren Richard Frank 04-29-1942 07-16-1983 h/o Margaret Lundgren Pine Crest
Wiggins Rebecca (Becky) Wooten 05-04-1941 07-25-2009 w/o Walter Wiggins Pine Crest
Guy Herman P. 1956 08-01-2019 (obit info) Pine Crest
Braxton Ernest Paul 1928 2012 h/o Elizabeth Braxton (two markers noted) Pine Crest
Owens Frances P. 08-05-1913 02-17-1980 w/o Owen Owens Pine Crest
Williams Edna F. Hall 12-31-1926 10-30-2014 w/o Hubert W. Williams Pine Crest
Hatcher Susie McClendon 06-15-1909 02-01-1985 w/o Wyatt Wesley Hatcher Pine Crest
Peters Dorothy B. 10-09-1931 7-08-2023 w/o Fred Peters Obituaries Pine Crest
Schwencke John H. age 88 4-22 -2022 h/o Mary Louise Schwencke (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Baxley Violet Rae 03-26-1931 10-19-2008 w/o William Baxley Sr. Pine Crest
Kleinhans William E. (Freddy) 01-27-1964 09-27-1990 Pine Crest
Davis M. Bert Jr. 08-13-1952 (undated) h/o Debra Gail (Debi) Davis Pine Crest
Cook James T. Jr. 09-27-1916 07-26-1995 (two markers noted) (Capt US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Griffin Oscar 09-19-1902 10-03-1993 h/o Lettie R. Griffin Pine Crest
Vincent Thomas Charles 05-12-1946 10-21-1976 (Pvt US Air Force) Pine Crest
Howell Bonny G. 01-09-1932 07-18-2012 Pine Crest
Alford Ruth Whiddon 12-10-1920 03-05-2006 (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Houyoux Elanor Crow 11-27-1920 5-18-2022 w/o Jack Houyoux Obituaries Pine Crest
Conyer Ode 1889 1962 h/o Odessa Conyer Pine Crest
Richardson Ewell Lee 02-10-1911 03-30-1992 h/o Frenchie Gay Richardson Pine Crest
Johnson Henry G. (Bob) 10-05-1928 09-04-1996 h/o Hattie I. (Pat) Johnson Pine Crest
Taylor Anne S. 1921 2000 Pine Crest
Martin Virginia Bone 03-14-1917 (undated) w/o Walter Allen Martin Pine Crest
Bruner George B. 09-16-1927 07-26-1972 (US Army WW II) (two markers noted) Pine Crest
Gandy Jessica Leigh Cemetery Tomb 04-06-1975 (undated) Pine Crest
Powell Catherina W. (no dates) (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Oswald Virgil Sr. D. 1917 2014 h/o Shirley Oswald married 11-25-1948 Pine Crest
Howard Dorothy L. 10-18-1920 06-07-1992 w/o Curtis Rudolph Howard Pine Crest
Carpenter Donald J. (Don) 01-13-1944 09-12-2009 Pine Crest
McCoy J. Darrell 12-31-1937 04-01-1976 Pine Crest
Everett William K. 07-12-1933 01-16-1986 (PFC US Army Korea) Pine Crest
Spencer Genevieve R. 1912 2004 w/o L. A. Spencer Pine Crest
Lipford Lois J. 02-02-1932 07-05-2012 (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Williams Cora R. (Jack) 06-30-1903 12-07-1997 h/o Liseher Williams Pine Crest
Brown Agnes McRae 01-01-1910 04-23-2004 (next to Jack Robert) Pine Crest
Paramore Ruth Bass 11-08-1928 11-30-1994 w/o E.E. (Gene) Paramore (married 03-09-1952) Pine Crest
Grainger Thomas L. 07-04-1929 01-04-2021 h/o Rosie B. Grainger (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Heath Rufus Jr. 05-06-1923 10-20-1965 (SGT Army Air Force WW II) Pine Crest
Shelton Verlet L. 08-28-1924 (undated) w/o Charles Shelton Jr. Pine Crest
Bennett Luther Maurice (Jimmy) 04-01-1943 03-20-2018 h/o Barbara Davis Bennett Pine Crest
Land Marvin C. (no dates) (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Dempsey Warren 1929 2008 (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Murphy Ruby P. 07-17-1922 04-02-1999 w/o Harold Winston Murphy Pine Crest
Major (undated) (undated) US Marine Corps Pine Crest
Guy Lamar 02-15-1930 10-18-1974 h/o Mary B. Henderson Guy Pine Crest
Warr Robert Larry 1937 1970 Pine Crest
Andrews Grover C. 11-1892 10-1963 h/o Lillian J. Andrews Pine Crest
Joiner Troy B. 03-19-1895 12-24-1967 h/o Carrie L. Joiner Pine Crest
Bright Mary Davis 8-21-1929 8-07-2022 w/o Charley Travis "C.T." Bright Obituaries Pine Crest
Cook Ray E. 01-10-1920 05-07-2000 (S Sgt USAF WW II) Pine Crest
Roberts Cummie L. 08-10-1903 01-22-1970 w/o J. Wesley Roberts Pine Crest
Earle Frederic 12-28-1982 (undated) Pine Crest
Therrien Claude Cutter 01-05-1920 10-11-1991 h/o Evelyn Lewis Therrien (PFC US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Matthews Robert F. 04-07-1929 12-06-2003 h/o Edna L. Matthews Pine Crest
