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Cemetery: Clayton
Last Name First Namesort descending MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Pinkney (no dates) (in family plot) adult grave Clayton
Guy A. Eligah 05-21-1836 04-07-1881 Clayton
Guy Abbie Lee 01-30-1887 10-31-1935 w/o James Washington Guy Clayton
Prevatte Abner 1880 1932 h/o Cora Prevatte Clayton
Granger Addie 01-05-1886 03-30-1926 w/o Josh V. Granger Clayton
Hall Addie Lou Guy 05-28-1915 05-16-1971 w/o Woodrow W.Hall Clayton
Guy Albert G. 12-30-1909 09-18-1914 s/o J.W.& A.L. Guy Clayton
Granger Alice F. 10-30-1873 05-24-1904 w/o J.V. Granger Clayton
Pittman Alice Guy 03-14-1876 07-13-1928 w/o Wiley J. Pittman Clayton
Hart Alice Mercer 1876 1900 w/o Jack Hart (d/o Ed & Elizabeth Mercer) Married 06-09-1896 Clayton
Tice Alma Lois 10-09-1928 05-05-1930 d/o A.E.& Gladys Tice Clayton
Hughes Alvie 01-02-1905 01-24-1972 h/o Bertie Hughes Clayton
Brown Amy 04-01-1908 04-01-1908 Clayton
Cemetery: Antioch
Last Name First Namesort descending MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Hart Plot (perhaps two unmarked graves) (Hart plot (no markers) Antioch
Hudson A. Juanita 04-28-1923 11-04-2012 w/o Bernard Hudson married 02-06-1941 Antioch
Brown Ada Granger 03-12-1880 05-25-1964 Antioch
Forrester Addie Ree 1903 1987 w/o Elton Lee Forrester married 04-1921 Antioch
Granger Alex T. 05-01-1875 03-04-1928 h/o Lottie Granger Antioch
Hall Algar 09-18-1904 10-15-1925 Antioch
Hinson Allen Jr. Dale (one date) 02-15-1988 s/o Allen Dale Hinson Antioch
Hinson Alma H. 03-03-1908 02-13-1983 w/o James (Sprout) Hinson Antioch
Granger Alvin (Shorty) 07-12-1932 06-02-1995 Antioch
Granger Amanda G. 11-04-1899 02-10-1901 d/o Mr. & Mrs. Alex Granger Antioch
Cemetery: Pleasant Hill
Last Name First Namesort descending MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Beck (marked on coping) two graves in plot Pleasant Hill
Bodiford (marked on coping) A large Bodiford plot, perhaps 4 interments Pleasant Hill
Parrish no date no date 2 Parrish adult graves unmarked Pleasant Hill
Pynes B.P. Plot (no dates) (perhaps child of J.E. Pynes) (surrounded by Pynes) (crumbled headstone) Pleasant Hill
Mercer G. W. (no birth) 10-19-1934 (name & date marked on slab) Pleasant Hill
Cook (no names) double plot Pleasant Hill
Evans (perhaps) unmarked grave in Evans plot (perhaps two) Pleasant Hill
Franklin (perhaps) adult grave beside John Pleasant Hill
Butler (perhaps) unmarked adult adjacent to John T. Pleasant Hill
Cherry (perhaps) 2 unmarked infants beside Beatrice Pleasant Hill
Culbreth (perhaps) 1 unmarked grave in Culbreth plot Pleasant Hill
Harlow (perhaps) 2 adult slabs in Harlow plot Pleasant Hill
Helms (perhaps) Adult grave beside Wardie Mae Helms Pleasant Hill
Holland (Perhaps) 4 Adult slabs in Holland plot no names Pleasant Hill
Weatherinton (perhaps) one unmarked adult beside F.M. Pleasant Hill
Whitaker (perhaps) unmarked adult beside Martha Pleasant Hill
Ingram (perhaps) Ingram plot two graves Pleasant Hill
Jones (perhaps) 2 graves next to Bernard Pleasant Hill
Jones (Perhaps) 1 unmartked grave in plot Pleasant Hill
McIntyre (perhaps) unmarked grave in plot Pleasant Hill
McNeal (perhaps) 2 unmarked children graves below Bulah McNeal Pleasant Hill
Mercer (perhaps) unmarked adult grave beside G. W. Pleasant Hill
Mercer (perhaps) unmarked infant grave Pleasant Hill
Odom (perhaps) grave in Odom plot,no head or marking Pleasant Hill
Sanders (perhaps) six unmarked graves in plot Pleasant Hill
Smith (perhaps) 2 graves Smith plot graveled over Pleasant Hill
Vickers (perhaps) unmarked adult beside John Harvey Pleasant Hill
Parrish A.C. 02-09-1886 07-14-1968 h/o Maggie Parrish Pleasant Hill
Culbreth A.Z. 06-10-1870 05-31-1949 h/o Willie Jane Colbreth Pleasant Hill
Lovett Aaron 11-19-1848 06-21-1930 h/o Lizzie Lovett Pleasant Hill
Dozier Ada Bell 07-08-1912 06-28-1994 w/o Russ Alton Dozier Pleasant Hill
Suggs Ada Mae (one date) 1930 d/o Chalker & Emilee Suggs Pleasant Hill
Bruner Addis D. 05-03-1913 05-03-1966 Pleasant Hill
Parrish Agnes E. 08-01-1900 10-27-1988 w/o Mack B. Parrish married 10-05-1919 Pleasant Hill
Anderson Aleen Burkett 09-14-1907 11-09-1972 Pleasant Hill
Brunson Alice 05-30-1885 09-15-1930 w/o Redding Brunson Pleasant Hill
McNeal Allie G. 08-06-1911 01-13-1989 w/o Roy E. McNeal Pleasant Hill
Mathis Alma Pynes 12-22-1914 01-20-1982 w/o Melburn Mathis Pleasant Hill PDF icon More Info
Harlow Alto Kelly 09-28-1920 01-03-1977 (Cpl US Army WW II) Pleasant Hill
Hughes Alto Kelley 10-01-1920 02-13-2008 w/o Margie L. Parrish Hughes Pleasant Hill
Hatfield Alton C. 04-28-1916 (undated) h/o Kathryn M. Hatfield Pleasant Hill
Bullock Alvie Lee 10-16-1916 03-10-1967 (ALA TEC-5 US ARMY WW II) Pleasant Hill
Mercer Alvin 11-19-1925 06-1926 (in plot with James & Jennie) Pleasant Hill
McNeal Ammlon L. 07-28-1884 06-15-1939 Pleasant Hill
Vickers Andrew 03-22-1892 10-18-1975 h/o Willie S. Vickers Pleasant Hill
Cemetery: Cottonwood