Story Alice Josephine 07-03-1926 08-23-2021 Pine Crest
Price Mildred Murdock 05-07-1893 09-15-1984 Pine Crest
Stadsklev Donna B. 10-24-1914 06-23-2014 w/o Otto Stadsklev Pine Crest
Hughes Peggy G. 01-21-1945 10-01-2009 w/I Bobby B. Hughes Pine Crest
Chafin Barbara D. 08-14-1936 12-22-2004 w/o William H. Chafin Pine Crest
McDowell Roy 04-03-1930 03-06-2010 h/o Jean McDowell (CPL US Army Korea) Pine Crest
Daffin Ralph Sr. H. 10-31-1916 05-04-1988 (Tec 5 US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Parr Gerald Elmer 01-01-1926 03-30-2017 h/o Dorothy Parr (SM Sgt USAF) Pine Crest
Finch Katherine Booth 01-07-1930 (undated) (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Stadsklev Henry G. 1913 2001 h/o Mildred A. Stadsklev Pine Crest
Northington William T. 09-21-1919 12-12-2011 h/o Sadie Northington US ARMY Pine Crest
Hess Mildred L. 03-23-1926 09-09-2020 w/o Coy Elry Hess Pine Crest
Williams N. Ryals 1910 1982 h/o Rosa B. Williams Pine Crest
Oswald Carlton Earl 1929 05-30-2020 h/o Marion Burnham Oswald Obituaries Pine Crest
Robert Jack 04-05-1912 19-18-1988 (next to Agnes McRae Brown) Pine Crest
Peacock S. J. Jr. 12-31-1906 04-25-1984 h/o Willie Mae Peacock Pine Crest
Dickenson Edna E. 1909 1991 Pine Crest
Simpson Connie (Con Con) 03-07-1924 11-03-2009 Pine Crest
Leasure Lester L. 08-28-1941 (undated) h/o Ethel M. Leasure Pine Crest
Nielsen Virginia F. 1923 1982 w/o Donald D. Nielsen Pine Crest
Barber Robert Farrell 11-06-1933 (undated) h/o Janette Barber Pine Crest
Hallock Ramond N. 12-19-1941 01-11-2001 Pine Crest
Weaver Claude W. 02-10-1922 07-01-2005 h/o ConCetta Weaver (US Army Air Force WW II) Pine Crest
Atwood Max B. 1950 (undated) Pine Crest
Jones Virginia Gail 05-22-1954 05-26-1954 d/o James Wardie & Mary Faye Medows Jones Pine Crest
Cox Ruth Heath 04-23-1920 12-28-2005 Pine Crest
Roehl JoAnn 1935 1969 Pine Crest
Nix Mary Alice 1924 2008 Pine Crest
Gilbert Virgil L. 02-06-1923 05-30-1992 h/o Mattie Gilbert (PVT US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Timmons Buford L. 06-28-1901 12-03-1962 (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Wilsdorf Donald Sr. D. 10-28-1925 10-21-2011 h/o Jeanette Wilsdorf US ARMY Pine Crest
Melvin Shirley Hill 08-21-1935 (undated) w/o James Edward Melvin Pine Crest
Christen Ester G. 01-27-1913 03-21-1993 Pine Crest
Pumphrey Jean Hamaker 1923 1996 (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Hutchison Jay Lee McCaskill 04-11-1922 01-23-2008 Pine Crest
McKee Kathleen N. 01-09-1919 12-22-1980 Pine Crest
Hoff Dr. Robert Arthur 08-03-1934 (undated) h/o Hazel Inez Hoff Pine Crest
Fontaine Wynell H. 12-22-1939 (undated) w/o Ronald L. Fontaine married 06-06-1958 Pine Crest
Stephens Gregory E. 12-01-1960 (undated) Pine Crest
Jarmon Theresa Coleman 04-03-1930 12-11-2013 Pine Crest
Hill Gerald L. 01-08-1947 11-12-1998 (CPL US Marine Corps) Pine Crest
Wright Douglas A. 09-15-1959 06-15-1989 (perhaps previous survey or obit, marker not found) Pine Crest
Grimes Burnice Hall 1929 07-28-2020 w/o William Grimes (Obituaries) Pine Crest
Burlingham Betty Lou 1931 12-28-2015 Pine Crest
Peterson Carlotta A. 10-02-1933 06-04-1995 w/o Douglas B. Peterson Pine Crest
Cemetery: Mt Olive Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Parmer Willie B. 02-27-1910 04-18-1963 h/o Lillie Mae Parmer Mt Olive Baptist
Jenkins Thomas C. 02-05-1892 12-12-1962 h/o Viola Jenkins Mt Olive Baptist
Averett Woodrow W. 08-13-1917 10-09-1987 h/o Thelma F. Averett (two markers noted) Mt Olive Baptist
Hartzog Earon 03-08-1897 08-27-1980 h/o Charlie C. Hartzog Mt Olive Baptist
Turner Dorothy Ann 04-03-1928 04-14-2007 w/o Truman F. Turner Mt Olive Baptist
Bradberry Margette 09-20-1935 02-19-1936 Mt Olive Baptist
Phillips P. H. 04-18-1851 07-04-1931 Mt Olive Baptist
Cook Cecil E. 11-03-1916 03-06-1964 (two markers noted) (Fla PFC Co A 119 Inf WW II) Mt Olive Baptist
Kimrey Willie L. 01-05-1908 09-18-1972 h/o Robbie Lee Kimrey (two markers noted) Mt Olive Baptist
Hartzog Lula 12-25-1885 02-01-1921 w/o E. M. Hartzog Mt Olive Baptist
Turner Uel Travis 04-10-1884 02-01-1951 h/o Allie Fain Turner Mt Olive Baptist
Culverhouse Alice Grimmer 07-27-1878 03-25-1946 w/o Asberry Culverhouse Mt Olive Baptist
Ross George Lee 01-09-1893 01-17-1940 h/o Cora Bertha Ross Mt Olive Baptist
Hartzog Lloyd C. 01-06-1897 09-14-1973 (three markers noted) (PVT US Army WW I) Mt Olive Baptist
Kirkland Pearlie O. 03-06-1917 07-22-1998 w/o Levie Kirkland Mt Olive Baptist
Hatcher Leonard Earl 01-19-1923 11-23-1996 h/o Lois Watford Hatcher (two markers noted) Mt Olive Baptist
Wiggins Infant (no dates) s/o Troy & Newell Wiggins Mt Olive Baptist
Dickens Angus H. 11-05-1930 09-06-2001 Mt Olive Baptist
Stephens Elton Earl 10-10-1930 01-11-2016 h/o Geraldine Vaughn Stephens Mt Olive Baptist
Simmons Rex O. 09-23-1894 03-11-1951 h/o Emma Simmons Mt Olive Baptist
Chandler Willo Dean 04-15-1919 06-26-2012 Mt Olive Baptist
Hamilton William D. 06-08-1931 12-16-2004 (two markers noted) (US Army Korea) Mt Olive Baptist
McArthur Hardy W. Jr. 09-16-1961 09-17-1961 Mt Olive Baptist
Cemetery: Pilgrims Rest
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Jordan Infant (one date) 04-25-1905 d/o W. A. & Eula Jordan Pilgrims Rest
Pelham James Wesley 03-13-1882 10-06-1966 h/o Lyla P. Pelham Pilgrims Rest
Martin Ressie Therdorie 04-05-1895 08-04-1902 d/o Patrick & Martha Martin Pilgrims Rest
Oder William R. 02-08-1900 07-02-1978 h/o Annie L. Oder Pilgrims Rest
Simmons Jilton 03-10-1899 12-12-1911 s/o Ray F. & Norma Chumney Simmons Pilgrims Rest
Simmons Amanda C 12-20-1857 07-22-1910 w/o D. M. Simmons Pilgrims Rest
Cemetery: Riverside
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Landon Earnest 1902 1974 Riverside
Creecy (no birth) 1851 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Combs Gladys Idell 10-10-1949 07-04-1996 (two markers noted) Riverside
Rice James Isaac 01-16-1885 08-05-1960 h/o Eula R. Rice Riverside
Green Doyle E.C. 07-29-1928 (undated) h/o Mamie Green Riverside
Stewart James Earl 07-21-1920 01-08-1990 (US Navy) Riverside
Pimentel Jose S. 1918 2001 Riverside
Baggett John B. 06-11-1898 03-24-1940 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Meredith Ricky 07-12-1960 02-12-2004 Riverside
Wood Fannie 08-10-1839 09-05-1843 d/o Elizur & Mary Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Cady William J. 03-30-1957 (undated) Riverside
Carnley James L. 04-21-1957 03-11-1997 Riverside
Pledger Charles S. 11-04-1890 05-20-1936 Riverside
Attaway Catharine J. Jordano 05-07-1828 12-20-1893 w/o CSA Capt Lawrence M. Attaway Riverside
Smith Margaret Mae 1893 1954 Riverside
McAliley Charles Wesley 1881 1932 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Francis Lee (Kopaw) B 04-12-1893 08-26-1980 Riverside
Parks Michael Daniel 06-29-1982 06-29-1982 s/o Mimi & Alex Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Huchinson Grace 02-25-1902 03-05-2003 Riverside
Weston Ira Earl 01-28-1918 11-18-1960 (two markers noted) Riverside
Bryant Benjamin 1847 10-03-1917 Riverside
Bullard Dr. Foster Jr. L. 01-19-1930 03-01-1998 Riverside
Monday Christopher Owen 1980 02-16-2018 (obit info) Riverside
Davis Asa 12-22-1867 12-28-1929 Riverside
Edwards Jacklyn 01-05-1946 07-14-2015 Riverside
Seay Revaline Revels 05-06-1915 01-16-1991 w/o Linwood Seay Riverside
Long Harry Magnus 06-23-1911 11-08-2006 h/o Lois Long Riverside
Waller Benjamin Franklin 1879 1951 Riverside
Mayhall Clyde E. 04-29-1899 01-28-1970 h/o Cornelia Mayhall (two markers noted) Riverside
Bishop Maud V. 12-19-1909 08-14-1977 (Lieutenant Commander US Navy) Riverside
Newsom Tom 09-24-1894 07-29-1961 (US Army WW I) Riverside
Conrad Helen Virginia 08-25-1922 12-24-1999 Riverside
Hewett Emory 08-15-1901 07-12-1964 h/o Ida Hewett Riverside
Roach Keith 1955 1974 Riverside
Lawrence James Herbert 11-14-1920 11-07-2013 Riverside
Messner Cecil E. 05-13-1906 10-31-1972 (US Army WW II) Riverside
Griner Cleo S. 06-05-1919 04-17-1939 Riverside
Streetman James Edward 1927 1928 s/o J.F. & L.P. Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Norman M. 06-04-1897 12-22-1986 Riverside
Barnes Harold Eugene 11-16-1940 (undated) h/o Dorothy Barnes Riverside