Last Name First Namesort descending MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Hutto Plot with 2 adult/unmarded graves Cottonwood
Monk (1 adult grave in Monk plot) Cottonwood
Edwards (no name) (no dates) (one adult grave in Edwards plot) Cottonwood
Morris (no names) (no dates) Mother & Wives of A.C. Morris (marker in Morris plot) Cottonwood
Grace (unmarked) (new grave in Grace/Exum & Skipper plot) Cottonwood
Beverett (unnamed) (no dates) s/o Perry P. & Betty N. Beverett Cottonwood
Bruner A.E. 04-13-1869 04-07-1936 Cottonwood
Granger A.J. 12-21-1912 03-18-1990 h/o Sarah Waller Granger Cottonwood
Skipper A.L. Buster 02-19-1930 01-19-1992 h/o Miree Lingo Skipper (two markers noted) Cottonwood
Edwards Addie Lee 01-15-1906 10-20-1974 Cottonwood
Smith Addie Kate 10-26-1908 11-05-1908 d/o Robert W. & Nettie Smith Cottonwood
Traylor Addie L. 12-30-1905 03-12-1972 w/o Lee Traylor Cottonwood
White Addie Lee Morris 09-06-1916 03-16-2000 w/o John C. White Cottonwood
Brown Addie M. 08-22-1920 10-24-1920 Cottonwood
Bruner Addis L. 03-31-1893 12-06-1949 Cottonwood
Bradberry Adell 09-09-1919 06-07-1987 w/o Buford Bradberry Cottonwood
Hodges Albert L. 05-07-1926 (undated) h/o Clarice J. Hodges Cottonwood
Ross Albert P. 02-08-1908 11-22-1974 Cottonwood
Deese Alexander 01-07-1862 09-10-1940 Cottonwood PDF icon More Info
Heinrich Alfred Arthur 05-24-1931 04-24-2015 (SSgt US Army Vietnam) (two markers noted) Cottonwood
Heinrich Alfred Sr. A. 05-24-1932 04-24-2015 h/o Elizabeth M. Heinrich (two markers noted) Cottonwood
Blackman Alice Lewis 09-23-1881 09-09-1985 w/o Malcom Lee Blackman Cottonwood
Strickland Alice Mixon 11-12-1901 08-12-1979 w/o John Calvin Strickland Cottonwood
Quesenberry Alicia L. 08-25-1946 11-20-1996 Cottonwood
Kingry Allen A. 10-26-1871 12-13-1944 h/o Mary Lula Kingry Cottonwood
Kingry Allen Curtis 1896 1962 h/o Evelyn C. Kingry Cottonwood PDF icon More Info
Kirkland Allie M. 04-10-1907 12-13-1975 w/o James C. Kirkland Cottonwood
Smith Allie Mae 04-08-1917 03-25-1983 Cottonwood
Langston Allie A. Whitehead 1884 04-02-1931 Cottonwood
Bradberry Alma Sellers 09-13-1893 12-05-1958 w/o Joe Bradberry Cottonwood
Kirkland Alma Watford 09-25-1892 05-13-1923 Cottonwood
Deese Almare 02-10-1929 06-28-1932 Cottonwood
Morris Alonzo C. 01-04-1876 05-27-1937 h/o Martha Ann Morris Cottonwood
Morris Alonzo Welch 01-29-1908 02-15-1975 Cottonwood
Watson Alonzo Charles Buster 01-26-1942 (undated) h/o Brenda J. Paramore Watson Cottonwood
McCoy Alter 04-03-1900 03-21-1973 h/o Estelle McCoy Cottonwood
Whitehead Alter 04-10-1913 09-05-1999 h/o Clara Willie Mae Whitehead Cottonwood
Lewis Althea F. Wilkinson 10-04-1877 01-27-1923 w/o W.M. Lewis Cottonwood
Beverett Alva Jean 06-07-1963 (undated) w/o Perry Pascal Beverett Jr. married 05-23-1910 Cottonwood
Lewis Alvin 05-20-1904 06-28-1931 s/o W.M. & Althea F. Lewis (perhaps previous survey or obit, marker not found) Cottonwood
Grantham Amanda E. 05-14-1891 09-07-1958 w/o William T.Grantham Cottonwood
Smith Amanda Wallice 06-22-1855 06-18-1951 Cottonwood
Marshall Amos I. 12-26-1898 11-27-1980 h/o Erma Duncan Marshall Cottonwood
Hughes Ancil 08-17-1904 11-26-1982 h/o Victoria S. Hughes Cottonwood
Floyd Ander F. 12-26-1914 01-06-1996 h/o Meda G. Floyd (two markers noted) Cottonwood
Floyd Ander Frank 12-26-1914 01-06-1996 (US Army WW II) (two markers noted) Cottonwood
Gross Andrew Judson 03-02-1911 10-18-1965 h/o Irma Lee Johnson Gross Cottonwood
Jackson Andrew Carl 09-11-1921 12-07-1992 (US Army WW II) Cottonwood
Jackson Andrew F. 11-10-1896 03-29-1973 h/o Cora L. Jackson Cottonwood
Sellers Andrew J. 03-14-1847 06-28-1919 Cottonwood
Cemetery: Friendship Baptist
Last Name First Namesort descending MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Our Earnest 6 month 10 days Friendship Baptist
Skipper A. B. 08-09-1900 05-03-1952 Friendship Baptist
Avery A. C. 04-29-1858 04-27-1896 Friendship Baptist
Callaway A. V. 10-10-1862 09-10-1928 w/o J.D. Callaway Friendship Baptist
Thigpin Abernatha 03-09-1878 09-23-1893 s/o W.C. & S. Thigpin Friendship Baptist
Forrester Ada 08-21-1886 05-04-1974 w/o Barney A. Forrester Friendship Baptist
Hall Ada G. 12-14-1890 02-04-1971 w/o Simon E. Hall married 11-10-1907 Friendship Baptist
Lockart Ada Belle 07-07-1890 05-16-1969 w/o Johnie Delfors Lockart Friendship Baptist
Ready Adam M. 10-07-1879 03-27-1971 h/o Mary J. Ready married 11-06-1902 Friendship Baptist
Conrad Addie B. 1869 1918 Friendship Baptist
Howard Addis L. 11-23-1889 12-30-1960 h/o Maudie B. Howard Friendship Baptist
Culpepper Agnes M. Conrad 06-14-1926 12-16-1994 w/o Jimmy Frank Culpepper d/o Collis & Ethel "Baxter" Conrad married 11-08-1947 Friendship Baptist
Granger Al no date no date Friendship Baptist
Russ Albert E. 01-17-1861 02-20-1930 Friendship Baptist
Smith Albert W. Sr. 08-06-1902 11-27-1984 h/o Bessie Lee Smith Friendship Baptist
Fears Alex 11-12-1921 05-07-1997 h/o Annie M. Conrad Fears s/o Sebern & Laura Hart Fears Friendship Baptist
Tidwell Alex 06-05-1906 08-28-1906 s/o Thomas & Margaret Tidwell Friendship Baptist
Fears Alex Jr. 02-28-1946 12-26-1985 h/o Lanet Hatcher Fears s/o Alex & Annie Mae Conrad Fears Friendship Baptist
Tidwell Algeron Anderson 06-05-1841 03-10-1911 w/o James C. Tidwell Friendship Baptist
Tidwell Algeron Anderson 06-05-1841 03-10-1911 w/o John C. Tidwell d/o Thomas Jefferson & Lucinda "Futch" Anderson Friendship Baptist
Tidwell Aliff Eugene 06-21-1869 12-24-1872 d/o Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Tidwell Friendship Baptist
Chambliss Allen (one date) 09-14-1975 s/o Rodney & Ruth Chambliss Friendship Baptist
Standland Alva 02-16-1927 (undated) h/o Jean Standland Friendship Baptist
Morgan Alvin Clifford 05-02-1906 02-16-1988 (PFC US ARMY WW II) Friendship Baptist
Nolen Alvin 04-09-1917 08-21-1917 s/o W.M. & D.A. Nolen Friendship Baptist
Bazemore Amanda 04-10-1831 08-24-1902 w/o G.F. Bazemore Friendship Baptist
Forrester Amanda 12-08-1913 08-28-1914 Friendship Baptist
Franklin Amanda 04-05-1897 12-11-1956 w/o S.J. Franklin Friendship Baptist
Hatcher Amanda J. Stephens 1829 04-04-1895 w/o James Hatcher Friendship Baptist
Avery Ambers 1919 1977 Friendship Baptist
Bruner Amos O. 03-1880 10-1940 h/o Clara Jones Bruner Friendship Baptist Microsoft Office document icon More Info.doc
Cemetery: Hays Cemetery
Last Name First Namesort descending MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Prather Plot adult grave Hays Cemetery
Robinson (plot) two adults and two children Hays Cemetery
Garrett (perhaps) (not legible) 1856 (close to Henry K. Garrett) Hays Cemetery
Unknown (no dates) (known only to God) one of many forgotten Ancestors at Hays Hays Cemetery
Robinson Alexander 1836 1886 CSA (Co B 3BN Fla Cav) Hays Cemetery
Hays Amos 10-27-1822 03-19-1885 h/o Mary M. Hays age 62 years 4 mo 22 days Hays Cemetery
Lewis Amos Mallory 11-09-1908 06-08-1909 s/o H.H. and Ruth B. Lewis Hays Cemetery
Wells Anderson G. 01-30-1834 05-27-1857 born Harris Co. Ga. died Jackson Co. Fla. Hays Cemetery
Cemetery: Riverside
Last Name First Namesort descending MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Malamobe (no birth) 09-07-1891 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Name Illegible 1881 1928 Riverside
Unreadable 12-1917 09-19 ? Between King & Shriner Family Riverside
CSA Marker Illegible Riverside
Marker Illegible (in area of Purdee & Dudley Riverside
Creecy (no birth) 1851 Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Mavhinney A. (no birth) CSA (CSA died 1861 to 1865) Old Survey (marker not found) Riverside
Mashburn A. Ophelia 01-22-1882 06-16-1967 Riverside
Cobb A.J. 05-14-1894 07-05-1973 Riverside
Davis A.J. 06-29-1860 08-05-1904 w/o J.G. Davis Riverside
Green A.J. 01-08-1925 07-19-2014 (US Army Broz Star WW II) Riverside
Wallace A.L. 07-21-1840 05-26-1919 h/o Mary Wallace Riverside
Marwalsh A.M. (no birth) 1887 Riverside
Merritt Aaron 07-01-1924 05-20-2005 Riverside
Harris Abee 10-21-1913 04-14-1993 Riverside
Knight Abner H. 07-23-1892 11-23-1934 Riverside
Stewart Acie J. 10-08-1925 05-24-1993 Riverside
Davis Ada Dennard 07-10-1873 10-30-1955 Riverside
Greer Ada Sasser 06-05-1904 03-17-1992 w/o Allie Greer (two markers noted) Riverside
Kingry Ada Bruner 03-25-1872 12-05-1962 Riverside
Winslow Ada Jane 1881 1959 Riverside
Greer Ada Sasser 06-05-1904 03-17-1992 w/o Allie Franklin Greer (two markers noted) Riverside
Porter Ada Croft 04-07-1928 10-25-2005 Riverside
Masterson Adair H. 1910 1969 Riverside
Brandon Adaline Fleming 10-27-1890 04-17-1981 Riverside
Lewis Adam M. 09-13-1882 08-28-1935 Riverside
Bradshaw Addie Mae 1954 1975 Riverside
Davis Addie Maude 06-22-1889 02-21-1987 Riverside
Dernon Addie Opal 09-30-1918 02-18-1965 w/o William Dernon Riverside
Johnson Addie Sue 02-10-1925 01-20-2013 w/o Charles Johnson married 12-05-1947 Riverside
Maddox Addie V. 07-18-1877 08-14-1962 w/o Thomas Maddox Riverside
Williams Addie E. 10-12-1899 05-31-1991 w/o Howard Williams Riverside
Krecek Adeline Tindell 03-23-1942 10-05-1980 Riverside
Clark Adolph Phillip 08-03-1925 03-30-1936 Riverside
Gortemoller Adolph 1876 1969 Riverside
Joblom Adolph S 1901 1972 Riverside
Holley Adrian Glen 09-12-1900 01-14-1992 h/o Mary Holley Riverside
Arrington Aggie (one date) 12-18-1944 Riverside
Winthrop Agnes Kidd 1898 1984 w/o Arthur Winthrop Riverside
Hall Aisha Breanna 2002 2002 Riverside
Adams Albert L. 02-04-1910 03-18-1933 Riverside
Cogburn Albert E. 10-22-1933 08-08-1970 (USMC) Riverside
Farley Albert E. 05-03-1864 07-17-1868 s/o James & Ellen Riverside
Ganey Albert 1878 1943 h/o Alma Ganey Riverside
Lambe Albert Forste 01-26-1918 07-09-1937 Riverside
Milner Albert E. 02-22-1874 12-27-1929 h/o Erin Milner Riverside
Ostrander Albert J. 08-28-1886 10-12-1954 h/o Grace Ostrander Riverside
Turner Albert Jr. B. 05-26-1911 07-11-1965 (LT COL US Army WW II) Riverside
Stewart Alberta Blanton 03-27-1929 04-27-2003 Riverside
Bowles Alene Bivings 08-13-1908 04-16-1934 w/o Eugene Bowles Riverside
Lewis Alex Hays 07-20-1912 07-31-1987 h/o Eugenia Lewis Riverside
Lewis Alex Jr. H. 10-13-1936 (undated) h/o Josephine Lewis Riverside