Yniestra Mary J. 03-21-1874 08-11-1958 w/o James Yniestra Riverside
Kirkland Joseph (Ted) 11-01-1906 12-30-1996 h/o Laura Kirkland (two markers noted) Riverside
Carter Margareth Jr. H. 12-18-1908 04-18-1994 Riverside
Porter James Talmage 05-31-1890 04-30-1974 Riverside
Dudley Willa Jean Pace (no birth) 05-07-2016 w/o Bennie Joe Dudley Riverside
Kalar Robbie 02-03-1962 09-14-2003 Riverside
Snowden Hattie B. 1871 1952 w/o Thomas Snowden Riverside
McGehee Jefferson Lamar II 09-28-1879 07-27-1927 Riverside
Burke Susan 12-05-1946 03-03-2012 Riverside
Gammon William Lamar 05-25-1890 01-10-1947 h/o Wilhelmina Gammon Riverside
Peacock Delores Bush 07-27-1940 02-04-2013 w/o Curtis Peacock Riverside
Irwin Ethel S. 02-21-1906 06-19-1976 w/o Roy Irwin Riverside
Whitehead Sarah S. 04-25-1911 03-12-2002 w/o Lester Whitehead Riverside
Hawthorn Frank 06-05-1917 12-06-1943 Riverside
Mabry Moss N. 1918 2006 Riverside
Davis Joe B. 12-05-1910 12-23-1956 h/o Alice Davis Riverside
Farley James Albert 01-04-1814 05-07-1875 Riverside
Shelley Eddie Elbert 03-09-1903 07-10-1966 Riverside
Hill Dennis 11-01-1920 02-24-2001 h/o Doris Hill Riverside
Wandeck Charles 01-11-1865 09-04-1926 Riverside
Stephenson John Thomas 01-08-1876 06-28-1947 h/o Laura Stephenson Riverside
Boucher Fred 12-02-1910 01-01-1984 h/o Ella Mae Boucher Riverside
O'Hare Mary Lillian 1891 1975 w/o Joseph O'Hare Riverside
Cook Violet Montene 09-06-1930 05-12-2003 Riverside
Rodney Frances Harris 11-12-1918 10-04-1995 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Lee Mae Powell 09-06-1888 11-10-1973 w/o Herman Lee Riverside
Bass Katereen Ryals 12-26-1935 09-29-2011 Riverside
Mittler Baby (one date) 04-18-1957 Riverside
Haney Louise Patrick 07-19-1930 12-23-1993 Riverside
Sullivan Elma Gay 11-05-1908 12-05-1995 w/o Maxwell Sullivan Riverside
Landrum Robert Hugh 10-10-1931 06-12-2014 (US Navy Frogman) Riverside
Kennedy Robert H. 06-28-1890 06-30-1947 (US Army WW I) Riverside
Chance Lou Jean 08-19-1904 08-24-1982 w/o Arthur Chance Riverside
Pumphrey R.A. 01-05-1902 09-01-1962 h/o Helen Pumphrey (two markers noted) Riverside
George Lois Lewis 10-29-1914 07-25-1955 Riverside
Spence Elizabeth H. 07-14-1945 (undated) w/o Walter Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Adams Robert Hamilton Jr. 05-19-1918 11-09-1941 Riverside
McKinnon Infant (one date) 08-09-1946 s/o A.J. & Gurtrude Riverside
Roulhac Illegible (date illegible) 1892 w/o J.N. Roulhac (age 43) Riverside
Bush Flossie Mae 01-12-1925 02-21-2009 w/o Charlie Bush married 05-21-1940 Riverside
Peacock Sidney Gary 11-22-1935 09-18-2002 Riverside
Jackson Plez 1921 2011 h/o Alma Jackson (two markers noted) Riverside
Williams Evelyn Sandusky 1911 1934 Riverside
Marlow David 1936 2001 Riverside
Davis Sandra S. 07-01-1942 01-22-2009 w/o Walter Davis III Riverside
Feathers Garland (Red) H. 11-12-1912 05-21-2002 Riverside
Simmons Robert Sr. H. 02-14-1882 12-20-1968 h/o Jennie Simmons Riverside
Hocker David P. 1943 1980 h/o Patricia Hocker Riverside
Watson Lois Marie Abner 07-18-1925 (undated) w/o Lucien Watson Jr. Riverside
Stevens Henry Clay 10-01-1919 02-02-2013 h/o Althea Stevens (two markers noted) Riverside
Ryals Paul age 80 8-14-2022 p/o Zelma Obituaries Riverside
Boyd Hazel Griner 12-09-1925 (undated) w/o Claude Boyd married 08-28-1948 Riverside
Orcutt Harriet MacFarland 10-22-1888 06-23-1955 w/o O. Rollie Orcutt Riverside
Coulliette Charles T. 1892 1970 Riverside
Dickson Thomas G. 06-28-1847 11-27-1927 Riverside
Russ Joe Walter (Ace) 10-15-1918 06-11-1984 h/o Lucy Russ Riverside
Lewis Alex Jr. H. 10-13-1936 (undated) h/o Josephine Lewis Riverside
Butler Charles Joseph Sr. 05-09-1906 09-22-1978 Riverside
Dilmore Bonnie K. 9-29-1943 8-17-2021 Obituaries Riverside
Beard Dorothy Dekle 07-01-1906 01-13-1994 w/o James Beard Riverside
Moore John R. 10-22-1921 (undated) h/o Margaret Moore Riverside
Harris Donna Marie 01-03-1942 01-10-1942 d/o Don & Lillian Harris Riverside
Thomas Robert Jr. 10-27-1920 01-26-1961 (Lt JG US Navy WW II) Riverside
Kirkland Laura D. 12-05-1911 06-23-2007 w/o Joseph (Ted) Kirkland Riverside