Neugebauer Alfons F. 06-10-1886 01-12-1957 Riverside
Solomon Alfred S. (Sgt US Army) Riverside
Bevis Alfred O'Neal 11-30-1903 04-06-1944 Riverside
Bowles Alice Lewis 08-21-1910 09-13-2001 w/o Eugene Bowles Riverside
Cooper Alice Malah McCranie 12-02-1865 03-25-1947 w/o Walter Cooper Riverside
Davis Alice Land 11-18-1904 04-29-1994 w/o Joe Davis Riverside
Dykes Alice Pelt 03-03-1896 04-15-1952 w/o Joe Dykes Riverside
Evans Alice S. 10-20-1886 10-07-1969 w/o Raymond Evans Riverside
Gainer Alice Jane 04-06-1889 09-09-1981 Riverside
Jordan Alice Harper 1891 1972 w/o Wiley Jordan Riverside
Pledger Alice E. Ayers 03-20-1895 11-28-1959 w/o Byron Pledger Riverside
Pratt Alice Jane 07-23-1849 04-29-1929 Riverside
Durber Alice 10-12-1879 12-02-1950 w/o Thomas Durber Riverside
Rosberough Alice H. (one date) 05-03-1912 w/o Dr. William Rosberough Riverside
Calhoun Alleen 1914 1987 Riverside
Lee Allen Whitman 12-20-1943 03-26-1944 Riverside
Stewart Allene Banks 05-17-1899 11-18-1986 w/o John William Stewart Riverside
Barnes Allie R. 1883 1959 Riverside
Greer Allie Franklin 03-27-1900 09-06-1954 h/o Ada Greer (two markers noted) Riverside
Ivey Allie Henderson 09-19-1889 01-03-1970 w/o Henry Ivey Riverside
Richardson Allie McNealy 1861 1935 w/o J.N. Richardson Riverside
Greer Allie Franklin 03-27-1900 09-06-1954 h/o Ada Greer (two markers noted) Riverside
Albritton Allis 05-21-1917 02-09-2001 Riverside
Ellis Alma S. 12-06-1908 11-20-1987 Riverside
Ganey Alma D. 1891 1923 w/o Albert Ganey Riverside
Lee Alma Lora 03-19-1915 05-28-1962 Riverside
Thompson Alma Mashburn 02-12-1907 01-31-1945 Riverside
Wandeck Alma 01-14-1897 07-24-1983 Riverside
Willis Alma A. 06-01-1888 04-06-1959 w/o W.M. Willis Riverside
Jackson Alma Freeman 03-16-1925 02-20-2016 w/o Plez Jackson (two markers noted) Riverside
Jackson Alma F. 1925 2016 (two markers noted) Riverside
Ray Alongo Calvin 07-29-1908 03-02-1983 h/o Bonnie Ray Riverside
Stevens Althea L. Alonzo 04-10-1919 03-07-1995 w/o Henry Stevens married 09-25-1943 Riverside
Parris Alton Bailey Jr. 12-24-1928 06-03-2008 h/o Frances Parris Riverside
Parris Alton (Bo) Bailey 9-18-1955 7-20-2023 p/o Glenda Rutherford Obituaries Riverside
Hollis Alvia M. 04-17-1888 08-11-1981 w/o John T. Hollis Riverside
Kirkpatrick Alyce 11-22-1898 11-26-1969 Riverside
Pitman Alyne McQuagge 07-09-1922 02-07-2011 w/o Robert Pitman Riverside
Baker Alys S. 11-29-1903 04-20-1973 w/o Joseph Baker Riverside
Davis Amanda N. 10-10-1874 01-07-1961 w/o Ellis L. Davis Riverside
Watson Amelia Elizabeth 06-06-1871 09-10-1959 d/o H.J. & Lucy Watson Riverside
Aycock Amis G. 1891 1937 Riverside
Russ Amon H. 04-17-1902 04-20-1974 Riverside
Williams Amy 09-19-1910 09-27-1983 Riverside
Duncan Andrew Angus 05-04-1902 01-21-1938 Riverside
Jackson Andrew 10-09-1942 06-23-2006 h/o Mozell Jackson Riverside
Stevens Andrew J. 10-23-1878 11-05-1949 h/o Myrtle Stevens Riverside
Stevens Andrew Jackson Jr. 07-09-1911 01-19-2005 h/o Sara Stevens Riverside
McMullon Andrew George Washington 1938 04-10-2018 (Obituaries) Riverside
Cemetery: Pleasant Ridge
Last Name First Namesort descending MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Taylor Perhaps No Markings Perhaps Taylor Infant Pleasant Ridge
Hart 5 unmarked slabs Hart Plot Pleasant Ridge
Gardner Addis 1914 1959 Pleasant Ridge
Hart Alvie 03-28-1923 05-15-1984 h/o Robbie Hart (two markers noted) Pleasant Ridge
Hart Alvie 03-28-1923 05-15-1984 (two markers noted) (PFC US Army WW II) Pleasant Ridge
Sills Amelia S. 02-26-1841 12-20-1904 w/o J.A. Sills Pleasant Ridge
Cemetery: Bascom Methodist
Last Name First Namesort descending MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Mary Lou (no dates) Bascom Methodist
Rodgers A.J. 12-15-1866 10-31-1901 Bascom Methodist
Etheridge Ada Leona 10-27-1916 09-04-1990 Bascom Methodist
Grant Ada Frances 04-16-1883 12-14-1960 w/o Emmett Grant Bascom Methodist
Bevis Agnes 06-18-1910 01-17-1977 Bascom Methodist
Pelt Albert W. 1877 1951 h/o Ida L. Pelt Bascom Methodist
Bevis Albert 1902 1902 (scribed on slab) Bascom Methodist
Folds Albert R. 1933 2012 Bascom Methodist
Standland Alice E. 11-08-1898 07-06-1907 d/o W.W. & M.A. Standland Bascom Methodist
Hewett Alice Mae 1964 10-13-2018 w/o Timothy Doyle Hewett (Obituaries) Bascom Methodist
Bevis Allen C. 1904 1906 s/o William & Julia Bevis Bascom Methodist
Edwards Allie M. 09-21-1907 08-25-1984 Bascom Methodist
Ingram Allie Willis Kimbell 10-14-1916 09-17-1995 Bascom Methodist
Wise Alyce 06-28-1911 06-29-1978 h/o James Wise Bascom Methodist
Conrad Amon Hill 12-29-1896 02-24-1970 h/o Marquerite Conrad Bascom Methodist
Bevis Amon 1895 1938 (scribed on slab) Bascom Methodist
Watford Amous J. 12-08-1892 04-29-1904 s/o E.J. & Mattie Watford Bascom Methodist
Conrad Amy Eliza 07-03-1880 12-24-1967 Bascom Methodist
Cemetery: Collins Baptist
Last Name First Namesort descending MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Slave Workers (alleged) Collins Plantation (alleged household workers) Collins Baptist