Stevenson Krista 03-07-1988 04-21-2013 (two markers noted) Riverside
Ciccarello Rosa 10-17-1915 04-18-1995 Riverside
Rabb Gloria Ann 12-01-1937 03-21-1941 d/o Bertha & Robert Rabb Riverside
Golsom James Emanuel 1876 1940 Riverside
Standland Jessie Murle 07-07-1914 08-02-1954 w/o Charles Standland Riverside
Alston Claudia A. 04-30-1894 01-13-1979 w/o Joseph Alston Riverside
McQuagge Issac Jackson 05-31-1881 11-07-1953 h/o Lucy McQuagge Riverside
Cemetery: Bascom Methodist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Willoughby James Sidney 11-27-1905 10-14-1999 Bascom Methodist
Rogers Eugene A. 1902 1950 h/o Marjorie Rogers Bascom Methodist
Kaiser Patricia Fielder 12-26-1949 08-28-2012 Bascom Methodist
High Harry D. 02-11-1892 04-04-1966 h/o Susan High Bascom Methodist
Wise James Boyce 11-04-1934 04-02-2017 h/o Mary Jean Wise Bascom Methodist
Conrad George Grady 11-13-1911 10-18-1982 (two markers noted) (T Sgt US Army WW II) Bascom Methodist
Rogers William (Cowboy) Roy 09-12-1942 02-23-2021 h/o Dian Patterson Rogers (obituaries) Bascom Methodist
Bevis George 1902 1902 (scribed on slab) Bascom Methodist
Grant Sarah Ann 1936 08-23-2015 w/o Wallace Hill Grant (two markers noted) Bascom Methodist
McKnight Billy 02-02-1933 10-27-1937 s/o L.W. & Klyde McKnight Bascom Methodist
McDaniel Lessie W. 06-22-1887 04-24-1963 Bascom Methodist
Davis G.R. Jr. 09-15-1925 12-26-1925 s/o Mr. & Mrs. G.R. Davis Bascom Methodist
Anderson Louis A. 10-09-1885 04-04-1965 h/o Pearl Anderson Bascom Methodist
Stephens Henry Otis 01-22-1909 11-05-1919 Bascom Methodist
Olive Chester C. 01-17-1891 05-25-1918 Bascom Methodist
Dykes Hattie Edwards 09-01-1883 12-18-1965 Bascom Methodist
Bevis Genie A. 11-06-1893 09-01-1933 Bascom Methodist
Thomas Franklin E. 12-12-1929 09-19-1997 h/o Maudell Thomas (two markers noted) Bascom Methodist
Cemetery: Hickory Grove
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Glass Stella O. 07-23-1908 02-11-1952 w/o James Glass Hickory Grove
Long Estrella Nina 11-08-1929 02-02-2012 w/o Melvin Jr. Long married 02-11-1953 Hickory Grove
Tidwell (Illegible) 01-14-1923 11-16-1927 s/o M & M W.D. Tidwell Hickory Grove
Sutton Georgia Lee Robinson 11-10-1916 12-12-2001 w/o Lee Sutton Hickory Grove
Ditty Lacey Alexander 10-13-1879 05-09-1925 Hickory Grove
Johnson Neta D. 01-27-1908 11-10-1993 w/o Joseph Johnson married 11-25-1931 Hickory Grove
Tidwell Richard (Rick) C. James 3-01-1946 10-13-2023 w/o James Earl Baxter Obituaries Hickory Grove
Rodgers Mary E. 02-17-1859 05-13-1935 w/o James Rodgers Hickory Grove
Ditty Cynthia Conrad 01-30-1867 02-12-1952 w/o John W. Ditty Hickory Grove
Helms Holly 03-20-1973 05-16-1973 Hickory Grove
Robinson Elwin W. 06-30-1910 06-23-1987 h/o Lettie Mae Robinson Hickory Grove
Conrad James L. Sr. 01-26-1903 03-16-1957 h/o Florie Conrad Hickory Grove
Hatcher Mildred S. 04-27-1911 01-28-1979 w/o George Hatcher Hickory Grove
Cemetery: Friendship Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Calloway Johnnie N. 10-02-1936 08-19-2016 h/o Inez "Conrad" Calloway s/o Aron & Ollie B. "Jones" Calloway Friendship Baptist
Anderson Mae Carol 05-05-1940 04-07-1959 Daughter Friendship Baptist
Taylor Lewis B. 1846 1921 (PVT CO E 1ST FL CAV CSA) Friendship Baptist
Herring Henry King 06-10-1867 02-28-1953 h/o Lena Elizabeth Friendship Baptist
Robinson Mary Deborah King 10-29-1849 03-16-1940 w/o Joseph Lynn & Hugh Robinson d/o John P. & Elizabeth "Williamson" King Friendship Baptist
Stephens John M. 10-15-1845 04-14-1935 h/o Malissa (spelling error in surname) Fla Cav CSA (two markers noted) Friendship Baptist
Baxter Frances Ham 04-15-1924 06-01-2009 w/o Cleo Baxter Friendship Baptist
Hall Green 09-08-1871 01-11-1955 h/o Villar & Ruth Hall Friendship Baptist
Morgan Alvin Clifford 05-02-1906 02-16-1988 (PFC US ARMY WW II) Friendship Baptist
Fears Alex 11-12-1921 05-07-1997 h/o Annie M. Conrad Fears s/o Sebern & Laura Hart Fears Friendship Baptist
Livingston Martha Parks 06-25-1880 10-27-1965 w/o Charles Hannah Livingston Friendship Baptist
Chumney Mary Juel no date no date (written on child's slab) Friendship Baptist