Baxter A. C. 06-15-1911 08-13-1992 h/o Helene M. Baxter (s/o John W. & Annie S. Walding Baxter) Collins Baptist
Green A. D. 12-31-1883 05-19-1948 Collins Baptist
Elmore A. J. 09-06-1924 03-10-1994 h/o Mary Lou Elmore Collins Baptist
Conrad A.M. 1839 1929 h/o Sarah K. Conrad (perhaps Andrew M. Coonrod CSA) Collins Baptist
Dekle A.N. 10-17-1886 01-19-1929 Collins Baptist
Hewett Aaron 01-08-1926 05-11-1993 h/o Minnie Mae Smith Hewett US Army WW II Collins Baptist
Howell Aaron 05-06-1939 12-31-2008 h/o Louise B. Howell Collins Baptist
Whitehurst Abbie Granger 01-12-1908 10-23-1997 w/o M. F. Whitehurst Collins Baptist
Coker Ada J. 10-14-1898 11-18-1983 w/o William M. Coker Collins Baptist
Ford Ada 05-29-1874 07-07-1953 w/o G. W. Ford Sr. Collins Baptist
Foxworth Ada 02-14-1889 06-27-1973 Collins Baptist
Lucksinger Ada B. 1912 2001 Collins Baptist
McAnulty Addie Lee 01-31-1914 08-06-1914 Collins Baptist
Sims Addie Mae Segars 10-01-1920 01-12-1993 w/o Julius (Po Boy) Sims Collins Baptist
Baxter Addis Lee 12-09-1899 06-02-1989 Collins Baptist
Ducker Ados Baxter 1926 02-12-2016 w/o Howard Ducker (d/o John & Leobie Baxter Collins Baptist PDF icon More Info.pdf
Baxter Ados 12-31-1925 02-12-2016 w/o Holliday (see Ados Holliday) Collins Baptist
Holliday Ados Baxter 12-31-1925 02-12-2016 w/o Holliday (see Ados Baxter) Collins Baptist
Baxter Aileen Fears 01-25-1915 09-04-1991 w/o Bryant Baxter married 06-29-1929 Collins Baptist
McAnulty Alaxander 09-1839 01-16-1889 Collins Baptist PDF icon More Info
McAnulty Alba 03-20-1881 05-07-1883 s/o F.A. & Amanda Collins Baptist
Joiner Albert Miller 08-24-1913 02-22-1951 Collins Baptist
Mathews Albert (Bert) Monroe 02-02-1896 05-05-1981 US Army WW I Collins Baptist
Hart Alex P. 1888 1954 h/o Sallie & Simmie Hart Collins Baptist
Johnson Alexander 1803 1880 h/o Mary Pynes married 09-23-1833 Collins Baptist
Mozley Alice K. 11-09-1859 09.09.1931 Collins Baptist
Mathews Allie 1877 1922 Collins Baptist
Jacobs Allison 1825 06-19-1865 h/o Mary A. Jacobs (Prv. 11th Fla. Inf. Co C & F CSA) Collins Baptist PDF icon More Info
Yarborough Alma Anah 03-22-1869 10-12-1891 Collins Baptist
Culverhouse Alto Vernon 11-27-1897 04-24-1978 h/o Patsy Culverhouse Collins Baptist
McAnulty Amanda 03-11-1842 05-28-1915 w/o F.A. McAnulty Collins Baptist
Deal Amy Natasha 07-13-1978 07-13-1978 Collins Baptist
Winget Andra A. 06-09-1945 07-27-1948 Collins Baptist
Coonrod Andrew M. 1839 1927 h/o Sarah CONRAD (two markers noted) Same as A.M. Conrad Collins Baptist
Cemetery: Pine Crest
Last Name First Namesort descending MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Major (undated) (undated) US Marine Corps Pine Crest
Gone Home (no dates) Geradine Neale (died Sept. 2010) Pine Crest
Green A. Bennett Sr. 1916 1968 h/o Jewel A. Green Pine Crest
Powell A. Reid 08-08-1925 03-20-2001 h/o Catherine W . (Tina) Powell (US Navy) Pine Crest
Powell A. Reid (no dates) (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Vannoy A. Hazel 06-05-1899 06-03-1999 w/o Randolph B. Vannoy Pine Crest
Poole A. Brannon 03-25-1930 (undated) h/o Yvonne P. Poole Pine Crest
Brown A. C. 03-11-1908 07-25-1988 Pine Crest
Cushing A.G. (Gib) 1904 1970 h/o Mabel Cushing Pine Crest
Smith Aaron Winford 03-01-1989 03-04-2018 (obit info) Pine Crest
Wyatt Abby M. 01-31-1891 04-04-1981 w/o William Wyatt Pine Crest
Williams Ada Mae 1908 1975 w/o Andrew B. Williams Pine Crest
Peacock Adam Ladone 04-15-1939 04-30-2017 h/o Dorothy A. Peacock Pine Crest
Lipford Addie Mae 10-03-1928 02-12-2012 Pine Crest
McGehee Adene Lewis 1920 2005 w/o J. Lamar McGehee Pine Crest
Brown Agnes Marie 12-14-1923 06-13-2017 w/o William Charles Brown (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Brown Agnes McRae 01-01-1910 04-23-2004 (next to Jack Robert) Pine Crest
Knowles Agnes Patterson 04-12-1924 (undated) w/o Charles Delmer Knowles Pine Crest
Nye Agnes V. 03-21-1907 11-01-1983 w/o Kenneth G. Nye Pine Crest
Waller Agnes 03-21-1924 08-28-2007 w/o Guy Waller married 06-07-1944 Pine Crest
Simek Agnes 11-08-1949 (undated) w/o Frank Simek Pine Crest
Helms Aiden Josiah (one date) 08-28-2013 Pine Crest
Harris Aiden Marie (one date) 06-24-2011 Pine Crest
Roberts Al 06-09-1917 04-25-1996 h/o Frances L. Roberts (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Neilsen Alan 1914 1974 Pine Crest
Caraway Albert Holly (Al) 08-10-1944 05-04-1998 h/o Vivian Chandler Caraway Pine Crest
Franklin Albert T. 05-20-1925 12-08-2007 h/o Rose Lee Franklin (US Army) Pine Crest
Freni Albert 1920 1989 h/o Tina Freni Pine Crest
Ray Albert L. 01-02-1931 02-25-2006 h/o Hazel K. Ray Pine Crest
Sims Albert Frank 1953 1976 Pine Crest
Williams Albert J. 06-13-1914 12-04-1998 h/o Lola Irene Williams (CPL US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Karl Albert C. 08-04-1926 07-27-2015 (Mausoleum) Pine Crest
Viau Albina C. 02-02-1913 06-13-1995 Pine Crest
Kohn Alford 1901 1963 h/o Nettie Kohn Pine Crest
McMillan Alfred R. 11-21-1928 10-20-1991 h/o Dorothy W. McMillan (Sgt US Army Korea) Pine Crest