Tidwell Infant 06-04-1930 06-04-1930 s/o B.C. & W.M. Tidwell Friendship Baptist
Howard Infant 01-05-1921 01-10-1921 s/o Mr. & Mrs. A.L. Howard Friendship Baptist
Russ Johnie H. 09-24-1892 05-01-1913 s/o A.E. & L.B. Russ Friendship Baptist
Bazemore Charlie 03-27-1873 08-06-1884 s/o C.F. & Amamda Bazemore Friendship Baptist
Hall Srerling 1905 1973 Friendship Baptist
Mathis Virginia Lee 05-18-1943 05-12-2018 w/o Ronald David Mathis (Obit info) Friendship Baptist
Nolen Alvin 04-09-1917 08-21-1917 s/o W.M. & D.A. Nolen Friendship Baptist
Ferguson Eliza King 03-08-1854 01-31-1927 w/o James H. Ferguson d/o John P. & Elizabeth "Williamson" King Friendship Baptist
Lynn Joseph W. 08-31-1901 10-19-1918 s/o Louis & Bulah Lynn Friendship Baptist
Conrad Katie 02-14-1899 04-15-1976 Friendship Baptist
Turner Mary M. 03-03-1859 10-14-1894 Friendship Baptist
Mathis Julia Mae 7-15-1928 8-31-2011 w/o James Guyton Friendship Baptist
Smith Albert W. Sr. 08-06-1902 11-27-1984 h/o Bessie Lee Smith Friendship Baptist
Bland Loyd Earl 03-12-1932 01-04-2000 h/o Dorothy "Chambliss" Bland Friendship Baptist
Ham Sarah 03-12-1864 01-05-1947 w/o Isiah Ham Friendship Baptist
Williams Glenda Earl Robison 09-03-1943 07-27-2018 (Obituaries) Friendship Baptist
Ford Verna Anderson 10-12-1900 04-07-1996 w/o George Milton Ford married 12-25-1921 Friendship Baptist
McMillan H. C. 08-17-1849 05-08-1928 h/o Nancy E. Whitaker McMillan Friendship Baptist
Welch Johnny Robert (Papa) 01-22-1942 10-23-1996 h/o Betty Chambliss Welck Friendship Baptist
Daniels Ruby Jones 06-11-1920 07-01-2000 w/o J.G. (Jake) Daniels (SFC US ARMY WW II & Korea Friendship Baptist
Baxter Ida Mae 09-25-1928 08-30-1931 d/o Louie & Beulah Baxter Friendship Baptist
Standland Myrtle 07-22-1922 02-23-2000 w/o Pauline Standland Friendship Baptist
Cemetery: Collins Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Joiner W.C.C. 1869 1947 h/o Belle M. Joiner Collins Baptist
Griggs Bonnie 1st spouse Mears Miles 05-15-1937 12-05-2020 w/o John D. Mears & James Griggs Obituaries---(see Mears head-stone) Collins Baptist
Smith Robert Brown 07-30-1927 04-16-1929 Collins Baptist
Foxworth Roland 08-08-1927 10-18-1964 Collins Baptist
Peeler Katie Burnhan 07-31-1905 09-12-1977 Collins Baptist
Conrad Infant (one date) 03-14-1901 s/o B.E. & Exie Conrad Collins Baptist
Banks Vinson S. 09-08-1903 02-13-1992 h/o Dorothy M. Banks Collins Baptist
Mathews Julia Mae Hayes 05-01-1907 08-16-1947 Collins Baptist
Lawrence John Chamberlain 03-16-1920 09-14-1979 Collins Baptist
Mozley George B. 07-15-1928 06-19-2012 (two markers noted) Collins Baptist
Stoutamire Jenny Jacobs no date no date w/o Will Stoutamire Collins Baptist
Fears Clydes A. 08-13-1918 09-27-2002 h/o Carrie Mae Fears US Army WW II (two markers noted) Collins Baptist
Rodgers Vandy Edward 11-06-1923 02-21-1925 Collins Baptist
Culverhouse Patsy L. Tidwell 06-25-1905 12-25-1968 w/o Alto Vernon Culverhouse Collins Baptist
Baxter C. G. (Cade) 04-28-1900 03-04-1969 h/o Nellie H. Baxter Collins Baptist
Mathews William Taylor 12-07-1848 04-12-1920 Collins Baptist
Baxter Katrene s. 05-10-1912 03-20-1937 Collins Baptist
Lockstead Robert Lee 05-07-1904 09-07-1906 s/o B.C. & H.A. Lockstead Collins Baptist
Hart Baby Son (no dates) s/o B.J. & Ida Hart Collins Baptist
White Arrie E. (no dates) Collins Baptist
Hart B. Jack 01-06-1863 08-22-1915 Collins Baptist
Lockhart J.W. 08-05-1867 09-15-1868 (1 year-1 month-10 days) Collins Baptist
Rountree Elisha M. 01-10-1860 09-11-1945 h/o Ida Rountree Collins Baptist
Dekle Mattie M. 03-12-1874 08-08-1951 w/o Willie Dekle Collins Baptist
Baxter James Earl 05-01-1931 01-07-1989 s/o James Bryant & Aileen Baxter Collins Baptist
Mears Ola Hicks 08-24-1880 06-22-1963 Collins Baptist
Baxter Ryals 12-25-1940 09-04-2008 s/o Cola & Annie L. "Green" Baxter Collins Baptist
McAnulty Infant (one date) 09-14-1900 s/o G.E. & L.E. McAnulty Collins Baptist
Willoughby M. L. 03-06-1868 09-10-1939 Collins Baptist
Hodges Baby Boy (one date) 17-18-1959 Collins Baptist
Simmons Sarah Jane (no birth) 02-21-1908 w/o Daniel Simmons married 12-29-1886 Collins Baptist
Cemetery: Gordon
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Culpepper Lonnie 08-11-1877 10-22-1955 h/o Etta Culpepper (archival survey marker not found) Gordon
Pynes Daniel 1780 1830 h/o Ruth Knotts Pynes commemorative marker Gordon
Anderson Susie 1861 06-27-1889 w/o H. A. Anderson (archival survey info) Gordon
McCall Mary Elizabeth 11-06-1915 11-09-1959 Gordon
Phillips Pearl Moat 06-16-1925 01-20-2013 w/o Warren Phillips (married 06-30-1945) Gordon
Jeffcoat James Emanuel 02-12-1873 05-02-1940 Gordon
Weeks Angus S. 09-01-1905 10-26-1957 h/o Fannie Bell Weeks Gordon
Elmore Ruth H. 11-07-1931 12-18-1948 w/o Robert E.Elmore married 12-18-1948 Gordon
Rathel Zema 1893 1916 Gordon
Bennett David T. Jr. 10-27-1918 10-13-1962 (TX CO E 154 INF WW II) Gordon
Miller Ina Odom 12-28-1896 03-13-1956 Gordon
Bowdon Infant (no birth) 11-08-1890 s/o S. & C.R. Bowdon (dates covered in gravel) Gordon
Jeffcoat Roy Paul 11-30-1911 02-16-1985 h/o Devata Jeffcoat Gordon
Williams Mildred Pool 08-08-1912 07-11-1946 Gordon
Floyd Belle E. 09-14-1880 09-30-1950 w/o William Floyd (married 1903) Gordon
Sellers Patricia Anne Jones 08-27-1935 05-27-2006 d/o Slaid C. & Doris Godfrey Jones Gordon
Bowdon Charles P. 06-28-1864 07-15-1936 h/o Fannie G. Bowdon Gordon
Monroe Aletha Ann 03-13-1845 11-03-1929 Gordon
Shelley Kenneth A. 02-20-1943 05-25-2007 Gordon
Kingry Charlie G. 04-28-1856 01-03-1894 Gordon
Young Willie A. (no birth) 07-05-1949 (Adult grave) Gordon
Granberry Jessie Marle 02-01-1912 05-16-1912 Gordon
Snead Ben F. 02-22-1851 09-27-1930 h/o Rebecca Snead Gordon
Bullock Emily F. 09-25-1861 08-28-1943 w/o Paul R. Bullock Gordon
Cemetery: Antioch
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Granger Amanda G. 11-04-1899 02-10-1901 d/o Mr. & Mrs. Alex Granger Antioch
Branton Betty J. Hinson 05-19-1944 10-15-1988 Antioch
Rawlinson Daniel Lee 10-07-1974 (undated) s/o Stanley Duane Rawlinson Antioch
Granger J. G. 06-10-1879 03-07-1918 Antioch
Chandler Lowell 08-19-1913 05-22-1960 h/o Patsy Chandler Antioch
West Arthur Jackson 07-09-1904 11-14-1978 Antioch
Granger O.Z. Zeke 09-26-1931 07-17-1990 Antioch
Granger Valter Thomas (one date) 07-22-1922 (Pvt Co G 2nd Regt Fla Cav CSA) Antioch
Hinson Dorman Lee 12-27-1949 03-10-1984 Antioch
Williams Netta Bell West 11-07-1915 05-22-2003 w/o Onus Williams Married 01-08-1933 Antioch
Hall Harris H. 06-08-1898 12-26-1946 Antioch
Hudson Bernard B. 12-22-1916 07-27-1975 h/o Juanita Hudson Antioch
Cemetery: Dellwood Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Baxter Richard T. 1871 1953 h/o Jinnie Baxter Dellwood Baptist
Mercer Bronnie Mae Perkins 03-06-1931 08-30-2001 w/o George Jr. Mercer Dellwood Baptist
Wright Wanda Sue 01-1957 05-1957 Dellwood Baptist
Basford Earnest W. 10-23-1919 04-09-2002 h/o Myrtle Basford Dellwood Baptist
Lawrence Ada Mitchell 10-22-1881 08-12-1961 w/o Elton Lawrence Dellwood Baptist
Standland Sarah V. 01-06-1929 06-06-2016 w/o Johnnie Standland married 08-12-1950 Dellwood Baptist
Lewis Hilton C. 1927 2016 h/o Betty "Croft" Lewis (two markers noted) Dellwood Baptist
Harrison James Allen 02-09-1884 04-01-1969 h/o Lucy Ann Harrison Dellwood Baptist
Mitchell Vandella 03-16-1882 02-15-1939 Dellwood Baptist
Williams Infant 12-02-1952 12-02-1952 c/o Mr. & Mrs. Troy Williams Archival survey (marker unfound) Dellwood Baptist
Folsom Mildred C. 04-15-1919 09-28-2009 w/o Ray Folsom Dellwood Baptist
Cemetery: New Harmony
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Pynes Geneva (Neva) Hall 03-11-1916 04-17-2009 w/o Dick Pynes married 03-14-1944 New Harmony
Condrey J.L. 01-07-1925 12-27-1954 New Harmony
Tindell Johnie B. 10-20-1931 02-01-2006 h/o Mary Nell Tindell married 10-17-1951 New Harmony
Fears Harmon 05-20-1891 05-24-1972 h/o Annie Fears New Harmony
Hall Bruce Dale 12-02-1951 04-16-2007 New Harmony
Hall Luther Mathews 08-02-1916 08-27-1984 (US Army WW II) (two markers noted) New Harmony
Hall Mattie Genora 09-09-1896 10-25-1970 w/o Jessie Hall New Harmony