McMillan Alfred Jr. 12-24-1954 no date (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Glover Alice 1907 1999 Pine Crest
Haddock Alice Hazel 10-21-1923 10-02-2007 w/o Cecil Huston Haddock Pine Crest
Kelly Alice White 06-14-1912 12-23-2001 w/o J. W. Kelly Sr. Pine Crest
Kent Alice L. 01-02-1920 08-20-1992 Pine Crest
Page Alice Faye 03-24-1938 05-17-2019 w/o William Vernon Page Pine Crest
Taylor Alice LaVerne Burch 03-02-1951 12-10-2016 w/o Farrell Wilburn Taylor married 10-27-1978 Pine Crest
VanHuss Alice B. 1934 2009 w/o Estill R. VanHuss (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Yates Alice Frances 02-24-1928 11-29-2009 w/o Joseph Ray Yates Pine Crest
Conrad Alice Ruth 10-06-1930 01-23-2013 Pine Crest
Jordan Alice Inez Coulliette 08-16-1928 07-28-2013 (lifetime member O.E.S.) Pine Crest
Story Alice Josephine 07-03-1926 08-23-2021 Pine Crest
Hermann Alice M. 6-29-1943 6-23-2021 w/o Dick Hermann Obituaries Pine Crest
Arledge Allen 07-09-1920 09-19-1987 (PVT US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Miller Allen McCalley 12-06-1946 01-28-2020 h/o Carrol Dianne Miller Pine Crest
Williams Allen L. 03-08-1949 12-21-2012 Pine Crest
Sneed Allen Edgar 04-29-1925 11-25-2010 (perhaps previous survey or obit,marker not found) Pine Crest
Atwood Allene C. 01-31-1918 12-14-2005 w/o Max Burton Atwood Pine Crest
James Alma R. 1912 2000 Pine Crest
Green Alton B. 1910 1992 h/o Jessie B. Green Pine Crest
Nichols Alva 02-26-1932 (undated) w/o J. W. Nichols Pine Crest
Murray Alva Darrel 10-25-1928 10-28-2019 h/o Frances White Murray (Obit info) Pine Crest
Nichols Alva Grantham 2-26-1932 4-09-2021 w/o J.W. Nichols (Obituaries) Pine Crest
Deese Alvie (Coot) 1-08-1928 2-08-2022 h/o Nettie Deese Obituaries Pine Crest
Montgomery Alvin Wayne 11-12-1930 12-09-1984 h/o Wanda Bennett Montgomery (Maj. USAF Korea Vietnam) Pine Crest
Smith Alvin B. 1921 1976 h/o Edna Chappell Smith (PFC US Army WW II) Pine Crest
Morris Alvin Joseph 08-10-1940 06-14-2011 h/o Janet Sue Morris Pine Crest
Wood Amber Nicole 06-19-1990 03-06-1996 Pine Crest
Snell Amber Evangeline 12-13-1994 05-21-2013 Pine Crest
Fears Amos J. 12-21-1918 12-26-1977 h/o Aza P. Fears Pine Crest PDF icon More Info
Ethridge Amos R. 07-20-1954 (undated) h/o Virginia A. Ethridge Pine Crest
Hill Amos 1913 2000 h/o Myrtle S. Hill Pine Crest
Rhyne Amy Lou 06-11-1923 03-17-2010 w/o Jeff Smith Rhyne Pine Crest
Nevad Andrew K. Sr. 01-09-1914 09-26-1993 h/o Rose M. Navad Pine Crest
Nevad Andrew K. Jr. 09-05-1938 06-04-1988 Pine Crest
Powledge Andrew F. 1892 1968 h/o Lillie W. Powledge Pine Crest
Powledge Andrew Franklin 12-13-1925 02-13-2003 h/o Helen Baggett Powledge Pine Crest
Williams Andrew B. 1900 1982 h/o Ada Mae Williams Pine Crest
Earle Andrew F. 01-11-1947 08-17-2016 h/o Dolores Earle Pine Crest
Oswald Andrew Jackson age 83 6-13-2022 h/o Dianne Taylor Oswald Obituaries Pine Crest
Cemetery: Campbellton Baptist
Last Name First Namesort descending MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Illedgeable (marker cut out of Limestone) Campbellton Baptist
Unknown (know only to God) (one of many forgotten ancestors) Campbellton Baptist
A.T.M.D. (no additional info) (no dates) (next to McDanal & White Plot) (only four letters on marker) Campbellton Baptist
Smith A.Frank 01-28-1874 09-30-1955 Campbellton Baptist
Tarver A.J. (no dates) Campbellton Baptist
McKinna A.T. 09-20-1863 05-15-1905 Campbellton Baptist
Dekle A.T.M. 12-26-1859 10-26-1884 Campbellton Baptist
Norton Addie J. 07-04-1905 01-08-1999 Campbellton Baptist
Middleton Addie T. 08-01-1887 06-07-1973 w/o Walter Middleton Campbellton Baptist
Langford Addie 04-12-1885 04-20-1936 w/o Ottis Langford Campbellton Baptist
Thomas Adell 01-25-1887 01-09-1968 Campbellton Baptist
Foy Adrian 04-21-1893 09-28-1976 h/o Gladys Foy Campbellton Baptist
LaLoge Agnes Christine Fillingim 05-31-1932 07-06-2014 w/o Robert LaLoge (married 08-27-1954) Campbellton Baptist
Poyner Albert (Son) (no dates) Campbellton Baptist
Freeman Alfred A. 01-21-1910 08-01-1990 Campbellton Baptist
Holland Alice V. (no dates) (age 75 yrs) Buried near Merritt Mayo) Campbellton Baptist
Hinson Allie 12-09-1867 11-03-1888 Campbellton Baptist
Hinson Alma P. 04-03-1902 10-21-1902 Campbellton Baptist
McNeil Alvie Marion 08-30-1907 02-10-1977 h/o Clodessie McNeil Campbellton Baptist
Brown Alvie W. 03-03-1906 12-23-2003 w/o Noah Brown Campbellton Baptist
Tharp Amanda 11-04-1897 11-30-1991 Campbellton Baptist
Hinson Ammie 12-13-1869 09-15-1890 d/o W.H. & Dr. W.R. Hinson (archival survey marker unfound) Campbellton Baptist
Farrior Ammie E. 02-19-1849 06-23-1893 w/o W.M. Farrior Campbellton Baptist
Booth Ammie 12-13-1869 09-15-1890 w/o Dr. W.R. Booth d/o W.H. & A.E. Hinson Campbellton Baptist
Pybus Andrew M. 09-15-1892 05-21-1894 s/o D.E. & T.L. Pybus Campbellton Baptist
Casey Andrew 06-15-1863 02-06-1933 h/o Ella Casey Campbellton Baptist
Cemetery: Greenwood Baptist
Last Name First Namesort descending MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Garrett "B" Infant 06-10-1895 01-30-1896 s/o W.L and A.L. Garrett Greenwood Baptist
Garrett Ada M. 09-28-1862 04-03-1885 w/o Willie L. Garrett Greenwood Baptist
Anderson Addie Lee 09-26-1898 05-26-1899 d/o E.H. and M.L. Anderson Greenwood Baptist
Stephens Addie C. 07-16-1844 09-26-1883 w/o J.H. Stephens Greenwood Baptist
Bryan Adelia Pender 12-17-1884 12-23-1984 w/o Frank Bryan (two markers noted) Greenwood Baptist
Bryan Adelia Pender 1884 1984 (two markers noted) Greenwood Baptist
Coulliette Agnes T. 05-05-1904 03-02-1986 w/o Bryant Coulliette Greenwood Baptist
Cosson Aiden Daniel 01-03-2006 01-05-2006 s/o Ashley and Daniel Cosson Greenwood Baptist
O'Bryan Albert Leon 12-22-1917 10-31-1969 h/o Elizabeth O'Bryan (two markers noted) Greenwood Baptist
O'Bryan Albert Leon 12-22-1917 10-31-1969 (Pvt US Army WW II) (two markers noted) Greenwood Baptist
Teague Alden 04-01-1903 10-02-1982 h/o Venie Teague Greenwood Baptist
Whiddon Alexander Lynn 12-16-1901 05-26-1981 h/o Mary Whiddon Greenwood Baptist
Bevis Alfred 09-09-1823 04-26-1896 h/o Martha Bevis (three unmarked slabs close) Greenwood Baptist
Hatton Allie Boone 09-24-1888 02-15-1958 w/o Robert Hatton Greenwood Baptist
Applewhite Allison 10-24-1875 09-16-1929 Greenwood Baptist
Evans Alva D. 01-10-1926 08-14-2000 h/o Mary Evans USAF Greenwood Baptist
Baxter Alysha N. 06-14-1995 12-10-2000 Greenwood Baptist
Baxter Amy Lee James 7-01-1950 8-27-2023 w/o James Earl Baxter Obituaries Greenwood Baptist
Andreasen Andrew M. 10-01-1876 09-29-1970 h/o Louise K. Andreasen Greenwood Baptist
Bevis Andrew J. 1845 1925 h/o M.J. Bevis CSA (dates from research) Greenwood Baptist
Cemetery: Mt Olive Baptist
Last Name First Namesort descending MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Atwell (perhaps) (illedgeable) (in Atwell Plot) (unfound on archival census) Mt Olive Baptist
Skipper A. B. 10-25-1850 01-05-1929 (2 unmarked slabs beside A. B.) Mt Olive Baptist
Helms A. C. 08-11-1848 01-04-1923 h/o Sarah Jane Helms Mt Olive Baptist
Helms Ada B. 04-30-1894 03-05-1979 w/o Lokey Helms Mt Olive Baptist
Hamilton Ada Ruth Robinson 11-05-1932 08-02-2010 w/o William married 03-11-1952 Mt Olive Baptist
Robinson Addis 06-17-1893 07-02-1960 h/o Eulee Conrad Robinson (two markers noted) Mt Olive Baptist
Robinson Addis 1893 1960 (two markers noted) Mt Olive Baptist
Hagler Agatha Lilnton 07-17-1900 09-25-1924 Mt Olive Baptist
Weston Agnes Lee 01-29-1920 06-17-2015 Mt Olive Baptist
Wilson Alcia p. Brown 09-30-1922 11-17-2014 w/o James Curtis Wilson Mt Olive Baptist
Johnson Alda Hagler 09-09-1924 11-15-2003 (two markers noted) (marker #2 Alda Harrold) Mt Olive Baptist
Harrold Alda Hagler 1924 2003 (two markers noted) (marker #2 Alda Johnson) Mt Olive Baptist
Stephens Alexander Clinton 10-21-1869 05-31-1936 Buried in unmarked grave (info by relative) Mt Olive Baptist
Atwell Alice Pearl 05-26-1874 06-02-1926 w/o J.H. Atwell Mt Olive Baptist
Culverhouse Alice Grimmer 07-27-1878 03-25-1946 w/o Asberry Culverhouse Mt Olive Baptist
Taylor Alice Bera Turner 04-08-1916 01-05-2006 w/o William Cecil Taylor Mt Olive Baptist
Williams Alice Fay 08-09-1953 10-24-1953 d/o Mr. & Mrs Spessard Williams Mt Olive Baptist
Turner Allie Fain 11-15-1886 10-07-1953 w/o Uel Travis Turner Mt Olive Baptist
Culverhouse Alma A. 02-18-1917 12-02-1984 Mt Olive Baptist
Hartzog Ambers C. 07-30-1893 02-24-1981 h/o Katie Ann Hartzog Mt Olive Baptist
Culverhouse Amos A. 05-16-1915 08-10-1983 Mt Olive Baptist
Stephens Amos L. 05-03-1916 10-18-1919 s/o Robert & Carvell Stephens Mt Olive Baptist
Cemetery: Hickory Grove
Last Name First Namesort descending MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Culverhouse (illegible) 11-24-1891 06-03-1918 s/o M & M W.A. Culverhouse Hickory Grove
Tidwell (Illegible) 01-14-1923 11-16-1927 s/o M & M W.D. Tidwell Hickory Grove
Tidwell Ada 11-11-1875 02-24-1951 w/o Marion Tidwell Hickory Grove
Robinson Ada 04-08-1895 09-10-1977 w/o Edward Robinson Hickory Grove
Long Addie Mae 10-24-1900 12-12-1984 w/o Fred Long Hickory Grove
Long Addie C. 09-20-1901 02-12-1977 w/o J.R. Long (married 11-27-1922 Hickory Grove
Williams Albert W. 09-05-1893 06-16-1951 Hickory Grove
Tidwell Alton B. 09-27-1903 02-23-1964 h/o Maggie Tidwell Hickory Grove
Helms Alvin Carl 04-15-1904 03-22-1954 h/o Iris Helms Hickory Grove
Helms Alvin (Al) Arris 09-17-1931 05-21-2008 Hickory Grove
Williams Amanda Jane 06-19-1894 04-01-1976 Hickory Grove
Perkins Amanda H. 08-16-1981 (undated) Hickory Grove
Hatcher Amelia J. 12-09-1883 11-24-1936 w/o A.Z. Hatcher Hickory Grove
Ditty Anderson D. 09-09-1897 03-11-1956 h/o Ola Ditty Hickory Grove
Conrad Andrew Jackson 02-10-1883 01-28-1957 Hickory Grove
Cemetery: Dellwood Baptist
Last Name First Namesort descending MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Mercer Jr. (letters missing) 1931 1994 Archival survey (marker unfound) Dellwood Baptist
Boyette A.C. 01-26-1882 07-06-1947 Dellwood Baptist
Mercer Ada Ducker 10-23-1899 06-07-1966 2nd w/o Charlie T. Mercer married 10-24-1942 Dellwood Baptist