Cemetery: Greenwood Methodist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Hill Annie Laura 04-06-1874 07-31-1958 w/o Dr. Amon S. Hill Greenwood Methodist
Broome Thomas H. 12-10-1909 11-29-2007 h/o Edna Broome Greenwood Methodist
Talley Walter Thomas 11-01-1874 07-04-1969 h/o Mary Talley Greenwood Methodist
Pender Dr. M. Sewell 1897 1983 h/o Laura Pender (two markers noted) Greenwood Methodist
Kimbell Tommie 03-09-1889 06-23-1895 s/o W.T. and M.E. Kimbell (dates from archival survey) Greenwood Methodist
Clarke Julia 02-13-1913 04-24-2005 w/o William clarke Greenwood Methodist
Watts Dola F. 08-02-1883 10-29-1979 w/o John D. Watts Greenwood Methodist
Lowery Billy Joe 02-21-1918 04-25-2007 (two markers noted) (Tec 5 US ARMY WW II) Greenwood Methodist
Pender Walter D. 1845 1914 h/o Mollie Pender Greenwood Methodist
Kunde Regina H. 01-03-1888 01-10-1980 (two markers noted) Greenwood Methodist
Davis Kenneth R. 08-01-1934 12-08-2013 h/o Dorothy Davis Greenwood Methodist
Wilkin Elizabeth (Lib) 03-03-1915 10-20-2006 Greenwood Methodist
Reddick James Allen 03-31-1921 12-29-1989 Greenwood Methodist
Lowery Philip (Phil) T. 10-18-1948 01-14-2015 (two markers noted) Greenwood Methodist
Garrett Emma Metts 04-10-1866 08-28-1934 Greenwood Methodist
Cemetery: Pleasant Hill
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Pool Mellissie Groom (undated) w.o Harris H. Pool Pleasant Hill
Culbreth Charity Ann 12-29-1846 09-23-1903 Pleasant Hill
Hutto Bulah P. McNeal 02-23-1904 12-19-1959 Pleasant Hill
Bruner Addis D. 05-03-1913 05-03-1966 Pleasant Hill
Ingram Burkett A. 08-08-1929 05-25-1973 h/o Vealeta M. Ingram Pleasant Hill
Everett Sarah 04-12-1897 11-24-1942 w/o Sam Everett Pleasant Hill
Herndon Benjamin 07-30-1852 04-20-1913 h/o Mary Ann Herndon Pleasant Hill
Pynes Infant no date no date c/o J.E. Pynes (archival survey marker not found) Pleasant Hill
Culbreth Lessie 02-01-1883 05-23-1905 w/o David Culbreth Pleasant Hill
McNeal Ralph Eugene 11-10-1893 01-26-1978 h/o Bessie Mae Vickers McNeal (two markers noted) Pleasant Hill
Summerford H. O. 07-01-1881 01-08-1928 (archival survey marker not located) Pleasant Hill
Brunson Sherman O. 12-29-1916 07-06-1979 h/o Zula Mae Brunson Pleasant Hill
Jeffcoat Cora M. 07-23-1875 12-28-1954 w/o Walter S. Jeffcoat Pleasant Hill
Godfrey Halsey Basil 02-05-1911 04-04-1913 s/o Wyatt & Rosa L. Godfrey Pleasant Hill
Howard G. A. 10-09-1880 06-12-1916 (Woodmen of the World Symbol) Pleasant Hill
Rodgers Marce M. 08-24-1932 08-09-1949 d/o Mr. & Mrs. J. T. Rodgers Pleasant Hill
Davis Juliet 07-04-1853 09-07-1939 Pleasant Hill
Mercer (perhaps) unmarked infant grave Pleasant Hill
Vickers Jeanette 04-29-1931 01-31-1967 w/o Leroy Vickers Pleasant Hill
Burkett W.J. 11-29-1861 10-15-1928 h/o Emma E.Martin Burkett (mason symbol) Pleasant Hill
Jones Brell Godfrey 07-02-1907 04-19-1998 w/o B. Shelman Jones Pleasant Hill
Armstrong M. Frances Culbreth 11-20-1921 04-07-1993 w/o Joseph Robert Armstrong married march 19th 1948 Pleasant Hill
Hollingsworth Uldine 07-12-1927 07-03-1955 Pleasant Hill
Hughes H.B. 10-28-1909 09-1913 Pleasant Hill
Shiver Michele Ann 04-22-1964 (undated) w/o Thomas Mitchell Shiver married 04-22-2002 Pleasant Hill
Groom Sue S. 07-22-1940 (undated) w/o Billy Earl Groom Pleasant Hill
Odom Captain James Edward III 04-27-1968 08-04-2004 Pleasant Hill
Cemetery: Bascom Baptist
Last Name First Name MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachmentsort descending Headstone
Nichols Virginia L. 1918 1994 w/o Alfred Jr. Nichols Bascom Baptist
Harden Sallie May 08-19-1875 12-05-1962 w/o William Harden Bascom Baptist
Coulliette Houston Waymer 09-08-1944 01-29-2003 Bascom Baptist
Annis Muriel Boone 02-01-1924 04-11-2005 w/o Isadore N. Annis married 06-01-1943 Bascom Baptist
Oswald Marion O. 01-11-1833 03-07-1909 h/o Elmina Oswald (two markers noted) Bascom Baptist
Hogan Walter D. Jr. 09-19-1914 04-03-1976 h/o Robbie C. Hogan Masonic Bascom Baptist
Croft William Elzie 01-06-1918 08-26-1986 h/o Velma Croft Bascom Baptist
Bevis James Thomas (Tommy) 08-18-1944 09-22-2005 Bascom Baptist
Rogers James P. 11-14-1909 10-01-1997 h/o Mary G. Rogers Bascom Baptist