Mercer Ada B. 03-04-1884 06-04-1949 w/o Clifford Mercer Dellwood Baptist
Lawrence Ada Mitchell 10-22-1881 08-12-1961 w/o Elton Lawrence Dellwood Baptist
Durden Ada M. 08-13-1935 09-02-2012 Dellwood Baptist
Basford Ada Morris 03-24-1899 05-02-1937 w/o Benjamin Basford Dellwood Baptist
Grimsley Addis 03-31-1911 02-25-1981 h/o Opal Grimsley Dellwood Baptist
Mercer Adell M. 11-12-1931 07-17-2007 w/o Lethel Mercer married 02-22-1951 Dellwood Baptist
Mercer Adell M. 11-12-1931 07-17-2007 (two markers noted) Dellwood Baptist
Williams Albert C. 12-07-1905 04-16-1974 h/o Lillie Mae Williams Dellwood Baptist
Hamilton Aldon 03-13-1906 03-25-1987 h/o Willie Hamilton Dellwood Baptist
Messer Alice 09-26-1893 04-13-1902 d/o G.W. & Georgia Messer Dellwood Baptist
Mercer Alva Kenn 09-10-1957 01-07-2008 Dellwood Baptist
Cemetery: Gordon
Last Name First Namesort descending MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Moat (perhaps) Blank marker next to Warren Moat Gordon
Poole (perhaps) unmarked adult adjacent to Ossie Gordon
Lamb A. D. 04-06-1874 09-15-1947 h/o Florence Lamb Gordon
Rathel A. L. 01-27-1905 08-06-1911 s/o Mr. & Mrs. T.W. Rathel one unmarked & one not legible infant adjacent to Gordon
Snead A. M. 09-17-1876 07-19-1944 h/o Hattie M. Snead Gordon
McLendon A. J. 01-19-1830 05-25-1894 Gordon
Ludlum A.R. 08-16-1888 08-02-1946 Gordon
Jeffcoat Adam Ray 10-01-1971 10-02-1971 s/o George & Gloria Jeffcoat Gordon
Bevel Addis G. 09-27-1904 05-03-1971 (AL CPL US Army WW II) Gordon
Vaughn Adila 11-17-1899 01-16-1900 Gordon
Espy Agnes 10-29-1896 07-12-1938 w/o Leo Espy Gordon
Monroe Aletha Ann 03-13-1845 11-03-1929 Gordon
Owens Alice Wood 12-05-1865 02-10-1943 w/o Matthaw F. Owens Gordon
Lowe Alma L. 08-23-1907 08-04-1983 w/o I.D. Lowe Gordon
Jeffcoat Alton P. 11-07-1909 01-20-1973 h/o Madge Jeffcoat Gordon PDF icon More Info
Huckaby Alvin F. 07-30-1888 03-17-1955 Gordon
Jeffcoat Amanda 02-27-1851 05-12-1912 w/o Joshua Jeffcoat Gordon
Cemetery: Greenwood Methodist
Last Name First Namesort descending MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Harkins A. Dennis 06-22-1897 10-19-1939 (Dept Comm Fla American Legion 1937) (Marine Corps AEF France WW I) Greenwood Methodist
Whiting A. George 12-02-1933 04-05-2014 h/o Glenda Whiting (two markers noted) Greenwood Methodist
Sampson Aaron Tyler (one date) 06-21-1988 Greenwood Methodist
Peacock Abner M. 09-03-1889 01-13-1973 Greenwood Methodist
Anderson Ada Peacock 02-27-1876 11-02-1941 Greenwood Methodist
Whiting Alanson G. 1933 2014 (two markers noted) Greenwood Methodist
Buford Albert Lewis 01-31-1906 03-22-1907 s/o A.L. and B.L. Buford Greenwood Methodist
Pender Alice Evans 12-23-1893 11-27-1959 Greenwood Methodist
Turner Allen Douglas 07-12-1882 01-06-1965 h/o Lara B. Turner Greenwood Methodist
Henderson Alma Sue Leeper 02-15-1901 09-12-1981 Greenwood Methodist
Peacock Amos 10-24-1873 12-07-1935 h/o Mary Peacock Greenwood Methodist
Peacock Amos Louis 07-13-1921 08-06-1929 s/o Amos and Mary Peacock Greenwood Methodist
Lee Andrew Scott 09-15-1906 08-19-1911 s/o M.E. and F.S. Lee Greenwood Methodist
Scott Andrew 01-10-1831 08-17-1906 h/o Susan Scott Greenwood Methodist
Cemetery: Cowpen Pond
Last Name First Namesort descending MI Maiden DOB DOD Family Comment Cemetery Attachment Headstone
Hightower A.B. 1889 1965 (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Hightower A.B. 1889 1965 (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Hamilton A.R. 11-12-1861 09-08-1950 h/o Prandy Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Hamilton A.R. Sr. 10-06-1842 03-28-1890 Cowpen Pond
Neel Ada H. 05-28-1891 05-27-1892 Cowpen Pond
Hewett Ada H. 02-15-1879 04-03-1965 w/o John Hewett Cowpen Pond
Neel Addis J. 08-14-1907 06-03-1940 Cowpen Pond
Smith Adrian Lee 08-08-1961 08-10-1961 Cowpen Pond
Dykes Agnes Hargrove 10-24-1938 11-25-2015 w/o H.C. Dyles married 01-28-1958 Cowpen Pond
Tyus Albert 1900 1940 Cowpen Pond
Nichols Albert H. 03-19-1886 01-12-1910 Cowpen Pond
Neel Albert A. 11-23-1945 01-04-2006 h/o Carlin Neel (two markers noted) Cowpen Pond
Moneyham Albert 11-01-1924 02-22-1936 Cowpen Pond
Neel Albert Arlington 11-23-1945 01-04-2006 (two markers noted) (US Army PFC Vietnam Cowpen Pond
Patrick Alice Ann Stanley 07-30-1893 02-25-1964 w/o William Patrick Cowpen Pond
Johnson Alice 05-23-1904 04-04-1923 w/o H.M. Johnson Cowpen Pond
Jackson Alice 11-15-1870 06-05-1904 Cowpen Pond
Hamilton Alice Stephens 11-13-1891 05-19-1981 w/o Edgar Hamilton Cowpen Pond
Bennett Alice G. 08-13-1894 03-09-1917 d/o R.D. and Minerva Bennett Cowpen Pond
Weeks Allie Murl 03-24-1936 06-13-1941 d/o M. and Allie Weeks Cowpen Pond
Tyus Almer 04-26-1900 02-06-1902 Cowpen Pond
Coulliette Amanda 10-09-1843 02-08-1903 w/o H.W. Coulliette Cowpen Pond
Weeks Amos 09-04-1911 04-10-1981 h/o Irene Weeks married 02-15-1934 Cowpen Pond
Tyus Andrew Jackson 10-04-1855 10-29-1934 h/o Pare Lee Tyus Cowpen Pond
Cemetery: Bascom Baptist
Last Name First Namesort descending